Haziran 6, 2023

My Punk friend

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My Punk friendSo as many of you know I knew a bunch of slutty girls in college but by far the hottest and slutty-ist was my punk friend. She was really hot with a sexy pixie cut and amazing eyes. She also had nice small tits and an amazing ass! We became pretty good friends but I always was either staring at her ass. One day I found out that she did some nude pics and like the guy I am I saved them to jerk off too. After a month of jerking off to her I accidentally let slip that I did and instead of getting pissed she teased me about it for a couple of days, until she came over to my place and wanted to see me jerk off to her pics. So I pulled them up on my laptop,got my cock out and started jerking it. She sat down and watched me cum to her, not touching or doing anything other than stare at me. She left after I was done and I was confused at heck. When I saw her the next day she told me that she’ll be over later that day. Expecting to give another cum show, I got her pics on my computer ready, but when I let her in, she told me to shut it off because I was going to get the real thing. Turns out that she didn’t know how to feel about being Ankara bayan escort jerked off to by a friend, but really wanted to see someone jerk off to her. She told me that she was turned on knowing someone was jerking to her, but she got wet when she saw me do it.The reason she didn’t do anything the last time was that she wanted the full show, but know that’s was over she wanted my cock. After saying that she pulled down my pants and stated sucking before I could say anything or get rock hard. She looked right into my eyes the entire time my cock was in her mouth. Even with her clothes on it was the hottest thing I ever experienced. She slowly took off her clothes as she was getting my cock ready and while I knew what she looked like naked, I still was amazed at her body. It’s a wonder that I didn’t cum in her mouth right then.When she got my cock nice and hard she stood up, whispered in my ear to fuck her like I imagined fucking her to jerk off. With that in mind I spun her around and bent her over standing up, taking a min to finger her dipping wet pussy. She moaned to fuck her with my cock, so I slid Escort bayan Ankara my cock into her with a hard thrust. I let it sit in her pussy for a bit because she was so nice. She asked if thats the best I could do, I replied no and started to fuck her really fast.She stated to moan uncontrollably and got louder as I got faster. Pretty soon she was cumming hard and she fell of my dick with a smile. She climbed on my bed and got face down, ass up and told me to continue. I did as I was told,because she had an amazing pussy. When I was fucking her, she sounded like a pornstar, begging me to fuck her harder and that my cock felt amazing in her. At one point I grabbed her shoulders to fuck her ever harder and deeper. Which made her cum so hard I thought she was done. She wasn’t at allAfter that, I took my cock out, flipped her over and told her to clean it. As soon as her cock was in my mouth asked to face fuck her, and she mumbled yes with my cock in her mouth. I grabbed her head and stated to do just that, while she played with her clit. She came pretty quick and seeing her with spit all over her face Bayan escort Ankara and her pussy soaking wet was amazing. I told her that nothing I imagined was as amazing as this,and I kissed her. I slowed made my way down to her pussy and started to eat her out like my life depended on it. After making her cum on my face, laid down on my bed motioning her to ride me. She asked why and I told her just to wait and see. As soon as she slid on my dick I started thrusting into her. She loved that, and I loved seeing her tits bounce up and down. Seeing her face was the best because she was smiling the entire time and I could see her enjoy my cock. Kept telling her that she was amazing and her pussy was the best ever. We both were ready to cum by that point and when I told her, she told me to cum on her face as she came. With my dick still inside her I flipped her on her back, pulled out my soaking wet cock and brought it to her amazing face just as I shot it all over her. She sucked me off for a bit, just to get the last few drops of cum, and to taste her own wetness.She stayed the night and the next couple of days after that. We fucked for most of it, and I came on almost every part of her body. She was a better fuck than both of the two previous girls by far and was obsessed with my cock in the best way. She sucked or fucked me when I woke up and not wear underwear at times so we could have a quickie at anytime.We still meet up and fuck every so often 😉