Haziran 20, 2023

My Sister in Law

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My Sister in LawMy sister in Law I have long been infatuated with my sister-in-law Barbara. She and I are the same age and even before I married her sister I was attracted to her beautiful body and personality. Through the years I could not help lusting for her and fantasizing about having sex with her though I knew it was not possible. She was the forbidden fruit that haunted my dreams. We have always got along well and had some great conversations over the years. It did not help that she seemed to get more beautiful over the years as she became a workout and fitness fanatic. Dark flawless skin and brown hair and eyes, she is tall and a strikingly good-looking woman. Well, after 20 years the unbelievable finally happened one day. It was the day after Thanksgiving when all the family had been over at her house. I had left my jacket there and it had my wallet in it. When I realized this I called the next morning to see if I could go over and pick it up. She said of course and to come on over. On my way there, I remembered that her husband had left the night before on a week-end hunting trip and that she was alone but I did not think much of it. When I got there she met me at the door wearing a blue house robe and house shoes. I thought it kind of odd since it was 10:00 in the morning. I apologized for leaving my coat and wallet and we talked a few moments at the door about yesterday’s festivities. Then the unexpected happened. As I was about to leave, she ask me if I wanted to come in for a cup of coffee. My heart skipped a beat and I stood there speechless for a few seconds, my mind racing at 90 miles an hour. Should I accept? What would my wife think if she knew I was alone with her beautiful sister? Was this really happening? I nervously said “yes.” I followed her into the kitchen and sat down and watched her fix the coffee. We continued to talk about yesterday’s gathering and how good it was to get everyone together etc. I was already wondering what she had on under that robe, if anything. I felt a slight tingle in my pants and continued to chat and stare. She sat down across from me and we Escort bayan sipped our coffee and talked. After a couple of minutes I noticed her robe had come undone at the top and I could see her breasts dangling loosely in plain sight. My pulse quickened and I starred wide-eyed at her open robe. She obviously intended this to happen, or did she? I wasn’t sure at first. Then she asked me what I was staring at. “Your robe has come open”, I said with a very shaky voice. Her next words almost floored me. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. There was silence, then I finally found the courage to say, “w-e-l-l yes, your breasts are gorgeous.” Would she be angry, I wondered? What she did next convinced me this was no accident. She grasped the top of her robe and pulled it wide apart and thrust her beautiful tits towards my face. I could see the nipples were getting hard and my heart raced even faster. Then before I could even think, she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. Electricity went through every fiber of my being and I felt a strange warmness over my entire body. I kissed her back first slowly then passionately. She got up and with the robe falling completely open revealing a small white bikini pair of panties she came over to me and bent down and we kissed again this time long and deep. I felt as if I had gone to heaven. Her kisses were sinfully delicious and I felt helpless under her spell. I put my arms around her and we continued to kiss. There were no other sounds in the house, just our sighs and soft moans and the slurping sound of wet kisses. Finally, she said lets go into the living room, the same living room I had watched football in the previous day. This was madness. We could not do this, it was not right. And her husband would kill me if he knew I was kissing his wife. But I could not stop and neither could she. I said, “this isn’t right, we have to stop before it’s too late.” She said we didn’t have to have intercourse, we could just make out a while then I could go. “No one but us will ever know, I promise. I want you”, she said. Before I could answer, she had pulled Bayan escort me down to the couch and we were embracing and kissing again. This time our tongues found each other and it was the most exciting and erotic kissing I had done since I had made out in the back seat of my car with Susie Daniel as teenager. My dick was beginning to throb and felt really constrained in my jeans as my hands grasped and massaged her breasts. My heart felt like it would explode out of my chest and my dick felt like it would explode out of my pants! The ecstasy racing through my body was the greatest feeling I had ever had. Joy and pleasure indescribable! What would happen next? She again acted before I could find the answer. While our lips and tongues were still locked together, she began groping for my rock hard cock stroking it through my pants as she fumbled to unbuckle my jeans and pull my zipper down. At last she freed it and began stoking it firmly. My pre-cum juices oozed onto her fingers making for a really slick hand-job. I knew I would explode if she kept this up for long. I pulled away starring at her beautiful face and then down at the white panties. “I want to take your panties off,” I mumbled excitedly. She said, “Yes, but let’s get your clothes off first.” Within seconds my clothes were off and my hands were on her panties. It is hard to describe the pleasure of gently slipping my fingers under the panties and pulling them slowly off as the sweet aroma of her pussy juices penetrated the air making me even more excited, as if that were possible. I trembled as I starred at her neatly trimmed muff. At last, the pussy I had lusted and yearned for all these years was right there waiting for me. I was shaking with excitement as I slid my fingers into her slit and felt the warm wet moisture as I begin to massage her clit slowly. Her soft moans broke the silence and I could feel her tighten beneath my touch. Her hips began rocking gently with my strokes. “Please, I want to lick your pussy”, I blurted out. She gasped and nodded her approval. She spread her legs and arched her hips towards me as my Escort tongue found her juicy snatch. I started slowly enjoying that wonderful taste and smell lapping up her wetness like it was some erotic candy, only this was much better than any candy. Shivers and waves of excitement again flooded every ounce of my being. Her moans and sighs began to come faster. I slid two fingers in and slowly moved them in and out as I licked her swollen clit furiously. With my other hand I gently rubbed her hard erect nipples. Then she exploded as waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsated through her body. Her hips were thrusting incredibly fast as I worked to keep licking and stoking wanting her to enjoy every possible feeling of sexual joy. Her moans had become screams and then moans again. She pulled me to her face and kissed me madly her tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth. “That is wonderful, “she said. “Now, it’s your turn”. She sat up and grabbed my swollen cock and began licking it and then sucking the head slowly. Then she went deeper alternately sucking and then stoking my cock with her hand. I stared down at her beautiful face not believing this was really happening. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I enjoyed this incredible suck off. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I began to feel that tell-tell feeling deep inside my balls that I would soon be cumming. But this was unlike any orgasm I had ever felt before, almost painful as it began to intensify. I told her I was about to cum not wanting to shoot off in her mouth. She pulled my throbbing cock out and began to stroke it firmly adding a little extra saliva for good measure. I held on as long as I could then let it happen. A long white stream of cum shot over her head onto a lampshade beside the couch a good four feet away from my dick. This was followed by several other jolts of jism that covered her hair, face and chest. All the time she was yelling, “Yes, yes, give it to me.” It felt too good for me to care as waves of pure sexual ecstasy rolled through my body. I fell exhausted into her arms and lay there with my heart pounding unable to speak. “See, I told you we could do it without having intercourse,” she said laughing. “Don’t worry no one will ever know, we just have to figure out how to do this again.” I knew then that I had died and gone to sexual heaven.