Mayıs 6, 2023

My SwedePart 1

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She was already in the cabin. He had just arrived at the wonderful location she had chosen. He could smell the pine trees, that sweet, sticky essence, with a hint of burning logs in the background. A coating of fairy dust snow covered the trees, and underfoot his feet crunched on the layer of fresh snow that had almost a frozen crust. Deep in a Swedish forest, miles from anywhere, was a small clearing with a wonderful log cabin. The cabin was a traditional A-frame design with a steeply sloping roof to ensure the snow wouldn’t stick. This was no ordinary cabin, as attached on the rear was a geodesic dome of glass with a metal frame, for a bedroom so that lovers could copulate under the amazing Northern lights. As he approached Kadıköy Escort the cabin, the northern lights were gently twinkling.He looked around at the trees with their fairy dust dressing of snow and marveled at how she had managed to find the perfect place. As he trudged down the snow-covered path, he could smell the logs burning on the fire and see the occasional sparkly star in the clear sky. She met him at the door. He took in the sight of her long, loose, blonde hair shaping her classic gorgeous, Swedish face; her wonderful smile with those oh so kissable lips he knew so well; and that cute button nose; a hint of red under her fur coat and those long bare legs that go Kadıköy Escort Bayan on forever. She always loved being barefoot and even now this was the case. She pulled him into the warmth and flung herself around him. They kissed with passion and forbidden lust. His hands went through her hair and slid down her back caressing her. As he reached the hem of her coat he felt her naked bottom and slowly squeezed her delicious glutes. He remembered the first time he had cheekily squeezed her behind and had received to his surprise, a cheeky smile from her. From that moment he had so wanted her; he had stolen fleeting kisses in quiet corners of the office. They had caressed in the Escort Kadıköy dark of the car park, had met in secluded spots to fondle and fumble. This was a rare chance to spend some wonderful time exploring each other. She slid her lithe body slowly down him, feeling his hardness and took him by the hand to lead him into the cabin from the entryway. As he was admiring the quaint cabin with lovely rugs everywhere and a roaring fire, she turned to face him. “From this point, you are not allowed clothes on.” Now, who was he to argue with his Swedish Goddess, especially when she started to slowly undress him. She gently kissed his lips then moved down his throat where she pulled off his coat and then began to undo his shirt. With each bit of exposed chest she uncovered, she kissed his hairy skin. She untucked his shirt and pulled it down so that she had his arms trapped. She then proceeded to bite each nipple so he winced with pain and pleasure. She wasn’t sure about his hairy body at first, but now she loved his manliness.