Haziran 6, 2023

My wish for my daughter’s

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My wish for my daughter’sI have this fantasy.In my fantasy I am the mom, the dad is a man who I met when he was a freshman in college. In my fantasy, we marry and have a beautiful redheaded daughter (Whom looks like Bella Thorne). Our daughter has just started the 8th grade and her father decides to talk with her.Today her father sat her down. She did not know where her mom was but he looked serious. He told her some things he thought she should know. “The day you were conceived your mother and I got separated at this party, I had thought I lost her and I could not find her. A woman found me and said she would help me look. As soon as we were upstairs, the woman pulled me into a room where a teen girl was sitting, a cock in each hole. She led me to her and I joined the others in banging the woman’s daughter like the slut she was. After it was over, the woman asked me if I wanted one of my own”. The mans daughter looked very nervous, she was confused and could not figure out where her mom was or why her dad inched closer and closer. The dad continued “I told her I wanted nothing more than a woman bred for the use of sex. She then said all I needed to do was to was become her servant. To fuck the girls she wanted me to. I quickly agreed.” By this time the redheaded girl could Ankara escort see her fathers bulge building up, and she could not understand why he looked at her like he did. He then continued, “The woman took me to the basement where I heard crying and laughing. There tied to a table, was your mother. She had lied about her age, and also lied about not being a virgin, she was a virgin and was a freshman like she said, but of high school. The woman looked at the crowd of 50 men and said “We have our newest member. With that dear daughter, all fifty men took your mother’s virginity that day. Every one of them cumming inside her. By the end she was screaming for more and begging to be filled”> With that the father turned n the tv and pressed play. The girl watched in shock as she saw the recording of her mother’s first time having sex. Her father got real close to her, his cock now standing at full attention, “You were conceived this day, my slut,”. As he lowered her head onto his cock, she looked up ad asked “Where is mom dad, why isn’t she here to say this”. Her father smiled as the little red head born to be 3 holes and no brain willingly opened her mouth and then he said “She is making you a new sister”. she moaned as her true purpose became Ankara escort bayan the cock in her mouth.In this fantasy I am the mom, a teacher at the Jr. High who is tasked with recruiting girls for my husbands mistress. I pick them out, I get them high on meth, and then send them to my husband. I watch as he fucks each girl into such a craze that they beg for more. Once they pass his test, he send them to her, his mistress. His mistress uses the girls as breeding stock, making the hottest girls and the boys with the biggest cocks. My daughter has grown up knowing none of this, she has been unaware of how she was conceived, or why each of her friends practically worship her father now. But each night for every year of her life, the Mistress has arrived and whispered words into her ear and filled her dreams with lust. Today the mistress judged our daughter as the hottest of her stable and is blessing my husband with her. But now it is time for another. I am still young but soon I will not be prime for being filled and bred. So now I make another. This time however, the mistress wants 100 men to own me. This time she wants 100 loads of cum swimming in my womb, combing to create the greatest slut ever born. So she has selected 100 men, Escort Ankara each one views women as holes and dreams of impregnating every girl who can conceive. She chose men who each are nearly 1.5 ft taller than my 5 ft frame and nearly 150 lbs heavier. The mistress chose the men whose cocks are all 10 inch long or bigger. My little red haired slut is so beautiful and instinctively swallowed her daddies cock so well, that mistress knows I will make her the girl she has dreamnt of. So here I am, being used by the biggest cocks in our cult, begging for each man to give me their seeds of sin. I am praying to our Lord to give us the girl who will forever be a whore for men. I orgasm as load after load empties into me, my thoughts wandering to how slutty my next daughter will be, knowing that at this very moment, my little red haired daughter is letting every teacher at her Jr. High use her as a doll. My husband filling up other new mommies. I orgasm knowing full well, my new daughter will own not just men’s cocks, but will inspire females everywhere to be in our cult of sin and pleasure. I groan with each cock begging for the day that women everywhere are used like me. My newest daughter will bring about that day by fucking dads and getting them to use their daughters, by having boys that she fucks make their mothers their whores. My newest daughter will become famous and will be seen as such an icon that her message of females as sex objects will become the fad. My newest daughter will help our mistress own the world. Our wonderful mistress, the true Daughter of Satan.