Mayıs 1, 2023

Nailing Fat Ass Mom in 1000 Words

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My name is Jake. I am 22. I am 6 ft 2 and of slim but toned build. My mom is 42. She is 5’9 and a big woman. She has a belly but her wide hips still give her a voluptuous shape. Her 36DD’s are unmissable but what turns me on most about her is her thick thighs and huge ass that’s almost big enough for two seats on a plane.

I went into the kitchen and saw my mom bent over the counter. I was instantly hard looking at that giant booty. I was always looking for an excuse to touch her butt, either by lightly brushing a cheek with my hand or pressing my boner into her cheeks. I have a pretty big cock, standing erect at 8.5 inches, so there’s no way she wouldn’t feel me against her. I was now at full mast watching mom’s huge cheeks in those tight yoga pants that beautifully hugged her curves. I figured if I stood there for too long, mom would turn around and see my perving over her. I decided to approach her. With an affectionate greeting of ‘good morning,’ I hugged my mom from behind, wrapping my arms around her waist and pressed my cock against her cheek.

“How’s my big boy today?” Mom asked me, clearly noticing the sexual nature of my contact with her but making effort to push me off. I told her I was feeling good now I was with her, pressing Girne Escort a little more into her as I said that. She cooed and called me a sweetie. She asked what my plans were today. I told her I was gonna take a shower and then catch up on my studies.

“Of course, another one of your long showers” Mom laughed to herself as I felt her gently pushing her butt against me. I played ignorant in response to what she said there. She turned around and looked down at my boxers, which made little effort to hide my erection. She then gave me a look that made it clear that she knew what I was up to and what I was about to do. I was embarrassed by her reaction so I held her hips and told her I’d see her later. As I turned to leave the kitchen, mom grabbed my hand and told me to give her a kiss. Our lips met and locked in a way that a mom and son wouldn’t typically kiss. This was a longer and deeper smooch we’d never shared before. I held her tight and pulled her towards me. My hands on her lower back and my boner pushed into her belly. She reciprocated the affection and pulled me closer to her. I went for broke and moved my hands down to her massive butt. With open hands I squeezed both cheeks. She let out a light moan before Magosa Escort breaking our kiss.

“Okay, Tiger. You two better get going.” Mom looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I asked for another kiss but she told me that was enough for now and told me and ‘my friend’ to get cleaned up. She swatted at my dick and shooed me away. I was so horny, I got undressed, turned on the shower and was beating my throbbing cock as I got inside. Thinking about the moment downstairs where I was kissing my thick mom and fondling her ass had me close to exploding. As I was about to climax, I heard mom’s voice call out to me. “Jake, you’re taking too long and I pay the bills in this house!” I apologized and told her I was almost done.

“Too late, sweetie. I need to take a shower too so I’m getting in with you.” I tried to tell her I was busy but she didn’t bat an eyelid. “You’re clearly hard for me and you’re masturbating in there. Don’t bother trying to deny it.” I didn’t. Instead, I kept holding my cock watched my mother take off her clothes. She watched me get turned on and seemed to enjoy being the subject of my arousal. Full naked, she walked into the shower where I was still holding my cock. I looked at her awkwardly in Kıbrıs Escort response to the scenario but mom again seemed much less fazed than I was.

“Kiss me again, big boy.” Mom was egging me on as we French kissed naked in the shower. I kept beating my cock with one hand and placed the other on her shoulder to maintain balance. As our lips and tongues did a passionate dance, I pumped my cock in her direction. I told her I was about to cum and she told me not to finish on her front as she was still able to get pregnant and didn’t want any scares. Mom turned around and bent over to show me her giant ass and I erupted streams of semen all over her cheeks. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. As I regained my breath, mom gave me a long deep kiss on the lips and told me I did good. We finished our shower, mostly washing ourselves but I didn’t make any attempts to limit my contact between us. For the last few minutes, I was fondling mom’s huge tits with my soapy hands and could feel my dick getting hard against her ass.

“I see somebody is ready for another round.” Mom laughed and told me to finish up in the shower. We dried ourselves off with towels, eyeing up each other’s bodies. Mom was giving me the sex eyes that I’d only remembered one girl giving me in the past. Mom’s staring was more palpable and more exciting. I would pretend to dry my hair but mostly give my erection an opportunity to grow and throb in her direction. She took my hand and lead me to her bedroom. Since that moment, it has been ‘our bedroom.’