Mayıs 14, 2023

Naive Catholic Cousin

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Mike was a medical undergraduate. One year, he spent his vacation with his family at his uncle’s house in the countryside. The families hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years. Being a strict Catholic, his uncle brought up his daughter, Joyce, as one too. His cousin Joyce was a natural beauty, sweet, curvaceous sixteen-year old. Mike couldn’t help stealing lusty glances at her whenever he thought he could get away with it. He hoped to get his hands on her since he saw how she had grown up and filled out in all the right places, but was afraid of being caught. His uncle was very protective of his daughter, and wanted her to concentrate on her schooling and religious participation. Two days before the end the vacation at the countryside, an unexpected opportunity presented itself. Mike’s parents and his uncle had gone fishing together and left both young cousins at home. Joyce said that she felt sick and couldn’t go, while Mike wanted to stay back to study for term-opening exam. Mike was deep into his notes when he heard a knock on his door. “Come in.” Joyce peered into the room cautiously. “Hi.” She was not accustomed to having a half-naked man in her house, so she was mildly shocked to see her cousin without a shirt on. Seeing his gorgeous cousin hesitating at his door, “Come in. Sit down.” Mike patted on his bed, “did you want to talk to me?” “Actually… I…” Joyce stopped, looking embarrassed, and kept looking at her feet. “Yes, Joyce? Do you need my help with something?” “I… I’m feeling a little sick; and I don’t know why.” Mike smiled inwardly. “You’ve come to the right person. Why don’t you tell me where and how it hurts and I’ll figure out what’s wrong.” Joyce just shook her head. “Now Joyce, if you don’t tell me, I can’t help you, can I? I’m almost a doctor not almost a magician, I can’t read your mind to know what’s wrong. Don’t you trust me? If you don’t, then you should go see the village’s doctor.” “No, no! I trust Gölbaşı escort bayan you, I came to find you… I don’t want to see the doctor! As you know, it’s a small village, everybody knows after anybody sees the doctor; that Cindy, his secretary is a blabbermouth.” “Don’t worry Joyce, we take a doctor’s oath. I won’t say anything to anybody; it’s my duty. I want to help you. You are my cousin, and I love you. I won’t do anything to harm you. Trust me.” Mike gave her his sincerest expression. “OK, I… Sometimes I feel tingling in my… my… chest, and sometime there’s an itch in my… my pee-hole that doesn’t stop for a long time.” She lowered her head. Mike couldn’t believe his luck; this is his golden chance. His gorgeous naive cousin is asking for help with her horniness. “Alright Joyce, when do you feel this tingling and itchiness?” “Uh… sometime when I see people kissing on television or in the street. I have no idea why. Is there something wrong with me?” Joyce pleaded with her eyes. “I don’t know yet Joyce, I have to examine you to see what’s wrong.” Joyce’s eyes widened in fear and shame, and shook her head. “Well, you don’t have to do anything if you feel uncomfortable. But, without examining you, I can’t know what’s wrong and I wouldn’t be able to help you. If you want to live with those feelings, then that’s your choice.” Mike turned towards his books and pretended to leave the choice to her; he crossed his fingers hoping that she would make the right decision. “Mike! Well, I do want to find a solution for it… I don’t want to live with this uncomfortable feeling… So, what do I do?” “I need to examine the affected areas, so I need to examine your chest and pee-hole. Take your shirt and bra off and lay on the bed.” Upon seeing her hesitation, Mike put as much authority in his voice as he knew how, “Come on, don’t be a child Joyce.” Joyce nodded and turned around to take off Escort Keçiören her shirt and bra. Mike noticed her hands shaking, but soon enough she was topless and turned around to present him with her teenaged D-cup breasts. He held back his breath and tried to stay “professional”. They were gorgeous; big and firm like only sixteen year-old breast are. “I have to feel your breast to look for any abnormalities like lumps.” Joyce nodded. “Ok, come here. Stand in front of me.” She did. “Are you ready?” She nodded again and closed her eyes in shame. Mike couldn’t resist smiling. He grasped a breast in each hand and played with it pretending to examine her. He kneaded them, tweaked her puffy nipples until they distended an impressive half an inch out of her bumpy areolas. Mike’s mouth watered. When Mike gently pinched both nipples, Joyce gasped and opened her eyes. “You are feeling strange isn’t it?” She nodded, with a look of amazement on her face. “Close your eyes Joyce, and continue to feel. Tell me when you start feeling the tingling that was bothering you.” Joyce followed his order, and Mike began playing with her nipples again. He was having much fun and was having trouble resisting putting her nipples in his mouth. “Now! I’m feeling the uncomfortable tingling now. It’s getting stronger than ever.” Joyce’s breathing had become really heavy, and she kept rubbing her legs together incessantly; she was having hard time standing still. Mike didn’t miss it. “Joyce, I can tell that your pee-hole is itchy too. Take off your pants and panties, let me see what’s happening down there.” Joyce blushed immediately. “But my father said that a girl should not let a guy see her naked and see her pee-hole…” “Your father is right, but I’m a doctor, not just any guy. If you are feeling really shy, you can cover yourself with a blanket, and I’ll just see your pee-hole, and not see you totally naked. Would that Kızılay escort be better for you?” Joyce nodded and asked Mike to turn away while she undressed. Mike turned away and took the opportunity to let out the face splitting grin that was threatening to show itself any moment in front of his trusting cousin. “I’m ready now. You can turn around.” He turned around to find his cousin lying on his bed with her legs on the floor, her naked generous curvy ass half on the edge of the bed, and her top half, including her face, covered with the thin blanket that had covered his bed. “All right Joyce, I need to examine you closely, so I need to put a pillow under your buttocks and bend your legs.” He grabbed a big pillow from the top of his bed and put his arm under his cousin’s knees and pulled up. “Lift your butt off the bed to help me put this pillow under you.” She followed his order obediently. He inserted the pillow under her and when he started spreading her legs apart she resisted. “I need to see your pee-hole. Open your legs.” He ordered with an authoritative voice. She did, and soon he was offered a grand view of her virginal, tiny-looking pussy. “Ok, this will take a bit of time and we don’t have stirrups to rest your legs on, put your hands behind your knees and hold your legs spread and back as far as you can.” She did as told obediently. Mike couldn’t see the red flush that covered her face and upper chest at the moment. He moved his chair closer to her up-thrust ass. Her musky smell was almost overpowering, and Mike noticed that her very puffy, red lips were very wet. She was aroused, just as he hoped she would be by now. “OK Joyce, I’m going to examine your pee-hole and see what’s wrong with it. Don’t be tense, you need to relax to make this easier.” He started moving his fingers up and down her slit gently. With every stroke on her very puffy inner lips, Joyce moaned softly. When he reached her clit and stroked around it and cradled it between his index and middle fingers, Joyce’s lower body started moving along with his fingers, seemingly seeking further stimulation. After a while of playing with the outside of her pussy, he pushed his index finger into her without warning. She gasped and tensed up. “Relax, Joyce, relax.