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Natalie – The Body Builder Ch. 05

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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, occupations and places to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


The Body Builder Ch. 05

Pride vs Pussy, the reality check.

The next morning we all woke up smiling. It had been an extremely intense night before and we still had some residual highs from it. Natalie ordered brunch from the café down the block and ran out to grab it. Miranda had left earlier for a run but would be back to join us shortly. I cleaned up and organized the place.

Miranda just arrived back from her run. She was sweating all over and so fucking sexy. With her strong nonverbal communication skills, using 1 finger she had me follow her into the bathroom. Once inside she took off everything and threw her clothes down in an angry way. Her Amazonian Goddess body was in full display. Those 34DDD stole my eyes despite her having the perfect fit and sculpted body.

She turned on the shower to hot and stepped inside. Natalie’s shower was a stand up with a round dome type of design. Like if you were to cut a circle into 3 equal sections. You could fit 2 in there but 3 would be cramped. She pressed her perfect implanted rack up against the clear glass door. She held the door so it wouldn’t open so her juicy breasts and those sexy nipples could look fucking sexy as hell for my viewing.

Miranda uses her other hand to point down to the liquid body soap. I knew she wanted me to lather her up. Natalie must have told her I enjoyed doing that to her. To this day whenever I think of Natalie or Miranda I can still smell the ocean scent that the body wash gave off. And now I was getting to do it to a Amazonian goddess like Miranda, I’m all for it.

I took a mental photograph of her breasts pressed against the door. I undress and head in. She moved under the shower to get “wetter”. My goodness watching her under the water had me mesmerized. Then angled the shower head so it would hit against the shower side wall. I put a large amount of the liquid bath soap on my hands.

Miranda moved to the front of the shower. She began posing like she was at the competition. She stood straight up facing away from me with her arms up and flexed in a right angle shape. Her legs spread shoulder with apart and knees slightly bent. With her hair tied up, I started from her neck down. My hands work that stout cylinder shaped neck of hers. Moving down to her well-build shoulders. Feeling each valley and lumps of muscle between my fingers.

Her well defined arms now had me soaping all the creases and strong bumps. Heading for her elbows, up the thick forearms and to her strong hands. Then back down the same path I started but when I reached below her neck I went slowly and sensually down her muscular back. I stopped at her waist then move up her back again. I was about to reach over to her front and get my hands on her phenomenal chest.

Just as I was going to soap up her front she stopped me. She had been mostly limited with her words spoken to me. Communication from her to this point was primarily nonverbal towards me. So it startled me a bit when she spoke so much. But eve gelen gaziantep escort what she said was quite damning.

“Look, you know you’re lucky to be here right. Guys like you even though really nice and kind of good looking, you don’t have a chance to snag a woman like me. Quite frankly when Natalie finally decides to get a boob job, her male suitors will triple. And you’ll be a thing of the past. You should know your lane.” She blatantly said.

“Why are you saying this to me.” I replied, a little taken back by this. Like where was this coming from and why tell me in the shower in this position.

“I’m trying to save you heartache. If you’re thinking of long term with her that won’t happen. She’s passed on guys way better looking and built then you. Besides I’m sure you’ll find other women. You’re not bad, got pretty solid skills and can be a good catch but just not on our level. You don’t have enough to offer us.” Her forwardness continues.

“It’s funny you say that. We’ve already discussed about us not being long term. We enjoy spending time together. More of a friends with benefits type of arrangement.” I said.

“Well that’s good but you’re here for our pleasure and whim. And we’ll throw you a bone every now and again. If you don’t like that you can take it or leave. If you choose to stay you can finish washing me or save your pride and walk out.” Miranda devilishly spoke.

Was she testing me or trying to put me in my place or just sadistic to say that in the current position we’re in? She was right though. I was a 7 to 7.5 and she was a 9 to 9.5. Granted it turns out she’s quite the witch about it, her point is validated by society. A guy like me who wasn’t rich, a celebrity, athlete or closer to her level of looks wouldn’t be able to get a lady like her. Unless I’d pay for it, fell into some random rare unique circumstances or got lucky like I did last night.

It’s not about lack of confidence or being an alpha male. What did I really have to offer her that others could and then some? This was her hierarchy so to speak. Either I play by her rules to enjoy her or miss out. I had to know my place in her world. Sometimes you’re the chased and sometimes you’re the chaser.

So now I had a choice. Stay here, know my lane/place and enjoy the scraps being thrown my way so to speak. Or walk out in a prideful display and go out and try to fuck a random woman to stroke my ego. Well pride does get in the way of many things but was this a shot at my own dignity? Those questions were surpassed by my very hard cock who wanted action no matter the mental games. Yes, my penis was making my decisions for me.

I reached around and began lathering her firm implants. If this was throwing me scraps then I was going after the whole fucking meal. My fingers went to her nipples, teasing them between my fingers. I stayed there and extra-long time but her erect nipples told me all I needed to know. She was enjoying the attention from me. I squeezed and fondled those juicy breasts.

My cock was so hard right now I know she could feel the “steel” against her back. I reach down for the gaziantep eve gelen escort soap and then started from the bottom up. From her feet to her calves up to her thighs then reaching her well-shaped glutes. I grabbed more soap then went around to her rock hard abs. Then with one hand soaping her front and one hand at her rear entrance, I hear her moan with my hand going over those precious areas.

I pull down the shower head and rinse her body with the hot water. Her arms are now at her sides and she’s got a pretty cocky look on her face. Now it was time for me to take control and make my move. Natalie had a very special shower nozzle that featured different levels of spraying when you twisted it. After I rinsed off most of her body, I switched the shower head to its strongest stream. I wrapped my hand around her, holding the nozzle facing up and right at her swollen clit.

It caught her off guard at first but really started to get into it. The hard hot spray with 3 strong streams from the middle of the shower head making her body feel wonderful. My other hand went back to fondling one of her breasts. My mouth is now kissing her neck. Her moans and sexual desire increase. I may not have been as hot or on her hotness level but I was able to control her pleasure.

Miranda’s body was giving into my movements. Her body was grinding back into my hard cock. I whispered naughty things into her ears. Scenes and ideas of how to fuck Natalie when she got back. Most importantly, I asked if she wanted to cum. Of course her answer was a yes but she missed something!

I move the shower head back on it stand. Spin her around and up against the shower wall. I step right in front of her, my right hand with fingers spread over her front entrance. Then I rapidly move my hand over her large, aroused clit in left to right motions. Her clit being roughly impacted and stimulated each time it went between a finger. Like a guitar pick moving along the strings. I increase my pace and go faster, faster faster. Her moans turn into screams as she splashing her liquids everywhere.

Even after her climax I didn’t stop my hand movements. Her clit was very sensitive at this point and her strong legs were getting weak. She leaned into my chest to hold herself up. My fingers continue my assault and she’s unable to handle it. I step back and she goes to her knees.

As she probably didn’t realize when I took control, we “switched” roles and I had become the Dom at the moment. I lift her face up to look at me and say, “Did I fucking give you permission to climax?” The realization that the “switch” has occurred hits her. Miranda was now in the sub role. She shakes her head, giving off a no response. “Well, now it looks like you need to be punished.” She looks down and weakly nods.

I lift her head again, looking down at her with fury in my eyes and point my cock to her face. Miranda knew what she must do. She grabs my cock and puts it into her mouth. But her effort is lacking, I’m not getting the satisfaction I want. “Suck my cock like your my slut for the moment because you are. Do you fucking understand?” I firmly gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan grunt out. She raises her left hand, giving me a thumbs up.

Her mouth starts moving more enthusiastically. Her left hand begins to massage my balls as her right hand is on my hip. My hard cock is sliding between her firm lips. In and out of her warm strong mouth. The deeper my shaft disappears in her mouth the more I grunt acknowledgement she’s doing good. The water from the shower head is hitting us on our sides adding to the heat of the moment.

Then the door opens. Natalie walks in and looks at us with a look like who’s being naughty without me smirk. I’m damn near my orgasm and I wave her over. She’s about to undress but I tell her to wait. I turn off the shower. I tell her to get in and she does. It was tight in there with 3.

I pull my cock off Miranda’s mouth. Natalie who was standing behind me, I grab her strong right hand and wrapping it around my cock. I push Miranda’s upper body who was on her knees against the wall. In this angle her breasts were pointing upward. Natalie’s strong hands were gripping and pumping my cock to death. My climax is building and an eruption was near. “Do you want me to explode all over you?” I ask.

Miranda weakly says, ” Yes.”

“Why do you think your worthy of my cum?” I growl at her.

“I’m not but I deserved to be punished.” Again she weakly says.

Natalie looked at me like what did she miss while she was out. Then it hits, I unload my cum all over Miranda’s chest and Natalie’s hand. I grunt out aggressively in satisfaction as each wave of my fluids exit my cock. After I am fully drained, I pulled Miranda up and pushed her against the shower wall. I move Natalie’s hand to Miranda’s face, right at her lips. She looks at me with contempt but despite the defiance with those eyes, that body obediently cleans my fluids off Natalie’s hand with her mouth.

Cum covered finger after cum covered finger goes into and out of her mouth. Sucking Natalie’s fingers like they were cocks. All while still looking at me but her eye demeanor changes from contempt to lust. After each finger is clean, Miranda opens up Natalie’s right hand. Her tongue starts at the back following each visible bone up to her wrist. Now turning over the hand, her tongue making large to small circles from the outer to inner of the palm.

After Miranda finishes, I’m not fully satisfied yet. I move Natalie’s face to her chest. She begins to clean off those delicious breasts. And while never breaking eye contact with me I move to kiss her. Shocking her with my lustful kiss then to her dismay I move back off her. Then back into kissing her again and off again. One of my “solid skills” was teasing a woman, creating increased desire.

The final time I lift off her, I looked in to her eyes and ask, “Do you want me to kiss you some more.” While Natalie is thoroughly enjoying the kinkiness of cleaning my fluids off that firm juicy rack and helping create increased sexual desire into the moment, Miranda eagerly nods. But I ask her again in a firmer tone, “Answer me, do you want me to kiss you some more?”

“Yes, please kiss me some more.” She pleads.

Now a conflicting dilemma hits me. When you’re in your 20’s your cock recovers faster with your libido more on overdrive then in your later years. My cock was starting to return to life again. Do I continue to let my penis lead the way, which would most likely lead to more hot sex like the night before? Or do I pull a boss move by walking out after all her earlier words to me and leave her wanting?………