Mayıs 16, 2023

Naughty Librarian Ch. 04

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On the night set aside for Jon’s fantasy, I waited in my office while Jon found a hiding spot and got his camera set up. He wanted to hide himself so he could watch, and record, me masturbate on one of the library tables. Of course, he didn’t realize I would be videotaping everything as well.

After several minutes, I left my office and made my way to my designated table. I loved knowing that Jon was watching me, and I put an extra wiggle in step for effect. I had always enjoyed putting on a show for men, so I knew I would enjoy his fantasy as much he did. I stopped in front of the table and faced the shelves to make sure he would have a good view of me.

Slowly, I ran my hands down my body, pushing the thin material of my dress against my skin so that my curves would be accentuated. I pinched one of my nipples through the material while I used my other hand to unbutton my dress. It fell away, landing in at my feet and exposing my deep purple bra and thong set. I kicked off my shoes Escort Bahçelievler and pushed the dress aside with my foot, so I could climb onto the table. Knowing I made a nice picture perched on the table like I was, I teased my fingers along the top of my breast and down my ribs, enjoying the slight tickle on my skin.

I imagined a man’s mouth licking along my torso, nibbling down my skin, as my fingers moved along my abdomen. With my other hand, I unfastened my bra. I loved the feeling of freedom I always experienced when my breasts were released from the constraint of my bra. I grazed my fingertips across one breast and then the other, and my nipples hardened in response.

I leaned back on the table, spreading my legs and knowing Jon had a full view of me in my purple thong. My hand stroked down to my thigh, and I ran my fingernails along my skin. I imagined a mouth kissing along my inner thigh, inching its way toward my pussy. One hand Bahçeşehir escort alternated between my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples, while the other gently teased my clitoris through my thong.

My clit hardened beneath my fingers, and I slid my finger down and under my panties into my pussy. Removing my finger, I licked it and smiled; I knew that Jon would be aroused by watching me taste my own juices, so I sucked my finger into my mouth, savoring my flavor and scent. I wriggled out of my thong and reached over for the dildo I had left out earlier. To tease Jon I licked the tip of the dildo like I had licked Michael’s cock; I slid it in and out of my mouth, playing my tongue along the side. Even through the separation, I could hear Jon suck in his breath. I pulled it out of my mouth and smiled in his direction. I definitely loved putting on a show for an appreciative audience. Spreading my legs further, I easily slid the dildo into my wet pussy.

I Bakırköy escort bayan loved the feeling of control using a dildo; I loved being able to decide how deep and hard the cock could fuck me. I started with slow strokes, pushing the dildo deep inside and gradually inching it out to the very edge of my cunt. With my other hand, I teased and stroked my clitoris. There was no greater pleasure for me than getting clitoral stimulation while being fucked. I only wished more men would focus their attention on both places.

I quickened my pace on my clit as I plunged the dildo deeper into my pussy. My hips lifted from the table and moved against my hands as I fucked myself furiously with the dildo. Harder and harder the dildo pressed into me, and my clit throbbed under my fingers. I held my hand tight against my clit, and my body shattered in climax.

“Oh God,” I cried, my pussy pulsing around the dildo and my legs trembling.

Finally, my breathing slowed and I was able to relax on the table, not even bothering to remove the dildo from my pussy.

I heard footsteps and turned to see Jon approach. His clothes were rumpled, and I suspected he had been masturbating as he watched me.

He leaned over, kissed me quickly on the cheek and said as he walked away, “Now we’re even.”