Haziran 9, 2023

Naughty mother, even naughtier daughter story 3

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Naughty mother, even naughtier daughter story 3As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) – you choose which you think they are! Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touchA wee while after the incident where I reckon Pam’s daughter stole her mothers cum soaked panties, I must admit that it turned me on no end, handling nickers that were soaked in ‘woman’.In general Pam’s nickers weren’t what you’d call sexy, they tended to he more workman, or should that be workwoman like. White, cotton, big, functional. It was only when we went out together shopping that I’d point out the more sexy ones. Pam complained that thongs just disappeared up your bum crack and lacy ones just caught everything. Her daughter on the other hand, wow, hers were the most briefest of things. She had one that was a thong front and back, almost.Now I ought to point out that living with Pam and her daughter was weird. Pam tried to please us both and poor thing was always caught in the middle, and whilst you all know, sex with Pam was great but it usually had to be when her daughter was out. Yes, this caused friction.I was also convinced that Pam’s daughter was bipolar or something. One minute she’d be all nice and the next she be a right mare. There were quite a few instances where I reckoned she was deliberately teasing me, but to what end I don’t know. Was she trying to trap me, to get me to come on to her so she could tell her mam? Was she trying to actually get some of what mam was getting? Was she just one massive prick tease who got off on known she was teasing me? I couldn’t work it out.The bathroom was downstairs and it also had the toilet. There had never been a lock on the door, Pam never saw the need, and we’d agreed between us all that if the door was shut then it meant someone was in there. Now I came home from work early one day, been up in an attic and was all dirty and covered in fibreglass. So I hoped straight in the shower. I’d been in there just minutes when the door opened.“Sorry” shouted Pam’s daughter, “need to go, now don’t be peeking” and I heard her on the toilet, peeing! What the hell was all that about? Did she want me to peak? Ankara bayan escort Did she think she’d catch me in the shower? As soon as she finished she shouted she was out and it was safe to “carry on”. Carry on doing what?Then sometimes I’d go in late to work and when I’d get up she’d come down stairs in her nickers and bra, and am not k**ding you, she was shaved! Some of her nickers were so small they barely covered her mound.When she did this is was hard, and I mean HARD in every sense of the word not to clear the table and take her on it. One particular morning, Pam had gone to work and I was already feeling horny. I had a lazy wank in bed and thought about getting up, but needed a shower and coffee in equal amounts. So I pulled on just a pair of shorts and wandered down to the kitchen.As I just stood they looking out the window I heard from behind me, “Postman’s been, looks like just your magazine to me”. Now I subscribed to Fiesta and it came in a A4 envelope with just the publishers return address. You’d never know what it was unless you opened it.So I turned around and there before stood Pam’s daughter in a sheer black bar and pantie set that was just totally transparent. All it did was to give her breasts a black sheen to them and let me see that she wasn’t actually completely shaven she had a rather nice strip of public hair.With my cock totally unrestrained within my shorts it reacted like a missile launch and bolted outwards, trying to get a better look no doubt. There was no mistake she had gotten up in just this sexist of sexy coverings to get a reaction from me, and she did. The question is why.“I’ll have one”, she said and for a moment I hoped/thought she meant what was pointing out at her like a sign post, but she nodded towards the coffee cup that was in my hand.Fuck she was teasing me make no mistake about it.“Your magazine”, she leaned towards me, “you’ll need it”.Fucking right I will I thought, but how does she know what it is or is she fishing?“I better go get dressed” she said and the just stood in the doorway. Was she waiting for me to say something, or go over there and fuck her to death? One thing for sure was my erection showed no sign of falling away. Then she turned and went back upstairs.As soon as I heard the creaky stair at the top I bolted for the bathroom, ripped open the envelope, pulled out my Fiesta and found the first youngish looking woman and almost ripped the end of my cock off as I wanked furiously. I couldn’t be bothered in trying to save my cum or stop it from going where it would and when Escort bayan Ankara I came it went everywhere, the cistern, the bathroom window and all the bottles on it, and even the window itself. Even after cuming my cock still twitched and bobbed about. I’d started to clean up my cum, wiping down bottles, off the cistern when in walked Pam’s daughter.“Opps, sorry, didn’t realise you were in here, would you mind, I’m bursting” and she more or les pushed past me.I hadn’t finished cleaning up my mess and there on the cistern was my Fiesta. So I rolled it up quickly turned and brushed past her and left her to it, closing the door behind me.I had no intention of moving from that door, if she was going to pee I was going to listen and if she was going to do something else, please let it be something else, I was going to listen.She had come back down in her dressing gown, and I heard it fall to the floor. I imagined her leaning forward and resting on the cistern, legs apart, scooping up my cum that I’d not cleaned and rubbing it into her pussy lips, missing my cum with her wetness. Fuck this was making me so horny. So I made one of those decisions that could change your life in an instant. Pulling my shorts down to my knee’s I started to wank outside the bathroom door, imagining that inside she was doing the same, I imagined the door swinging open and us both catching each other, and her running forward to lick me to completion.As my mind ran away with this thought I wanked and very quickly came. But as I was about to shoot out yet more cum the thought of what to do with it entered my mind. I couldn’t let it hit the door or wall, or let it fall to the floor, so I cupped my free hand and filled it as I emptied out my sack.Now I was stood outside the bathroom door, cock subsiding, a pool cum in one hand and a cook may under my arm! If that door opened now! So I lifted up my hand and swallowed my own sperm. It was hot, very hot, sticky and thick and tasted , well strong. Certainly not unpleasant but the taste stayed with me and actually excited me. It excited me to the point where my cock became hard, again!Rubbing the rest around my face I stood back and when into the kitchen. I’d only gotten about 3 steps when the bathroom door opened.“You’re going to wear the words off’a that magazine, that’s if you actually read it” She said. I turned and looked at her. I’m sure she could see my cum smeared all over my face. What would she think?“Thanks for letting me in, it’s all yours now, best finish off what you started, eh?”What did she mean?Thinking Bayan escort Ankara I better go clean up my spunk that I left behind I went into the bathroom. There on the floor were her black panties and bra. OMG. Not only had she been naked under that dressing gown when she just came out, she’d left behind for me her bra and nickers.Had she meant to? Well she just told me to go and finish off what I started and she must have known that she’d left her undies in there.I pricked them up, they were still warm. They were as light as a feather, so sheer. Her panties where moist. Nothing other than the feather light fabric to soak up her dampness. I raised them to my face. She smelled sensual, no she smelled of young sex. Had she been fingering herself in these just moments ago? Had she been doing exactly what I’d imagined? I certainly couldn’t see any cum where I thought I missed it when I cleaned up.My cock was now as hard as it had been twice this morning. Surely not another wank was possible but as I lower her panties to run across my helmet I almost nutted the wall as I jerked forward. A million little electric shocks run over my sensitive purple hat. It felt good. No it felt brilliant. So I did it again and again.Then I covered it and rolled it around, making my helmet prisoner to her panties and her wetness. It was agony because I had already cum twice before and not that long ago either. My testicles ached so much, yet that also wanted to produce more cum, to release another load. My helmet was rubbed red raw and each strand of the fabric caught the lip at the end of my helmet and made it quiver with pain and yet that pain was exquisite. The eye of my penis was also raw with the amount of semen that had passed it by as it spurt out but it to gave me wave after wave of pleasure as I rolled around the fabric.Cuming was agony. As I tried to empty what was an already empty sack, as what was left flowed up my shaft and as it dribbled out into Pam’s daughters panties! Oh God what was I doing, I was wanking off into Pam’s daughters panties. I must stop, I can’t, I should, But I can’t, I mustn’t, But I’m cuming, oh god am I cuming, oh the pain oh the pleasure!By comparison to the two previous amounts it was tiny and yet the best by far. I was well and truly fucked now. Looking down at my sheer black pantie covered cock, it was raw. Finally it began to subside.The problem was now I had well and truly covered her panties in my cum, what to do? Easy, keep them!I put them into my pocket and later into my van. I mean after all she had stolen Pams sunk cover panties, why shouldn’t I do the same to hers.They were missed I am sure and she never mentioned it, but I wonder if she knew all along what she was doing. I kept them in my van for ages after. Sometimes on long journeys I’d get then out and warp my cock in them and have a long slow wank as I drove along. They never failed to give me pleasure.