Eylül 14, 2023

Neighbor Girl

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My fascination with her started with one glance, one small smile. I had seen her around before, but never really noticed her. One day it changed.

I had gone to the corner store for some snacks before the game that night, and she was visiting her dad, who lived downstairs in my building. As I got home, she was sitting outside on his front step, listening to her music player. I glanced up as I turned down the driveway, and she looked up enough to see me coming. She tilted her head ever so slightly, and smiled. It was adorable, and endearing, and I smiled back and walked on. After that, whenever she was around, I tried my best to sneak glances.

I couldn’t get her out of my head. She wasn’t my usual fare; but there was something about her that drew me in. She had a slight, girlish build: long, coltish legs that seemed mismatched to an ass that screamed out to be manhandled and a chest that was still filling out. She had that girl next door quality, with her t-shirt and jeans, relaxed attitude, and that smile: it had a way of disarming you, and yet it wasn’t the most perfect smile. Maybe it was just the way it fit her personality, her smile seemed to hide in plain sight, just like her.

A few weeks went by, and I knew I had to do something to clear my head. I figured she couldn’t be interested back, so maybe if I just had a talk with her, I could convince myself that this was just fantasy. I let it slide until one day she was back out on the steps.

“Hi,” I took the first step.

“Hi,” she answered, her voice timid and quiet.

I walked past with two bags of groceries, then pulled up my courage, and threw caution to the wind. I turned around, and walked back over to her steps.

“I’ve seen you over here before. My name is Brian.”

“I’m Tarah; I come over here to see my dad. Him and my mom are divorced, so,” she trailed off.

“So you live at your mom’s?”

“Only until I finish college, then I am moving away from this town!” She laughed, nervous and shy. I was caught up in rapid fire thoughts: she’s in college? Never would have guessed that. She hasn’t blown me off yet. Maybe she likes me too? How do I find out? Where do I go from here?

What came out of my mouth happened by pure instinct alone, because my brain was long gone by this point. “Wanna grab a coffee? It’s gotta beat sitting alone on the front step.”

There’s that smile again. “Sure, that would be great.”

“Let me just put these groceries away in my place, and I’ll be back down in a minute.”

“OK, I’ll be here.”

I ran those groceries up, tossed them on the table, and slowed down only when I got close to the last corner before she could see me. Trying hard to play it cool, I popped around the corner, and she gathered up her stuff. As we walked down the street, we made the awkward first steps in any conversation where you are trying to get to know someone. No, I live alone, I’m single. So sorry to hear you aren’t close to your dad. Yeah, it is nice, a great location for apartments. It’s great to see the weather finally starting to turn toward a nice fall. Wow, nursing! That’s a good paying job, and it’s gotta be pretty fulfilling, too. Nice choice for your studies. Me? I’m just a manager of a men’s clothing store at the mall. It pays the bills, right?

We Anadolu Yakası Escort sat down with our coffees at the shop, and things just built from there. No, she loved her dad, but hated how he hurt her mom. She only came to see him because he was alone now, and she hated that more than the hurt he caused the whole family. She had a younger brother and sister, but they stayed with her mom. She sat on the step because he would sit in front of the TV and ignore her after the first few minutes of conversation. I could kinda relate, my parents did the same thing, and they would fixate on only what they wanted, and not get that I just needed to live my life. She totally understood, and that’s why she wanted to get out of there so bad. She couldn’t focus at home, she tried to keep the family somewhat together by visiting her dad; she just needed to move on, and until she could, she had decided to just stretch to cover it all herself.

The conversation lapsed as we both sipped slowly on our coffees. So similar, yet so different. There was something tangible there, and I could feel it. I knew I had to see her again, and I tried to think of a way to. I hit on the idea by complete luck.

“So why not bring your homework over to your dad’s? It’s not like he would bother you once you started working on it. Then you could focus and get it done, and help get your grades back up.”

“I would, but it’s a lot to carry over from my mom’s, and I don’t have a car. And I hate taking the bus, just thinking of all the germs, ugh…”

“Well, and don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’d like, I could pick you up on my way home on Fridays. You normally stay the whole weekend, right? Then you could bring your books, work on your studies, and get school done and move on with your life.”

“I could never impose like that, I’ll be ok.”

“No, I insist. I’d appreciate the company. How about this? You can pay me back by taking breaks from your work to sit and have coffee and chat with me. I get so bored upstairs by myself, and it would be nice just to have a friend to chat with.”

“Really?” she wavered. I knew I had her.

“Yeah, come on. I promise I’m not that bad once you get to know me.”

And so we agreed to start our weekend coffee club, just the two of us, with a simple handshake over some coffees. We grabbed two more cups to go, and started walking back home. The sun had started to set, and the day was cooling off, but things were just heating up between us. As we approached the apartment building, I asked if she’d like to join me for dinner, unless her and her old man had plans. She didn’t even stop in to ask him. With that smile, she answered, “And leave this conversation when it’s just getting started? I don’t think so!”

We walked up to my place, with me apologizing profusely for not cleaning before having company. She replied that her dad was back to his bachelor ways, so she was used to it. We walked into the kitchen, and I started picking up the groceries from earlier, stuffing them into the little cabinets in my tiny kitchenette. I told her to have a seat, and started pulling out things for dinner. I cooked us two little steaks and some mixed veggies. She slid around the kitchenette, tidying things up, setting out plates and utensils, and giving the table a homey feel. A few times as we both moved around we brushed up against each other, or out right bumped into each other, and you could feel the electricity passing back and forth. The conversation stayed light, and we joked about professors at her school, and people in the neighborhood. As we sat down to eat, she looked at me from across the table, and there was something in her eyes, some glint that I couldn’t recognize. We talked about things in common, and things we disliked, and things that drove us crazy, and we laughed so hard that it made us cry. It was one of the best meals I have ever had.

As we finished up, she got up and took the dishes to the sink, where she started washing them. I told her to stop, to not worry about them as I would get them later. She insisted, so I got up to stop her; after all, she was a guest. I slipped behind her and grabbed her hands out of the sink, then realized the position we were now in. She stopped, her breathing slow and baited; she was waiting for my move. I sensed this, but wasn’t sure if we were on the same page. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I took the next step.

“You don’t need to do these, I’ll take care of them later.”

“So then what do we do now?”

I pulled a towel off the stove, and dried her hands. Sparks were flying, and we both knew something had to happen. I leaned next to her ear, and said softly: “I know that right now, I want to kiss you.”

She spun around in my arms, and glanced up at me; she was still that shy girl, but I knew now that glint in her eye was desire, and it was growing. She tilted her head up, and we kissed softly. It was passion and emotion and raw energy, and it wasn’t going to be satisfied with one soft kiss. As we broke apart, I opened my eyes to see something changed in her; and she turned away quickly.

“What’s wrong? What did I do?”

“Nothing, it’s not you.”

“Then what is it?” I pulled her back around, staring into those blue pools framed by her dirty blonde streaks of hair that fell into her eyes.

“I don’t know, I just can’t remember feeling like this before. It scares me; you scare me. Not like that, not in a bad way, but…”

“But what? Tell me.”

“But, it’s like I want to let go, of the hurt and the hard times, and just enjoy this moment, which has been so perfect, like a dream! But if I do, when it’s over, all of this will come rushing back, and that will hurt worse then not letting go. It’s like I can see life without the pain, but I don’t want to visit it and have to come back to reality. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, I get it, but at the same time, you can’t deny you feel something too. What does that mean then?”

She paused, looking at my eyes, and it felt like she was searching my soul for answers. Her hand reached up to pull me closer, and we kissed once more, this time with more fervor. She pulled away, and said, “Maybe it means it’s time for me to let go.”

I pulled her into my arms, and leaned her back against the countertop, and we kissed longer, and as we did, the energy in the room became palpable, and we started the caresses and touches that would take us down the road to full on groping. Our mouths still mashed together, I spun her away from the counter and towards the living room. We walked down the hall, but she stopped as we got next to my darkened bedroom doorway, and she turned us into there. She pulled my shirt up, and as I slid it over my head, she bounced onto my bed, and turned to beckon me with one finger. I climbed on next to her, and as we kissed she leaned me on to my back and ran her fingers across my chest, toying with the hairs on my chest. I grabbed at her plump ass with one hand, and squeezed it firmly. She giggled in my arms, and pulled back until she was kneeling next to me. I lifted her t-shirt, and she pulled it up over her head. I sat up, and undid her bra, then quickly began to play with my new find. She had such delicate nipples, and they tensed up at the slightest touch. I played my fingertips across them, and she shivered. I pulled her close, kissing her as I pulled her back on top of me. The feeling of her breasts rubbing against my chest was exhilarating, and as our tongues found their way together, I traced my fingers across her back and sides. I felt her left hand push in between us, and she rubbed my growing bulge through my cargo pants. She pushed up, and sat back again, this time her fingers pulling at my pants and tugging them open. I reached down and shoved them off, and them moaned as her soft fingers now pulled at my hard cock. Her slender fingers stroked up and down, making the muscles of my groin jump in her hand.

After a few minutes of stoking my excitement to new levels, I pulled her hands away from my dick and back to my chest. I rolled her over and quickly she shed her jeans and panties. I licked her lips, teasing her sides with my touch to help return some of that excitement building in me. My fingers moved from her waist to the soft patch of skin and tufts of hair at that most delicate junction of her body, and I could feel her dewy essence on her lips. I stroked circles around that sweet pussy, and felt how plush and engorged she was. Knowing she was primed for more, I slid down her body, and began using my tongue as fast as my fingers in working her into a frothy frenzy. She came twice in rapid succession, and she pulled my head up as she struggled to catch her breath. I grinned at her, and slid my body up between her legs, feeling her wetness coating my stomach and then my prick.

“Having fun yet?” I asked her.

“Oh, just give me more!”

I rocked my hips, coating myself in her juices as I split her outer lips open with my cock. I pushed into her, and she opened up, taking me like a hot knife into butter. Her soft canal, so steamy and wet, felt like heaven, and I gently and persistently pushed in until I had filled her up with all of me. Her moans and sighs of approval ensured she was ready. I began to slowly start that sultry dance all first time lovers make, gradually learning each other’s moves, building a trust in the rhythm of the passion and emotion, of the raw sexual energy that passes from one to the other as they unite for the common goal of release; release from themselves, from this world and its cares. Heavy kisses and frantic motions brought us to the edge quickly, and just before we jumped, I pulled out and coated our stomachs with my contribution to our lovemaking. As she came down from her ecstatic high, I fell next to her, and began to caress her face. This delicate angel had chosen me to share this exquisite experience, and I would do everything in my power to repay her for this gift.