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NyquilI am an attractive six foot tall, muscular black man who has a thick ten inch dick. To say that I am a bit of a freak is an understatement. I enjoy just about everything when it comes to sex. I love all women who are of legal age. Race, religious beliefs and education mean very little to me, when I am looking for pussy. With that said, I must admit that I do enjoy being the first black dick in a sophisticated, educated, beautiful white woman. I have said it many times, I have an addiction to white pussy. Does not mean I don’t like all pussy, but there is something a little extra hot about pink pussy lips wrapped around my fat black cock.So when I met Teri, I immediately visualized the sight of her tight white pussy clinging to my big black meat as I slid in and out of her wet hungry hole for the first time. She was so professional and stiff that I knew in an instant that no black man had ever loosened her tiny twat and made her submit to the beating of a power black dick. She was extremely nice and could have taught a class in being polite, but there was something about her that let me know she could use a good fuck. Teri is the legal compliance officer of a major bank that has its corporate office in the same building as my office. She is a bit of a workaholic, like myself, so we kept similar hours and I ran into her many times after our initial meeting. As I said, she was always extremely nice and pleasant so we always made small talk in the lobby or on the elevator. So as when we bumped into each other at the security desk on our way out last Friday night, I thought I would joke and flirt a little. I had planned to plant a seed bursa escort that I would assist in growing over the next six months by small flirts, gestures and mood swings. Teri is not a person who plays flirting games and blew my mind when I tried to use my plan on her.I planned to plant a seed that it would be OK for us to grab a bite after work sometime or even go get a drink. My plan was to tell her if we kept meeting like this, she would have to buy me dinner. Of course, she would respond I don’t buy men dinner, and I would have the chance to ask her to let me buy her dinner. But when I started my shtick, Teri said “OK, when? What are you doing tonight?” I was a bit thrown off but, kept my composure and told her nothing. And that is when she turned into the aggressor and I became the prey. “You were supposed to say having dinner with you.” She said as she stepped closer. “Having dinner with you.” I answered. “Better.” She said and then winked at me.Dinner was a complete blur and the drinks at the bar that followed had my head spinning. Teri was completely different than the woman I had created in my head. She was funny, sexy, up to date and very secure. She joked about everything from her perky tits to her first day at work. At some point she went to the bathroom and took off her bra and jacket, so that her hard nipples were easy to see through her blouse. She arched her back, rubbed my thigh, leaned in a few times for small pecks on the lips and even let the back of her hand brush over my cock a few times. I was having so much fun that I became comfortable just flirting, talking and getting drunk.Teri, bursa escort bayan on the other hand was not so caught up in our bantering and flirting that she had forgotten about sex. The more she drank, the more aggressive and sexual she became. At 11:30, she finally just blurted out, “So are we fucking or not?” She didn’t say it very loud, but she just let it fly. “I have a standard Friday hook up waiting on me, and if are not taking me home, then I need to leave.” I smiled and she raised her hand a said “Check please.”We kissed and made out in the cab and I dry humped her ass in the elevator. She shed her clothes as she led the way to her bedroom, and I threw mine off my body as quickly as I could. I was surprised as just how hard I was with so much liquor in me. I was ready to fuck her white pussy until she passed out. She was standing on her bed when I walked through the bedroom door. Her small body was a lot shapely than it appeared under her clothes. She is about 5’ 6” or so and somewhere around 120 pounds would be my guess. Her waist is tiny but her hips and ass flare out like they were drawn in a wet dream. Her tits are between a B and C cup and her nipples are a perfect pink and raised about half an inch. She was trimmed but not shaved like most pussy is today. She is only about 28 or 29 years old but damn did she look like she was made for fucking and had a lot of experience.When I walked over to the bed my hard dick was swinging from side to side. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” I told her. “Not before you eat my pussy.” She said as she pulled me into her by the back of my escort bursa head. Even though she was standing on the bed, she had to push my head down a bit and stand on her toes to get my mouth exactly where she wanted it. When I was in the perfect position, she grabbed both sides of my head with her small hands and started to grind her pussy on my tongue. “Oh yeah, get in there. Eat my pussy.” Her jerks and trembles made me think she was having quite a few orgasms but she tight hands on my head made me think she was still trying to get her nut.When she finally fell on the bed and pulled me on top of her, my neck was sore as hell but I was happy that I was finally going to fuck her tight pink pussy. I was in complete shock when my big black dick just slid right in her soaked pussy. Now, I love being balls deep, but I like to pound my way to that depth. Teri was so deep that I thought there was room for another cock in her. When she rolled me over so she could be on top, I got another surprise. Somehow and some way, Teri tightened her pussy so it felt like a vice grip that was compressing my dick. It was the tightest pussy I have ever felt. She rode me fast and then slow, fast and then slow but when she bent backwards so her ass was grinding on my balls, it felt like the greatest physical sensation that I have ever experienced. I could feel my cum welling up and for the first time in my life, I felt my toes curl and felt my entire stomach contract. I blast off in her pussy and just kept blasting shot after shot until I felt completely drained and spent. Her pussy held on to my cock a little longer as she milked it for the last drop. I woke up to the smell of coffee, but Teri was gone from her apartment. She left me a note that told me to enjoy the coffee and dinner was on me next Friday. She signed it Nyquil. The PS said – Black men call me Nyquil cause they go to sleep when I give them this pussy.I guess I was wrong about that too.