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Of Daughters And Mates Ch. 10

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Rebekkah burst out of the truck as soon as it slowed to a halt. Susannah watched her go, complicated feelings swirling inside her. Happiness at seeing her friend happy. Apprehension at starting a new life with people she’d known for less than a month in a home more than 2,500 miles from the one she grew up in. And, beneath it all, sadness for those she left behind.

Don’t forget horny, knowing Bekkah isn’t wearing anything under her skirt, Sunny added.

That, too. The last few days had been torturous. She’d been too embarrassed to touch herself in the small hotel rooms, even when Mister Samson and Bekkah seemed to suffer no such malady. At least they’d kept their rendezvous to the evenings after the first day of travel. Anna’s cheeks still burned when she remembered Bekkah leaning across her lap to take Mister Samson’s hard, thick cock into her mouth while he drove.

And Sunny had been no help, of course. Whenever Susannah’s mind wandered, she’d come back to her senses to find him ogling Bekkah. Deep, pale cleavage, bare thighs, wide hips, and rounded ass; all had been on display at various points. If she hadn’t spent the whole trip in her full human form, Susannah would’ve passed out from lack of blood flow to her brain halfway through.

“You alright, sweetheart?”

Mister Samson’s deep voice sent a thrill right through Susannah’s belly. “Oh, um, yes, Sir,” she said. “Just thinking is all.”

Samson looked past her to the beautiful woman standing in front of their new home. “I understand,” he said, patting her thigh. For the briefest moment, Susannah’s instincts told her to spread her legs apart to give him access. Before she could process the impulse, Samson swung himself out of the truck’s cabin. “Why don’t you open her up. I’ll join you in a second, and we can start unloading.”

“Yes, Sir.” There was no question about who was included in ‘we’—Bekkah was far enough along in her pregnancy that neither Anna nor Samson wanted her moving heavy furniture. They were both much stronger, anyway. She hopped out the passenger side door and paused to watch Mister Samson and Bekkah talking.

They fit together with such natural, loving ease. Anyone could see how much Bekkah loved her father from the way she burrowed into his embrace. And there could be no doubt about the other side of their relationship, either. Mister Samson’s large hand cupped Bekkah’s right breast with casual possessiveness. Bekkah arched for him, pressing her chest deeper into his grasp, even as her feet slid further apart.

Susannah bit her lip and squeezed her thighs together. She wanted what they had so much it hurt sometimes. Bekkah was the one who drew her original interest—the sweet, caring, yet somehow fierce angel who’d stolen her heart—but Susannah was growing more and more willing to fit in where her friend stood as well. Shame still burned within her at how she’d attacked Mister Samson over baseless assumptions, but after the first few days, he’d treated her almost like another daughter.

‘Almost’ because he wasn’t fucking Susannah, of course.

Shaking her head and leaving the loving couple to themselves, Susannah went around the back of the moving truck and slid the rear door up and open. There’d been too much stuff for a single trip, even with a full-size vehicle. Two mattresses with box springs, a sofa big enough for her and Mister Samson to stretch out on without touching each other, their dining room table, and a big-screen TV all took up a lot of space. Then there were all the kitchen appliances and dishes, three wardrobes worth of clothes, a full tower computer, rugs, blankets, sheets, art for the walls, piles of books, boxes brimming with paperwork, and more.

The rest of the furniture wasn’t set to arrive until tomorrow or the next day. Mister Samson hired a moving company to take care of the remaining non-essential furniture like bookshelves and extra chairs. Susannah wasn’t clear why the movers started before them and wouldn’t get there until after. It seemed odd to her, but it was just how things worked, according to Bekkah. The price they paid for not having to handle everything themselves.

Soft footsteps alerted Susannah to Bekkah’s approach. Mister Samson was at her side, but Anna could seldom hear him move, despite his size. “Let’s get started,” Mister Samson said. “The sooner we start, the sooner we can relax in our new home, right girls?”

“Uh-huh,” Bekkah chirped.

“Yes, Sir.” Susannah intended to spend about an hour in the shower, satisfying hers and Sunny’s built-up urges. It couldn’t come soon enough as far as she was concerned.

It took the three of them two and a half hours to clear out the truck. By the time they finished, Susannah felt like she’d expelled ten pounds of sweat despite the cool Washington air. She pulled her shirt away from her chest, then stretched her arms over her head.

“Thanks for the help, sweetheart,” Mister Samson said from behind Girne Escort her. Anna turned and smiled at him.

“Sure. It’s the least I can do after you took me in.”

He chuckled, a rich, deep, pleasant sound. “I didn’t have much say in it, as I recall. I don’t regret it, though. It’s been nice having you around, and I know Bekkah loves having a friend she doesn’t have to hide anything from.”

Including her amazing body, Sunny added, his amusement and arousal pulsing in the back of Anna’s head.

Stooop, Anna complained to her panther partner. It’s hard enough without you bringing those images up.

If you think it’s hard now, wait until you let me out. Anna suppressed a groan of annoyance and gave Sunny a mental shove. Turning her attention back to Mister Samson, she said, “I don’t think you understand what you’ve done for me, how safe you’ve made me feel. Maybe now since we’re thousands of miles away, the nightmares where I wake up back in the Everglades will stop.”

“I hope so,” he said with a kind smile. “If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. Bekkah, too.”

Anna nodded and smiled back. Before their conversation could continue, Bekkah arrived from elsewhere in the house, sliding in between them and wrapping her arms around her father’s waist. “It’s perfect, Daddy. Thanks for doing this for us.”

“You know I’d do anything for you, Darlin’.” Susannah watched as Mister Samson returned his daughter’s hug, then slid his hands onto her ass. Bekkah wiggled in his grasp, pushing forward with her upper body and back with her butt. The motion made her skirt’s hemline, already short, lift a half-inch further up her bare thighs.

“Is everything out of the truck?” Bekkah brought her hands up to her father’s shirt and started toying with the buttons.

“Mm-hmm,” Mister Samson answered. His fingers tightened on Bekkah’s rear, bunching her skirt up even more.

“I’ve been a good girl, right, Daddy?”

Susannah bit her lip to stop a groan of arousal. It was going to happen again. They were going to fuck in front of her.

“Very good,” Samson agreed. His hands drifted down the backs of Bekkah’s thighs, then up under her skirt. The low growl he made told Anna he’d just discovered his daughter’s lack of panties. Bekkah spread her feet shoulder-width apart as her father started to knead her bare butt. “You’re wanting a reward, then?” he asked.

It was too much. Neither of them was paying the slightest attention to Anna, so she popped the button on her jeans and slid her right hand into her panties. Her fingers found sticky wetness having nothing to do with sweat.

“Only if you think I deserve one, Daddy,” Bekkah said, followed by a breathy little moan Anna knew would drive Mister Samson crazy. Sure enough, his hands shifted beneath Bekkah’s skirt, no doubt gripping her harder. Then, he raised his right hand and brought it down on her ass with a sharp crack. Bekkah gasped and jerked. A deeper, needier sound escaped past her parted lips a heartbeat later.

“You’re being naughty right now, angel,” Bekkah’s father told her. “You know I need to return the truck before sunset, and yet, here you are, trying to tempt me.”

“But you like it when I’m naughty.” Bekkah cupped the bulge in her father’s jeans with one hand. “Please, Daddy? At least let me suck you before you go.” She started to tug on the zipper keeping him contained.

“And what kind of father would I be then, encouraging such delinquency in my daughter?” Despite his words, Samson made no effort to stop his daughter. It took Bekkah a couple of seconds to unzip him and fish his hard cock out through the gap. She wrapped her hands around his length and sank down to her knees. Her father’s hands remained in contact with her body as she moved, settling on her shoulders at the end.

Susannah’s eyes locked onto Samson’s cock as it came into view. He was hard as always, his long, thick manhood bobbing with his heartbeat. A faint whimper escaped Anna’s lips as she plunged two fingers inside her wanton heat and strummed her thumb across her clit.

“The best Daddy in the whole world,” Bekkah said, then leaned forward, her head obscuring Mister Samson’s dick. Anna couldn’t see what was happening, but the blissful expression on Mister Samson’s face said Bekkah had taken him into her mouth.

“Fuck, Darlin’, you’re such a good girl. Your little mouth feels so good on my cock.” Mister Samson stood there while his daughter knelt before him, her head bobbing back and forth at waist height, his hand petting her head like she was a kitten.

Frustration welled up inside Anna. The angle was all wrong. She couldn’t see any of the good parts. Unbidden, her legs shifted, walking her over to Bekkah’s side. Now she had a clear, close view. Bekkah’s red-painted lips wrapped around her father’s head, suckling on him while her right hand pumped his shaft. Her shirt hung loose around her chest, Magosa Escort giving Anna an eyeful of Bekkah’s bounteous bosom, but she barely noticed.

Bekkah’s eyes rolled toward Anna, and her friend pulled her mouth off her father’s manhood with a wet slurp. “Do you want to help?” she asked. Her hand pointed Mister Samson’s schlong toward Anna, making it clear what she meant.

Anna froze, even her fingers stilling their frantic action. She shouldn’t. Mister Samson was Bekkah’s, and Bekkah was Mister Samson’s. She hadn’t meant to get so close, to draw attention to herself, to insert herself between them. Although being between them would be a dream come true. Mister Samson’s cock in me, Sunny in Bekkah, all of us moving, touching, loving each other.

A rich, manly scent filled Anna’s nostrils, ratcheting her arousal up even further. This was the smell of Mister Samson’s cock. She breathed it in, let it seep into her, engrave itself in her memory. All at once, her fingers started moving again, pushing deep into her pussy.

Mister Samson said something in the intervening silence, his voice displeased, but whatever it was didn’t process for Anna. Her head was already moving. “Yes,” she breathed out with a moan. She parted her lips and extended her tongue, swiping it across Mister Samson’s circumcised tip. Whatever it might have been, his protest cut off with a hiss of pleasure.

“Shit,” Samson said. “Anna, that’s—” Again, Anna heard him, but her mind was too focused on her task to pay much attention. His skin tasted salty with a hint of bitterness from his precum. Not much different from the others she’d been forced to service, except Samson’s was sweaty but otherwise clean. Anna decided she liked it. She tilted her head and opened her mouth wide, accepting the head of his cock inside her for the first time.

As Anna suckled, Bekkah resumed stroking her father’s shaft. “Does her mouth feel good, Daddy?” she asked.

An oversized hand settled on Anna’s head, its touch tentative despite its size. “She,” Samson said. “I shouldn’t…”

Anna’s tongue swirled around Samson’s tip, making him cut off with a grunt of pleasure. She let her head move forward a little further, bobbing up and down an inch or so, synced with the motions of Bekkah’s hand. Sunny nudged her, and she gladly gave him control of her right hand so she could focus on sucking Samson’s cock. As soon as control passed to him, Sunny sent their fingers pumping deep and hard inside her.

“It’s okay, Daddy. I don’t mind. I love you and want you to be happy, and I love Anna and want her to be happy, too.” Bekkah’s declaration of love rang like a bell in Anna’s head. If she hadn’t been kneeling already, she’d have collapsed.

“Bekkah,” Samson groaned, “fuck, Anna, sweetie, that feels good.” His hand stroked Anna’s hair. Just like he does with Bekkah, the distant realization came to her. She moaned around her treat. Her eyes closed as the situation started to overwhelm her with pleasure.

“Lick just under his tip,” Bekkah suggested. “There’s a super-sensitive spot there.” Anna followed her advice and earned a growling groan from above her. “There you go, Anna,” she encouraged her friend. “Make Daddy come for you.”

“Girls,” Bekkah’s father said in the strained voice Anna knew meant he was holding in his orgasm, “I’m almost there.” Thick fingers wove into Anna’s long blonde hair, moving in time with her head bobbing atop his manhood. For her part, Anna paid no heed to Samson’s warning. Sunny’s hand between her legs was going at lightspeed, filling the room with lewd, wet noises. “Nngh, Anna, fuck!”

Samson’s hand fled from Anna’s head as his hips bucked forward. Anna’s eyes opened wide as his thick, bulbous tip rammed against the back of her mouth. She pulled back, coughing, but not before the first jet of semen filled her mouth. The next splashed across her cheek and neck, then a third landed on her upper chest and dribbled down onto her breasts.

The taste and feel of Samson’s seed marking her overwhelmed Anna. Her pleasure rose and rose until it exploded in brilliant fireworks across all her nerve endings at once. She barely noticed Bekkah taking her father into her mouth as her back arched and her hips pumped against Sunny’s hard-driving fingers.

“Oh, ohh oh. Oh, oh, ohfuck!” Anna couldn’t manage anything more intelligible as the strongest orgasm in her life coursed through her. Her mind replayed the moment of Samson’s climax on a loop, letting her relive his words, his touch, the feel of him cumming in her mouth and on her face and breasts.

Feminine lips pressing against hers broke Anna out of her post-orgasmic daze. Her eyes snapped open to see Bekkah’s face right in front of her. Her mouth opened in a gasp, and Bekkah’s tongue plunged inside. Before Anna’s stunned brain could dream of reacting, Bekkah broke the kiss and shifted her attention to Anna’s cheek, then her neck, Kıbrıs Escort then down onto her chest. Another orgasm slammed into Anna as Bekkah licked her father’s semen off Anna’s breasts.

After seconds that felt like hours and yet no time at all, Bekkah finished cleaning her and sat back on her haunches. “Thank you, girls,” Samson said when Bekkah finished. “I admit to some surprise at how everything went. Why don’t you two clean up while I take the truck down to Bellingham? It’ll take me about an hour, then we can order a pizza and talk about it.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Bekkah said. Her voice was bright and cheerful like nothing had happened between Anna and Samson.

“Yes, Sir,” Anna said automatically. What just happened? Why did I do that? Why did Bekkah offer? Why did Mister Samson let me?

Why did I have to get stuck with the girl who complains when she gets what she wants? Sunny teased her.

“Good girls.” Samson’s hand patted Anna’s head. Warmth spread through her at his gentle, paternal touch. “I won’t be gone too long.” Then he stepped back, stuffed himself back into his pants, and headed out the front door, leaving Anna on her knees with her hand down her pants.

The next thing Anna knew, Bekkah was pulling her to her feet. “Come on, we can share the downstairs shower.”

“I, what, I,” Anna babbled. She had no idea what was happening anymore. Bekkah grabbed her wrist and tugged, pulling Anna behind her, and Anna didn’t resist.

Once they were in the bathroom, Bekkah closed the door behind her and pulled her blouse off over her head. A shimmy of her hips sent her skirt fluttering to the ground, then she popped the clasp of her bra and shrugged out of it. A sudden rush of embarrassment flooded Anna. She wrapped her arms around her chest and tried not to stare at the gorgeous, nude angel in front of her.

Bekkah turned to face her, then stopped, her smile faltering. “Come on, Anna. You’ve seen me naked before, lots of times.”

True, and almost every time involved her having sex with her father. The loving, committed father Anna just sucked off in front of her. She turned her head, unable to bear looking into Bekkah’s dark eyes.

“Sorry.” The deep sadness in Bekkah’s voice drove a spike through Anna’s belly. “I thought it’d be quicker and more fun if we shared. I didn’t mean to make you do something you didn’t want to.” She shuffled past Anna and stepped into the shower, drawing the frosted glass door closed behind her.

If you don’t strip off and follow her, Sunny growled in Anna’s head, I’ll take over and do it for you. How many times have you wished she was in the shower with you? How many times have you wanted to join them as they make love? You just did, and now you’re moping? Get it together and go seize the opportunity in front of you.

Anna bit her lip. Sunny was right. She pulled her shirt up over her head, then sat down on the toilet and pulled her jeans and panties off. A heartbeat later, her plain bra joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. She stood up and, steeling her resolve, slid into the shower behind Bekkah, who spun around to face her.

A spark of jealousy flared up inside Anna. This was the first time she got to look at Bekkah up close and personal with nothing distracting her. She was heart-stoppingly beautiful, unlike Anna. Sure, she was a little shorter, but she had all the curves Anna lacked. Wide hips, thick thighs, a big, rounded butt, and mountainous breasts, all tied together by a soft, feminine look. The slight bulge in her belly only enhanced her fertility goddess-like appearance. Nothing at all like Anna’s own lanky, scarred, mannish body.

Anna shoved those thoughts aside for another time. “You’re right,” she said. “I’ve seen you plenty. Only fair you see me too, I guess. And I didn’t want you to feel bad.”

Bekkah lunged forward and wrapped her in a big hug. After a moment of hesitation caused by the glorious feeling of Bekkah’s breasts pressed against her, Anna returned the gesture. “So I’m forgiven?” Bekkah asked.

Anna giggled. “I can’t stay mad at you. Mister Samson is right, you’re an angel.” She bent her neck and kissed Bekkah’s forehead. “Come on, let’s get clean.”

Bekkah turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. She handed a towel to Anna, then dried herself off. “I don’t feel like getting dressed again,” she said with a thoughtful tone to her voice. “I think I’ll just slip into a nightgown.” A giggle filled the air. “Maybe I can get Daddy going for another round.”

“I think I’ll just go straight to bed after dinner. Moving the furniture around tired me out.” And if I have to watch them have real sex, I might actually join in. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

“Suit yourself,” Bekkah said. She opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway. A second later, Anna heard a confused, “What?” from her friend, followed by the sound of a body hitting the hardwood floor.

“Bekkah?” Anna called out. She walked to the bathroom door and saw her friend sprawled out. Her eyes were drawn to bright red feathers capping a dart stuck into Bekkah’s thigh. “Bekkah!” Horror filled Anna.

They’ve found us. Oh, God, they found us. Why here, why now?