Mayıs 15, 2023

On-Line Flirtation Part #2

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Jenna spread her legs wider for me and I slid another finger inside. I reached forward and grasped the edge of her v-neck shirt and bra, exposing her small, perfect breasts, topped by the prettiest pink nipples. I continued fucking her pussy while I leaned forward to tongue her nipple, gazing into her eyes.She watched me, eyes wide while I rolled my tongue around her nipple and flicked it. I leaned back and pinched Kadıköy Escort the nipple between my finger and my thumb, squeezing tightly. She drew in another breath.”Did that hurt?” I asked.”A little,” she answered.”Good. You liked it,” I said. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled it, exposing her neck. I leaned forward and grazed my teeth on it, and thrust harder Kadıköy Escort Bayan into her pussy.”What are you doing to me?” she asked.”Fucking you,” I said. “Fucking you hard. I think it’s been a long time since you’ve been fucked and I think you need it.I rotated my hand so I could rub her clitoris with my thumb while I finger fucked her. She threw her head back Escort Kadıköy and began moaning. Her hips were thrusting to meet my hand.”Yeah, that’s it baby. Fuck my hand,” I growled. I looked through the windshield and could see the parking garage security guard driving slowly by us. I look right at him, while I continued fucking Jenna, her head thrown back in ecstasy. I could tell he wanted to stay and watch, but he kept driving.Jenna was writhing all over the front seat and she began screaming “Oh my God. You’re making me come. I’m coming so hard.”I could feel her pussy spasm as she came. My fingers were coated in her juices. I slid them out and looked right at her while I slid them into my mouth “Mmmmmmm …