Mayıs 16, 2023

Our Girl, Pete, and the Magic Wand

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(There is a loud knock on the door)

“It’s here,” I yell.

I run to answer the door, but somehow my husband got to it faster than me. I can’t help but to wonder how he does that sort of thing. In fact he was already signing for our package when I got there.

My hubby has a grin on his face that extends from one ear to the other as he hurriedly runs to the bedroom and locks the door behind himself. Our Girl comes wandering out of the computer room to see what the commotion is, I walk up to her and wrap my fingers through her hair and pull her head back so I can kiss her cheek and whisper into her ear.

“We have a surprise for you, go get ready for us!” I say, with a mischievous grin.

Our girl smiles, I kiss her cheek again and let go of her hair. As she turns to run to the bathroom, I give her ass I good slap.

I stand outside the bedroom door listening to the commotion of clanking and drilling, as my hubby assembles our new toy. A few moments later my hubby opens the door and pulls me inside. I look around for our new toy, and there it is bolted down to an old night stand. We decided to call our fucking machine Pete, because the model name from the website.

He grabs my hand to take me over to the night stand. We pick a dong to stick on to the shaft. We decided to use an average sized purple dildo for our first use of the machine. My husband grabs the controls and turns it on; it immediately comes to life thrusting the six inch dildo into the air in long smooth strokes.

We stand admiring the machine when our bedroom door cracks open and Our Girl peeks inside. My hubby and I make eye contact, and it’s like we can read each other’s mind, because we both move to the door to grab Our Girl.

My hubby yanks open the door, and I grab Our Girl’s hand. I pull her into the room, and hear her gasp as she sees Pete. Pete is still whirling and fucking at the air. Our girl begins Escort Başakşehir eagerly moving toward Pete eyes fixated on the purple dong.

I stop to admire Our Girl. She is completely naked except for her white socks. Her feet get cold easily. She has her hair pulled back into a pony tail, which sways back and forth as she moves across the room. Her nipples are hard but it’s difficult to say if it is because she is excited or because the room is cold.

I snap back to reality and begin to pull my clothes off. I can already feel my pussy throb as my excitement builds. My hubby has turned off the machine while we all get into position. Our Girl lies down in front of Pete, and my hubby starts to line the head of the purple cock up with her pussy.

He asks her, “Do you want long short or long strokes?”

I chime in and say, “Long. I want it to pull all the way out of her before it rams back in.”

I walk around to her pussy and slide my finger in to see if she is wet enough to begin getting plowed by the dong. I decide to put a few drops of lube on the head of the dildo just for good measure. I lie next to Our Girl and hold her while she endures the first thrust of the machine. I begin squeezing, pinching, and slapping her tits. My hubby turns Pete on, the dong slowly and easily slides deep into her pussy and then slips back out of her.

My hubby stands and watches for a moment then he begins to take off his clothes. Pete is on his lowest setting sliding all the way in and then all the way out. I start to watch my hubby as he feasts his eyes on Our Girl’s pussy as the dong slides all the way in and then all the way out. As Our Girl’s excitement builds you can hear Pete’s motor strain against her pussy muscles as she tightens her fuck hole around it.

After a few minutes of slow fucking, Our Girl starts to moan loudly. She starts begging to be fucked faster. Bayrampaşa escort My hubby and I like watching Our Girl twitch with sexual frustration. I begin to finger her clit to help relieve some of her frustration. It doesn’t help, and she continues to scream and moan. My hubby and I look at each other as we marvel at how loud she is screaming.

I cover her mouth and tell her, “Keep it down, or I’ll have to find a way to muffle your screams.”

She begins licking the inside of my hand cupped over her mouth. So, I decided that must be an invitation to have a seat. I sat up and swung one leg over her face and lower my pussy on to her mouth, facing her pussy and Pete, enjoying the show. The vibrations of her screaming and moaning help relieve some of the tension in my throbbing pussy.

My husband and I make eye contact and decide it is time to take this sexcapade to the next level. He hands me the controller for Pete and pulls out Our Girls real surprise, the magic wand. I put Pete’s controller into her hand, and she immediately turns the knob up to a faster pace. Now that my hands are free I grab her nipples and pinch and lift them up, twirling her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Her muffled cries change, and I can tell she is finally getting what she wants.

My hubby decides that it would be the perfect time to turn the wand on and press it against her clit. The vibrations from it are more intense than any other vibrator we’ve ever used. Immediately, Our Girl drops the dial and wraps her arms around my legs, digging her nails into my thighs, pulling me and my pussy harder on to her face. I let go of her nipples, grab the dial, and turn it all the way up, to over 200 strokes per minute.

After a few seconds of ecstasy, I can tell that Our Girl’s climax has ended, so I smear my pussy around her face and climb off. Our Girl grabs the dial and turns Beşiktaş escort bayan Pete down to a more reasonable speed, laying there soaking in her post orgasm glow.

I turn my attention to my hubby, who now looks like a maddened sex fiend. I drop to my knees next to the bed, and he plows his cock into my face pressing the back of my head against the mattress. Our Girl watches my face being plowed as spit runs down my face all over my tits. All I can think of is how much I love swirling my tongue around this cock and how much of a dirty whore I am. After a few minutes of watching, Our Girl decides to join us.

She turns off Pete and finds the magic wand. She crawls up beside me and puts the wand against my clit. I begin to rock back and forth on the wand, and Our Girl takes the opportunity to clean me up. She starts licking my tits, along with any other part of me she can get to.

After a few more minutes of having my face plowed, my hubby grabs my shoulders and pulls me up. I know he needs to feel my pussy around his cock. I tell Our Girl to go back over to Pete and get him back inside of her, and she complies. I climb doggy style on to the edge of the bed and open my pussy for my hubby to start pounding. I start to finger my clit and soon I am screaming and pulsating around his cock. This is too much for him to take and his slams inside and begins dumping his load deep inside me. He holds his dick inside me while my greedy pussy milks his cock.

After I am sure I have milked it dry, I hurriedly climb back onto Our Girls face to release the huge load of cum and pussy juice into her mouth. I know eating cum out of a pussy is one of her favorite things to do. So, I decide to get another orgasm out of her. I bend over to her pussy and furiously begin licking her clit, as Pete fucks her pussy.

I can feel cum oozing out of my pussy as her tongue darts in and out. Suddenly, I feel her body become ridged and she begins bucking her hips, fucking back at Pete and my face. I slide off of her and she moves away from Pete. She is far too sensitive to be fucked any longer. We collapse onto the bed, soaking in the aftermath of our orgasms.

Pete and the magic wand were two of the best purchases we ever made!