Mayıs 12, 2023

Pleasing Rebecca

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My name is Tim and I am a nerdy eighteen year old guy. I have never had sex. I am just a very wimpy guy. I’m not very tall. I’m only five foot four inches tall, and I’m very thin. People in school would always call me a string bean. I’m very unsure of myself around women, because I’ve never been with one. I’m not muscular, but I do run to stay in shape. I’ll be going to college in September, to get my degree in finance. I’m very smart and have a real good sense with numbers. I was in the top of my class in high school. I received a full scholarship to the college that I’ll be attending in the fall. I just graduated high school, and had celebrated my eighteenth birthday. My parents took me out for a nice dinner. They also bought me a new laptop and printer. I was very excited. I fantasize about having sex with a woman, but I’ve yet to do that. I’m always jerking off and reading nude magazines. I tend to jerk off many times in the day. I even watch a lot of porn on my computer. I guess I’m just your average eighteen year old. Well maybe not average, since I’m a virgin. Lately, I’ve been really thinking about our new neighbor, Rebecca. She and her husband moved in next door. Her husband is in the army. He’s overseas on a tour of duty. Rebecca is seven months pregnant. Rebecca is a knock out. She’s tall and has beautiful Bahçelievler escort bayan long legs. She probably weighs around a hundred and twenty pounds. When she isn’t pregnant, I’d say she is a C cup, but since becoming pregnant, I’d say she is a D cup. I think she’s probably a size seven in her pants. She’s a hot mama for sure. Rebecca, has long brown hair and she’s got blue eyes. She has the most beautiful eyelashes you’ve ever seen. When she puts mascara on they just look amazing. Recently, my mother has been sending me over to help her unpack her things. Rebecca, sometimes will be in very revealing clothes. I think she wants to get a rise out of me. I try not to stare at her, but she has enormous breasts, because she’s pregnant, and the milk engorges her breasts. The last time I was over her house, she was wearing a maternity dress. She’d given me a job of hanging pictures in her family room. The next thing I noticed, she removed her dress and was sitting in the chair in her panties. Rebecca was rubbing and massaging her enormous breasts. I didn’t know what to do and I became flustered. She was squeezing her breasts together and playing with her nipples. “Timmy, I want you to suck my nipples. As you know, I’m pregnant. It would really turn me on if you did Escort Bahçeşehir this for me.” I didn’t know what to think, but I agreed as I really wanted to taste those huge jugs. We moved to the couch, and Rebecca was sprawled out on the couch. I nestled up to her and started to touch her breasts. My mouth slowly began to suck on her nipples, and sure enough her breast milk came out. We were on the couch for a long time. Rebecca was very turned on, and she was almost in a euphoric state. Her fingers were in her panties and she was fingering herself. My lips were just sucking and enjoying all of her milk. She did allow me to play with her breasts. I’d suck one nipple, and then I would rub and massage her other breast. Rebecca was working her fingers deep in her pussy. She was turned on by me sucking her breast milk out of her heaving breasts. She was finger fucking her wet vagina faster and faster. I continued to suck and enjoy her breast milk that was coming out. Rebecca let out a scream and began to orgasm. Her fingers were soaking wet. “Timmy, lick my fingers and enjoy my come!” I did what she wanted. I was in complete fantasy mode. Rebecca was letting me suck her breast milk, and now I got to suck her fingers of all her cum. “Timmy, let me jerk off your cock. Come Bakırköy escort over here!” I took down my pants and Rebecca got to work. Her fingers had a firm grip on my six inch cock. She moved her fingers up and down my shaft. Her fingers felt so good. Her other hand fondled my sagging balls. I was really enjoying this. Rebecca’s hands worked fast up and down my rock hard cock. I didn’t last too long and came in her hands. Rebecca licked her palm, of all my come and just smiled. “Timmy, I want you to come over every day. I’ll let you enjoy my breast milk and do other things with you.” I smiled, and said that sounded like a wonderful idea. I was so freaking happy and got dressed and left. The next day I’d gone over and Rebecca had on another maternity dress. This time she didn’t give me anything to do. We just went straight to the couch and she took off all her clothes. “Timmy, come over and let’s get comfortable on the couch. Go on and enjoy my breasts.” I did as she said and got busy enjoying her sweet breast milk. I’ve got to tell you, Rebecca is just about the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. My dick was getting harder by the minute. The more I sucked on her breast, the more turned on I was becoming. This time Rebecca was playing with my hair and rubbing my neck. “Timmy, I know you’ve never been with a woman, but I’d like to let you finger my pussy.”  “Are you sure Rebecca? I’d just about die if you would let me finger you. You know I’m a virgin. I’m so horny and hot for you. I’d love if you would teach me how to please a woman.” “Okay, Timmy I’m going to spread my legs and I just want you to place your fingers inside my pussy.