Nisan 24, 2023

Preacher Man Pt. 01

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The preacher quickly regretted taking the shortcut through the black section of town. Two flat tires in front of the worst public housing apartments in town. He was white, late 50’s bald….and, almost no one knew it, but kinky. In fact, even as he stood there, looking at his flat tires, he was conscious of the big butt plug stuck in his ass and the tightness of his balls as they were tied up tightly inside of his dress pants. He had been fantasizing all sorts of nasty, naughty things as he drove and now he was back to reality. What was worse, as he glanced at his phone, he had no cell reception at all.

He jumped when he heard the “hey, whatchu doin around here” from behind him. Three, very large black ladies were walking toward him. They looked to be in their 30’s or 40’s and the smallest one he figured went at least 300 pounds. Each wore thin, cotton dresses, that came down to above their knees and fit rather tightly on their large bodies. Each one had to be at least a DDD cup and their massive titties hung down, braless onto the fat rolls of their bellies, large, dark nipples clearly visible poking through the damp fabric of their dresses on this hot August day. He was aroused as well as scared. As they got closer he could smell the strong, ripe aroma of their sweaty bodies….but he could also smell the distinct musk of three, ripe, unwashed pussies. Even though his dick was not very big, he got hard at the smell of them. Worse yet, he hadn’t worn underwear, instead wanting the ability to rub himself through his pants. Now, as they circled closely around him, one giggled to the other, “white boy must like him some big black pussy, look at that little white cock of his trying to get outta his pants.” And they all laughed.

“You lost, white boy?” the biggest sneered as she leaned to within a couple of inches of his face. He swallowed hard and tried to stay calm, but he was so horny, so hard and so aroused that his voice was raspy as he said, “I’m a pastor, just trying to get back to my church.”. They all laughed at that and one of them grabbed his crotch as she said, “preacher man with a hard dick for chocolate pussy, huh?” “Know what I think? I think you cum looking for pussy…and..what the fuck…” She grabbed his tied up balls through his pants. “You some freaky ass white boy preacher ain’t you?” “He got his balls all tied up or something girls, how’s about we take him inside and check him out.” He stammered türbanlı seks hikayeleri and stuttered as they pushed him and lead him…mainly by pulling on his tied up balls through his pants, toward the nearest apartment. “If you ladies let me go, I’d be happy to see you in church on Sunday”, He said.

They stopped and the biggest one, who had to be over 400 pounds and even though he was 6’5″ she was only a little shorter than him, put her face an inch from his and snarled, “you to a good job eating our pussy and our filthy black asses and we’ll be at church on Sunday…deal?” Oh my, he was in heaven. His fantasies were cumming true and…he was growing his church. “Deal” he said as he reached down and grabbed her massive ass cheeks, pulled her against him and kissed her deeply. She tasted like bad breath and cigarettes as she pushed him away and into the apartment.

There was a big mattress on the floor, stained and dirty, but as they pulled his clothes off and pushed him onto it, he found it was soft. Each one pulled their dresses off and they were totally naked, no panties or bras. They leaned down and examined him, giggling when they pulled on his hard, 5 inch cock, saying he looked like he had a clit instead of a cock. Licking their lips as they grabbed and pulled and squeezed his tied up balls. “You like it rough?” they asked, He responded immediately, “I love my balls treated very roughly”.

It was then, that they discovered the butt plug. “You nasty white boy preacher man” the middle one said…”and I like nasty”. With that, she straddled his face and sat down. I don’t think she’d washed in weeks. Thick gobs of smegma were stuck in the fleshy folds of her fat pussy lips. He could barely breath, but he eagerly thrust his tongue into the folds of her pussy and licked out the filth, lapping and slurping and sucking until he reached her swollen clit, probably half as big as his dick. She sighed as he sucked it into his mouth, his tongue swirling around it. “You see, us black girls are hung pretty good too, huh?” she gasped. “Fuck, this boy knows how to eat pussy”. And in just a couple of minutes she was orgasming on his face, flooding him with pussy juice or pee, he wasn’t sure.

Meanwhile the other girls were playing with his cock and balls. One had sucked his hard little dick down her throat and every time she pulled her mouth off of him she let her teeth stick out and she scraped her teeth over his cock head. The other one alternated between slapping his balls and pulling the plug in and out of his ass. “Go ahead sweetie, the oldest one said to other girl, I’m gonna fuck his mother fucking ass when he done clean out your pussy. “No I better not, Jamaal done fucked me not even an hour ago, I’m all full of his cum.” He interrupted, “That’s okay with me, I love cream pie….oh, but I didn’t get a chance to clean my first big black ass yet, though.”

They all laughed as they called him nasty and disgusting. But the first lady lowered her ass to his face. He breathed in the foul, acrid odor of her unwashed ass. His cock jerked up and down and they noticed, “oh boy, he love dirty ass…eat it white boy, eat it.” And he did, pushing his tongue as deeply into her dirty asshole as he could. She hadn’t wiped very well for a while, but when he was done, she was clean and shining with my saliva.

Next came cream pie pussy, shaved smooth but as she squatted over his face, she pushed and a large gob of cum dropped into his mouth, then another and another. He growled, hungrily as he sucked it down and swallowed it then pushed his tongue inside of her recently fucked cunt and devoured every drop. She slide forward and he obediently licked her ass clean.

Now it was Big Mama’s time. That was what she said to call her. She got on her knees and told him to fuck her like a dog. He grabbed her wide hips and thrust into her wet, dirty cunt. She fell forward laughing. “Shit, I forgot you got a tiny little white boy dick….fuck my asshole white boy, at least I’ll feel your dick in there. He pointed a little higher and pushed his hard cock inside of her dirty black asshole. As he pulled out to push in again he could see the dirt of her ass clinging to his cock. Unfortunately it only took him about a minute before he felt his balls tighten and he groaned and growled and one of the girls slapped his balls hard and he started spurting hot cum into Big Mama’s ass. He didn’t think he’d ever stop cumming.

He pulled out and flopped down on the floor. Big Mama rolled over and lifted her legs in the air, “eat me” she demanded. He was breathing heavily and tired, but he obediently leaned down and sucked her pussy and licked and slurped until she was clean, then she rolled her hips higher and demanded, “now clean your scum out of my ass”. He did as he was ordered.

He was ready to go, but they weren’t ready for him to go. They slapped and beat his swollen, tied up balls, they pulled the butt plug out of his ass and made him suck it clean. Then Big Mama stuck it up her own ass and said, “I keep this for ya until I see ya in church on Sunday.”

All of them got dressed and outside two muscular black dudes were leaning against his truck. Both tires had been patched up and he was ready to go. But, again, they weren’t ready for him to go. The girls told the guys how nasty he was, and everything he had done to them and how they’d agreed to go to church on Sunday.

The dudes looked at him and said, “so you a little sissy ass white boy preacher huh? Well, guess what white boy, you take care of us and we see you in church on Sunday too.” They dragged him back to the apartment. Inside they made him strip before they took off their pants. His little cock was shriveled and not even as big as the ladies swollen clits. Slowly, they stripped off their pants. Both had cocks that were 8 to 10 inches long and very thick.

“The girls said you like things in your ass, so get down on all fours sissy white boy.” He got on all fours and both of them knelt down by his back end as they pulled his ass cheeks open. He felt them spit on his asshole and then one of them pushed two long fingers into his asshole. He relaxed and they slide in easily since the plug he had been wearing had loosened him up.

The fingers came out and, “oh, ugh”…he grunted as the swollen cock head of one of them pressed inside his asshole. He pulled out and spit on his dick, then pushed it back in. He moaned as the head got past his spinchter and then in one shove he pushed his entire 10 inch cock deep into his ass. He groaned in pleasure as the other one lay down in front of him and pushed his dick into his mouth. He gagged, but then he got the rhythm. Sucking one BBC as the other fucked his ass hard and deep. He played with the man’s balls as he sucked his cock. Apparently he was horny because he came rather quickly in his mouth. The preacher did his best to slurp all the cum up and drink it and then he felt the other cock swell inside his ass and hot cum flooded his insides. He was buried so deep inside the preacher’s ass that nothing spilled out until he pulled out. “Now, you hold that cum in until you get home white boy, then you can let it drain into something so you can eat it all up.” I’ll check wit you on Sunday to make sure you was a good boy and ate it all.”

On his drive home the preacher’s stomach was in knots. He was excited already for Sunday.