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Pretending Ch. 03

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Pretending Ch. 03 © 2009 All Rights Reserved Dinner and a movie did wonders for both Connie and Simon. Connie felt much better that she’d told him, and Simon was relieved to find he hadn’t done anything to offend or scare her. The weekend was too cold to do much, although they did get out for groceries. Simon teased her and said she should cook for the next week to make up for him having to live on ramen noodles while she was avoiding him. Connie’s mood was improving all the time until she spoke to her mother on Sunday. “So, you’ll be coming home for Thanksgiving, then?” said her mom. “I guess so,” she answered. “I hadn’t thought that far ahead.” “Connie, it’s in three weeks!” “I know, Mom.” She stifled an exasperated sigh. “It’s just been very busy at work. I’m not sure I can get the day afterwards off, and I haven’t had a chance to ask about it.” “Well, find out and let me know, I need to plan the food.” Connie knew that was ridiculous; her mother made enough food at any holiday to feed the proverbial army. “All right, Mom, I’ll ask tomorrow.” “Good. Now, will you be bringing anyone?” “What?” “Well, you said you were seeing that boy, what’s his name . . . Roger?” Now her mom would probe for details. Connie steeled herself for the conversation and resolved to say as little as possible. “His name was Ron, and I’m not seeing him anymore.” “Why not?” Ataşehir escort “Because he said some nasty things to me and I told him to get out.” Connie prayed her mother wouldn’t pry for any details. “Are you sure you’re not overreacting?” asked her mother. “I mean, maybe you misinterpreted something.” “I didn’t.” Connie groaned, knowing she was going to have to go into some detail. “He said something rude about my leg, and having to turn the lights out.” “Well, you know, Connie, some people will have a hard time with your scar.” Ah ha, thought Connie. I knew it. Her mother never seemed to miss a chance to bring up the scar and how difficult it would make her love life. As though Connie had gotten the scar voluntarily, like a tattoo. Connie waited for the other shoe to drop. “And you know your weight has been up.” “It hasn’t, Mom. It’s the same as it’s been for the past couple of years.” Connie checked off the “weight” block on her mental scorecard. “Really? I thought you looked a little heavy the last time I saw you, but it was probably just the outfit you had on.” Zing! thought Connie. Two for one—insulting my weight and clothes at the same time. Her mother was amazing that way. She couldn’t take it any more. “Mom, I have to go. I’ll let you know about Thanksgiving.” She hung up. She hated to be rude, but the Ümraniye escort bayan alternative was worse, so she didn’t feel too guilty. She wandered out into the living room and dropped onto the couch with a sigh. “What’s up?” Simon came in from the kitchen and handed her a soda. “Mom.” “Ah.” He liked Connie’s mom, Lydia, well enough. She was sweet and had always been nice to him. However, she did have a tendency to push the buttons on both of her daughters. Connie usually just listened, nodded, said okay and let it go. Emily, her older sister, wasn’t quite so laid back about it and he knew that Emily and Lydia had had more than a few fights. “So, what did she do this time?” “Well, first she said perhaps I’d misjudged Ron,” Connie began. Simon scoffed and she gave him a small smile. “Then she reminded me how difficult my life will be because of this.” She gestured at her leg, and Simon felt a pang of hurt on her behalf. “And then, since I guess she just wanted to make sure she hit all the bases, she told me I’m overweight and don’t dress well.” She was silent for a minute, then continued, “I always assume she doesn’t quite realize how this stuff sounds, and how hurtful it is. Maybe she does, though.” Connie shook her head. “I can’t think like that. It’s too disturbing.” Simon sipped at his soda, considering Escort Bostancı a response. Connie didn’t seem too upset, so he didn’t think she needed or wanted a lot of sympathy. He decided to probe a little more. “What brought all this on, anyway?” “She wanted to know what I was doing for Thanksgiving, and whether I’d be bringing anybody with me. I think she’s afraid if I’m not married by the time I’m thirty, I’ll start collecting cats or something.” Connie rolled her eyes in exasperation. “What are you going to do?” Simon asked. A plan was forming in his mind, but he wasn’t sure if he could do it. “Look into getting hypoallergenic cats.” She gave a wry grin. “I guess I’ll go home. I hadn’t thought too much about it, and I usually go home for Thanksgiving. How about you?” “My parents are going out to visit my brother in California,” he told her. “He and I are fighting about something, and with plane tickets so expensive, I decided not to go. But I hadn’t thought much past that.” “That’s too bad.” Connie gave him a sympathetic smile. “About you and your brother, I mean. I hope you guys can work it out. Jason was always such a nice guy.” “Oh, he is.” Simon drained the rest of his soda, giving himself more time to formulate his plan. Now, if only Connie would agree. “I’m not even sure what we’re arguing about, this time. I’m just going to give him time to cool down about it. I’ll check in with the ‘rents when they get back, and see if they think it’s okay for me to call him.” “I’m sure it will work out.” Simon smiled to himself. She was always so optimistic, at least for other people. “And it will with your mom, too.” “Maybe it will.” She gave a short laugh.