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Real Step Aunty (Real Scandal)

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Real Step Aunty (Real Scandal)
[*This is my REAL life story,
accidentally had sex with my own step-aunty.
She was 44, while I was 30 when it happened.
I will try to write it as detail as I could in english].

I have used to stay in uncle’s house everytime I visit this city,
for vacation, friends appointment, or any other activities.
This is his second marriage with his new wife, so I called her my step aunty.
Lately, Uncle had been busy having business meetings abroad,
usually takes up to 3 or 4 days leaving, but this time he left for a two weeks.

It was my fifth day staying in the house.
I was watching television in the living room just after I finished my dinner, as usual.
My (step) aunty just finished preparing her son school-bag for tomorrow,
and ready to take her son for bed.

“..dont forget to lock the door and turn off the light before you go to sleep, ok ?”,
She said to me while she went upstair to her son’s bedroom.
“Ok, aunty”, I replied.

Just after about half an hour,
she went out from son’s bedroom and closed the door carefully.
Maybe her son already fell asleep.
Still from upstairs, she looked at me still watching tv downstairs,

“..you still awake ? You dont feel sleepy yet ?”, she asked.
“Maybe later soon, Aunty..”.
Then she went to her own bedroom and closed the door.

About almost 10 or 20 minutes later,
I accidentally heard this so low noise from upstairs,
“..ssh, uhmm.. ohh.. .. .. sssh.. ohh.. aww.. yess..”,
then silence again.

Well, Im a grown up man, so I dont need to ask myself what happen.
I know maybe she felt lonely that Uncle has always been busy leaving the house lately,
and it was normal for her to maybe masturbate herself sometime.
I pretended not hearing anything about it, and continue watching tv.

Ten minutes later, the door upstairs open,
Aunty came out her bedroom and now walk downstairs.
“It seems that the tv channel is interesting to watch that keeps you still awake..”.

“..uhmm, well I just dont feel that sleepy yet, Aunty”, I replied her.
Then she sits in the couch next to me, maybe wondering what movie I watched.

For the first time, I can now see my step aunty in her thin sleeping dress.
That thin so I can almost barely see her nipples behind the dress without her bra.

I know, the sweat that still dripping in her body
has something to do with what has just happened upstairs several minutes ago.
The smell of her warm wet sweat, somehow turned me on real bad that moment.
Does she also wearing no panty ?, Is it hairy ?, naughty questions in my head.
But damn, she is my aunty, my uncle’s wife, dont be stupid !

We chatted nicely that moment for several minutes later,
until the movie showed about a couple having sex-scene.
I keep myself in silence like nothing to watch, but then she said,
“..they both look sexy, dont you think, eh ? Her breast also big and heavy, I guess”.

“..uhmm, yea.. maybe..”, I dont know what to comment.

“Unlike mine, is that what you want to say, eh ?”

“Not like that, Aunty. It’s just.. ..”, I havent finished answering,
then she touched her side breast and looked at me closely.

“..and what do you think if.. you tell me more about this ?”,
she slowly puts down her left shoulder dress tie.
Now I can see her left light brown hard nipple clearly.

I was kept in my own silence for several seconds.
It was no longer smiley nice face between me and Aunty,
there were almost likely filled with passion and hunger of something.
Oh Lord, help me.

I dont know what has gotten into me,
I suddenly put my mouth in her nipple, kissing and licking it with my tongue.
She didnt refuse me, she even puts her hand in my head,
as if she wants me to do it more and harder.

Naturally, I was about giving her a kiss in her mouth,
“..please, no mouth kissing, you’re still my nephew someway”, she said.

Instead, she stands up and grab my hand,
take me rush into downstairs bedroom where I usually sleep.
Closed the door, she pushed me down to the bed.

We undressed each other then she sit in my lap above me.
I can really see now the whole body of my step aunty, no longer a fantasy.
Her breast is so natural, the pussy is also hairy, the way I like it from a mature.

She looked at me with sharp eyes, and surely we both had a fast heartbeat that moment.
“Do you know what i have just done in my bedroom upstairs ..?
..I masturbated myself real good..”, she said.

I know.

“But it hasn’t finished yet”, she continues
while grabbed my hard cock, guiding it to her wet pussy.

“I masturbated, thinking of getting fucked.. ..”,
my cock’s head is already in her pussy’s lips now,

“..by YOU !”,
she suddenly push her body down,
my cock is now fully slide inside of her wet warm pussy !

“..Ooohh.. ssshh..”, we both now became one.
My step aunty’s pussy felt soo warm and good.
I just cant believe it really happens.

She smiles at me, and tries to move her ass up and down slowly.
I adjust her movement with my hips, and it feels so much better, more.. and more.

So sexy and so real.
I am fucking my own step aunty,
and I love it.

“Aunty, can I make a record with my phone.. ?”, I carefully asked her.
“..for myself..?”.

She keeps riding me fast and faster,
“..if you like, ..whatever.., but promise me you will really keep it for yourself, okay ?”,
she was too horny that moment.
“..keep it away from my face..”.

“Okay, Aunty..”, I replied, then soon make a video record with my phone.
She doesnt really care about it as she was having her excitement fucking with me.

“You’re cock so good, really love it much.. sshh..”, she whispers in passion.
She pumps and shakes it harder, I know she really enjoys riding me.
“Im so close, I can cum at anytime soon.. ahh..”.

“I love you, Aunty..”, the words came out from my mouth.

“No, you dont love me, you can not.. sshh.. ahh..”, she replied in horny.
“..ohh, it’s just sex, please, sshh.. no love between us, oohhh..”.

About ten minutes later,
“..ohh, Aunty, Im almost, sshh.. can I cum inside you ?”, I just cant help myself any longer.

“..NOo, wait for me, Im close.. ahhh.. Im so close now.. Im.. Im..”, she half screams.

She sweats all of her body, dripping to her pussy and ass.
The sound of our sweating pumping body is soo incredibly sexy.

She grabs my arm so hard now,
“..Im.. Im.. ohhh.. sshhh.. ahhh.. ..”, then short silence..
“..sshh.. aaaahh.. Im.. Im.. CUMMING nooowwww… aaahhhh.. aaahhh..”.

Now, I can really feel her pussy so much different,
it feels so wet, much warmer and more slippery like not the same before.
It also feels as if my cock was pushed out from the pussy,
but she just cant let that happen.

She CUMS, she reaches her orgasm !

Her whole body is trembling and shaking hard above me.
I can see her white wet juicy cum gushing out from her pussy,
sticky and thick, dripping to my stomach.
So sexy.

“Oohh… ssshhh… sooo.. nice.. to cum.. sshh.. ohh..”.
She moves her hips slowly and much slower as if she loses her strength now.

I really cant help myself that moment, I just cant !
I pulled out my cock, let it rubbed by her juicy pussy lips outside, then..


Cum and more cum shooting in my stomach,
a lot of cum sprayed out from my cock.
“Aahh.. aaaggghh.. ooohhh.. Aunty, I cum..”,

I cum so good, really good,
for my aunty !

I can still feel her wet pussy rubbing my cock, only so much slower now.
Then she lets her body fall into me, powerless and weak.
Her breathless voice next to my ear, showing that she felt so excited and satisfied.

She then kissed me in forehead and smile.
“..I love you too..”, she whispers to me.
“..but, promise me it is only between us, okay ?”,
then she lay down on bed next to me.

“Thank you, Aunty, and I am sorry about this”.

“I know, and I am sorry too, okay ?”, she replied.

After ten minutes laying down in bed,
“..this one is for you, maybe the first and the last”,
she kissed me quick in my lips then stand up from bed.

“Remember, it is between us only, remind yourself, okay ?”,
she dresses herself up and leaving me naked in bed.

“Uhm, the sex or the kiss, Aunty ?”, I try to make a joke.

“Maybe both, crazy nephew..”.

“I love you, Aunty”, I said it again before she opens the door.

“Shut up, and go wash yourself too before you sleep. Have a good dream and good night”,
she closes the door and walk upstairs back to her bedroom.

I just had it, Aunty.
Good dream turns into reality.