Mayıs 15, 2023

Red Tails In The Sunset

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We love each other and are happy together, but we’re also very honest and open with each other and we’d decided that we wanted more. More excitement, more adventure, more boldness, more… something. Anything. Maybe just more openness and honesty and a chance to explore and satisfy our curiosity.We’d married late, both thirty years old, and at forty-one we remained best friends as well as husband and wife. And our sex life was good. It was still more than hot, beyond satisfying, and we were open to fun, games, and fantasies to spice things up.Accordingly, we’d done many of the things couples do to add a bit of Tabasco to the bedroom. We’d enjoyed adult videos and pay-per-view movies; we’d bought and used various toys – dildos, vibrators, cock rings, anal exploration devices, prostate massagers, nipple clips – the variety and kinks seem endless, and we’d tried many of them.We’d gone to a seedy adult theater in an even seedier part of town, where we’d watched the man two seats down from Kaci fondle and jerk his cock until he came all over himself and the floor. That had left both of us incredibly aroused and later, at home, I’d found her dripping wet and ready. As I’d touched and teased her about how she should have moved over and helped him get off she’d had a mind-blowing orgasm! It had also taken me only about thirty seconds to come when she’d put lips to my aching cock, so I could hardly tease her about her hair-trigger.More recently, though, we’d been discussing a vacation. Always looking to add a bit of spice to our lives we discussed the possibility of warm tropical breezes, sunshine, and white sand beaches – specifically, nude beaches. Hesitant at first the idea grew on us, and our research led us to Jamaica; while officially nudity is not sanctioned on public beaches in Jamaica it does happen at some, and topless swimming and sunbathing is not uncommon.In addition there are a number of resorts there which are set up for nudity throughout their properties and some encourage an “anything goes” adult atmosphere. We’d decided to throw caution to the wind and try it, and we agreed to adopt a Escort bodrum philosophy of ‘what happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica’ and just have fun, and perhaps even live out a fantasy or two.And so here we were, our first day in paradise after a long flight. Weather delays, a late arrival in Montego Bay and a shuttle to Negril before a short night – even though we slept in – had left us jet-lagged and groggy, but determined to enjoy our day.A bit timid on our first venture into public nudity, we’d chosen a resort whose brochure advertised: “Our beach and pool areas are topless; while full nudity is not sanctioned it does sometimes occur in the more secluded areas and is generally tolerated.” That sounded like us – at least to start with – and Kaci wasn’t entirely certain that she’d have the nerve to go topless. I was pretty sure she would – hoped so, anyway!Feeling more refreshed after some strong island coffee and breakfast, we stopped by the concierge desk. We sat down with Maggie, an island girl of perhaps twenty-five, and explained what we were looking for. We were undoubtedly evasive about the type of adventure we sought, but she knew exactly what we had in mind and gently led us forward, her soft Jamaican patois charmingly perfect for this situation.Looking Kaci in the eye, she said, “If you don’t feel comfortable with this yet I would suggest you stay here and explore what our resort has to offer. You’ll find that the beach is very casual and relaxed, and if you feel like going topless you can. It’s not a requirement, but I think you’ll find it quite natural. It’s a good way to get a taste of things.”Kaci nodded. “That’s a good idea. I think I’ll be fine with it, but… baby steps, right?”Maggie laughed. “Of course, mon! It’s about whatever feels right. If you decide later that you’re feeling bolder I can get you day passes to one of the more permissive resorts. At some of them nudity is mandatory, not optional. Those areas are posted, and can get quite… risque.”I smiled at her. “I think that sounds great. We have several days to build up our courage, Escort Kuşadası and we can decide as we go.” I turned toward Kaci, saying, “What do you say, babe? Should we hit the beach?”Her eyes shining with that sexy playfulness I love, she replied, “That is what we came here for. This is going to be so much fun!”Maggie laughed, caught up in Kaci’s excitement. “That’s what we’re all about, mon – excitement, adventure, maybe a chance to expand your horizons. You’ll have fun; you know where to find me if you need me.”We quickly changed into our swimwear, Kaci pulling a lightweight beach cover-up over her rather skimpy two-piece suit. I whistled at her. “Wow! You look so sexy – hey, maybe with all these women going topless you’ll find someone to explore your fantasy with.”She’d revealed to me awhile back that she was bi-curious and found the thought of sex with another woman very arousing, and she hoped that maybe, someday, she’d have a chance to satisfy that curiosity. She looked at me coyly. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”“You bet, especially if I get to watch – or join in!”She reached over and squeezed my semi-hardon through my suit. “Don’t get too excited, it probably won’t happen – and who told you that you were part of my fantasy?”I laughed, not sure if she was serious or not but aware that the likelihood of it actually happening was slim.We headed to the beach and strolled along the wet sand where the low surf rolled in. The beach was a white crescent stretched between rocky, vegetation-covered peninsulas at each end. Those two jutting ridges of rock and coral marked the boundaries of the resort property, and the bay between was that incredible combination of blues and greens found only in tropical waters.The relaxed, casual semi-nudity was a little unusual at first, but we soon became accustomed to seeing bared breasts of every, shape, size and color imaginable; some pert and perfect, young and old, some with varying degrees of sag; big, pendulous breasts and small, boyish A-cup breasts – and nobody cared! I was a bit goggle-eyed for the first few bodrum escort minutes, but quickly adjusted… although I did seem to have more of a bulge in the front of my swim trunks than usual. I surreptitiously adjusted that as well.We’d walked less than three-hundred yards when Kaci stopped, took off her cover-up and her bikini top, and stuffed both into our beach bag. I was amazed, but proud of her courage – and she looked great. Her breasts are full and beautiful; they sag a tiny bit under the laws of gravity but still look incredible, her rosy nipples proud and erect. When she looked at me to gauge my reaction my smile told her all she needed to know.We continued strolling; people-watching, being watched. As we moved further down the beach away from the main resort area the vacationers thinned until distance between created a degree of privacy for the sunbathing couples; this was where we began to see the occasional nude sunbather. Apparently etiquette was dependent upon proximity.We eventually selected a spot near the low dunes away from the water. We were far enough from others to have relative privacy, and low hummocks of sand and scrubby vegetation hid us from the view of anyone except the occasional beach-walker that might pass directly in front of us, between us and the water. Given our semi-private location, as we were spreading out our towels we began to challenge each other to take that final step to full public nudity. To my utter amazement, Kaci soon stripped off her tiny bikini bottom and pitched it over onto the beach bag.Not to be outdone, I did the same. There was a brief moment when we looked at each other in disbelief, but then we laughed. In truth it had been surprisingly easy and was extremely liberating, and we soon got down to the important business of covering that pale, newly-exposed skin with sunscreen. In the process of doing that we teased and touched a bit more than we needed to, and I was soon hard and erect, my arousal matched by her puckered nipples and by her smoothly-shaved sex becoming wet and puffy.While the brochure said that nudity in the more remote areas was tolerated – and Maggie had backed up that assertion – nowhere was it mentioned that public sex was okay; we eased off before we got too carried away. We had just hunkered down on our towels, sharing a bottle of water, when I looked up and swore softly, under my breath. “Oh, fuck!”