Haziran 7, 2023

Redbook Date — Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part V

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Redbook Date — Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part VHer body was still sexy and she turned me on every time we were together even though she was pushing her late 50’s and a daily meth user for longer than the two plus years I’d known her. Our routine had changed somewhat. We continued on with our daily “work week” rendezvous but now we spent the night together a couple times a week. More frequently than not, we’d stay the night in a motel with a large spa tub…Livermore, Pleasanton, Hayward were often were we could be found. The spa rooms were often a source of great fun.Wanda would always retreat to the bathroom and change into either what I had told her to wear or I’d have her choose her outfits and enjoy the anticipation of seeing My Little Slut dressed in something special. She’d surprised me in the past in various outfits, but never wearing panties or a bra (I’d instructed her over two years ago that WHENEVER she was with me she was to always be sans undergarments). A) Six inch white heels and a mid thigh length, form fitting tight white a-shirt (with holes where her nipples were, allowing them to stick out). Her makeup would be extremely heavy and colorful making her look like a cheap, yet very hot whore. B) Tennis shoes with knee high white tube socks, red booty shorts that were so tight her camel toe left little to the imagination and a bright yellow top adorned with buttons (Vote for Pedro, Daddy’s Girl, I’m a slut…like that’s a bad thing and a peace sign). Her hair was bound in two long pony tails from ölüdeniz escort the side of her head. She wore her make-up somewhat thick, but purposely somewhat like a young girl might if she was new at doing make-up. C) Skin tight pale bluejeans, a pink midriff top with elastic around the waist, no shoes and a very faint covering of make-up.D) Black stilettos, black thigh highs and a red hoody. Each outfit was worn more than once and always lead to an incredible, sexually charged experience. Five years later these outfits are still etched in my mind. Each one has it’s own story.A) I arrived at the motel and had lost my key. I texted Wanda and told her to come let me the side door. She replied, “Let me put something else on, I’ll be down in a minute”….”NO”, I said, “I want you to come get me dressed as you are”, having no idea what she had on. She turned at the bottom of the staircase and I saw what she had on…HOLY shit, she looks like a cheap street whore AND her nipples are sticking out.She smiled at me as she opened the door, gave me a kiss on the cheek and I pinched her already hard, erect and sweet nipples that were round, thick and an inch and a half long. She quickly headed up the stairs. Walking in front of me I enjoyed seeing her pussy as she climbed the short staircase. As we headed down the hall a man appeared from the doorway of the room next to ours. Wanda let out a somewhat hushed scream, he jumped slightly….then he realized what he göcek escort was seeing. He simply smiled, said, “hello” and headed down the hall.Once inside the room I laughed about the encounter, while Wanda was embarrassed. She quickly got over her embarrassment when I had her sit down on the couch, spread her legs and light up the pipe. As she warmed up the pipe, letting the meth melt and rolling the pipe between her long, well manicured fingers…I started rubbing her pussy lips on the outside, slowly sliding my fingers into her pussy just as she started to take a hit I pushed all my fingers and most of my hand inside that wet, sweet pussy I loved to use. “Oh my GOD”, she blurted out….suddenly she was squirting all over me. This was only the third time she’d actually spewed her juices.I loved to watch her walk around in front of me. Her legs, ass and hair always swayed and bounced so seductively and sexy. She was making me a drink around 1:00 am when there was a knock on the door. It was the guy from next door. Wanda told me to stay still and not open it. He knocked again…I looked through the peephole and he held up a bottle of vodka and a bottle of green apple schnapps. “DON”T OPEN IT”, Wanda whispered rather loudly…”I heard that”, came his voice from the other other side of the door.At that point we were busted and I opened the door. Wanda gasped loudly and grabbed the towel from the kitchen counter to cover herself as best she could. “May I join you inlice escort two for a nightcap?”, the man asked. I let I’m in and told Wanda to make us all a drink. He told me that I was lucky to have such a pretty lady that dressed so sexy. Once he had the drink in his hand he asked if it would be alright with me if Wanda removed the towel covering her front side. While Wanda was a “professional” she was also a bit shy and wasn’t sure if I wanted her to expose herself to him. I said, “it’s up to her…but it’s more than okay with me”. With that Wanda dropped the towel and sat down next to me, about as far from our guest as she could be. After a round of drinks and Wanda heading to the bathroom a couple times to hit her meth pipe, she became more relaxed and more comfortable showing off to the stranger in front of me. He was starting to rub the outside of his jeans. Wanda noticed him looking at her exposed nipples, she whispered in my ear, “Do you want to share me Daddy?” I barely nodded my head when she stood up, grabbed me by the hand, walked over to him and reached for his hand…off to the bed we went. I pushed her down on the bed while he undressed. I spread her legs and started to lick and suck her sweet pussy getting it ready for this man’s cock. He climbed on the bed and shoved his erect cock in her mouth while he pinched and pulled on her nipples. “These are the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen. They are so thick and long, wholly fuck”. He looked fascinated by them.Wanda gagged. Wanda REALLY gaged. He pulled his cock out of her sloppy mouth…SHIT, that’s the biggest cock head I’ve ever seen. It was enormous…bigger than I ever thought a cock head could be. It was the size of a small plum. Wanda and I made eye contact, she looked a bit scared. He asked her “Is that too much for you”…”Noooo”, she replied, “but it is the biggest I’ve ever seen”.