Mayıs 15, 2023

Repopulating the World…The Final Chapter

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It had been 4 months since we last met our survivors, Allie, Tina, Rich and John, oh and of course Adam the first achievement in repopulating the world. Since our last visit, tragedy struck the survivors. Allie, who had been pregnant with her second child, had miscarried. The loss of the child had allowed depression to move in on her. She lost all sexual interests in the guys and even Tina. Tina had stepped up in Allie’s absence and had pleasured the guys, but recently she had missed her time of the month and the group suspected that she had been impregnated. Unfortunately, the suspension of Tina being with child just drove Allie farther away. In hopes to bring Allie out of her depression, John suggested that the group move from the ranch house they had called home for months and move west while Tina was still in shape to walk. The group packed their food and what few items that they could carry and headed out. The journey was hard. The terrain was rough and dry. They had a hard time finding water. Some where around New Mexico, tragedy hit again, while searching for water, John had been bitten by a diamond back, and with no first aid, he eventually died from the poison injected into him by the snake. The group was in a state of distress. John had been their strength, and now he was gone. Rich tried to step up, and did the best he could to protect the girls from the predators of the night. One night while Rich and Tina were having sex in the tent, a pack of coyotes circled the camp. Allie was frightened and began sobbing. Rich heard her and rush out the tent. He took one of the burning branches from the fire and scared them off. Early in the morning Rich raised Allie and Tina and served them the usual rations of a hunk of bread and some dried meat. To which Tina complained as usual.”Meat and bread again?” Tina said with a sigh.”Yeah meat and bread, if you don’t like it go and sort your own god damn breakfast out,” Rich growled.Allie stepped in warily, “Now guys come on, we need each other too survive there is no reason for you to be like this with each other.” Allie was still getting over her loss, but due too the lack of clothes available, she was still wearing a ripped shirt that showed most of her breasts beneath, and shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks.”How long until we reach the coast?” Tina asked.”Should be there tomorrow,” exclaimed Rich.”Hopefully we can find a real building to stay in.””I guess so’ better get started long day ahead.”Rich stomped out the fire while the girls gathered up there tents and packs.They arrived at the west coast about three hours before darkness fell. The group rushed to the water, diving in cooling from their long journey. That night, after feeling refreshed from the water, they decided to make camp on the beach.As Rich and Tina began to set up camp, Allie wandered off down the sandy beach. Once the tents were set, Rich and Tina embraced. Tina slipped her hand inside Rich’s torn Göztepe escort bayan shorts and fondled his heavy balls. Rich sighed, as he loved Tina’s touch. Her green eyes stared straight into his eyes as she slowly moved down, planting her knees in the course sand. She lifted his hardening cock to her lips. Opening her mouth slightly she grazed her tongue over his head before moving her head forward to allow his cock to slip into mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and moved her lips from his head to her fingers, and repeated. Rich held her head between his hands and rocked his hips toward her face. He gripped her tight as his balls released a heavy load of crème into Tina’s mouth. Just as Rich pulled his cock out of Tina’s mouth they heard Allie yelling. Rich looked up and she was rushing toward them and pointed behind her. By the time she reached camp, she was out of breath. Concerned about what had spooked her Rich rushed to her. “Allie, what is wrong?” Allie just looked at him as she gasped for air. “Rich give her time to catch her breath,” Tina said handing Allie the canteen of water that she had purified. Allie took a long drink. When she took the canteen from her lips, she began to speak. “There are hundreds of them, just around the bend about 2 miles from here.” “Hundreds? Hundreds of what?” Rich pried. “People! There are hundreds of people! They have a tent city, with a gate, and markets.” “Really? You can’t be serious.” “Go look for yourself, asshole, if your don’t believe me!” The three rush in the direction to which Allie had come. Sure enough, about two miles from their camp was a city. Around the city was a fence of old rusty cars and trucks, at the gate of the city was a fence that had been constructed from palm trees and branches from other trees. Inside were people, men, women and children, hundreds of them. The three looked at each other, speechless. Finally Rich spoke. “I think it would be best if we go back to camp. It is late and darkness is setting in. In the morning, at daybreak, we can come back and enter the city and see if they will accept us.” Tina nodded her head in agreement. They turned and went back to camp and went to bed. Allie lay on her blanket and looked at the stars in the sky. She was too excited to sleep. Finally after all this time, they had found other survivors. They were no longer alone. She just hoped that the people in the city would accept them.The next morning, at first light, Allie woke Rich and Tina from their slumber. Her excitement had not subsided. They gathered up camp quickly and placed their packs on their backs and headed toward the city. They rounded the bend and stopped. The gate of the city was open, not like the night before. Two men stood on both sides of the gate. The men were bare chest, and wore only a wrap of animal skin around their genitals. Each held a spear made of bamboo with metal blades. Escort Caddebostan One of the guards was a short chubby man with a bald head. The other was a slender, younger man with dark locks that flowed down to his shoulders. Rich, Allie and Tina slowly approached the gate. The short chubby guard saw them first. “Hey! You three kids, come here!” The trio slowly headed toward the men. When they arrived at the gate, the guards stopped them. “Where did the three of you come from?” the slender guard asked. Allie stepped forward. “My name is Allie Thomas; my friends are Rich Martin and Tina Smith. Rich and I are survivors from Georgia. We have traveled looking for others who survived the meteor. Along the way, we found Tina, and another friend, John Brown, who met his demise on our journey when he was bitten by a poisonous snake.” The guard listened as Allie talked to them. Although worn and battered from the journey, the men noticed her shapely figure. Their eyes moved from her bare feet, up her tanned and toned legs, up to her ocean blue eyes. Her blonde hair was matted, her shirt was ripped to the point it barely covered her breast. When she had finished the introduction, she crossed her arms over her chest and lowered her head. The slender guard ordered that they follow him. He turned and went inside the gate. The trio followed close. As they walked they took in their surroundings. The other people of the city stopped what they were doing and watched as the new comers past by. Many whispered, some smiled, but the trio did not slow down. They followed the guard to a big wood built hut in the center of the city. He stopped at the door. “Stay here!” he ordered. He went inside the hut. Rich and Tina turned and took in city. Most of the city consisted of make shift tents, four legs and a cloth tarp stretched across the top to shade the sun. Inside the tents were items that the people had found, or made. Other tents consisted of food or water. Next to the hut was the largest tent. Inside this tent were animal skins that had been made into clothing. The guard came back to the door of the hut. “Come,” he ordered. Allie led the others inside the door. The hut was empty except for a large desk on the back wall. On each side of the desk, were two more guards. Behind the desk were a wooden chair, and a door. Allie and the others walked up to the desk and stood. One of the guards went to the door and knocked, then returned to his post. In a few minutes, the door opened. Allie raised her head. He eyes widened as she saw the man step from the door and sit in the chair. The man stood about six foot. He looked as if he had been chiseled from granite. His arms were big, his chest was broad. He had brown hair and hazel eye. Allie smiled as he looked up at her. “Are you the leader of this group of survivors?” The man said in a deep voice. “Yes sir I am,” she replied politely. The man leaned back Bağdat Caddesi escort into his chair and looked at the three of them, then back to Allie. “Welcome to Genesis.” The man stood up and walked to the window. “Genesis is the new beginning. We like you are a group of survivors, who were fortunate enough to survive the Apocalypse. My name is Joshua, and I have been placed as care taker of this new city. Genesis is a place for all to come and feel safe. We hope that you will stay with us and become part of the new beginning.” Joshua turned from the window and look at the trio. “Sir, we are honored to have found Genesis and hope that we can do our part to make it prosper,” Allie replied. “Good. Now first of all we need to get the three of you cleaned up and properly covered. Tonight we will have a festival to welcome you.” Allie, Tina and Rich looked at each other and smile. Joshua walked to Tina. “You are with child?” “Yes sir.” Joshua turns to Rich. “Congratulations, we have a midwife that can assist with the birth of your child. Now the three of you follow me.” Joshua walked out the door, guards on each side of him, and the three followed close behind. As they walked down the street, the people of the city brought their goods to Joshua to test; he would nod and smile then continue on. They walked to a large sheltered area. Inside the shelter was a large pool where people of the city bathed. When Joshua and the new comers entered, the people in the water all got out, covered themselves and stood on the edge. “This is where the people of the city clean themselves. Please clean yourselves. When you are done, Judy will help take you to the clothing tent to get you proper covering.” A young woman stepped forward and helped Tina undress and get into the pool. Rich undressed and followed. Allie stepped forward and began to unbutton her shorts, but was stopped by Joshua. “Allie, if I may. Please come with me. I have something special for you.” Allie looked at Joshua and then back at Tina and Rich. She turned and went with Joshua. Joshua led her into a room adjacent to the pool. Inside was a large tub, surrounded by four naked women. Allie stopped as they entered. “Allie, this is my private bath. These ladies will help you to clean up and get you clothed appropriately.” “Why am I allowed to bathe in here while my friends are out in the public pool?” “Allie, I do not want you to be nude in public. I would prefer a woman of your beauty to stay in private. I understand that you are confused, and I hope that I do not scare you, because that is not my intentions. You Allie possess a rare beauty, and have the superior traits.” “Superior traits?” “Yes. You have blonde hair and your eyes are blue. This has been noticed as a sign of supremacy for ages. I do not want the men of the city to be tempted by you.” Joshua took Allie’s hand and led her to the tub. He motioned his hands and the ladies surrounded her. One slowly unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her tanned legs. Another lifted her ragged shirt up over her head. Allie crossed her chest with her arms, but another lady took her hand and pulled her gently into the tub. The ladies again surrounded her. Each with a sponge of soap in their hands, that they begun rubbing over Allie’s body.