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Rising Son

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As I turn into Montridge Road, the neat houses are a familiar sight. Some people are already working on their yards or out taking a walk. It’s another sunny morning. The heat is just starting its slow build and it’s not humid yet. I walk up to the Spanish mission-style house. It has sparkling walls, a brown-tiled roof, and arched verandas. The front yard looks neat and colorful with magnolias and fuchsias. When I ring the bell, Saffy opens the door.”Here you are,” she says with a smile and an air of relief.She had called me last night and asked me to come over, but would not say what it was about.”Hope everything is okay?” I venture.”Oh yes, everything is peachy, and I am glad to see you again, Jules.” She leads me into the lounge and we sit on the sofa. “I wanted to surprise you with something.”On the coffee table, there is a book “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” next to a pitcher of sweet tea. She pours me a glass. “You are going to need your energy.””I have sorta been waiting for you to call. I’m happy to hear that things are good… but it’s not like you to be mysterious…” I flash her a grin. The drink is refreshingly cold and sugary. “Where is your mom? Is she up?””She is still asleep. Her friends took her out for an early birthday celebration last night and she must have drunk too much.”Then, she looks serious, “Well you know, we had some unfinished business.”~~~~~We had gotten to know each other about six months earlier in our senior year at school.One day, I was going home after wrestling practice. As I walked out the side gate, it began to rain. I pulled the small, folding umbrella out of my backpack. I was halfway down the block when the little raindrops started getting heavier. Across the road, I noticed another student walking briskly because she was getting wet. She looked familiar, so I crossed the road and ran over to her. It was Saffron, who was in some of my classes. She had moved to my school at the start of the year and I had not had a chance to talk to her yet.”Hello, would you like to share my umbrella?” I proffered.She recognised me. “Oh Ankara bayan escort hello, Julian,” she said with a smile. “Am I glad you showed up. I have a long way to walk and I was going to get soaked. Mom was supposed to pick me up, but I guess she got delayed.””It’s only a small umbrella, but we should both be able to stay mostly dry.”My coaches tend to describe my size as compact. It just means I have a lower centre of gravity. I probably get it from my father, who is of Japanese descent. They have a long wrestling tradition. I have not seen my mom since I was about ten. The last we heard was she had moved out to the west coast and was dating a musician.She is about 5’3″ so I could easily hold the umbrella over both of us, with her squeezing in next to me. So close that I could smell her fragrance. It was like vanilla ice cream. She was wearing a gorgeous, yellow sweater which offset her mousy brown, shoulder-length hair.”Where do you stay, Saffron?” I asked.”My house is on Montridge Road. Do you know it?””Oh yes, it’s just a few streets from mine. I live on North Shore Drive.”She lives about ten minutes from the school and, fortunately, we were going in the same direction.I liked her round, friendly face. She was easy to talk to and seemed to laugh at my crummy jokes. Maybe she just enjoyed the effort I attempted. It made me wish I had gotten to know her earlier.We arrived at her house as her mother was pulling into the garage.”Hi Mom, this is Julian from my class. He helped walk me home,” she called out.I said, “Hello Mrs Winzorsky. It’s nice to meet you.””Hello, Julian. You can call me Terri. Thank you so much for helping Saffy to get home. I was at book club and things got so heated today. We were doing the diet book by Mikhaila Peterson. They would not stop arguing and when I checked the time, it was late. I went past the school, but didn’t see Saffy.” Glancing at her daughter, she added, “I am also thankful to you that her cashmere sweater didn’t get wet. It’s expensive and I keep telling her not to wear it to Escort bayan Ankara school.”In response, Saffy rolled her eyes.”Don’t mention it. We had a nice chat on the way,” I said mildly.We went into the house to warm up. Inside, it had a retro design, with a sunken lounge and mahogany floors.Terri is taller than Saffy. She has dark hair and a glowing tan. As we talked in the kitchen over a bowl of hot soup, she mentioned that she does Zumba and spinning classes. I admired her trim figure, which looks great in her tight clothes.After that, I seemed to see Saffy more often. Sometimes, we sat together in class or I saw her in the library and we would chat.I occasionally changed my training runs so that I went down her street. The coach says it’s important to mix variety in your training and I agree. One day, I was jogging past the house and I noticed that Terri was in the front yard mowing the lawn. She saw me and waved to me as she switched off the mower. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and a headband and was clearly perspiring.”Good morning Mrs Winzorsky,” I said. “Fine day isn’t it?””Good morning Julian. Did I get your name right? Please call me Terri. Are you out for some exercise?””Yes, I am. Just got warmed up and all.””That’s great Julian. Would you be interested in helping me with the lawn? I could make it worth your time. You see, it is usually the two of us at home. My husband Dan is away a lot. When he is not at conferences, he is working very long hours. So I do what I can with the yard, but with spring coming, the grass just grows so fast.”A chance to hang out at their house and get paid for it? I quickly agreed. Terri seemed delighted and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I grabbed the mower and attacked the grass with vigor.So, in the following months I went there on alternate weekends to mow their lawn and whatever weeding Terri needed help with. As the weather warmed up, it got to be hot work and I took to removing my t-shirt and just working in my shorts. Terri would bring me out a drink and tell me how much Bayan escort Ankara she appreciated me.I saw her washing the car once, as I was doing the front yard. She had on a white tank top and denim shorts. Every time she bent over to scrub the fenders and lights, I could trace her long legs up to the tight, round butt. As the car wash proceeded, her tank top seemed to keep getting wetter. Finally, it was see-through, clinging to her ample chest and I could make out two dark circles. I could easily see who her daughter got her curves from.Saffy likes hanging out by the pool in the backyard. She will either be reading or her neighbor Shauna will be over. Shauna is a first-year nursing student. She has a trim, shapely body and a penchant for bikinis. I imagine she would look great in a nurse uniform.Usually, after I finished, I would join them in the pool because I was dripping with sweat from the humidity. We spent the time lying on the floating beds, mostly talking about tv shows. Sometimes they would tease me by kissing and then pretending nothing happened.One day, Shauna said, “Today in class they were talking about plastic surgery, but most of the time was spent on breast augmentation.”Saffy was adamant, “I would never do it. Besides, I sure don’t need them to be any bigger.”Shauna looked over at me,” So what do think, eh Jules. Do you think I need breast augmentation?””I don’t know. It’s elective surgery, so it’s up to the lady,” I shrugged.Shauna slowly lowered her bikini top so that I could see erect nipples pointing out. I looked like a deer in the headlights. She glanced at Saffy and they laughed mercilessly.As senior year progressed, Saffy and I would study together a few times. We tried it at my house, but my sisters were usually watching tv. So we would do it at her house, which was a lot quieter. One night we were working on a project for economics. Her parents had gone out to a dinner party. After a few hours, we finished, so we watched “Lost In Translation” on tv. The opening scene had my attention and I was hoping the actress would have more scenes like that. I also liked the scene where she is in the pink wig, at the karaoke club. We were singing along when I thought about the lyrics and it made me decidedly horny. I looked sideways and Saffy was also regarding me intently. I slid over and put my arm around her. We kissed hesitantly, then more freely.