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Rivalry between Two Siblings

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Rivalry between Two SiblingsSibling RivalryIt was finally summer. Long days in winter coats where over. In with shorts and tight tee shirts. Not that it really bothered the kitterjackal. Kasi had always felt she looked good in any kind of clothing as long as it was gothic and brooding. Yes the emo look fit her well and now that it was summer the barely adult 18 year old could show off her stuff in dr****g black tee shirts and tight fitting pants that hugged her shapely rear end. But it wasn’t just teenaged rebellion that made our cute teen wear such clothing. It is just that she didn’t seem to fit in. So as long as she wasn’t going to fit in anyways she might as well make a show of it.You see, in the high school that Kasi went to it was almost all herms. Herms and females where normally about an equal pairing in most areas as one would suspect, such is genetics. But not in this sleepy little hamlet of under a 1000. It was different here as nearly 90% of the population was hermaphrodite. Kasi wasn’t sure why, maybe it was the water, Kasi also didn’t care. All it meant was that she felt like she didn’t belong. She sure didn’t want to be here on the campus that is for sure.You would think if you where one of those rare females in this town you would be blessed. Herm on herm girl friends were not uncommon, especially in this town, but most herms had desires for, shall we say the opposite sex more than their own which would mean that one of the rare females in the school, of which there was only 3, would have her pick of all the herms. So what was the problem? Well to put it bluntly, Kasi was also a dike, completely uninterested in herms and their big cocks, huge nuts and cum. She wanted nothing to do with any of those things and was much happier with another girl who didn’t have any of those “problems.”When Kasi first started at school it was hell, at least to a pussy loving cock hating lesbian. Every herm in school wanting to put their dick in her, and many tried as sex was much more causal around here then most places. Sure most of the country had pretty liberal ideas about sex as herms tended to have a very over active sex drive and in a town of almost all herms that meant a lot of sex. In most parts of the world it wasn’t unusual at all to see a lot of lovers hidden away in alleys and behind buildings enjoying themselves, but only in this town could you walk into your class room and find your teacher plowing hir cock into a student over the desk while shi teaches hir lesson.Kasi had to fight off cocks all day long as a freshman, and that was literally the case. Herms would often just try and bend the little hybrid over. It didn’t take long though for her preferences to get known, and if she thought that it was bad being one of the only females in a class full of herms, it was even worse once they found out that she was not interested in the “opposite”sex. Kasi was teased, humiliated, even beat up a few times by some of the meaner students. Her grades started slipping and she slowly became the rebel, just wanting nothing to do with the whole system.She had begged her mother to let her go to an all girls school nearby; it wasn’t even that much farther of a drive. But Sinasa would have none of it. “I am not going to take both of you to different schools. I have enough problems just having to take you and your sister to one school in the morning before I have to head to work.” She could hear her mother saying and there was the other problem, her perfect sister.Oh Dylouna was the perfect little herm, a year younger and much prettier, the young girl always seemed to get perfect grades, act like the perfect little angel and still be one of the coolest girls in school. Kasi could have been perfectly happy to just tell her younger sister to fuck off and enjoy hir fake friends and popularity; she wanted none of it anyways. But under Dylouna’s perfect school girl charms laid a real bitch to the core who delighted more than anything in making sure that hir sister Kasi had the most miserable life shi could make. It didn’t help that Sinasa believed every word of hir little angel which meant Kasi was also always getting in trouble for all the bad things that Dylouna actually did do.Yep, Kasi had a lot to be emo about. But not today, sure she had just flunked another test and was going to catch hell for it. And sure it looked like she was going to have to go to summer school again. It didn’t matter because it was becoming summer and summer meant she could wear sexier clothing for her new girl friend.In all the schools in all the towns she was lucky enough to find a little mouse that was all female and loved licking pussy as much as our Kasi did. Violet was pretty special to Kasi and they tried to spend there every waking and sleeping moments together. She was coming over today for some studying and if everything went just perfect, Violet might just stay the night. The young kitterjackal slipped into her truck. The vehicle had been a true blessing as well. She had saved up her money for over a year just to get the old beat up clunker but it was hers and now she didn’t have to rely on her mother for rides to school which also meant no sister problems as well. Heck she could probably move to that all girl school now but with Violet at the school it seemed pointless to leave now. She started up her trucks engine, her head in the clouds, just wanting to get home as fast as she could to see her love. But her hopes for a quite ride home where quickly dashed with a knock on her window. “Hey s*s! Let me in. Mom says she can’t come by today because shi is busy with dinner. You need to give me a ride home.” The younger tigress said with a grin as shi looked down through the window into hir older sister’s seat.”Bah, can’t you get someone else to drive you home, one of your many girl friends maybe?” Kasi snarled out, her paws tightening on the leather cased wheel causing the fabric to shift slightly on the metal underneath. “Nope.” Dylouna said with a smirk, sliding around to the passenger side of the truck to hop into the seat, kicking hir feet up on the dash smearing mud onto the black pleather interior. This position only caused the young felines skirt to ride up and force that huge length of maleness to slap down with a splatter on hir big sisters lap “Oops, sorry about that. It has been doing that all day. I haven’t had any of my friends around to take care of it. I just can’t seem to keep it under my skirt right now.” Kasi jumped feeling that huge length of girl cock smacking against her pant covered thighs, soaking the black jeans white with the gooey pre cum dribbling from the tip of that huge shaft. “Oh gross!! s*s! Can’t you keep that filthy thing off me!” the kitterjackal says with a growl, pushing the offending organ off her lap with both paws. Dylouna was a beautiful girl, one who put most of the other herms to shame in the school. 5 foot 11 inches of pure teenage dream. Pert B cup breasts, hour glass figure, tight and athletic butt. She was a wet dream, a little piece of jail bait. But hir cock was truly something else, hell it might as well have been the school’s mascot for not only its size and clear fighting spirit, but the damn thing was out at every sporting event it seemed, at least before sliding into another fur.Dylouna was happy to show off the huge 2 foot long length of tiger breeding flesh that jutted from hir groin, it was clearly a trait that shi gained from Sinasa, hyper herms seemed to run in the family. And Dylouna knew just how much Kasi hated that thick cock so shi made sure it was pressed against hir older sister as much as possible. Just like now as shi hefted the huge, semi hard length of meat back up and slapped it back down on Kasi’s lap “Don’t put it down there, it could get dirty. And it is already dirty enough. Why don’t you be a good girl and clean it up?” The small tigress said with a smirk.”Fuck off.” was all the now quite pissed off Kasi was willing to say before once again pushing the thick log of cock meat from her lap. “Look, if you want me to give you a ride home that is fine but keep that thing off of me for the trip.” The kitterjackal then hit the radio, and punched the gas, burning out in the parking lot of the school as she raced away, wanting to spend as little time with her sister as she could.It wasn’t more than 15 minutes before the truck pulled into the driveway of their home, Kasi slipping from her truck and leaving without another word to her younger sister. She wasted little time, only a small wave to her mother in the kitchen and then strait up to her room to sulk. Dylouna on the other hand walked into the kitchen, smiling happily as shi put on hir cutest face and hugged Sinasa from behind. “I am home mommy.” The tigress purred out, mashing hir cock up between the older tigers ass cheeks, smearing them with warm pre seed from the tip of hir gushing pole.”Hey back there.” Sinasa said with a giggle, slapping that thick cock away from hir own butt and turning around, paws wrapped in a hand towel as shi wiped the dirty water from them. “Dinner won’t be ready for a few more hours Hun so I don’t have time to play with you right now. I still have a lot of prep before I am done. I made your favorite tonight.” Sinasa said with a purr, leaning down to kiss hir daughter’s cheek. “Why don’t you go play with your sister?” Shi says with a chuckle, giving hir daughter’s rump a light spank with the towel before turning hir attention back to the sink.Dylouna could only whimper in protest, wiggling hir cute butt as shi looked up at hir mom with wide needy eyes. “But mommmm.. Kasi never wants to play with me. She is such a grump.” but after seeing Escort bayan little reaction other than a wave from Sinasa shi huffs and then walks up the stairs, grinning. Shi stops for only a moment at hir big sisters door before opening it without a knock and running in “Hey s*s!” Shi cries out with a chuckle, hoping onto the bed and bouncing a bit. “What you up to?”Kasi on the other hand could only squeak in surprise, covering the phone’s receiver with her paw as she looked to her sister who had once again invaded her room and personal space without even asking “Get out! Right now!” She says in a yell, stamping her foot on the ground before turning her attention back to the phone. “What? Oh that is just my pain in the ass sister. She is such a brat!” Kasi says into the phone while pointing to the door with one paw, waiting for her little sister to leave. But Dylouna doesn’t even shift in hir seat on the bed, well other than to grab a nearby teddy bear.”Oooooo” Dylouna says in a squeal “is that Violet? She is a hotty. Is she coming over?” Dylouna says with a grin, hir thick member starting to rise again. Slowly the heavy throbbing pillar of fuck meat swells, bloating out as shi grinds the shaft and tip against the teddy bear in hir paws while looking up at Kasi “I want to meet her. You know get to know her.” chuckling out as shi pumps hir dick against the stuffed a****l.”Listen.. Let me call you back. You are still coming over tonight right?. good. I will see you in 30 then.” Kasi says with an annoyed grunt as she hangs up her phone before looking to Dylouna with a gasp “what do you think you are doing. Give me back my teddy.” She growls out, ripping the teddy bear from her pain in the ass sister’s grasp, trying to wipe off some of the cum that has been splattered on it. “Listen you little shit. Violet is coming over tonight and you better not even talk to her or I swear that I will beat you till you are broken and bleeding. I don’t care if mom throws me out of the house.” She then points once again at the door “Now get out.””But I want to meet her!” Dylouna giggles, wiggling back and forth on the bed, hir pendulous member swaying with each movement “I bet her and me will become fast friends.” The little teen tiger says with a smirk on hir lips, one paw sliding down to the tip of hir cock, scooping a drop of sticky pre nut from the piss slit before pulling the gooey ball snot to hir lips and sucking it clean. “I have told her enough about you for that to never happen thankfully. Not to mention that she is like me, only interested in pussy.” Kasi says with a smirk as she walks up to her sister and that mammoth member that is sticking strait up from hir groin. She reaches down and grabs her sister by the wrists, pulling the smaller feline up off her bed “now get out! I need to get ready before Violet shows up and I don’t want you or that filthy cock around when she does.”Dylouna only groaned, not helping stand up in the least, laughing a little at hir big sisters frustrations as she grunted to pull the resisting tigress up. After letting the kitterjackal pull with one heave shi quickly stood, pushing the Goth girl over onto her back while the smaller herm hopped on top of hir sister, slapping hir thick cock down on Kasi’s face. The swollen tip bloated before unleashing a long stream of sticky pre nut over Kasi’s face “Your right. It is filthy. You should help me clean it s*s. It is what good sisters do.” Dy says with a chuckle, grabbing the base of hir flared member and mashing the tip against one of hir sisters cheeks. Kasi let out a roar as she struggled with Dylouna, kicking her feet and trying to push the smaller fur from her belly, her head turning from side to side to get away from that massive pillar of fuck meat that was pouring out a constant river of lumpy pre nut down onto her face “Get off! Get off! Get off!.” She howled”Oh I am trying right now s*s but it would go faster if you helped a little.” Was all Dylouna said, smirking down at hir sister as she pushed hir cock in and out from between those soft C cup tits, titty fucking hir struggling sister quickly while the tip of hir pendulous member slapped the poor kitterjackal in the face over and over. It didn’t take long for the younger tigress to go off, having already worked herself into a bit of frenzy for the past 30 minutes or so and now shi just wanted to humiliate hir sister. Kasi could only scream out “NOO!” As she pulled her arms up to shield herself, watching her sister shutter and moan as that massive cock swelled and started pumping its load onto her tits and face. Waves of hot sticky spunk poured from the open piss slit, soaking the little kitterjackal in creamy goo from her sisters throbbing cock. “Ohhh that’s just what I needed. Thanks s*s.” Dylouna said, squeezing the base of hir cock as hir swollen balls empty themselves on Kasi.The herm tigresses bliss filled state though left hir open as a blurring fist came from the right, hooking into hir jaw and sending the younger feline onto hir side and off the now dripping Kasi. Dylouna landed hard on the ground with a grunt, hir cock still spewing its load onto the ground as shi reached up and grabbed hir chin “That hurt you bitch!” the tigress said with a growl as Kasi was already on her feet, trying to wipe the sticky cum from her fur.”Go to hell Dy.” Kasi said with a growl “now get out!” But her younger sister would have none of it and Kasi knew this, already heading for the door to her room, hoping to get out of the house before.. “MOOMM!! KASI HIT ME!” came from Dylouna on the ground, hir lips curled in a smirk as shi looked up at hir big sister knowing that she was in trouble now. Kasi quickly opened the door to her room, running down the stairs only to find Sinasa at the bottom waiting, hir arms crossed over hir impressive chest as shi looked sternly up at hir eldest daughter.”Kasi Lyre! What have you been doing to your sister?” Sinasa said in an angry tone, hir dark green eyes staring right into hir young daughters as hir foot tapped up and down clearly tired of hir eldest daughters actions as this was not the first time there had been a fight between the two girls, in fact it seemed to be a daily problem. “You come down here right now and explain yourself.”Kasi could only sigh and nod, stopping her rushed state as she hung her head in defeat and walked down the stairs towards her waiting and angry mother. “Mom.. Dylouna started it, she just busted into my room without asking again and then pushed hir cock in my face!” The little kitterjackal growled out, pointing at her still cum smirked fur as she looked to her mother, knowing full well that it wouldn’t matter.”Look young lady. I don’t care what your sister did or didn’t do. You can’t be hitting hir. I won’t have you fighting with your little sister.” Sinasa said with a stern look to Kasi as Dylouna ran down the stairs. “I didn’t do anything wrong mommy.” Dylouna mewled out, pushing hir paws up to face and holding the small bruise that was starting to form. “I just wanted to play with my big sister and she got angry and hit me.”Sinasa could only shake hir head as shi looked at both of hir daughters before grabbing Kasi by the arm and pulling the smaller fur into the living room. “If you are going to act like a c***d I am going to treat you like one.” The large tigress said with a growl as shi sat down in the couch and pushed hir daughter over hir lap face down so her teenaged rump was high in the air and Kasi’s face was pushed into the cushions of the couch. “maybe this will help you remember not to hit your sister young lady.” was the last thing Sinasa said before grabbing the waist band of hir daughters pants and pulling them down to expose those firm butt cheeks to the cool air of the room, leaving Kasi naked from the waist down other than a tight black thong bisecting between those ass loaves.The little kitterjackal could do little but squirm, her young legs kicking behind her as she tried to remove herself from her mother’s lap but she was unable to pull herself away from the much stronger furs grip. Sinasa placed one paw on her disobedient daughters back, holding her down tightly while her other paw raised up into the air, palm flat and fingers pulled together before bringing it down with a loud “Crack!” as it impacted with her daughter ass, spanking the poor girl. “Please! No mom! Stop!” Kasi could only say in a whimper as she tried in vain to escape the punishment.”I am sorry dear, but this seems to be the only way you learn.” The growling Sinasa said between clenched teeth as once again shi pulled hir paw back and as hir muscles tensed shi brought hir palm to meet hir daughters bear butt cheeks, the tight ass jiggling for only a moment before tightening up with pain, the flesh turning slightly pink. Again and again hir paw slapped down onto Kasi’s rear while Dylouna watched from a few feet away.Kasi bounced and whimpered as she was spanked, looking up at Dylouna as her younger sister stared, the teen tigress grinning each time Sinasa would look away, clearly quite pleased with hirself. Sinasa’s paw came down onto Kasi’s up turned rump one last time before giving the now sore flesh a light rub “Now, to show you that I am not picking sides here.” Sinasa said as shi looked up at Dylouna “Dy, come here and apologize to your sister.””But mommm.” Dylouna whined out, wiggling back and forth where shi stood “I didn’t do anything wrong.” leaving Sinasa only shaking hir head “I have told you before that are not allowed to enter your sisters room without permission. Come over here and say you are sorry or you are going to get a spanking as well.” Bayan escort Sinasa growled out, holding Kasi in hir lap still as Dylouna slowly walked forward, sniffling and pouting “I am sorry Kasi. I shouldn’t have come into your room without asking or made a mess of your stuff.””See Kasi.” Sinasa purred out, petting hir paw over Kasi’s back, “Your sister is sorry and now you two can make up.” Kasi only shook her head and growled “I am not going to make up with hir,..” Kasi stopped with a little chirp as she looked over her shoulder behind her seeing Dylouna once again very erect and now pressing that huge length of cock meat against the poor girls exposed cunny. “Noo! Stop!” Kasi growled out, kicking her feet behind her, trying to push her little sister away but it was too late, her eyes going wide as she felt her panties being pulled down and her young body stretching around that huge throbbing tool.”Isn’t this much better then fighting?” Sinasa cooed out softly as shi petted Kasi’s hair softly “Your sister just loves you so much and wants to play with you.” But Kasi wasn’t listening, her teeth clenched as her fingers dug into the couch cushions, hips bucking to try and get away from the invading organ that slowly is inching its way inside her. Dylouna only hissed as shi slid hir massive cock into that tight hot twat, massive pillar of flesh stretching open hir big sisters cunt. “Yes mommy! I loooovvvee my big sister. I wish she would play with me more.” Dylouna said with a hiss between hir clenched teeth, sawing hir member in and out till finally every inch of that fat pole was pushed inside Kasi’s hole.The sound of the door bell broke Dylouna from hir bliss filled haze of feeling hir big sisters snatch squeezing and pulsing around hir cock as shi looked to hir mother who still had Kasi over hir lap “Mom, can you get the door. I am a little busy.” the tigress panted out with a small chuckle as Sinasa nodded “Oh yea, sorry Hun” Sinasa cooed out, sliding out from under Kasi, leaving the whimpering kitterjackal on the couch, ass hiked high and with her sisters cock buried inside her. Sinasa walked out of the room leaving Kasi and Dylouna alone, the young teen tigress leaning over hir sisters back to hiss slightly “Mmm you always have such a sweet cunt bitch. I am going to have to let you hit me more often.” Shi said with a smirk and then thrust hir hips hard, rocking Kasi forward and forcing a moan from the little goth girl. “Pleeasse.. Pull it out!” Kasi said in a howl as Dylouna started fucking, hir hips sliding back and forth sinking the huge length of cock meat in and out of Kasi’s hot snatch filling the room with the sounds of flesh slapping flesh and hir hot member sinking into that wet pussy. “I am not pulling out till I am finished dear sister.” Dylouna said with a grunt as once again drove hir cock forward into hir older sisters sex, fat breeding rod sinking in and out of her tight flesh and the poor kitterjackal could do little but sit and mewl, her energy quickly getting sapped away as the pleasure of the act started to affect the girl. But what pleasure Kasi had been gaining slowly from the i****tuous act was dashed away in an instance when the sound of a meek gasp was heard as well as the sound of a bag hitting the floor with a loud thump. Kasi’s head turned to see a small mouse standing in the entry way to the living room. The white furred cutie’s ears turned red at the sight in front of her, her paw sliding up to her modest chest that was covered by a tight and fluffy pink dress, paws clenched in surprise. The little fur barely toped 5 feet and was dressed in classic otaku clothing, a fashion sense that the small rodent picked up from her early years in the east. Kasi’s eyes widened and she pushed her head into the pillow in front of her whimpering and waving her paw back in forth, wanting to shoo the small girl away, not wanting Violet to see her like this with her younger sister plowing that massive pillar of tiger breeding meat up her cunt. “Kasi?” Violet said, her small dainty paws grasping her pink purse as she watched on in stunned silence while Sinasa walked into the room behind her “Oh don’t mind them.” Sin said as shi watched hir daughters copulate on the couch, placing one paw on the little mouse’s shoulder “They are always doing this kind of things, those sisters really do love each other as much as they fight.Dylouna on the other hand didn’t seem the least bit deterred by Kasi’s new girlfriend entering the room, if anything it emboldened the fur to thrust harder and faster, turning a little to make sure to let the blushing rodent see hir fat prick sinking in and out of her girlfriends snatch. “Hey there..” Dy said with a grunt and a wave as shi turned hir attention for the moment to the new comer to the room though never letting up hir fevered thrusting into the larger fur under hir, “I don’t think we have met, I am Kasi’s “little” sister” the thrusting tigress said, putting air quotes with hir fingers around the word little before slapping hir paw down onto Kasi’s upturned rump making the kitterjackal chirp.”I have heard about you from Kasi.” Violet said with a high pitched and meek voice as she stared at the joining of the two sisters, unable to pull her blue eyes from the sight of that huge member sinking up into Kasi before reeling backwards, foot after foot of shining pink meat pulling free of the hot wet snatch before being violently rammed back in. “But.. Kasi didn’t tell me about.. Well I mean she did but.. I didn’t know you where so big.” stuttered out the small mouse, shuffling her feet slightly as Sin let the stunned girl over to the nearby love seat.”It runs in the family, well other then with Kasi here, she is the odd one out in more than one way.” Sinasa said with a chuckle while Dylouna pulled hir cock back with grunt, the head of hir massive rod spilling out of hir sister’s cunny followed by a rush of hot sticky pre cum which splashed onto the cushions of the couch under her. The younger of the two tigresses grinned looking right at Violet as shi grasped the base of hir own cock, hir own paw not even coming close to encircling the huge fuck pole. Her small paw squeezed and pulled up on hir cock, flesh sliding ever so slightly over the steely meat under it while a huge dollop of white nut slowly oozed from the tip to roll out of hir piss slit and hanging down nearly a foot before braking and splattering against Kasi’s ass cheeks. “You should feel it inside you some time.” Dylouna said with a grin and wink to Violet before aiming hir member back up with hir older sisters slit and driving forward, sinking the bloated tip up inside Kasi causing her to howl out. “No!” Kasi said with a grunt and pained mewl, her head still buried in the cushion, not wanting to show her love the shame on her face and the bright red blush of humiliation. “She is my girlfriend.. You can’t.” Kasi said with a hiss of pain between hir clenched teeth when Dylouna only responds by plowing forward with the full force that hir strong feline legs can produce. “Oh that’s right.” Sinasa said from the side of the two yiffing furs, hir strong arm pulling around the still stunned mouse and pulling the white furred rodent to her side on the love seat. “You two are a couple now aren’t you? I am happy to see my little girl finding her first love.” Sinasa said with a smile, placing one paw under Violets chin, lightly scratching “and such a cute one as well. What’s the matter dear? You look like you are a deer caught in head lights.”Violet shook her head, pulling her eyes away from the sight in front of her, legs still rubbing together as she felt the heat rising up between them, wetness forming on her nether lips as she became excited more and more by what was happening to her Kasi right in front of her which only caused her to blush in humiliation as she was liking what she saw. “I am sorry Mrs. Lyre. I just have never seen Kasi like this… or her sister” Violet said with a little chitter, eyes slowly drifting back to the two furs rutting on the couch, her paws sliding down to her lap, just resting there as she squirmed into the cushions of the couch. Her small eyes looked towards Sinasa again, blushing bright red while breathing hard getting only a grin from the older tigress.Kasi was getting over come by the pain and pleasure, the latter quickly taking over for the first as her little sister plowed into her from behind, that massive throbbing cock sinking up her cunt and into her young womb with ease. The kitterjackals claws would dig into the couch cushions, hips pushing back now into each heavy thrust, tight ass impacting with Dylouna’s thighs and nuts while she let out a moan of pleasure. “Mmm I knew you would start to enjoy it slut.” She could hear Dylouna hiss out from above her, claws digging into her ass cheeks while the smaller furs breath ran down over the back of her neck making her shiver lightly. Dylouna hissed out, pushing every inch of the huge breeding tool into hir big sisters cunt while looking to the side and chuckling slightly as shi looked to hir mother and Violet. Hir paw pulled back and slapped down onto Kasi’s ass cheek, making that fine butt jiggle slightly from the impact as Kasi hissed and moaned again. “You are such a slut, just like your girlfriend.” Dy said with a snicker, thrusting hir hips forward hard making Kasi slam into the cushions hard “No. no I am not! No she is not!” Kasi said between hard breathy pants, groaning with her eyes closed tightly in both humiliation and in pleasure. Dylouna’s paw slapped down on hir sisters ass again as shi leaned over Kasi’s back, hir breasts pushing against Escort Kasi’s shoulders while hir hips slowly sawed back and forth “well you might not be a slut, at least not for cock my dike sister. But your girlfriend is.” The young tigress purred out into hir sister’s ear making the little kitterjackal squirm and kick her feet “that’s not true! Fuck you Dy.” Kasi said with a shout, growling as her tried to reach back and take a swipe at her younger sister who was mounted on top of her only to have both of her paws pinned down against her back by Dylouna’s strong paws. “You think so huh?” Dy said with a grin, pushing hir cock all the way into Kasi’s tight cunt and letting it sit there, pumping fresh wads of pre cum into hir big sisters cunt “why don’t you just pay a little more attention to what is going on around you for a moment dear sister.” Shi said with a purr, slowly petting hir paw through Kasi’s hair while waiting for the kitterjackal to open her eyes.Kasi kept kicking and squirming, pissed to all hell by her sister. She growled and spit but she just couldn’t pull away from her younger sister’s grasp, finally relaxing again and panting “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Kasi panted out, each squirm causing the huge rod inside her to shift slightly. Slowly, without the constant forceful pleasure of her sister’s length pumping in and out of her cunt, she became aware that there was no talking in the room anymore, just the panting of herself and her sister above her and the sound of light moaning and wet slurping nearby. Kasi’s eyes slowly opened, turning towards the love seat to where her mother and girl friend where sitting only a moment before but now only seeing her mother standing owith her back turned towards Kasi.Sinasa hips slowly moved, rocking in small jerks forward as Kasi’s eyes slowly traveled downwards following the curves of her mother’s body, eyes stopping at Sinasa’s hips as a pair of small white paws slid upwards, grasping the larger tigresses ass cheeks, holding them tightly. This only caused Sinasa’s legs to open, widening hir stance letting Kasi see Violet finally as it seemed the small mouse was still sitting on the couch facing the motherly feline, legs rubbing together with excitement as those small paws seemed to squeeze and dig into Sinasa’s butt. Though Violets face could not be seen, hidden behind Sinasa’s wide hips, Kasi could see her young teen girlfriend’s throat swallowing quickly, stretching around something that was invading her tight squeezing esophagus. Rivulets of white liquids poured down the mouse’s chin, pooling between the little rodents cleavage and soaking her dress white. “I think your girlfriend has found a new favorite food s*s.” Dylouna said with a chuckle, petting hir paws through Kasi’s hair while Kasi could only whimper in misery, having to watch her new girlfriend swallowing a load from her own mothers cock while she was fucked by her sister. “Please. stop.” Kasi whimpered out, struggling to get free but only getting forced back down by a hard thrust from her sister behind her. Dylouna’s paws slide around Kasi’s body, grasping the bouncing tits swaying back and forth inside the kitterjackals tee shirt, fingers digging into the soft pillowy flesh. Dylouna’s hips slowly pulled back, that fat monster of a cock reeling out of her tight pussy and pulling free with a wet pop followed by a heavy rush of sticky pre cum drooling from Kasi’s gaping cunt, large lumps of white goo splattering down on the couch cushions. The young tigress lifted hir hips before driving that massive rod of flesh up Kasi’s ass making the small goth fur squeal in pain, teeth grinding together as foot after foot of thick breeding meat slid into her bowels.”I think it is time we finished our fun s*s.” Dy said with a hiss as shi started to thrust hir hips, rapidly hammering hir cock forward into that tight hole making Kasi shriek. Kasi could do little but take the punishment to her abused ass while griping the soft cushions of the couch. But even with the spire of flesh sinking deeper and deeper inside her butt Kasi’s attention was on the pair only a few feet away. Sinasa had turned slightly, one foot now on the arm of the love seat, body turned to the side. Violets face was in clear view now, Kasi wincing slightly but not from the pain of her over stuffed rear end but the sight of her mother’s fingers curled in her lover’s hair, tugging the small mouse’s head up and down, 3 feet of pink fuck meat pulsing as it disappeared between the rodents soft lips.Sinasa head was rolled back, eyes closed in bliss at the feeling of the young teen aged fur sucking hir off and though it was clear that the large tigress was in complete control, guiding the white furred mouse’s head on hir throbbing pole, it was not unwanted by Violet. Kasi could see her girlfriends cheeks blushed red under the white fur, tongue lashing out, cleaning the glistening cock while she swallowed around the length pushing down into her now swollen and bloated throat, her neck clearly stretched around the head Sinasa’s member. Kasi could see her mother’s nuts bloating; swelling with churning seed as rivers of tiger pre cum was falling from Violets stretched lips to completely paint the front of her chest with the sticky goo.Only the feeling of her sisters cock sinking deep inside her and then swelling up caused Kasi’s attention to waver, her vision exploding in sparks of light as she feels the first loads of cum splashing into her belly making her orgasm hard against her own will. Kasi’s small body shook, legs tensing as she bucked against her drilling sister who was filling her from behind while Dylouna howled behind her, emptying every drop of hir thick sperm up hir older siblings butt. Kasi’s ass cheeks clenched tight around the invading cock speared up inside it, milking the fat pole of its hot seed while her belly started to round out, bloating with the hot baby batter, slowly lifting her upwards from the couch on top of the domed tummy as it fills.Kasi’s eyes slowly open, coming down off her hard orgasm to see Sinasa only starting hir own. The large tigress grabbing Violet’s hair tightly and sinking every inch of hir throbbing member down the little mouse’s throat, balls deep, that huge cock probably poking the bottom of the smaller furs belly from the inside. Sinasa roared, powerful and deep while hir balls seemed to swell even larger, bloating and filling with cum before squeezing and unloading gallons of sticky nut butter down into the rodents belly. Kasi’s eyes widened, letting out a little whimper as she watched her girlfriends belly starting to swell, rounding out and filling with cum, the heavy load sloshing within Violets belly while the mouse’s cheeks bulge, huge amounts of cum pouring from her lips. Even as Violet sat there a large wet spot started to pool under the small fur, white cum dripping from the cushions onto the carpet as the load of tiger nut had pushed all the way down through her and out her ass.Kasi sat, unable to move from both the gallons of cum now flooding her belly and the sight of her girlfriend’s defilement, her eyes fixed on the sight in front of her, not wanting to even blink. Slowly Sinasa’s paw ran through Violets hair, smiling warmly at the little teen girl suckling still on hir swollen and semi hard member before pulling hir hips back and removing the still ready to go fuck rod from between the mouse’s stretched lips. The large tigress grabbed the base of hir cock, shaking it up and down to spray the last of hir thick load of spunk onto the still sitting furs face and hair. “Such a friendly little mousy.” Sin says with a snicker before reaching down to pick Violet up by the ass, wrapping the small white rodents legs around hir waist and sinking hir fat cock into the smaller furs cunt, only able to stuff the first foot of that massive meat into her young body. Violet could only howl out into the air as she was filled like never before on the older furs massive member, clinging to the tiger’s strong muscles for dear life as Sinasa started to walk, her young lithe body bouncing with each movement. Sinasa looked down at hir eldest daughter with a grin seeing the poor girl on her side, belly swollen and bloated leaving her basically immobile for the time being, Kasi reaching upwards towards her impaled girlfriend. “I am going to get to know Violet a little better dear. I think it is very important for mothers to get to know their daughter’s friends.” The large tigress said with a smirk, giving hir hips a firm hard thrust at the end of hir statement causing another few inches of hir flared cock meat to sink into the small rodent making Violet squeak.Kasi watched struggling to move as Sinasa started walking away leaving her with the image of Violets face scrunched up in bliss filled pain as her small body was rocked up and down on that breeding pole with each step Sinasa took. Dylouna only smiled happily, ripping hir massive cock from Kasi’s ass forcing a grunt from Kasi as the small cute tigress rushed after hir mother, cock bouncing spraying left over cum onto the ground “Wait mommy! I want to get to know her too!” Dylouna cooed out before turning around and walking slowly back up to hir big sister, pushing hir cocks tip against Kasi’s lips, smearing spent cum under her nose. “Take a deep breath sister. I want you to remember the smell so when I bring it back to you coated in your girlfriends cum you can tell the difference.” Shi then walks away without another word leaving Kasi whimpering, cum draining from her cunt and ass.The kitterjackals eyes slowly started getting heavy, the sex and spanking taking a lot out of her along with the digestion of all that cum. Bit by bit she tried to stay awake but she just couldn’t. The last thing that the small goth fur heard before sleep over took her was the sounds of Violets pleasured moans as both her mother and sister started a long night of “getting to know her”.