Mayıs 16, 2023

Road Trip Awakening Pt. 01

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My name is Sandi, I am a 20 year old college student who has recently gone through many life changes. Due to the pandemic I decided to leave school and my apartment behind, live minimally and enjoy life. I bought a small motor home and sold everything that would not fit in my tiny home on wheels.

I began my journey with the dream of things being fun and easy. However only 300 miles into my adventure my little RV broke down. I can drive it a little, but the mechanic said I can’t go more than a few miles at a time without overheating the transmission.

So there I was, very little savings, no family to speak of and a 2000.00 repair. Not a great way to start a new life. I hatched a plan to limp to a small campground just outside of this small town. When I arrived it was very cute. It’s on a small river with a pool and hot tub. My spot is in the back under a huge canopy of trees and just a short walk to the water.

The first few days I just explored the area, stressed and alone. I had enough money for food and the campground fees for 2 months. The first night I was a little scared, with only the entertainment being my phone and a handful of books I found myself bored already.

As with any sleepless night my fingers began to wander finding my clit quickly. As I rubbed in tiny circles I recounted memories of sexual encounters. All 3 of them! I’m a shy bookworm and have never had a steady boyfriend. My best (Only) friend Becky has a boyfriend. We used to hang around and he would try to hook me up with his friends.

We had many double dates and 3 of them led to my legs being spread while a drunk college boy quickly fucked me. I rubbed my clit more and pulled on my labia as I thought of those nights. I teased myself for what felt like hours and fell asleep unsatisfied.

The next morning I set out on my bicycle into the little town. Only a mile down the road I stopped at a small market and to my surprise they were hiring! It is the kind of place that has everything but it’s dusty and overpriced. She asked me to come by at 3 on sunday to do some paperwork and teach me how to use the register. So I have 2 days before my first day of work and have calculated that I would have enough money saved in 3 months to repair the RV and have some extra.

I went back to my campground excited and relieved, I knew I would be okay living by the seat of my pants. I took a walk by the river with a book in hand now that my stress was lifting. There was a little path that led along the lake. The mystery was inviting and the area seemed safe so I progressed. It was wooded with flowers, huge trees and Escort Büyükçekmece a crude bench that looked like a perfect place to relax.

I enjoyed the view, river and quiet breeze only to see a big fluffy dog running at me full speed!

Startled at first but there was a woman running behind holding a leash. She apologised as she put the leash on. She was in her 40s tall and thin with short hair. We chatted a bit and we learned each other’s stories. Liz was divorced with no children and lived and traveled in a motorhome. She is a consultant and works from the road. She seemed to have a great plan and I envied her, we talked for hours and she invited me back to her RV for some lunch. I agreed as a free meal would help me save!.

We arrived at a HUGE motorhome with a Jeep in tow, it was the size of a bus and inside it was bigger than my old apartment. As we ate she told me she had to go out of town for a few days and asked if I would like to watch Larry (the fluffy dog). She would pay me what she was going to pay for the boarding kennel. I agreed hoping I would be invited to stay in her RV. Sadly that offer did not come up. She was leaving early the next morning.

I slept well knowing I already had an income and a little side hustle to boot. I awoke to a knock and stumbled to the door. It was Liz and Larry, as I opened the door she smirked as she gave me a onceover. If you are going to answer the door like that you are going to make a lot of friends in a campground. I looked down and the thin nightshirt hid nothing, my nipples were very awake and the tee shirt did not cover my painties. I blushed as Larry jumped in. She handed me a key and told me where his food was and some basic instructions. I was still half asleep and she waved and turned around. She was wearing slacks and a white blouse. She looked like a million bucks ready to go kick ass.

I closed the door and I flopped back in bed. Larry was sniffing everything. I stretched and ran my hands down my body and I noticed my panties were pulled to the side a bit and one of my big ugly labia was hanging out. I was so embarrassed that she basically saw everything.

Larry and I had a great time exploring the woods and playing fetch. I had been feeding him at her RV per her instructions. As he was eating his dinner I could hear thunder and it started downpouring only a few moments after that. I took my time and looked around and thought how nice it would be to live in this luxury! I got an idea, I will use the excuse of the rain to ask permission to hang out! I texted her and told her the situation. Çatalca escort To my surprise she said “Oh I thought it was understood you could stay”. She reminded me to brush him daily. I forgot that detail…

I started exploring and checking things out. Everything seemed very clean and well organized. I plopped on the couch and turned on the TV looking for a good show to binge. I settled on a show and found a Hard cider in the fridge. It was like I was in a luxury hotel suite.

I moved into the bedroom to settle in for the night and decided to be nosey. Looking through her makeup and clothes, she has great taste. The shower looked inviting so I stripped down and started the water.

I spent some time scrubbing and enjoying her expensive soaps and shampoo. I then shaved my legs and a little private touch up. As I got out of the shower I turned to see a full mirror. I had not looked at myself in a full mirror in years. I turned and admired my body. I was surprised. I looked pretty good. My C cups tits were full with light soft areolas and my ass was high and tight. I have never really thought of myself as sexy but damn… As I turned I noticed the one thing that I hated about my body. My inner labia are long and stick out. As I stood there I could see them hanging down. Oh well, I dried off and enjoyed all of the lotions and watched myself rub them into my skin.

I walked into the bedroom and started looking at her clothes to sleep in something comfortable. I found a section of her closet that had some frilly things, very elegant and sexy I found a silk little top and panty set. I put them on and stood in front of the mirror, she is a little smaller than me and the panties were hilarious. A g string with a little triangle in front. When I pulled them up it didn’t even cover my clit and my labia went butterfly and each lip poked out of the side. The top was great and made my tits look amazing.

Just then my phone started ringing. I was my friend Becky calling on facetime. I answered immediately and filled her in letting me know I was safe and had a plan in motion. I then turned on the back camera and started showing her the RV. I gave her a full tour, then I froze as she screamed out laughing. I noticed that big mirror. We have seen each other naked many times and even had sex in the same room. But the tiny panties looked ridiculous. I would have been mortified if it was anyone else, I posed and laughed with her and she said my pussy looked pretty! That was the first time I had heard that. She said it looked womanly, not like a little girl like hers. Her Esenler escort bayan outer labia are puffy and you can only see a slit. It made me feel a lot better.

We chatted for a bit and said our goodbyes, I then jumped in the huge fluffy bed, it felt so nice.

I looked around and decided to resume my binge watching. I opened a drawer looking for the remote and discovered a large plug in vibrator, lube and a big dildo.

The dildo was fascinating. I had never seen one outside of website photos. It was veiny and tapered, about 8″ long with big balls and a suction cup at the bottom. The dildo was much bigger than the boys I had fucked but as I thought more it was about the average size I had seen in porn videos.

I quickly pulled out the dildo to examine it, It was heavy and felt real. The tip was normal sized but it got pretty thick at the base. I wrapped my fingers around and could only get my hand 3/4s around it. I thought, what kind of whore can take all of this. The first half looked perfect. I needed to try it.

I pulled the panties to the side and rubbed my clit in tiny circles. My fingers slid between my lips and felt my wetness, I looked down at my fingers and they were creamy. After picking up the dildo the tip found its target quickly. Rubbing the tip up and down my lips it slid in easily. Working it for a few moments a little deeper with each stroke I could now feel the girth and it was awkward to use due to the weight. The suction cup confused me but as I was pondering, it hit me. The bathroom mirror. I quickly ran to the mirror dildo in hand and noticed a ring on the glass. I now know how Liz uses this monster. I turned around and backed into it guiding it with my hand between my legs. The small tip spread me open easily and I was back at it. It felt great before but this was amazing. I now had my hands on the counter backing my pussy into the tip of this dildo.

I was dripping wet at this point and moved back and forth slowly, it filled my pussy perfectly. I kept backing in and pulling forward. I felt an orgasm building. I was surprised as I have only cum from rubbing my clit. I started going faster and something rubbed the back of my thigh. I was startled and reached down. The balls were hitting the back of my thigh. I felt ever dirtier. I was that whore that could take it all.

I pushed back further and took the whole length, and more surprisingly the girth. I stood up and started rubbing my clit. My body shook and I could feel liquid running down my legs, I looked over my shoulder into the mirror and could see my pussy stretched around the base of the shaft.

I leaned forward slowly, letting the dildo slide out. As I neared the end I was impressed on how long it was, at that moment it made a pop and a sloppy exit. There were plenty of my juices that were uncorked, and now running down my legs.

I crawled into bed and enjoyed a very good night’s rest…