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Ron and Ronnie Chapter 18 – Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get It

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GoyseThat night I slept even better than I had for the last couple of nights. Before I went to sleep I thought about what I had promised Shirley and cursed. My sexual attraction and the stimulation that came with it had confused my thought process. I didn’t, in fact, want to have an affair with Shirley. Well, that’s a lie.I did but I was worried about where it could lead. What I had done was just my hormones and sexual drive overcoming my logical thought. It was also my desire to satisfy Ted’s need for his fantasy to be lived out. It all started as my way to tease him but I went too far. I was in a predicament and I felt that I had no way to escape. There were some things to do at work, so I decided to work till lunch. Being Friday, that was acceptable because I had, on many occasions, attended work at night when there were issues and everyone knew that the company owed me many days to square off for it all.On my way home I attended the barber and had my beard trimmed and a haircut. As I paid the barber I glanced in the mirror and thought, ‘Hhhmmmm, Shirley will be impressed with her man tonight.’ I shook my head in disgust at my thought process and the barber spotted it.“Is everything alright, Goyse?”“Yes, fine. You have done a splendid job as always.”His wife was sitting in the corner and she mouthed something but no sound came out.  I was certain that she said, “Bullshit artist.”As I walked past her I winked and said quietly to her, “Yep, I’m good at that.”She laughed and winked back.I spent most of the afternoon thinking about what to do about Sue and her affairs. I should have used my time doing something useful because there just didn’t seem to be a solution to the problem. If I accused her of what I knew she would get angry and make my life a misery for several weeks. It might slow her down a little but as soon as I settled down I knew she would be at it again.I thought of leaving her and moving in with Lyn. That might fix my love life but I knew I would never get to see my kids again and it would lead into months of legal battles, not only over the kids but she would lay claim to all our assets. Eventually, I just shrugged my shoulders and accepted there was no solution other than to get on with life.What it did do for me though was allow me to see that spending a night with Shirley was probably a good thing. It would allow me to take my mind off Sue and her problems and Ted would get a kick out of it all, not to mention how enjoyable it would be for both Shirley and me.“Yes, I will do it!” I said out loud for the world to hear. “Fuck Sue, Fuck Ron. It’s not their life. They can do what they feel like doing so why not me?”So the stage was set. I had a plan. I knew that Ron got home before three o’clock on Fridays. I would get dressed and listen to the next chapter of Ron and Ronnie’s love life then pick Shirley up around six to go out for a meal. I picked up the phone and called the motel.“Good morning. Can I help you?”“Hi, Goyse here, is Room 43 vacant?”“Yes, Goyse, will I book it for tonight for you? Would you like flowers and a bottle of champers for the lady as well?”“That would be Kurtköy Escort great. I didn’t catch your name?”“Oh, I’m Jeffrey. Just call me Jeff. You’ve met me before when you’ve been here. I know your wife Sue quite well. I’ve been to some of the meetings with her.”“You know Sue?”“Oh, yes, you are a lucky man to have such an arrangement with your beautiful wife. There should be more marriages like that, Goyse. People should be looking at you and Sue with admiration. There are so many wives who sit at home with their kids frightened to even talk to another man but you allow her the freedom to make love as she chooses. Of course, there are benefits for you as well, like Room 43, if you know what I mean.”“Yes, Jeff. We should get together some time for us to discuss this further. Right now I have some pressing business.”“I would like that, Goyse. I’ll give you my phone number tonight. Give me a call. I’m usually off on Mondays and Tuesdays. We should go for a beer.”“Okay. Catch you tonight.”That was a shock. He didn’t know me. He had been fucking my wife by the sound of it. I thought about having a few beers with him. ‘Yes, that might help me get more information on what Sue is up to. He obviously thinks I know about Sue’s affairs. It sounds as if he thinks I condone it. If I let him continue to think that maybe, just maybe, he will give me the proof I need to confront her. Did I really want to confront her? That is the big question.’I called an upmarket restaurant and made a booking. I asked for a secluded spot. The girl said, “yes we can accommodate that.”I then set out for Ron’s place. I took the RV and left Sue’s car in the garage. If anything happened in Sue’s car there might be some evidence for her to discover. I didn’t want that.Ron met me at the door with his usual greeting, “How are they hanging mate?”“I’m fine Ron. How are you?”“I’m great too. I met up with Ashleigh today. Remember I told you about her. She was the chemist’s assistant that I purchased the condoms from. Damn, she’s a hottie that one.”“It sounds like you are over missing Ronnie.”“Well, not really. I’m still fretting a little but it doesn’t hurt to consider the options as they say.”“I thought Ashleigh had a boyfriend. Didn’t Ronnie and you introduce her to one of the young footballers? Weren’t they thinking of getting married?”“They did get married. The marriage lasted a little over a week. They both decided that they still had a lot of living to do before they settled down. It seems that apart they were lovers but together they were fighters.”“I guess it takes all kinds. Now if I remember correctly you had consulted with a professional to get help with your issues. She told you that Ronnie exhibited all the symptoms of ODD which may explain her behaviour.”“You seem to be in a hurry to get started tonight, Goyse.”“Yes, I need to get away before six tonight if that is possible. I have something on.”“Okay, no worries, old mate.”…RonSarah had suggested that she could manipulate Ronnie with this information. Although I didn’t agree to participate, I was interested in knowing if such a personality Kurtköy Escort Bayan flaw could be used to manipulate her so when Sarah suggested it, I didn’t strongly oppose it.Life for Ronnie and I seemed to settle down into a normal pattern. Joe had moved interstate because he worked in Sally’s family business and once he split with Sally, the family put him under a lot of pressure. I watched Ronnie’s behaviour after Joe left town and she stopped going places. She even stopped her roller skating. It was quite obvious that Joe’s leaving had impacted her.I tried hard to get her to go places with me but often she said things like I really don’t feel up to it. I must be getting the flu or something. I tried hard to cuddle her and to be affectionate with her in bed but on most occasions, she simply pushed me aside or rolled over away from me. I started thinking that maybe we would have been better off if Joe was still around.Eventually, I sat down with her and said, “Ronnie, you haven’t been the same since Joe left town. Isn’t it time you snapped out of it? You need to talk to me about it.”She looked at me for quite a while before she said, “I miss him. We were very close. I love you, Ron but I feel that someone has reached into my chest and ripped my heart out. What upsets me the most is that he has made no attempt to call me. It appears that the bastard was just using me. He has taken my confidence away from me. I actually thought he cared for me as I did for him. I no longer feel worthy. I feel as if I can’t function. Not only have I destroyed my own life, but I have also caused you and Sally immeasurable pain and heartache.”She sat for a while looking at the floor. I didn’t know what to say to her. The only thing that I could say was that I forgive her but I was not ready for that yet. After silence for what must have been half a minute.  “Sally hates me and who can blame her. She and I were good friends before this. We always got together at skating. Now everyone there thinks that I tried to steal her husband away from her. They must think I’m some type of low life.”“Did you try to steal her husband away from her? Is that what you were doing?”“No, I wasn’t.  It’s just that all the girls will think that I was trying to do that. They all have husbands and when they think of it they put their husbands in Joe’s place and consider how they would feel if they were Sally. They make judgments without knowing what really happened.”“Perhaps you should tell me what really happened, Ronnie. I don’t know either. We had a good thing going. I have to admit that I didn’t want it to go the way it did. I was happy just to lead a normal life, whatever that is but I was forced to go down the road that we did to keep you happy.”“Is that how you saw it?”“Yes, that’s exactly how I saw it. I was not interested in having sex with other women. I admired their bodies and everything but I was happy to look and not to touch if you know what I mean. When I found you attending Sue’s parties it floored me. I had heard about what Sue was doing and I was told that there was another woman Escort Kurtköy involved but to find out that it was you almost destroyed me. I was willing to agree to anything to keep you because I thought that I had lost you.”“Oh, Ron, I didn’t know that. I thought that you wanted to get involved with Sally and Joe. You did that for me?”“Well, it wasn’t really like that. I did it to get you away from Sue’s gangbang parties. I did it for us both, to keep us together.”“Come here.” I moved over to her and she took me in her arms and kissed me. “You really must love me a lot to do that just to keep me as your wife. I’m sorry Ron. I just seem to have to do things that are different. This force inside me makes me want what I can’t have. Sometimes I can control it but other times I can’t. When you and Sally told me that I couldn’t see Joe unless you and Sally were there I felt like you were trying to take my control away from me. You know how I am about that. No one controls me.”“Yes, I know and although it is hard for me I think I understand it better now. Ronnie. Why won’t you go to the councillor with me? I think she can help you. She has been a great help to me in understanding myself and my emotions.”“Ron, I’ve already told you that being in control is important to me. Why would I want to go to someone who wants to take that away from me?”“That is not what they do, Ronnie. This lady I’m seeing just talks you through everything.”“So they want to know all about your life. What are they, Weirdoes?”“They have to understand to give you advice. That’s all. This lady I’m going to just listens and asks questions. She doesn’t make judgments or tell you that anything has to happen. She is just someone who listens and gives feedback on what options or decision seem possible to her. Occasionally she allows me to understand why people do what they do, something that is not always clear to me.”“So she tells you why I fucked Joe, is that it.”“No that’s not it, Ronnie. We don’t necessarily talk about you unless I ask her a question.”“So what questions do you ask her about me then, Ron? What is it that you ask this woman who doesn’t even know me behind my back?”“I’m going to walk away from this discussion. We are going nowhere with it.”“So you would rather walk away from me than tell me the truth, that’s it, isn’t it?”“No, that is not it. I was trying to offer you help and support but you have turned it around on me. Now, I’ve got things to do. I’ll see you later.”I got in my car and drove away. This conversation had shattered me. It was as if for some reason she was putting the responsibility for what had happened back on me. I parked looking out to sea, running everything through my mind. Was it my fault that all this had happened?Yes, I did agree that we get together with Sally and Joe. It was the only way clear that I saw to end her association with Sue’s sexual jaunts. I hadn’t done it for me. I had done it for her. Maybe I should have told her that up front. I thought about it and then realized that I had actually said that to her but in a roundabout way.I started my car up and drove aimlessly through the streets. I then recognized one of the houses as I passed. I was at Sally and Joe’s place. I turned around and parked in Sally’s driveway. I saw a car down the back and recognized it as Sarah’s. The girls were together. I walked slowly up the drive and knocked on the door. My mind was blank.