Ekim 16, 2021

Roommates fuck better then the ex’s

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Roommates fuck better then the ex’s
Fantasy Story…working coming true.

Walking into a room, walking in on Morgan as she is putting on lotion on her sexy smooth legs. I see that she just got out of the shower, as I notice some drips of water from her blonde hair. The towel that is covering her, well the top part is just barely covering her boobs, which leads me to stare just a bit longer then I should. She turns her head up to me, and smiles. Her blue eyes are amazing with bliss from her ex husband. I bring it up, that the case went well for her. Morgan says “I am free, and tonight I am going out with some girlfriends to celebrity.” I tell her congrats, and start to walk away. Just as I move, my hand is grabbed by Morgan’s hands. “Wait, I want to thank you for helping me. I know having me here has been rough, but you been awesome about it” Morgan says. I respond with “No thank you, and it is a pleasure to have you here”. Her hands pull me close to her, and she hugs me. The first thing I notice is there is no towel on her. So when I look at her, my eyes are met with her eyes. My hands reach her naked butt, and feel how nice size she has. My mind starts to think wild thoughts. After a bit of hot body exchange and a simple stare down, Morgan walks back into her room. I take in the picture of her body and go in my room. I reach down and pull out my cock. Its been awhile since I was inspired by a woman and her body. My marriage also ended months ago, and it was the last time I saw a woman naked….but Morgan is worth the time to stroke too. I finish up by thinking about fucking her ass, and shoot my load into my special cloth. I hop in the shower and clean up, still thinking about Morgan. When I climb out, I notice how quiet it is. I check the fridge and see her note. I settle in for the evening, watching football and drinking some beer.
Hours later, watching the Sunday night game; the door unlocked. Walking in was Morgan and a friend. I met her friend before. She is Mindy, also a cousin to my ex. She sees me and does the O face, and says goodbye. Mindy was not a big fan of Morgan being my roommate due to the history but she didn’t argue against it either. Morgan went to her room, and join me on the couch. We chatted a bit about her night. She went out to a bar, first in a while, and she to hit on so much that Mindy and her left. I offered a beer, but Morgan got wine instead. It is something I notice, that she drinks a glass or two on tough days but never more. Beer was the same, two is the same and in the end, it had no effect on me at all. After her second glass, Morgan got up and mention another shower, after all she had to get all that firth off of her. I watched her walk away, stripping along the way. I heard the shower turn on, and I got curious. I got up to the door, listening to anything going on. I heard just water at first, but then I could hear Morgan saying something, or more like moaning. I reached for the door, and took a moment to squeeze the nob. I almost felt like she left it on lock but then I though Nah, she wouldn’t do that. To my surprise, the nob turn, and I slowly opened the door. I was hit with hot steamy air. I moved in and closed the door quiet as I could. “You know, you can just join me”, Morgan said? I wasted no time getting undressed in climbing in the shower. She wasted no time with my hands to work. Handing me a wash cloth, she told me to wash her back, and her butt. I took my time to wash her shoulders, down her back and her ass. Morgan turned around and asked to do her chest and legs. Adding more soap, I washed her boobs slowly and exotically. I got on my knees and worked on her legs. Morgan then asked me “Since your down there, could you use your mouth to clean my pussy?” I only took a second to think before I was mouthful in her pussy. After licking up her dirty pussy, I stood up while she went down on me. I guess a clean cock for a clean pussy. Then Morgan stands up, turns around, and pushes her plump ass up to me. I take it as to stick my cock in it. I play with her ass, using the water to help ease in my cock. With her ass pushing back against me, I pushed in, all in to her ass. It was not as tight as I thought but my cock felt so good inside. To good that after a few minutes of anal, I was ready to shoot my load into her. I even said “Oh your ass is going to get a creamy mess in seconds”. Morgan moan and held the wall ready for it. My cock exploded all in her ass. I lost control so easy that I was excited how good her ass is. When I pulled out, we used the shower to clean up my cock and her ass. Morgan turned the water off and climbed out of the shower. I watched her take her towel but then she turned into a whipping towel. Couple snaps of that towel and then she started to hit me with it. Oh….nice I said before one hit my ass, causing me to hop out of the shower. She kept whipping me right down the small hall and into my room. She took control more when she told me to turn around. My ass was out when she slapped it with her hands. My butt is firm but still big for me size. Her slaps were sting but I was getting a high from it. She was hell loving it, she started to hit me harder. A couple more hard hits to my butt, Morgan moved onto the bed. “Come suck this pussy clean again” she demanded. I listened and went down on her for a while. Her pussy was wet as hell and there was allot of juices to lick up, but I was enjoying this. Its been a year since I first met her and that long to want to taste her sexy pussy. When Morgan was happy with her pussy, she told me to suck her toes clean, and lick between each toe. I got excited, my cock was hard as a rock. Morgan had recently learned about my simple foot fetish, and she liked that allot. Her ex never touched her feet, and I am taking that she was never in charge of the sex. After cleaning her right foot, I started on her left foot. Morgan was pleased so much that she told me to lay down. “Be right back, don’t move” Morgan said as she left the room. Morgan walked in with some clothes. Morgan asked “Are you Ok with me tying you up?” I shook my head yes. She took my arms and hands, tying them to the bed posts. On the bed, Morgan moves close to my cock. Then she starts to bat it around, with small slaps. I tell her to do her thing. She hits my cock hard and I almost shoot out an ouch, but I like the pain enough to enjoy her. Then she moves onto slapping my chest, hard slaps; finishing off with slaps to the face. All this built up rage towards her ex. I was hurting but was loving pain. I clued her in on how much I was loving it. Morgan pulled out a condom and placed it on my cock. Using her mouth, she finished putting it on me. All ready for her as slapped my chest again. “I am going to fuck your cock and if move; your going to hurting” said Morgan. I didn’t know what she had in mind but I was curious to test her on it. As Morgan took my cock in, I felt how her pussy felt…which was a big loose but my cock loved it. She placed her hands on my chest, and they felt cold, really cold. I twitched when her hands touched me, she in turn back slapped my chest hard. The pain riddled my body but her fucking me kept my focus on her and her bouncing boobs. Add into play was her blonde hair, whipping it around the hard she rode me. Morgan was far more turned on then I thought she was, as I could see her face was full of lust and pleasure. Of course with her body be so sexy, I wanted to touch her so bad. I started to move my right hand, working it loose. Morgan noticed my hand and slapped me in the face. “No your not getting free, your my body to use, my cock to fuck and my toy” Morgan said in a way that was sexy but straight to the point. The more she slapped more, or was demanding; the more I felt so turned on. Then Morgan did it, with her nails. She turned them into my chest. At first it was playful scratching, just a teaser. Yet I still moved around, to push her to do more. Morgan pushed her nails a bit more deeper, causing some marks on my chest and belly. I then said “Be careful, too deep and I will fuck you wild”. Morgan smiled and kissed my mouth. Her lips held tight on me, then her teeth took hold of my bottom lip. She pulled a bit as she sat back up. I know my body felt excited for the first time in years. Morgan responded with fucking me harder now. She was ready for her body to explode on my cock. Then she started to moan, her grip on my chest got tighter. Morgan slowed her pace, and her eyes rolled back. When her pussy tighten up, her whole body was tensed up, she had her orgasm. I felt the rush of juices on my cock and body. She released herself from the moment and fell onto me. While her body was done, my cock was still hard in Morgan’s pussy. She kissed me simple at first. Pecks on the cheek, the chin and then full lip lock. This had my body move, having me do mini thrusts in her pussy. Morgan felt my stick and acted like a mix of loving it but sensitive from the sex. I worked my right hand free, and placed on her back. I eased my hand into a massage motion on her back. Morgan moved her pussy free, and laid next to me, while keeping the kissing going on. I got my left hand free and held her close to me. We kissed for what seemed like hours. Just simple kisses and long lip locks. In all the time spent, I forgot the condom, until I touched Morgan’s leg with my stick. She whispered “Oh yes, your still covered”. After couple more kisses, Morgan moved down to my cock. She pulled the condom off me and started to suck on my cock. After couple minutes of unbelievable oral from Morgan, I told her to move her fat pussy up to my mouth. When my mouth touched her pussy, I was more then happy to lick her dripping wet juices. We pushed each other to see who cum first. I knew I would lose, since I had been ready before she finished before. I even tapped her ass, just to tell her that I was ready to blow my load. Morgan held my cock in her mouth as I started to cum. She sucked and sucked more of me, leading me to have my own orgasm. Morgan moved back up to me, laying on my side, and kissing my neck. “Your the first guy I ever swallow cum for”. I replied thank you and hoped it was tasty. She smiled and kissed my lips. When it was all peaceful and quiet, Morgan slapped my cock hard. I jumped a bit but she started to slap it around. I was turned on, and so was Morgan. She turned to hitting my chest and slapping my face, all the while telling to be a good toy and fuck her. I climbed on top, moving her up close. Before the idea of a condom was said, I was already thrusting my cock in her pussy. Morgan resisted the idea but I guess the cock won her over. The pleasure she was getting was having her bite my neck, and my ears. She lock lips then started to bite down. I was not messing around with fucking her like an wild a****l. Just before I felt the line from no return, I pulled the cock out and stuffed it with a condom. I wanted to fuck Morgan so bad but not take a chance of making a baby yet….maybe I did it for her more then me. Either way, I didn’t miss a beat with her body. Just as I got going with my thrusts, Morgan pushed me off. I thought she was going to ride me but instead she reach down to my cock. In a swift stroke, she took the condom off. “I get you trying to be safe, but I want your whole cock in me, to feel how powerful it feels in my pussy, how your toy is making me hotter then I ever felt”, Morgan said in a determined voice. This time I was in and going all the way. Morgan responded by wrapping her legs around me and her hands holding on to me. I whispered to dig her nails in me. Morgan started slowly, grazing her hands on my back. Soon as I pushed faster, she started to dig her nails into my back. I felt like her pussy was pushing to fuck her harder. She responded with her nails starting to scratch me, and her mouth tugging my ears. When she turned to my neck and bit down on it, I was really feeling the lust that she felt. Then it happened. I felt her nails tearing my back and I lost control of my cock. I filled her pussy with my cum. I jerked and moved all that I could out of me. Morgan had stopped moving on my back, but she dug in deeper as I settled down. Then she orgasm to match me. Last jerk thrust to finish my cock off, and I rolled off her onto my side. Morgan and I breathed heavy for a bit, just laying there and taking in what just happened. We fell asleep with each other. In the morning, I woke up to Morgan putting some stuff on my back. She tore up my back bad but it was so worth it. She was worried that I would be mad, but told her that I do it again, just to please her. Lets just say this was not the last time we had this sex that Morgan is missed in so many years.