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Ruth and Claire Pt. 02

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When Ruth and Claire got Serious — Part 2

Continuing my account of when my Aunt Claire got me into becoming her submissive little slut.


As I knelt there, I wondered what was going to happen next, and when she was coming back. I looked around the room. Considering that I was usually in this room a lot when I visited, I hadn’t really appreciated just how elegant Aunt Claire had furnished everything. I looked at their mini bar. I knew they liked a little drink now and then but I was always fascinated by the huge number of different bottles on show. I got thinking about what was in those bottles, and suddenly my mouth was feeling parched and I really felt like drinking something cool and refreshing.

I wondered if it would be ok if I went into the kitchen to get my glass. I listened if Aunt Claire was coming back, looked down at my breasts, brushed a stray hair away, then decide to disobey Aunt Claire and go and get a drink.

I stood up and walked on tip toes to the kitchen door. As I walked around the house feeling the air around my naked body, it felt so nice and liberating. I wasn’t missing that familiar constricting touch and feel of clothing. I stopped before I opened the door to look down at my feet, ankles, legs, hips, stomach and breasts. I lifted my arms and stretched, standing on tip toes and watched as my breasts lifted, I sucked in my stomach and looked down at my pussy. I was actually feeling happy and pleased with myself at this very moment. I was completely comfortable being naked, especially here, in the protection of Aunt Claire’s warm house. It was an exhilarating feeling. I was still excited and wet between my legs, but that didn’t distract from the fact that I now loved to be like this. I just wished Aunt Claire would get undressed as well.

I opened the door and entered the kitchen, just as Aunt Claire was moving and basting potatoes around the turkey. She quickly glanced over at me, smiled then looked back to what she was doing.

“Alright?” She nonchalantly asked.

“Yes, just a bit thirsty.” I replied, happy and thankful she wasn’t annoyed or disappointed that I had disobeyed her.

I got to the table and noticed that the ice in my tumbler had nearly all melted, so I looked around for Aunt Claire’s glass. Hers was sat on a small round cork thing on the work top, and it too was nearly empty of ice and drink.

“Want me to fill you up?” I asked, holding up my glass.

Without looking at me, she said. “Hang on a min hun.” She finished by putting the roast back into the oven, removed her oven gloves, then picked up her glass.

“How about something else? Fancy something different?” She asked smiling, finishing off the dregs of her drink.

“If it has ice in it, I’m good to try anything else.” I quickly drank the remains of my mostly watered-down gin, grimaced at the taste, then looked at her, holding my glass out for her, wondering what she had planned.

She took both tumblers, and filled them to the rim with new ice cubes. Putting the glasses on a tray, she pulled a jug full of a pinkish purple looking liquid from the fridge. She topped up each glass then handed me one.

“Try that.”

I smelt it, then took a sip. Wow. I had to take another sip. The taste was fantastic. Aunt Claire smiled at me as I kept sipping. This drink was so fruity and yet, wait for it, wow. There was the impact of alcohol clouding my brain. Oh my, what was in this?

Aunt Claire laughed between sips.

“It my own cocktail. It has actually turned out to be very popular with my friends, so I thought, why not let you try it.”

I shivered, felt the heat of the kitchen and then quickly, a wave of intoxication flow over me. I was suddenly dizzy, and had to hold the table as I wobbled on unsteady legs. Aunt Claire nearly peed herself with laughter as she watched me look round the room and giggle as if I was in a drug induced high. I was goose bumpy, hot, feeling sexy, wobbly, and self-conscious again that I was naked.

The urge to touch and kiss Aunt Claire hit me all over again, but first, I had to find out what was in this fantastic and my now favourite drink.

Without saying anything, and totally unexpectedly, Aunt Claire bent down and holding my right breast, took my nipple in her mouth. Yikes. Her mouth was so cold as she sucked on my areola and nipple. My breathing had become short and stuttered and then I heard myself make a faint whimper as I automatically pushed my chest out for her touch and mouth.

She sucked and pulled on me for a few seconds, stood up, took another sip of her drink, then did the same and sucked my left breast.

That giddy feeling swirled in my head and I had to put my drink on the counter. I threw my head back, eyes closed, giving myself completely to her playing mouth and hands. I heard the chinking of ice cubes once more and then I felt her cold tongue lick up my neck, my chin then over my lips. Oh God. I tried to swallow but as I felt her ice-cold tongue touch my neck again, the goose bumps heightened iskenderun seks hikayeleri all of my senses.

She made a deep low sounding moan, and I felt those vibrations through her searching tongue. My breathing quickened, my body tightened making me push my chest out for her touch once more. The flowery scent of her perfume filled my nose, and it was becoming mentally hypnotic. All I could think about was that I wanted her whole body to taste as sweet as she smelled.

I opened my eyes slightly and saw the white ceiling moving as I felt myself swaying. Oh God my legs were becoming weaker. I could hear my breathing becoming louder as I felt the exciting, sexy, almost feather caress of the back of her hand as she traced the curve of my body and then the sides of my breasts. Her gentle touch and the warm air around my body, made me relax, feeling dizzy and sway gentle from side to side. I was now totally immersed in a whirling desire to have sex.

I felt a soft kiss on my lips, then another, and another, all in different places on my mouth, but as I feebly tried to kiss her back, she stopped.

The touching stopped, the kissing stopped.

It took a while before I realised I couldn’t sense the closeness of her body near me, or feel the draft of her breathing on my skin. Still feeling wobbly with sexual desire and alcohol, I lowered my head and slowly blinked my dizzy eyes.

I blinked a few more times to focus, and saw a smiling and sipping Aunt Claire. I puffed out loudly and I smiled at her. I didn’t want this to stop, why did she stop? It was so exciting and…….. What was happening? What did she want to do now?

She stared at me as she placed her nearly empty glass on the counter. She looked at me, eye to eye, but now I noticed she swallowed a couple of times as if I she was nervous before she spoke.

“Take a drink.” Something had changed in her manner. There was a slight edginess in the way she looked at me, and was breathing that made me feel a little worried. I took a big swig of my drink before putting it back on the counter next to hers. Holding the cold liquid in my mouth, I swallowed it in small gulps, looking intently into her eyes, seeing that she wanted to say something, but was having trouble getting it out. She didn’t seem as bold as she had been before.

She stared into my eyes and reaching for my hands said. “I hope you are still thinking about kissing my pussy……… like I told you to?”

Now it was my turn to open and close my mouth as I anxiously took a breath and swallowed. Her eyes were concentrating on staring at mine, then they rapidly moved quickly all over my face and down. My stomach clenched as I felt that throb between my legs again. Now I was panting, and I was sure I could hear my heat beat with each breath

I had to think. My body started involuntarily shivering because of the heightened sexual tension in the room. This was one hell of a Sunday lunch.

There it was again, that self-conscious awareness that I was the only one stood naked in her kitchen. It continued to niggle my thinking. I loved that my breasts were being stared at as they moved up and down with each loud excited breath. I loved that I was now thinking about her body, her neck, her breasts, her pussy, her bum and her legs, touching her and kissing her, and I loved that my clitoris was pulsing, while my vagina was wet with excitement.

I didn’t know at the time, but she explained later that day, that she had been preparing me for this moment. She had deliberately got my compliance by making me feel defenceless and completely open to any sexy proposition or suggestion she wanted to give me.

Back to her question. Yes, I had thought about kissing her pussy. When we were in the living room earlier of course, but now she had me thinking about it even more. She had me now wondering what her labia felt like on my lips, her taste, how she would react if I flicked her clit with my tongue. Would I suck her pussy when she orgasmed or let her cum as I watched and fingered myself?

The thought was there in the living room, but now, her words had my mind and body telling me that there was a possibility that it might actually happen. I wanted to do it.

“Y……Yes.” That was all I said. I couldn’t believe it. After thinking about everything that I wanted to do, all I said was, “Yes.”

“Good.” She whispered, pausing as she kissed me. She licked my lips while her forefingers touched and circled my nipples. Oh God, she was driving me mad.

“Imagine your mouth, your lips……. touching my pussy.” We both swallowed before I closed my eyes.

She continued in a quiet sexy voice, tapping my nipples as she spoke. “I have already allowed you to touch me with these………little………titties.” She licked my lips again, pinching my nipples. I swallowed, breathing faster.

“Now think about gently kissing and touching me.” She kissed me again, barely touching the shape of my breasts with her fingers. “Do you want to kiss my pussy?” I was lost in the thoughts and suggestions she was giving me. “My legs are open, inviting you……….” She kissed me again, briefly pushing her tongue into my mouth.

“Kiss my pussy.” My mouth opened, my tongue flicked over my lips. “Kiss……. lick my pussy. Push your tongue inside me. Do you want to lick me?”

She let go of my hands and I opened my eyes. Oh my God. I was nodding, panting, completely in her power. I was playdough and she was moulding me.

I was dizzy and so worked up. Nothing else was in my mind except wanting to touch her pussy. It felt like a frenzy of desire, and I was dying to touch her. I wanted to kiss and suck her pussy. I wanted it, I had to have her.

I watched her set the timer again. Hurry. Please, I thought, let me see your pussy. She gave me my glass, and we finished the dregs of our drinks. My sip was rapid and I nearly slammed the glass back down on the counter, I wanted her.

She smiled as she saw the passion in my eyes. I was hungry for her. She held her hand out for mine and then she led me to the living room. I didn’t speak, just listened and followed.

“I want to get comfortable.” She looked back at me as we walked. “I will sit down, open my legs and you will kiss my pussy. Do you want that?”

I eagerly nodded as that picture formed in my brain. She was good. She was deliberately creating that expectation of seeing her pussy in my mind. I was unconsciously following her, nodding and agreeing with her, eager for the opportunity to please her. I was going to kiss her pussy. I was going to see her vagina and put my lips on her. Aunt Claire, my Mistress. Mum would have a fit……….or would she? Did she know this about her friend? I wish Aunt Claire was naked.

Once through the door, she let go of me and I obediently walked behind her. I wanted her. The image of her pussy was back in my head.

Will I lick from her bum all the way to her clit or just kiss her lips? Shall I pull her lips as I suck her? Shall I use my fingers to push her hood back? What if she gets wild as she orgasms? Iwonder what she wants me to do?

Hell, I was working myself into a hot sexually hungry state. I looked down at her bum in the kaftan, imagining her curves, her open legs. When we got to the sofa, she turned to face me and lowered the top of her dress to her waist, exposing her breasts. I stood still and looked. She slowly breathed in, filling her lungs, making her breasts rise and stick out. She was teasing me, so I instinctively reached out to touch her, to hold them.

Before my hands could reach her, she breathed out and said. “No, no, no, you will help me out of this dress first.” Then rested her hands on her hips.

I didn’t quite understand what she wanted. Her kaftan looked simple enough to take off. All she had to do was to let it fall to the floor, and she could step out of it. No problem. I looked at her and frowned as she pointed at the floor in front of her.

“Get on your knees my little slave, and undress me.”

Oh, I got it. I was on my knees in a second looking up at her, and reached up to pull her dress down.

She shocked me with her voice. “NO.” I stopped. “Keep your hands by your sides. You will wait till I tell you to do anything. Understand?”

She paused letting her words sink in, but my thoughts were still on getting her out of that damn dress. I nodded but must have looked like a puppy who had just ripped up a cushion without permission.

She bent forward so her hanging breasts touched my face, her sweet perfume scent filling my nose once more.

It was just a natural urge for me to reach up and hold them, but I stopped, remembering what she had told me. I looked at her face, waiting.

“Good my little slave. You are learning quickly. Now. Now, you can hold my tits.”

I quickly cupped them in my hands, lifting their full weight. My fingers automatically but gently kneaded them as I held them.

“Now, before we continue, show your respect.” I looked at her breasts in my hands, then into her eyes.

“Kiss them. Start here.” I kissed each breast where she pointed. “Now here, and here.” Each time she had me kissing in different places.

“And now here.” Pointing at her nipple.

I lifted her left breast and positioned her hardening nipple in front of me to suck. I looked into her eyes again as I kissed her nipple, but then stole a quick suck. She took a deep excited intake of air as I took her nipple and pulled it into my sucking mouth.

“Oh yes.” She said, sounding out of breath. She puffed out. “Now this one.” I was feeling confident that I was doing the right thing, and now it was me who was smiling. “Yes Mistress.” I said as I lifted her right breast and did the same to that nipple.

Aunt Claire allowed me to suck a little longer on her right breast before she stood upright again. My mouth made a loud plopping noise as her breast was pulled from me. I looked up at her, swallowing to moisten my mouth. A single thought circled my mind. Pussy. Please, let me see you naked. Please let me undress you and kiss your legs up to your pussy. Please, let me kiss your pussy.

“Place your hands here.” She showed me that she wanted my hands on her hips. I did as she commanded.

Still looking into my eyes, and whispered. “Slowly pull my dress down.” I swallowed. I wanted more. I wanted to pull her dress off and hold her naked body, but, with great restraint, I pulled the hem down very slowly, revealing her hips, then thighs, then her dress was loose enough to fall to her feet. She stepped out of it, allowing me to pick it up and place it on the sofa. As she stepped forward again, I sat back on my heels and I forced myself to try to calm down as I looked at her painted toenails, her ankle bracelet, up her sexy legs, and there it was, her bald, glistening pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her crease and labia poking out.

“Kiss me.” She ordered. I leaned forward to kiss her pussy but she held my head.

“Not so fast my hungry little slave. Start at my feet. Work your way up.”

I loved what she was making me do. My heart was beating faster. I lowered my head to kiss the top of her right then left foot. I turned my head to kiss her ankles, the sides of her leg, her knees, but then when I got nearer to her pussy I kissed then licked her thighs, keeping my eyes on her crease, I finally kissed her hips. My breathing and heartbeat was racing. I looked up into her eyes, she nodded.

I then went for it. I turned my head and touched the crease of her wet sex with my lips. I wanted it to feel good for her. I thought about what I wanted to do and so I made a loud satisfying humming noise as I kissed her, then pulled back and looked up at her face. I was totally focussed on what she wanted me to do. I was so hungry to please her because she had me hungry to taste her vagina. I was starting to sweat and yet I had goose bumps.

“Again…… ” She said. I was just about to move forward when she added. “But this time, after your kiss, say thank you Mistress.”

I was loving being treated like this. The thought of being her sexy naked little slave girl was so sexy. I leaned forward, put my lips on her pussy, but this time, I lingered a little bit longer on the sensation of her soft skin. I let the sensation and feeling her plump pussy lips on my mouth flow over me, as I made the kiss more sensual, more erotic. I wanted Aunt Claire to know that I was hers, and I wanted to please her.

I sat back and looked up at her, licking my lips. I got a slight but not unpleasant acidic taste in my mouth. “Thank you, Mistress.” I said as I swallowed.

“Lower your head, then say it again.”

I knew she wanted to humble me, so I looked down at my knees and her feet. “Thank you, Mistress.” I said sheepishly.

“Thank you for what, my little slut?” She asked

“Thank you, Mistress for letting me kiss your pussy.” I replied

“Good. You may kiss me again.” Her voice had a slight change to it and sounded like she was as turned on as I was.

I looked up and saw that she had opened her legs quite a bit more. From my position, her labia opened a bit more and I could just see the red folds of skin of her vagina. I hungrily bent forward and this time I was determined to make this a really sexy kiss and get as much of her sex on my mouth as I could. As if reading my mind, she put a hand on my head and pushed me back.

“No tongue. Not yet” She said staring into my eyes. “Just a respectful kiss. I want that tongue put to good use in a minute.”

I nodded in her grip, then she let go of me. I looked at her sex. I leaned in again and bending my neck back, I touched her wet lips to my mouth. I pushed up so her labia spread open, then touched my lips to the sticky wet creases of her vagina. Oh God I wanted to lick her so much, but I just pushed my face into her, moving gently from side to side, smelling her, my top lip squashed against her urethra. I opened my mouth ever so slightly. The temptation to lick her was just too great. I had to do it. I kissed her vagina again, and again, each time tasting her. The sexual craziness of doing this was getting my own pussy so wet. She was moaning and pushing her hips out for me. She wanted the contact of my mouth on her.

I was just about to push my tongue into her when she unexpectedly pushed my head away,

I felt the cool air and her wetness all over my face as she walked behind me over to one of the cupboards. I touched myself, I couldn’t help it. I rubbed and gently played with my vagina with two fingers, keeping quiet but relieved that I was able to stimulate that twitching between my legs. Then I heard what sounded like a lot of rummaging around for something. I didn’t look.

I heard her close the cupboard door, but before she returned I removed my fingers from my pussy and quickly smelled them. All ok.

She placed a towel on the leather sofa and sat down, resting her elbows on her knees, waving a white ribbed vibrator at me. It was a pretty basic toy, and I had seen one like this before in my friend’s room, so I wasn’t shocked. The toy was about 6 inches in length, definitely longer and thicker than Jim’s penis I thought.