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Satellite Installation 2 by loyalsock

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Satellite Installation 2 by loyalsockHe caught his breath then suddenly felt a pang of guilt. “Shit, I’m sorry…it’s…ummm…all over you.”Amy smiled, then shrugged, wiping the cum from her eye. “It’s cool…I don’t mind.”Mickey grinned, then laughed “I wish my girlfriend was that accommodating.” Amy frowned. “What? She doesn’t let you…umm…cum on her?” she asked.Mickey sighed. “To be honest, she doesn’t really like…you know…giving…” he felt uncomfortable using the word.”Blowjobs?” Amy completed his sentence again, clearly comfortable with sexual terms. “Weird. I love it.”Mickey nodded “Well, you are clearly very good at it.”Amy grinned. “Aww thanks.” She stood up. “I’m not a fan of swallowing it though,” she said. “If it’s going to be inside me, I’d rather it was…” she grinned, and her hand lowered between her legs “in here.” Mickey coughed, again surprised at just how brazen she was. “Jesus, girls weren’t like you when I was a teenager” he laughed. Amy smiled “Is that a compliment?” Mickey nodded. “I’m on the pill though” she added “I’m not a total slut you know.”Mickey just grinned, lost for words. He realised he was still standing with his boxers and trousers around his ankles, and his cock was deflating back to it’s soft state. Amy crossed to her dressing table and picked up some face wipes. He pulled up his boxers and trousers as she cleaned his cum from her face and body. “I…ummm…really need to get on with finishing your install” he said.Amy shrugged and nodded. “Sure, go for it.” He nodded. “I need to run some cables in,” he added. Again, Amy nodded. She was taking care to fully clean herself, so he went back to his business, identifying locations for the equipment before leaving her room to go and get the cables.Once out of her room, the realisation of events kicked in. He couldn’t help but smile. He felt a small pang of guilt, but then he hadn’t forced Amy, and after all it was just a blowjob, he told himself. Becky didn’t ‘do’ blowjobs, so surely he could just enjoy what had just happened? It’s not like he’d fucked her. Amy clearly enjoyed doing it, it was a one-off, one of those crazy things that happen in life. He ran the cables as he needed to and this time didn’t attempt to knock as he entered Amy’s room. He expected her to be dressed now anyway, and was a little surprised when he realised she was still naked, though now she was on her bed, resting against her headboard, texting on her phone with her legs laid out flat and crossed at the ankles. She was holding her phone so he couldn’t clearly see her breasts, and he didn’t have a clear view of her pussy, but it was still strange she was naked. She didn’t seem to acknowledge he was in the room, so he concentrated on completing the work he was there to do. He wondered if she was angry, or disappointed, or both, that he had cum so quickly. He wondered if she had expected more.After a few minutes, and once he’d finished the tricky part of the install, he felt the need to break what he felt was an awkward silence. “So, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, ensuring his tone was friendly and chatty.”Nah,” she replied, lowering her phone. “Well, I did, but he dumped me last week. He was fucking one of my friends,” she added nonchalantly.He felt himself flinch as she used the word ‘fucking’ so openly. He wondered if she was typical of current teen girls. “Wow, that must’ve been harsh,” he replied sympathetically.Amy shrugged. “Not really. He was a dickhead.” She chuckled. “And he blew his load quicker than you did,” she added.Mickey stood up and started to unpack the set top box. “Very funny” he replied, chuckling also. “I’m not usually that…ummm…quick,” he said, perhaps more defensively than he meant to. “I mean…it’s not often a…well…sexy girl like you just…you know…””Whips out your cock and sucks you off?” she said. Mickey winced again. She was developing this habit for completing the sentences he felt uncomfortable finishing himself.”Exactly,” he continued. “I’m afraid it was just a bit too much for me back there” he laughed. He placed the box next to her TV. “And to be fair, you’re that good at it, it’s no surprise your boyfr…I mean ex boyfriend, couldn’t last very long.” He connected the leads then switched on the TV and completed the set up. “There you go,” he said “full satellite TV for you madam.” He grinned then turned to face her. His jaw fell again.Amy had uncrossed her legs and they were now parted. Her hand was between them, rubbing her mound. She was looking at him with her head slightly bowed, her mouth open. “Shame it was all too much for you,” she said. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she slipped her middle finger into her pussy.Mickey stood frozen to the spot. He felt his hand shaking as he held the remote control. He gulped. “Do..you…ummmm…want to see…the…TV?” he asked.She opened her eyes and moaned “mmmmmmm” as she slipped avcilar escort a second finger inside her pussy. “Mmmm sure,” she whispered.Mickey nodded, turning away from her. His hand was still shaking as he fumbled with the buttons. He found himself delivering his spiel about the satellite channels, though his mind was racing again. She was still naked. She was on her bed. She was fingering herself. He felt his cock twinge again. Shit. She was’t finished. She did want to fuck. He pictured Becky again, but this time it was her sweet face. The one when she was in a good mood, being funny, being playful. The one when she was riding him. He felt his cock stiffen. He turned back to face Amy. She had her eyes closed and she was fingering herself with more pace. He looked closer; three fingers. He could hear her wetness as her fingers rapidly worked her pussy, the soft murmuring of her pleasure. “A..Amy” he said quietly “that’s…ummm…me done.” He knew he had to leave the room…immediately.Amy opened her eyes. “I’m not done” she said firmly. Mickey gulped. She pulled her fingers free and seductively took them in her mouth, her eyes firmly locked on him.”Seriously, I…I’ve got another…ummm…job to go” he lied. He shifted again as his cock, much to his own surprise, continued to stiffen. He couldn’t stop from looking at her. She rolled off her bed and walked quickly and lightly towards him.”Are you hard?” she asked. Mickey nodded reluctantly. “Good,” she continued. She stepped right next to him, her hands again making light work of undoing his trousers. “I want you to fuck me” she whispered.Mickey gulped. He knew he shouldn’t, but he made no attempt to stop her as she pulled down his trousers and boxers. “Take your shirt off” she demanded.”Amy listen” he tried to protest. “This is maybe…you know…too far.”He winced as she gripped his cock firmly. “Tell me stop then.” She kept hold of his cock as she turned away from him, pulling him forward the single step until she was against her dressing table. She bent over it, and he gasped as he took a full view of her incredibly tight, pert bum. Reaching behind herself, she yanked his cock, pulling it to her opening, rubbing the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. “Stick it in” she hissed.Against all his better judgement, Mickey knew he couldn’t resist, and with a single push, he gasped as his cock slipped easily inside her. He groaned as her pussy tightened around his shaft, pulling his foreskin back with it’s tightness. But she was wet and in a few strokes he was fully inside her. She groaned loudly, her arms outstretched on the dressing table as she pushed back against him. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned.Mickey placed his hands on her bum cheeks, moaning with satisfaction at the soft, tight skin as he started to fuck her. He rocked his hips, sliding his cock forward and back, listening to her breathing quicken as he upped his pace. He pushed in deeper, feeling his hips press against her bum cheeks. “Oh fuck that’s good,” he exclaimed.”Mmmmmm fuck yes” she squealed “oh fuck…fuck me harder.” He upped his pace again, feeling himself pant for breath. She wanted it. She was demanding him to fuck her harder. He did as she asked, and in a few seconds he was literally pounding his cock into her.”Oh fuck…do you like that?” he gasped, his hips slapping against her, hearing her wetness squelch as his cock filled her tight cunt. “Ohhhhh yesssssss…” she groaned “Fuck yesss…oh god…oh god that’s it.” Mickey realised he was grinning. She was enjoying this. It was what she wanted. It was what she had planned. She’d seen him, and decided she wanted him to fuck her. It made him feel good. He pictured Becky’s angry face again and he smiled, spurning him on. He was going to fuck Amy…fuck her harder than he’d ever fucked a girl before.Panting for air, he upped his pace again, pressing her against the dressing table with his cock as deep inside her as he could get it. He could hear her gasp, squeal, pant and groan. He gripped her bum cheeks firmly and grunted loudly as he pumped her. He fully expected he would cum, but perhaps the earlier blowjob had dulled the senses in his cock, because in reality he felt he could do this until he passed out.Amy was screaming now. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh…oohhh fuckkkkkk…fuck fuck fuck” she was gasping. Her hands were slapping on the table surface “fuck…no…oh god…stop…stop…”It took Mickey a moment to realise she was telling him to stop. He was deep inside her when he locked his hips. Out of breath, he said “what…what’s wrong?”Amy was gasping for air. “N..nothing…just…I want to ride you,” she panted.Mickey nodded, pulling out of her. She slowly straightened herself up, a focused expression on her face. She nodded to the chair beside him, and he sat himself down, glad in a way to rest for a moment.Without a word, she straddled him and sunk her pussy şirinevler escort over his cock. He grunted as she started to rock her hips, grinding herself against him. She was smiling again. “Mmmmm how does that feel?””Fucking awesome,” he panted, closing his eyes and thinking how tight she felt, how smooth her buttocks were on his upper thighs. She grabbed his shoulders and lifted herself up then forced herself back down firmly on his cock, repeating it at a frantic pace as she started to moan loudly and constantly.”Oh my god” she gasped. “Fuck that’s it…oh god, fuuuckkkkk.” She fucked him furiously, literally bouncing on his cock. He opened his eyes and took a proper look at her; noticed the sweat on her brow and the concentrated expression on her young pretty face. He suddenly felt a desire to kiss her, but strangely pictured Becky again and felt that in some way, kissing this young girl was inappropriate. He almost laughed at that daft thought. Instead, he lowered his head and took her left breast in his mouth, sucking on her stiff nipple before repeating it on her right breast.She squealed as he did that, seemed to increase her pace and within seconds suddenly screamed out “ohhhh god…I’m…I’m going to cum!”Mickey kept sucking her nipples, his head reeling with the thought she was about to orgasm. He started to push his hips upwards, wanting every inch of his cock as deep inside her as possible, meeting her forceful downward strokes as she gripped his shoulders so hard it made him wince. “Ohhhhhhhhh…f…f…fuuuuckkkkk” she gasped. Mickey peeled his mouth away from her breasts and looked at her. Her eyes were wide open. She bit her lip, an almost pained expression on her face as she stared at him wildly, her body bouncing up and down before she let out a high pitched scream. Her body tensed and as she plunged down hard on his cock she started to shudder. He felt her wetness on his cock as she screamed again, her body spasming as her orgasm engulfed her.”Ohhhhh…my…godddddd,” she screamed, her eyes rolling back in their sockets, her mouth wide open as she climaxed, shuddering on him with the force of her orgasm. Mickey couldn’t believe what he was seeing and feeling. Becky claimed to orgasm, but he didn’t ever remember her climaxing like this before. She suddenly froze, her head dropping to his shoulder and he could hear how out of breath she was. He felt her pussy pulse on his cock, realised how wet she was and couldn’t help but smile as she panted in his ear. He gently stroked her buttocks, letting her catch her breath. “Wow, are you OK?” he asked.Amy leaned back and nodded at him. “Fuck” she panted. “That was amazing.”Mickey smiled. “You…ummmm…came pretty hard there huh?” She nodded, a smile curling on her lips.”Yeh…dont think I’ve ever cum that hard before.”He winced a little, wondering just how many times she had actually been fucked, but he was pleased he had clearly given her the most pleasure. He realised he had started to rock his hips again, gently moving his cock inside her.Amy wiped her mouth, then slowly pulled herself upwards and he groaned as his cock popped free. For a second, he thought that was it finished, but she took his hand and quietly said “come over to my bed.”He instantly sprung to his feet and followed her across the room, marvelling at her incredible body as she lay on her bed and spread her legs apart. He clambered onto the bed and positioned himself over her, before taking his cock and guiding back inside her. She moaned softly, closing her eyes as he pushed himself inside her.Mickey placed his hands on the bed either side of her shoulders and started to fuck her, pulling back until he was almost out before smoothly sliding forwards until he was fully inside her. He kept a slow and rhythmic pace, controlling his breathing as he looked down at her and enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her young, tight pussy.She made small grunting noises with each stroke, but he resisted the urge to increase his pace. Rhythmic and constant, he fucked her for several minutes until he felt his arms burn from holding up his own weight.Mickey let his head fall down next to hers, and hooked his arms under her knees, pushing her legs backwards. She was so flexible, she didn’t complain that her knees were nearly level with her ears and Mickey started to fuck her harder. He started to pump into her, feeling himself bash against her. He lifted his head and looked at her. Her eyes were wide open again and she was shaking her head.”Ohhh fuckkkkk…” she groaned. “Oh god…oh fuck yes…fuck…oh god…oh shit…” Despite shaking her head, she wasn’t resisting him, so he increased his pace, pushing as deep and hard inside her as he could. She was breathing sharply again through her nose, her mouth wide open. She almost looked shocked. He couldn’t stop looking at her. Her expression was wild and she taksim escort screamed out “fuuuuckkkk…oh fuckkkkk…make me cum again!”Once again, Mickey couldn’t believe what he was experiencing. For one thing, he was surprised he himself hadn’t cum again, but his cock still felt dull as he pounded into her. He was so focussed on her expression, her reactions that he simply upped his pace and slammed his cock into her with ferociousness of his own.It seemed like seconds before she was once again squealing loudly. He applied more pressure to her legs, pushing them back as far as he could. He could hear the squelching sound of his cock against her wetness and he stared in his amazement as she looked up at him with an almost helpless expression on her face as her body tensed then started to spasm wildly as her second orgasm erupted.”Fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk” she screamed loudly, her body jerking underneath him. “Oh god I’m cumming…I’m cumming” she moaned. Mickey grinned, not letting up his pace as she screamed again. He pounded into her, determined to make her cum as hard as he could. “Oh fuck…fuck fuck fuck, stop…oh god…stop…please stop” she screamed. It took him a second to register her request. He stopped, his cock still deep inside her and caught his own breath.”Are you OK?”Amy nodded. “Fuck yes…jesus…I…I cant believe I came again.” She started to giggle, then he felt her push her legs against him so he released his hold on her and gently pulled his cock out of her. His cock head was glistening, and he noticed that his foreskin was pulled further back on his shaft than he could ever remember. He knelt on the bed between her splayed legs and grinned at her. “You…fuck…you are something special.”Amy smiled. “Better than your girlfriend?”Mickey felt a pang of guilt, but answered truthfully. “Like you wouldn’t believe,” he sighed.Amy grinned. “Lay on your back.”Mickey nodded, and turned over, laying flat on his back. He watched as she knelt beside him and lowered her head, taking his cock in her hand and guiding it into her mouth. He winced as she sucked hard, his foreskin pulled so far back that his cock head felt sore. He closed his eyes, trying to relax his body as she set about licking, sucking and stroking his cock.His mind started to replay what had just happened. He could still scarcely believe it. What an incredible girl. So confident, so sexy. He thought of Becky again, and how different she was. He looked at Amy’s tight body again, felt his body tense as she devoured his full length before gagging slightly and licking his cock head purposefully. He realised he didn’t even feel close to an orgasm and it surprised him. He didn’t usually last this long, and he especially couldn’t understand how he’d lasted so long fucking such a perfect body.Amy started to suck again, her hand gripping his shaft and wanking him with increased pace. She was working her mouth all over his cock, but the sensitivity of his tightly pulled foreskin meant it felt sore rather than pleasurable. He didn’t want to let on, so he closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and tried not to be too tense. He focussed on what she was doing, hoping he would cum but after several minutes he knew he wouldn’t orgasm this way.Amy seemed to be aware and she pulled her mouth off him and looked at him, a quizzical expression on her face. “Are you OK? Are you close to cumming?” she asked.Mickey forced a smile. “I…I’m fine. I think…I dunno…maybe you…ummm…drained me earlier,” he laughed meekly.Amy sat up, letting go of his cock. He decided to take the opportunity to reach down and, with a heavily concealed groan, pulled his foreskin back over his cock head. She looked at him with narrowed eyes, then a small grin formed on her face and she bit the corner of her lip. “Oh, I bet there’s still some in there,” she giggled, gently massaging his ball sac. She leaned down and spat on his cock, then her hand. She grinned at him as she rubbed her spit over his cock before straddling him againMickey gulped. Wow, she wants to fuck again, he thought. Amy slid forward, then reached her hand behind herself and took hold of his cock. Mickey felt helpless as he watched her lift herself up, then close her eyes. He felt his cock brush against her buttocks, then saw her body tense as she positioned herself, then he let out a low, long grunt as she pushed down onto him.Amy gritted her teeth, a look of pain on her face as she gasped. Mickey felt like his frenum was going to rip as he felt his foreskin peel back inside her. She stopped moving, and he realised she was panting heavily. His mind was reeling. Had she really just done that? Was he really in…no…no surely not. Not believing what his cock was telling him, he slid his hand forward and located her pussy with his fingers, confirming that his cock was not in that orifice. He gasped, and looked at her with an expression of bewilderment. Before he could say anything, she pushed herself down and he felt his cock being intensely squeezed by her anal passage.Amy kept her eyes closed, her teeth gritted and squealed as she pushed down again. “Oh fuck” she gasped.”Amy…w…what are you doing?” Mickey panted.