Mart 18, 2023

Secret Satisfaction

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This story is in 3 short parts.

The first written by me in an attempt to entice a girl who I’d long been attracted to. The second part was her response to my out of the blue suggestion, and the third my consolidation prior to meeting.

I would like to submit “what really happened” after all the anticipation later – would love your feedback.


As the plane landed Gini didn’t know what to expect, she didn’t even really know why she was here but she was sure it was part of her newfound lust for adventure in some way.

It was early summer but the hot air brushed her face as she descended onto the tarmac, her floral dress brushing like silk against her pale long legs as the sun was sinking.

As a confident beautiful woman there was no explanation for the butterflies in her tummy but it had been 3 years since she had last met James, and then it was in a dark intoxicating club with loud pulsing music and the rhythm of life that vodka and stimulants gives you, false confidence adding to the natural. Nothing had happened except the promise of possibilities – they’d talked about art, they were both with others.

James waved from the small terminal window; a tall, kindly looking man, slim with brown smiling eyes.

Gini felt he was rather underdressed for a guy who had invited her for the weekend.

They kissed on the cheek and he complimented her on her look. She took off her sunglasses, thanked him and smiled.

Waiting by the carousel they talked about her trip to Europe and the rushing urgency of the city of arts and music. This was different, two people out of context, being normal. Why was she here?

Comfort came as they talked, relaxing as they drove the coast road into town. It was beginning to get dark already but she’d seen enough to know that the area was beautiful, some orientation that you don’t get with night arrivals.

Dropping her luggage at his place James didn’t invite her in…

“Let’s go for a walk?”


“The beach – the moon will be up soon, it comes up over the water, bright orange.”

Gini accepted and they drove to the lookout and parked.

With the sun having gone a light breeze had picked up but it was still warm and the smell of the sea filled Gini’s senses and she realized again how she loved the ocean.

“Gorgeous” she said.

“You’ve missed the whales by a few weeks, there were loads this year, every day, and dolphins”. Gini glanced behind at the last of the dark blue sky and saw Venus, bright and large above the headland. An omen surely.

James, she thought, was he a bit too nice?

As they reached the rocks he took her hand and they steadied each other for the few metres to cross onto the sand. As their feet hit the softness the moon poked out its first crescent shape. James pulled out two glasses and a bottle of wine from a small backpack, and then a joint from his pocket and held them all up like a pirate’s bounty.

“Which do you fancy?” he said.

“I’m not much of a smoker but if we’re going to end up having both anyway we’d better have the joint first”.

“Good choice”.

James lit the joint and Gini noticed his familiar naughty looking grin had appeared as he handed it to her for the first go.

They sat and smoked and watched the moon rise lazily until it lit the water with its first red, orange then silvery glow.

“Come on lets walk.”

“What about the wine?”

“Later” he said.

Gini didn’t like being told what to do but feeling a light buzz she decided not to protest.

The sand was soft, still warm beneath her now bare feet.

Somehow it felt strange not to be walking hand in hand except that that would be too familiar, inappropriate, but Gini felt like she was being led and as they talked she bent to pick up a shell and glancing up she noticed James’ shoulders and wondered for a moment, a small thrill mixed with the cannabis warmth and she rubbed a hand across her tummy connecting with her femininity and turned it into a tummy scratch acıbadem escort to deny it when he turned around.

“Where are we going?”

“The dunes”.

The moon slid partially behind some cloud as they reached the rising of the dunes. The sand was cooler and paths led into them in several directions.

“Come on, there’s a cool place up here”.

They entered the brush and it got much darker. “Don’t worry your eyes will adjust”.

Gini knew what James was up to and she’d been off the plane barely over an hour. Isn’t this a little bit soon, and more than a little bit presumptive? But then again didn’t she know, really?

“Shall we open that bottle?” she said wondering if that might provide an eligible excuse to slow things down.

“It’s just up here”.

As they rounded a thicket of trees a small clearing appeared.

James turned,

“Close your eyes” he instructed.


“Close your eyes, you’ll like it”.

Gini closed her eyes and felt James come closer.

“I’m going to blindfold you, don’t be scared – if you don’t like anything say out clearly and I will stop”.

Gini’s heart began to quicken and a tinge ran from her solar plexus right around her core and settled at the base of her coccyx.

James took out a scarf, woolen and slightly scratchy. Not necessarily a details man, she thought, but nicely planned. He placed it gently around her eyes but then tied it firmly around the back of her head. He moved around behind her and stood close, barely touching.

“I’m going to walk you slowly, you’re safe, there’s no one here. We’re going to have some fun. I won’t talk anymore for a few minutes”.

Gini’s head was racing, why was she letting this man blindfold her, she hardly knew him, he could be anyone.


“Shhhh…It’s alright. All that’s going to happen is all that should happen”.

He led her now by the arm; with her sense restricted Gini could feel every grain of sand and the muffled sound of the now distant waves, the breeze made her breasts ache. A longing was arising and she felt a growing abandonment, a pulsing, she could feel her face flushing and her pussy gently pulsing.

Soon they stopped.

“Kneel down” and Gini knelt.

“Ok now gently put your hands down and lie flat on your back, don’t move I will be back in 5 minutes…..don’t take your blindfold off, relax”.

And with that she heard his footsteps squeak away and then go silent.

Ok now I’m scared, I’ll give it a minute, no more, she thought.

A minute passed, beneath her she could feel a blanket and beneath that the hard sand against her tensing body. She wriggled gently to become more comfortable and found the still warm sand moulding to her lithe shape. She squeezed her legs together.

Thoughts came rushing. She decided to embrace it, relax into it, he was sexy, it’s ok, it’ll be fun. Moments later her fear returned and then she heard his footfall.

He didn’t speak. Gini felt him take one of her hands and wrap something around the wrist, then the other and they were tied by her side – to what she didn’t know. Then her ankles were restrained.

She was now unable to move her arms or legs and it felt delicious, vulnerable. Something about the way he moved her whilst he did this reassured her. It was slow and caring but strong and deliberate. She now ached to be touched. Anywhere.

Lying there in the dark she felt his face near her ear.

“Gini, I’m going to make you come, would you like to come?”

She managed a weak “Yes” and realizing it was weak she thought she should say it again but didn’t.

He didn’t speak after that, no words just touches.

She felt his hand touch her fingers, tracing each one and then interlacing his with hers – a final reassurance.

Then a touch on the soul of her feet, then a touch on her left calf, the nape of her neck, the side of her stomach. Anticipating the next touch was excruciating and thrilling.

For akbatı escort some moments she felt his large warm hands massage her head, fingers all through her hair, down underneath the blindfold, nearly revealing the night sky once again. He brought a knee up to her side, the other between her thighs lightly touching above the knee and rising, Gini arched her back needing to be relieved, and wanting more. James touched the side of her face and lowered himself down to kiss her neck and as he did so he took her left breast in his hand and squeezed her nipple hard through her dress.

A jolt shot down to her clit and she released a deep sigh…..

Gini’s Reponse…

Gini felt his warm breath on her long neck and shuddered with delight. James was close enough now that she could smell his scent; a heady mix of sandalwood, tobacco leaf and waterfalls. She was still a little nervous but wanted to feel the moisture of his mouth, so turned her head to the side,¬ offering up her neck. James leant closer and closer, his lips just millimeters away from her skin. Grabbing her wrists, he felt her tense in anticipation; but the kiss never came. Just the dew of his breath, slow and deliberate like waves breaking the silence of the dunes.

Goosebumps ran down Gini’s arms and her hands curled into fists, so he tightened his grip and kept on breathing. Slowly, she began to relax absorbed in the simplicity of the sensation. In the moonlight, James could see a serene smile settle on her face as her anticipation dissipated. ‘I had nothing to worry about’ she thought, ‘he was just teasing and this is blissful’.

He watched her lay peacefully for a minute, then without warning, lowered the full weight of his body on to her, he roughly grabbed her hair and held her head firmly against the ground as he thrust his tongue inside her ear. Startled, Gini yelped, then groaned and writhed beneath him as he sucked and kissed her ear hard and relentlessly. “Oh no please stop; please stop” she quietly pleaded. It was too much, suddenly so loud and wet and pleasurable, it was almost painful. James felt her rhythm change and she started to tilt her hips up towards him as she continued to plead.

Through the smell of the perfume in her hair and the sea air he could detect that mystic cave like smell of wet pussy. His cock bulged in his jeans at the thought and he made sure she felt it, pressing hard against her thighs and groaning in her ear. She changed her plea to “please…please…” as he thrust his tongue deep over and over again.

‘I need to feel her flesh’ James thought, so he slipped the strap of her sundress down over one shoulder exposing her white breast and very erect nipple. He pulled her nipple out and squeezed it very hard breathed into her ear “Come for me. Now”. She straightened her long legs out, pointing her toes, arched up and threw her head back as she convulsed beneath him…

Later in the year they arranged to meet again at night in the city when Gini returned from Germany. The rest of that weekend had been blissful – sun, swimming and a lot of kissing but since they lived so far apart there had been no suggestion of continuing anything but the odd lustful communication or booty email.

But Gini had thought about it many times and not been able to match the surrendering with anyone since. It was just uncomplicated and raw, deeply erotic. Although she liked driving she loved being directed and it made her wet just to think of what was in store.

James had suggested dinner but they met at a habourside bar for sundowners and started talking. Gini found him intriguing, he wasn’t really an alpha type but had a confidence and she liked the way he carried himself – fun but not a clown. Serious but not distant. James had long thought of her as an obvious sensual beauty – there was a certain vulnerability there but of course he knew that she could, once her defences were down, become utterly wanton given permission.

They aksaray escort caught up acknowledging the chemistry and genuinely connecting, it was easy. After the second drink, some kind of bourbon based cocktail, the colours of the sunset mixed with the orange of the waterside lighting and the music was infiltrating Gini’s ears and making her hips sway involuntarily. The rhythm was loosening her and James already knew she was ready and that he could kiss her at any time.

Gini could feel her pupils dilating.

“I’m just going to the bathroom”

James hung back admiring the view and watched the people all at various stages of their own nights but knowing that none of them were likely to have such an ardent desire to make their partners come so hard later on.

Gini looked at herself in the mirror. She like what she saw.

Since being so unsure on the weekend visit as to why she was there this time she knew that she wanted him and was fine to speed things up. As she slipped into the stall and closed the door behind her she fell languidly back against the cool tiles, their coldness punching through to her skin beneath the flimsy outfit she had deemed properly inappropriate. Her heels spoke more class than slut but since she didn’t wear them often she always felt very sexy when she did. She hitched up her dress and slowly slipped her left hand straight into her panties and parted her pussy lips with her second and fourth finger – already knowing how wet she was she moved her middle finger in a slow circle over her clit lightly brushing it as she closed her eyes and pressed her mound hard with her palm.

She thought of James’ cock and how he’d enjoyed it being lubed and wanked hard and very slow, pulled downwards to stiffen his thickness. How she’d made him come on her breasts.

Gini leant there masturbating quietly, languidly, revelling in her femininity and her power. Without meaning to she let out a short “mmm” at the deliciousness of it all.

“Are you done in there” a voice chided from the otherside of the door.

“Just a minute”.

Gini flushed and quickly passed the girl who despite her voice was very attractive. Her head was as heavy with lust as her hips and thought she could even plant her tongue on the girl’s mouth – just to see her reaction, but instead she waltzed out floating.

“Enjoy yourself did you?”

“erm” a massive smile developed on Gini’s face.

“What would you like to do tonight Gini?” James posed the question that she thought wouldn’t need asking.

“What do you mean exactly?”

“Are you hungry?”

“Not especially”

“Then I’ll get another drink for us , what shall it be?”

“No, erm ….I mean… yes ok, yes – vodka though this time, vodka and ….. surprise me”.

Gini’s confidence in the flirty eyelash flutter ending belied her inability to reply to the question with an honest “I want to come like a train”. The music was louder now and when James returned Gini was feeling a little more bullish.

“When are you going to kiss me then?” she said almost hands on hip, fish wife style, defiant, challenging, offering.

James responded equally with “later” and smiled. “Cheers”. They clinked tall marble bottomed glasses and both took sips through the straws that expensive bars like to use with their double shots.

“I think these are some kind of chilli something or other, I didn’t quite catch it “.

James offered the plate of Asian parcels over and Gini took one and suggestively pressed it onto her lips.


“Yes James”

“Do you feel sexy, because you certainly look very sexy”

“Yes James”

“And do you trust me?”


“Do you know what a sybian is?”

“A what?”

“A sybian”


“If I told you it is a vibrator that you sit on and ride that has independent vibration and rotation, that it can make you come over and over so hard it will make your legs shake and your pussy gush and you won’t know what hole or even century you’ve been fucked in would that sound appealing to you?”


“I mean they look as ugly as fuck but you won’t care about that when you’re about to explode for the 3rd time and I’m sitting behind you holding you up, kissing your neck and squeezing you arse and rocking you on that machine – does that sound like something you’d like to try?”