Mart 18, 2023

Seducing a Ministers Young Wife Ch. 01

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Having just retired I found I had a lot of time on my hands without a plan on what to do with it. After a few months I had taken care of all the previously deferred maintenance around my home. With all the physical labor and taking my breaks by swimming in the community pool I had dropped 30 pounds and gone from pudgy to lean and defined. I wasn’t embarrassed anymore about taking my shirt off and getting a tan while puttering around outside. Since I lived at the end of a cul-de-sac, in a middle class neighborhood, most of my neighbors where away at work during the week anyway so there wasn’t anybody to see me. That changed for the better when the house next door was sold.

A large moving van showed up and in a flurry of activity in moved a couple with two college aged daughters. The realtor had told me the father was the new Minister for Mega Church about 10 miles from the house. One 18 year old daughter was enrolled in the local High School and her 19 year o;d sister was going to attend the local community college.

The girls like their father were gone most of every day. The wife appeared to be a stay at home mother who I only saw occasionally outside watering the flowers.

One day while I was working on the backyard I heard my doorbell ringing. Standing at the front door stood the Minister’s wife looking worried. She introduced herself as Jill and asked if I knew anything about Air Conditioning. Her external unit was making a noise and the air wasn’t cold.

I walked over to her house and looked at the unit, the belt was slipping and I went home and got some tools to adjust it. After about ten minutes I had it working again and cool air flowing into her house. She nervously thanked me and walked me to the door. As we were walking past a vent the cold air hit me and I realized I hadn’t pulled on a shirt. Just as we got to the door she laughed and said she was sorry about her manners but she hadn’t even asked me if I’d like an iced tea or soda after working in the hot sun. I was about to say no when I noticed how the cold air had affected her nipples under the loose blouse. I gave her my best smile and said I could really use a glass of tea. I followed her into the kitchen as she poured me a glass from a pitcher in the refrigerator.

As I watched her I noticed that with the light coming from the Kitchen window I could clearly make out the shape of her breast and her legs trough her blouse and ankle length skirt. She obviously didn’t know what I could see and I felt a little guilty taking advantage of the situation but that didn’t stop me enjoying the view. Normally her conservative clothes wouldn’t reveal much of her figure but with today’s heat she must have skipped the slip and bra to try and stay cool.

I took my time finishing the drink only to have her offer me another. All in all it was a pleasantly arousing 15 minutes chatting with her and enjoying what appeared to be a very tight little body. As I glanced around the room I saw her reflection in a mirror staring down at my crotch for a moment. As we walked to the front door I again looked at her nipples, they were much more pronounced and pushing hard against the shirt. As she closed her door I saw her eyes move down from my face and over my chest to rest on my crotch. As I walked down the driveway I took one more look back at the door and saw her peeking out the window next to it. I pretended not to see her and then reached down and adjusted my semi rigid cock to the left. She was still at the window when I went into my house.

I went directly into the downstairs bathroom and dropped my shorts to the floor grabbing my now erect cock and started stroking it in long intentional strokes. It only took a few minutes to cum as I thought about her body and all the possible ways we could atakent escort both enjoy this game. While she was the Ministers wife and on the outside very prim and proper she obviously had some unconscious desires that weren’t being met. This was promising to be wonderful retirement after all.

I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days when I ran into her at the mall while shopping with her daughters. She introduced Teri and Sheri to me as the miracle worker who got the AC to work. They both squealed and jumped up to give me a hug. They repeatedly thanked me saying that their Dad wouldn’t have fixed it for weeks and how thankful they were for the cold air.

Both girls were boiling over in energy and enthusiasm. They were about the same height and slender build as their mother. Apparently their Mom had taken them shopping to get new outfits so they could blend in with the other girls at school.

Teri was wearing hip hugger skinny jeans and tight white tee shirt, while her sister Sheri had on a short skirt and tank top. They looked like a million dollars with their outfits hugging to their bodies. They were classic California Girl Hotties and they were excited about it.

Jill on the other hand was again dressed in a ankle length skirt and boring blouse, conservative as a Minister’s wife is supposed to be. Although today she had her hair pulled back in a French Braid and some pink lipstick on. If she had on an outfit like her daughters she could have passed as their older sister.

I invited them to lunch at the “Lanai Deck Restaurant” which overlooked the ocean and the mall courtyard. During lunch I persuaded Jill to have a glass of Chablis with me. As soon as the girls could they begged Jill to let them run down to the Forever 21 store an pick out one more outfit each. When she said yes the bolted out of the restaurant and into the courtyard with her credit card. She laughed and apologized for their lack of good manners and then took another sip of wine.

I looked over her shoulder and watched as her daughters walked past the store and went straight into Victoria’s Secret. I smiled and had a quick flash on what they would be trying on and buying without their Mom to control them.

Jill and I talked pleasantly for 20 minutes as we finished off a second glass of wine. When her daughters came back we got up to leave and then Jill said she needed to use the ladies room, the girls decided to go with her an asked me to hold their bags for them. When they were out of sight I peeked into the bags and saw that they had bought some tiny thongs and matching push up bras as well as a string bikini and a blue Lycra one piece swimsuit.

As they came out of the bathroom and walked toward me I could feel an erection starting to come on. I noticed that as Jill walked with a little more sensual stride toward me and then her eyes drifted down to my crotch while a subtle smile touched her lips. As they walked away from me heading to their car Jill glanced over her shoulder and smiled at me. Then as she walked on I definitely noticed her hips where moving much more sexily than before. She glanced back one more time and waved.

As soon as they were gone I went in Nordstrom’s and found the men’s bathroom. I went into a stall and pulled out my engorged cock and began stroking its length while fantasizing about Jill and her daughters. I just knew there was something sexy going on there buried in her conservative looks. I came hard while wondering how Jill would look in one of the thong and pushup bra sets while wearing one of the girls short skirt outfits. I came a second time when I thought about Jill’s smile on her beautiful mouth. As I was cleaning myself up I started devising a plan to seduce her ataköy escort and to use all of her body to satisfy both of our needs.

On the following Tuesday when I saw Jill watering her yard I went outside heading past her house on my way to the pool. Stopping to chat for a moment I shared that I was going down to the pool to swim laps for 45 minutes. As we talked I pulled the towel from around my neck and watched her eyes drift over my body. I told her that I had dropped 30 pounds as a result of swimming three days a week. She mentioned that she had swam competitively in High School but hadn’t been in a pool since she got married. As we finished up chatting and I was starting to walk away I suggested that she should come down to the pool and swim some laps with me.

She giggled and said it had been so long she’d probably drown if she did.

I had been swimming 30 minutes or so when I heard the pool gate close. Stopping for a moment I looked up and there was Jill in a loose fitting peasant blouse and ankle length skirt. At first I was a little disappointed but then I saw she was carrying a beach towel. She walked over to where I had laid out my towel and spread hers on the lounge chair next to mine. I swam over to the edge of the pool where she was sitting and restarted our previous conversation. There was a little tension in the air and she seemed nervous as we chatted. I decided to break the ice and teased her about whether she could still swim or would I have to pull her out at the deep end of the pool. I also mentioned that nobody ever came to the pool on week days and making it easy for me the swim without me running them over. We both laughed.

She stood up and slipped her shoes off. As she started to push her skirt down she stopped and told me to turn around until she got in the pool. I turned away from her until I heard her bare feet approaching the water. Before she could get in I swung around and was amazed by her in the light blue one piece, her daughter had bought, it was molded to every curve of her slender body. She blushed a deep pink and she dove over my head and plunged into the water.

We swam for another 30 minutes before she was having difficulty trying to keep up. I stopped and we clung to the side of the pool catching our breath. I lifted myself up over the edge and heard her gasp as my butt cleared the pool’s edge. She hadn’t realized that I was wearing Speedos, I could feel her eyes glued to my backside as I walked to my towel. I slowly dried off my front and legs a I faced away from the pool, then I turned toward her. I gave her wide smile as I stretched the towel across my back knowing that my semi rigid dick was straining against the thin nylon suit. I laid back on the lounge chair and waited for her to climb out of the pool.

She asked me to turn around again but I said “NO WAY”. She grinned and started up the steps toward me. As she rose out of the water I had to catch my breath. The suit fit her like a second skin, showing every nuance of her body. Her nipples were aroused and prominent. They were as large as the tip of her little finger and stuck out about a half an inch. Once her hips cleared the water I could see that she was aroused as well. Her labia was clearly visible and swollen. But she was unaware of how sexy she looked, her entire focus was directed to looking at my rapidly swelling cock.

She walked towards me with that tantalizing sway and lay down on her lounge chair. As we started talking I began putting on sunscreen. I could see her watching as I spread it across my chest and thighs.

“Jill you should put some on too, you’ll get a burn out in this direct sunshine.”

“I forgot to bring it” she replied..

“Here use mine it’s atalar escort SPF 50 so you can stay out all day long. I made certain that our fingers toughed as I handed it to her. I could feel the electricity surge between us at that moment.

As she squeezed some out of the tube with her small hands she looked over at me. “Turn around now, it would be improper to let you watch. Please.”

I did for a few moments and then glancing out of the corner of my eye watched her rub tit into her abs and over her breasts. as she squeezed on more lotion you must have noticed I was watching. “Stop that you’re embarrassing me!”

I laughed. “Jill as petty as you are I’m sure you’ve gotten used to being admired.”

It was her turn to laugh , albeit a little nervously. “you are such a flirt. Nobody has ever said that to me. but thanks anyway for the overly generous compliment.”

Well they should have. You ae a beautiful woman and in the bathing suit you look like a Sport’s Illustrated Swim Suit Model!”

“Oh, stop that you silly.” Then she spread the lotion on her legs as I watched. She took her time rubbing her legs before laying back to enjoy the sun. She probably didn’t consciously know it but her body was clearly arouse. Her nipples were both at full attention and I could see that her labia were also swollen.

My cock was straining to get out as well. Just then we heard a maintenance ruck pull up behind the pool shed. Jill jumped up “I have to go! I can’t let those men see me like this.”

“It’s too late Jill I’m sue they already got a good look. Calm down. Just pull the towel around you and we’ll walk back to our homes. Don’t make it look like we got caught doing something wrong and they won’t even have a second thought about it.”

She did as I told her and then slowly gathered up her clothes.

Since my erection would be clearly viible I decided to be gallant and do the same things. No sense starting rumors about my pretty neighbor.

As we walked back she leaned over and said “Can they see anything?”

“Yep, a beautiful woman walking away.”

“Oh you are so incorrigible!” she said laughing attention to herself.

We walked around the corner and then up our cul-de-sac without seeing anyone. I told her that “No one was ever home on our street during the day so she could relax now.”

She took a deep breath standing a little taller. she let go of her death grip on her towel and it opened up to reveal the top of her bathing suit again. If anything her nipple we even more pronounced now.

Then as if something internal had turned on she pulled the towel from around her neck. Walking extremely confidently with that sexy sway of her hips she looked down at my erection an said “Can I come in for an Iced Tea?”

I opened the door for her and as she passed me she said “That was was so sexy! I thought I’d die!” Then even before I could close door she had dropped to he knees pulling my Speedos down. My cock popped up and pointed straight at her.

“Oh my word! That is huge!” Then looking up into my eyes “I can’t wait to have that in me! But first… ” And then she pulled the tip to her lips. running her tongue all around it. Kissing, licking and nipping all along the 10″ shaft. All the while looking into my eyes.

Finally she glanced down to look at it in her small little hands “Good I’ll have plenty to do here. Now FUCK ME!” Then looking back up at me she took the head into her mouth and slowly slid the whole cock down her throat, deep throating me like no woman had ever done to me before. It was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.

Her tongue was moving up and down my shaft as I began face fucking her with increasing speed. Her moaning was increasing and she climaxed just as I began cumming. As she came her lips and throat contracted spasmodically milking every bit of sperm out of my cock. Even as her body was collapsing to the floor, her mouth dragging me with her, Her hand keep squeezing my balls and she kept sucking until I was completely drained of my cum.

We lay on the floor gasping to catch our breath as we smiled at each other.