Mart 18, 2023

See What I See

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They had been in contact for almost six months, both married, both with children, his older than hers but then he was the elder of the two of them by almost 10 years.

It had taken a lot of work on his part to break through her barriers, his alarm bells ringing when they first made contact through a chat room online. Her continued refusal to let him see what she looked like made him think that she was one of the many fakes that he knew were about. The actual explanation was far simpler, she was a big girl. He loved BBWs and became almost obsessive about seeing her until finally, she had caved in and sent him an everyday picture of her with her son.

The first thing he did was to ask why she was so reticent to send her picture to him. She replied that she did not know. She just did not like people to see how big she was.

He sat at his computer and shook his head in disbelief as he red the words coming up on the screen. He told her that he she was very pretty and he would love to see more of her. She replied with her customary ‘LOL’ and said she could not understand why. He replied that he found big women extremely sexy and just loved to see all the curves and contours, the ripples as a big woman moved, he stopped in mid sentence unable to voice how he felt any longer, words muddled, unable to be typed.

Looking at the words on the screen she felt moved to make a promise. ‘I promise to take an up to date photo for you’ she typed. ‘Thank you’ came the reply and the conversation continued until it was time to return to their respective normalities. PC shut down, she sat back and reflected on her promise, it was so long since any photos had been taken of her by anyone. Before her marriage she had never been this shy, she had been fun loving, sexually experimenting, enjoying life and lovers alike. Now she hated attention, never felt comfortable with her body anymore, never wanting it to have that attention, although she did crave affection.

The following morning after the family had been delivered to both work and school, she set up her camera and started to take photos. A sudden fit of pique washed over her and she thought, well if he wants photos, he can have them. She took them from every conceivable angle of every part of her body. Transferring them to her PC, she sat and waited for him to appear, knowing he would as soon as he could manage it.

Around her, her housework became neglected as she became infatuated with the words coming from the other end of the screen. Complimentary, flattering, attentive, caring. She mentally chastised herself for believing them all, she had been caught out before. What made him so different? She had no idea but she was becoming more and more convinced that he was genuine, that bit by bit she could trust him. Give him information about herself while protecting her family at the same time.

She smiled as a new message box appeared on the screen. ‘Good morning’ the message read. She replied, ‘Good morning, I have something for you’ and sent it through to him. ‘Oh yes?’ came back his reply. She typed no more and just simply sent the first picture. He accepted and downloaded it then opened it on his monitor. She sat at the other end, biting her lip, waiting to hear, convinced that he would take one look at the picture and not want to talk to her anymore.

‘Oh bloody hell woman, you are stunning.’ She read the words in disbelief and answered gingerly ‘Erm, thank you.’ ‘Do you have more?’ he asked. ‘Yes I do, what did you want to see?’ she asked emboldened. ‘Anything, EVERYthing’ he answered and she sent the 20 photographs she had taken for him, one by one. Each one elicited exclamations of pleasure from him. As she sent the last one she also sent the text ‘thats it’. He accepted the photo and looked at it. With a deep sigh he sat back and looked at the photographs of her spread across his screen. ‘Thank you’ he typed. She simply sent back an embarrassed emote.

He jumped on it straight away. ‘Don’t ever be embarrassed about yourself, you are beautiful.’ He typed. She sat looked at her screen, reading as tears ran down her face. No one ever called her beautiful, she didn’t think she was, she was not even pretty in her eyes, any prettiness was hidden behind years and layers of fat. Any sign of prettiness had gone with the child as far as she was concerned.

‘There is one photo I would still like to see’ he typed. ‘Oh yes?’ she answered. ‘Your full body, naked.’ She sat and looked at the screen unable to comprehend why someone, anyone would actually want to see her with no clothes on. Admittedly her husband never said anything but then it wasn’t something he had ever commented on. ‘Well I did take one, but its horrible.’ She sent.

‘Please may I see?’ he asked. She sat with tears running down her face, convinced he would find excuses as she sent the picture to him. The download finished and she sat in silence waiting. ‘HOW can you ever believe you are not beautiful?’ He typed onto the screen. ‘Oh god woman, the fold of your belly…..’ closely followed by ‘I want to kiss it!’ She laughed loudly taken back by the suddenness of the written words. ‘Why on EARTH would you want to kiss THAT??’ she ataşehir escort asked.

‘Because it is truly beautiful, don’t you see that?’ he replied. ‘No, all I see is ugly, fat and rolling, how on earth can that be beautiful?’ He sat reading his screen shaking his head in disbelief unable to understand why she did not think the same as him, why she had such a low view of herself. ‘Well I certainly don’t see the beauty that you profess to see.’ She finished.

‘You beautiful woman, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. To me, everything about you is beautiful and stunning. What do you see when you look at yourself? From top to bottom, describe you.’ He sent the message, sat back and waited, not entirely sure she would answer.

‘Grey hair, nice eyes, small nose, full lips. Double, TREBLE, chin, saggy tits, massive belly. My arse is OK, quite a good shape, tea tray arse lol. Thick thighs, fat knees, solid calves and big feet. Thats me.’ She sent it and went and made a drink while she waited for him to answer. When she returned she found he had sent the following.

‘Grey hair, aren’t we all? Cum-fuck-me-eyes, button nose, so cute, kissable lips Mmmmm. Double chin, lovely, kissable, saggy tits, means they’re real. Massive belly, yes its big but would lose myself happily in it. God your arse is magnificent, I would never stop grabbing it, the shape is wonderful. Big thighs, wrap them around me one day? I want to kiss your knees and slide my hands down your calves. Toes, can I suck them? THATS you. Beautiful, compact, stunning, pretty. I would love to get my hands on you.’

As she finished reading, another message popped up, ‘Are you there? Is everything ok?’ ‘Yes’ she typed, ‘I am simply lost for words.’ He sat and watched the words come up on the screen, then, taking a deep breath, took the plunge. ‘Can I possibly phone you at some point?’ he asked. She sat and looked at the words on the screen, wanting to say yes but so afraid that it would compromise everything, break all her rules not to get involved, not to risk home life.

‘Maybe one day.’ She had answered and he had accepted the answer with good grace. It had taken another six weeks to pluck up the courage to give him her mobile number and that first conversation had been short but amicable. A week later, he was phoning her at home, hours spent in conversation and wishes, her photos to him becoming both more frequent and more daring until one day she shot a short video of herself naked. He could not see her face in it, she could not deal with that yet and she waited, barely able to breathe as he downloaded it onto his computer. ‘May I?’ he asked, ‘Of course’ she replied and 30 seconds later, the phone rang.

“Hello you,” she said, “What did you think?”

“I am about to watch it,” he replied.

She sat in silence waiting.

“Oh fuck you are beautiful,” he breathed, “fuck look at that beautiful belly, god you are stunning.”

She giggled nervously, “No I am not, I am just me.”

“No, I am going to repeat myself. You ARE beautiful.” He sighed, obviously still watching it. “My god look at that arse, can I smack it?”

She laughed loudly, “If you want.”

The video finished and he took a deep breath.

“Thank you. I mean it, I think I know how hard that must have been, so Thank You.” He said.

The voice on the other end of the phone was silent. He knew she was still there, he could hear her breathing.

“No, thank you,” she whispered. “I don’t see what you see and I know you mean it so thank you.”

He sighed, he had lost count of the number of times they had had this conversation, he spent so much time boosting her confidence, telling her exactly how he saw her, wishing that she could look in the mirror and see the beautiful, sexy woman that she was.

“You are more than welcome,” he finally answered.

Their conversation continued, the usual wishes and dreams, thoughts and words, until it came to the point where he was making her sigh. Sighs turned to moans as he spoke, her eyes shut, her free hand between her large thighs, fingers playing with her clit, concentrating on him, his words, his descriptions, his ability to make her so wet without even touching her.

“I have to meet you, we have to find a way.” He said, listening to her breathing on the line.

“I know, but I have no idea how, leave it with me, I will think about it.” She replied breathlessly.

Their conversation returned to everyday things until she had to leave for the school run, their day together finished again.

A week later she broke the news that she had found a way of meeting him, spending the night if he was able to arrange something. He greeted the news with equal excitement, determined to find a way. They discussed dates and decided on two days, six weeks into the future.

The next six weeks was filled with plans, excitement, finding a hotel between the two of them, deciding that they were going to push the boat out and pay as much as it took, both wanting to make it as special as they could, neither of them having any idea if they would get the chance again.

The morning avcılar escort of the meeting finally came around and she put her bag in the car. Hugging her son she told him with a hint of guilt that she would be back tomorrow, kissed her husband and told him she would phone when she arrived. Getting in the car, she drove off towards her liason.

Three hours later she arrived. A remote hotel, expensive, high standard. She was glad she had made an extra effort with her appearance. Pulling up into the car park she sent him a text. ‘I’m here.’ Thirty seconds later his reply came back. ‘I know, I’m watching you lol.’ She read it, smiled and got out of the car looking around. He walked out from behind his car with a massive smile on his face.

He walked to her, held her face in his hands and kissed her.

“Hello babe.” He said.

She opened her eyes slowly and sighed, “Hello love,” she replied, “Its good to see you.”

“Oh believe me,” he said, “Its VERY good to see you.” He took her bag and her hand, “Come on beautiful, I’ve checked in already.”

“Oh OK.” She said and let herself be led by him into the hotel foyer.

He took her to their room and opened the door, taking her in and putting her bag on the bed. Turning around to face her he found her standing looking down at the floor. He put his hands gently on her arms and found that she was trembling. Not saying a word he simply gathered her in his arms and held her until she stopped.

She took a deep breath and looked up.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

He smiled and kissed her again, her arms came up and around his neck, their tongues finding each other, his hands travelling over her, sliding over her large, soft, pliable body, moving under her top to rest on her warm skin.

He moaned in their kiss as he touched her, his hands resting for a moment before starting to roam over her back, fingertips barely touching her, following the contours of the folds down her back, moving up to the clips of her bra. He undid it and ran his fingers down her spine from top to bottom, making her moan and shiver.

She pulled away breathlessly and looked at him, his hands on her hip, he studied her face, leaning in to kiss the top of her nose and her eyes. She giggled as he looked into them.

“I want you.” He whispered.

“Take me then.” She replied.

He kissed her on the lips briefly before moving to her neck and ears. She sighed and rested her hands across his shoulders and back, as he moved around her face and neck, kissing her double chin again and again, her soft skin wobbling as he did, he knew he would never get enough of this womans body. Moving down her neck, he kissed all the flesh that was on show, immediately wanting to expose more.

Taking hold of her top he pulled it over her head and slid her undone bra down over her arms, exposing her entire top half to him. Bending slightly he kissed the top of each breast before moving to put her clothes on the chair. He turned, pulling his tie off and opening his top button as he made his way back towards her. She stood with her arms crossed, hiding herself as she watched him. He shook his head,

“Put your arms down,” he said, “let me see you.”

She dropped her arms and he drew his breath in deeply, his hands coming up to cup her large breasts gently, finger and thumb on each hand brushing gently over the nipple. She drew her breath in and watched him as he lifted a breast to his lips. His tongue snaking out and circling her nipple, making her breath shudder as he left it wet and then blew on it, before sucking it between his lips, his teeth gently nipping, rolling it from side to side. Her eyes shut slowly and she melted into his care, one hand placed ever so gently on the back of his head, holding him to her.

He moved from one breast to the other while his hands now on her hips moved to the waistband of her skirt. Sliding his hands inside it he slid it over her wide, ample hips and arse, letting it fall to the floor in a puddle. It left her standing in her sheer black French knickers, especially chosen for him. He drew in his breath as he stepped back to look at her.

“Oh sweet jesus, you fucking little bitch,” he said to her as he looked at her and moved back in.

His hands moved as he kissed her hard, one in her hair, tightening, the other on her arse, pulling her in. She could feel his hard cock against her through his trousers, her hands moving to undo his shirt, wanting him as exposed as her, to feel his skin on hers, his hardness against her.

He started to push his hand into the waistband of her French knickers then changed his mind and simply slid the frilly edge of the leg up to give him access to her full, round, big arse. She was right, she did have a tea-tray backside, curved cheeks, giving it perfect shape, not saggy in anyway, the top of it curving into a shelf, giving rise to the term tea-tray, you could rest one there with no problem. His fingers followed the curve from the crack of her bum to her hip, soft and pliable, begging to be grabbed, begging to be held. He wanted to do nothing more than to rip them off her, avrupa yakası escort leave her totally bare, for him to admire, to love, to get lost in.

Unable to wait any longer he stepped back.

“Get on the bed? Please?” he asked, his voice rough with need and lust.

She nodded and made her way towards the bed. As she went to sit on it he stopped her.

“Please, for me, naked.” He said horsely.

She stood and removed the knickers, showing her shaven mound as she got onto the bed, pulling the blanket over her. She sat and watched as he undressed, finally standing naked, his cock proud as he watched her. He walked around the bed and got in next to her, leaning over he kissed her.

“Lie down,” he said.

He lay first and she immediately knew the position she should lay in. Curling up with her back to him, her ample backside nestled into him. They lay cupped together, his hand resting on her breast, his cock nestled between the cheeks of her arse as he kissed her neck, lying together, simply drinking each other in, months and weeks being condensed into minutes and seconds until she finally rolled sideways and looked at him. Wordlessly he kissed her, his hands starting to roam once more, touching every part of her body, every inch. Her wide upper arms, her forearms, across to her stomach, tracing circles as he moved over it, dipping into her belly button briefly, making her giggle, then tracing a line down to the underside of her stomach, the stomach she hated so much.

Unable to contain himself any longer, he threw the covers back and started to move down her body, kissing his way across the expanse of her stomach, his tongue dipping into her belly button as his fingers had done before, following the lines of his fingers down to her belly, the underside of it, lifting it, the overhang of it that he loved seeing on the pictures he had, kissing under it, he saw that her hands had balled into fists. Taking note but no notice he continued to kiss her body, across her mound to her large, warm thighs, down her legs and over her knees to her feet, kissing her toes before sucking her big toe. Her reaction was instant, she jerked her foot away and he ducked fast laughing.

Putting her leg back down towards the bed she glared at him.

“Don’t,” was all she said.

He grinned but did not try again, bending to kiss her ankles. She flinched slightly but did not try to kick him, keeping one foot flat on the bed, her knee raised, he took the opportunity to kiss back up her leg, inside her knee. As he reached it he gently pushed it down towards the bed, parting her thighs slightly and allowing his fingers to slowly travel up her inner thigh to her lips.

She moaned softly and opened them, allowing him in. Sighing deeply he moved between her legs and slid one hand underneath each thigh, lifting them, feeling the heaviness of them, the softness as he wrapped one arm around each, the weight comforting on his shoulders. He lowered his face to her and kissed her lips gently, before sucking one of them into his mouth, taking her juices from it, his tongue teasing her full lips one by one. Taken in by his goal, he wanted to ensure that this beautiful, big woman was totally satisfied and came time and time again, until her orgasms shook her to the core, until she begged him to cease.

Teasing her he worked, his tongue very slowly moving up her lips to lick around the hood of her clit and back down again, savouring her juices, working down to her hole, not touching her clit simply dipping in now and again to take her, finally reaching her hole. He tasted her, his tongue lapping deeply as her hands gripped the covers and she squirmed under him. Her moans becoming more earnest as he became more intense in his work, her large thighs pressing against his head.

Moving one of his arms from around her thigh, he slid a finger down across the hood of her clit, stopping his tongue for a split second as his finger travelled down. Reaching his goal, he dipped his finger and drew it out again listening to her as she moaned in satisfaction feeling her tight hole filled. Encouraged, he slid two fingers in and slowly started to move them. Her hips moved in time over him, bearing down on his fingers as he pushed them deep into her, his tongue still concentrating on teasing her clit. Her thighs wobbled as they worked together bringing her closer to her orgasm, her stomach rolled above him, swaying from side to side and he raised his head to watch the motion of it as she moved, ripping in waves across her body, her breasts moving in the opposite direction, such was the momentum of her body.

He leant forward and kissed her stomach, so very beautiful with a life of its own, as she continued to bear down on his fingers, his speed picking up as he felt the walls of her cunt tighten around them, massaging them, pulling them in, preparing them for her orgasm, her moans turning to a myriad of sounds, each unique to her. Her hands moving about until one rested gently but firmly on his head as he continued to kiss her stomach, her other arm going above her head, fingers gripping the pillow. He watched as her arm moved, watching it swing as it performed an arc above her head. Her orgasm broke and her hips lifted, her magnificent arse leaving the bed as it washed over her, making her entire body shudder. He moved his head quickly and kissed her inner thighs, savouring the taste as he left a trail of wet kises over both, his fingers slowing as it subsided, his tongue moving in circles towards her cunt once more.