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Senior Year Memories Ch. 08

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Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun, I swear.

Author’s Note: I just want to give a special shout-out to all the fans out there who’ve taken the time to offer feedback on this series. This was originally just a fun idea I wanted to write because I’ve wanted to do something on Literotica forever, but I wasn’t expecting this kind of awesome response. Thank you for all your kind words, encouragement and criticism. I take your comments to heart and have already started working on instituting some of the better ideas I’ve received for down the line. I can’t promise that every idea I receive will be instituted, but if there’s something you want to see, let me know and it will be considered!


Previously, on Senior Year Memories: After having sex with his best friend, Tori, nerdy 18-year-old Ryan Collins has agreed to keep their relationship casual and uncomplicated, even though he’s not sure he fully agrees. Even so, the year moves on as planning has begun for Regan Hills High School’s annual Halloween Scream event. The school newspaper has agreed to host a haunted house, and editor Nadia Barclay has enlisted Ryan and goth photographer Josie Wong to use their mutual knowledge of horror to help plan their house and beat all the other school clubs, with plans to use Ryan’s sexual prowess to convince certain school artisans to their side. While scouting out the abandoned bungalow they’re set to make the haunted house in, Josie and Ryan get to know each other and have some hot anal sex. Looks like it’ll be an interesting Halloween season!


When I first joined the Puma Press, I thought that my duties would be like anyone else’s on an average school newspaper: writing, researching, editing, and repeating the process while building my skills and helping our editor, Nadia’s, vision of winning some awards by the end of the year. With my best friend, Tori, already writing for the paper, it’d be a fun way to pass the time while still getting some good-looking extracurricular points that’d look good when I got around to applying for college. I knew it’d be a commitment, but it’d be a commitment whose parameters I could’ve predicted.

I didn’t see the Halloween Scream, Regan Hills High School’s annual Halloween carnival, coming.

I didn’t see Nadia volunteering for the Puma Press to set up a haunted house in one of our school’s abandoned bungalows, and I sure as hell didn’t see her putting me as one of the people in charge of getting the haunt set up. That I’d been teamed up with Josie Wong was great, because she was damned smart, was fun to be around and talk with, really loved horror and was really into anal, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that we’d been dropped into the deep end.

Especially since Nadia considered me her “secret weapon” for making sure we’d have the best house at the Scream. She’d made it clear that she intended to send me out to have sex with anyone whose skills might be useful for the success of our haunted house, which when combined with me having a leadership position on this project, meant there was a lot of pressure on me.

So, yeah, I was stressed. I may have even freaked out once or twice when I was alone, but in the end, I calmed myself. I was going to be graduating this year, and I sure as shit would have to learn how to deal with responsibility after that. I could freak out every once in a while about the haunt, but I’d have to pull myself together and get shit done.

After all, people were counting on me.

More impressively, people I actually liked were counting on me. That was a strange, new situation to be in, but one I didn’t mean to disappoint on.

Nadia hadn’t given me one of my “special assignments” yet, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t work to still be done. When we weren’t screwing each others’ brains out, Josie and I had come up with a good checklist of tasks that needed to be accomplished, not the least of which was emptying out the mess of crap stored in our bungalow that our school had forgotten over the years.

Given that that stuff was all school property, if forgotten school property, it wasn’t like we could just throw it away, but that didn’t change that we had to do something about it if we wanted to actually accomplish anything in the bungalow.

It came upon me that fixing this might be one of those “it’s not what you know, but who you know” sorts of situations, and that there was a good chance I actually did know someone who could help us with this problem. It was just a matter of seeing how good my networking skills were.


“Ryan, it’s good to see you, come in, come in!” Mrs. Lynn said, waving me into her empty classroom. She didn’t get up from her desk, but even from where I was, I could bahçeşehir escort see her face light up the room. Today she wore a pale violet short-sleeved dress, that looked every bit as professional as it did sexy on her. It was tight enough in the right places to show off her amazingly large tits and big, round ass. Shortly bobbed blonde hair framed her pretty face with its beautiful smile and sparkling eyes barely restrained by her stylish glasses.

I stepped into the empty classroom and closed the door behind me. She said, “Please, Ryan, would you lock the door?”

I knew what that meant. My cock knew what that meant. Thankfully, we were both in agreement on this subject.

I hadn’t come here planning for sex, because I really did just want to ask Mrs. Lynn this as a favor from the only faculty member I really knew, but I was hoping sex might happen, too because… well, it was Mrs. Lynn.

I turned to lock the door. I’d barely turned back to her before hearing her bounding across the room for me, her heels clicking rapidly as she closed the distance between us. I dropped my backpack.

I’m not sure if our lips or our bodies collided first, and I didn’t really care at the time because rubbing against Mrs. Lynn’s luscious curves beneath such a flimsy dress while we embraced and made out had to be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Not as great a pleasure as doing that last part naked, but still really high up there.

“I was wondering when I’d see you like this again,” Mrs. Lynn said.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy,” I said.

“I know,” she said, kissing me possessively. “Fucking more high school sluts and taking on assholes like Kyle Bowman, right?”

“You know about that?” I asked, confused, scared, and a little impressed, actually.

“Believe it or not, teachers know pretty much everything that’s going on around here, and believe it or not, we usually don’t give a shit,” Mrs. Lynn said, fumbling for my zipper as my hands found her tits. This explanation, combined with her enthusiasm in finding my cock, set me at ease about her knowing what I did to Kyle enough to enjoy what we were doing.

“Well, that’s good,” I said, enjoying her soft moans as I felt her nipples harden through the fabric of her dress as I palmed her tits. She successfully undid my belt and unzipped my pants, reaching inside and pulling out my ten-inch-long, very thick cock. The mere thought of being in the same room as Mrs. Lynn, given our history, was enough to get it rock hard. That it was already dripping precum enough to make her jacking it feel so good was just a nice bonus.

“Wait, wait, please, I know we’re about to do something really great, but I came here to ask for some help, and if we get started, I’m gonna forget, and I don’t wanna forget because this is really important to a lot of people,” I said quickly, doing a pretty admirable job of ignoring the really great way she was playing with my balls and the even better handjob she was giving me.

“Ask away, but I need this cock and I need it now, it’s been too fucking long for me,” Mrs. Lynn said, getting down on her knees. With hungry eyes, she leaned in toward my cock, licking her lips before taking the head between them. She sucked on it hungrily, moaning and grabbing at her tits, pulling her dress down to expose those massive, beautiful breasts to me.

“Oh, fuck,” I grunted as she started sucking on my cock in earnest, bobbing up and down on it while she pinched her nipples. I forgot how good a cocksucker she was, and it wasn’t something I meant to forget again. I ran my fingers through her hair, grabbed a good handful and began to fuck her face.

On one outstroke, she pulled away from my cock and said, “Didn’t you want to ask me a favor?”

She blinked up at me prettily, and I suddenly understood that if I wanted her to continue, I needed to get on with the favor.

“Okay,” I said, glad that she took me back into her mouth and started sucking vigorously, not that it made focusing any easier. “So, I, uh, wow, okay, wow, fuck you suck cock good… sorry, right, fuck, okay, so, I’m on the Puma Press, and we’re, right there, good, fuck, we’re gonna be hosting a haunted house for this year’s Halloween Scream, but the bungalow we’re in is full of junk the school left, oh god, oh god, fuck, and, and we need approval from faculty to do anything with it, but Mr. Hopkins isn’t any help, so, fuuuuuuck, fuck, I wanted to see if, if there was any way you or anyone you knew could help?”

My last words came out really fast because if I didn’t get them out fast, they’d have been overtaken by a wave of moans. Mrs. Lynn, though, knew what she was doing and didn’t let up even once. Strings of drool and precum streaked down her neck and onto her amazing tits, making her nipples glisten. As I finished, she took my cock from her mouth and slowly jacked it while she thought what I said over. Then she stood up, purposefully walking toward a specific student’s desk in the middle bakırköy escort of the room.

“Come on over here and let’s discuss your problem. I really want you to eat my pussy over Chloe Marcus’ desk; that little know-it-all bitch’s getting on my last nerve like you wouldn’t believe,” Mrs. Lynn said, pulling up her skirt over her ripe, perfect ass with one hand, lowering her panties with the other. I didn’t really have strong opinions on Chloe Marcus one way or another, but when Mrs. Lynn was spreading her legs, showing off her dripping, inviting pussy that looked every bit as delicious as I knew it was, I could’ve had whatever opinions she wanted me to.

I crawled over to her, closing my mouth over her delicious pussy and licking her up and down, running tight little circles over her clit with my tongue. Mrs. Lynn cooed, then letting out a pent-up, deep moan.

“Oh, fuck, I’ve missed this,” she said.

I’d missed it too, but with a mouth full of Mrs. Lynn’s pussy, I wasn’t able to repeat her sentiment. I was, however, able to deeply enjoy her taste, the folds of her flesh and the moans she made as I ate and fingered her pussy. She clearly enjoyed it too, the way her moans rose higher, but after getting used to my mouth again, she seemed to remember why I’d come here in the first place.

“So, I understand your, -goooooooooddd, fuuuuuuuck!- problem, and I think I can help. Administration’s, yes, right there, been talking about clearing those out for ages. I think they wanted to forget, keep going, keep going, yeesssssss… forget about what was in there, but let me push that up the line, see what I can find out. If they say junk it, you’ll need to clean it on your own, but, you’ll have done the school a favor…” she said, trailing off into a moan. Lustfully, Mrs. Lynn grabbed the back of my head and forced it into her pussy. I took her meaning and dove in even more intensely, fucking her with my tongue and fingers until she pounded onto the desk, cumming on my chin with a loud cry.

“Oooh, fuck, that was nice,” she said on shaky legs. I continued softly licking her juices from her thighs and lips while she shuddered, trying to stay on her feet.

“So, does that sound like a serviceable plan?” Mrs. Lynn asked, pushing my face away from her pussy.

“Sounds fine,” I said, licking my lips. Mrs. Lynn, smiled, biting her lip at the image.

“Good. Now that we’re in agreement, why don’t you stand up and fuck me?” she said.

Being that that was exactly what I wanted at the moment, I had no problem standing up behind her, lining my rock-hard cock up with her soaked pussy. Sliding into that warm, welcoming cunt, I was starting to think this whole “setting up a haunted house” thing wasn’t going to be so hard after all.


“SON OF A BITCH!” I yelled as the desk slipped from my grip and landed with full force on my foot. I won’t say the pain was crippling, but it sure as shit felt that way as I grabbed my crunched foot and fell on my back. Despite a few of my colleagues from the Puma Press laughing at my pain, most were too focused on moving other odds and ends pieces of furniture and other junk out of our bungalow to care much about what was happening with their new writer.

Josie, dressed in faded jeans and a dark hoodie that could barely restrain her tits (far more practical attire than what she’d usually be caught dead wearing, but with it being a special moving day, it made sense) knelt down beside me.

“God, I could so sit on your face right now, it’s not even funny,” she said.

“My foot really fucking hurts, you know,” I said.

“Doesn’t matter, you just look so inviting down there like that,” Josie teased, rocking her hips tauntingly.

“There’s worse ways you could spend your time,” Tori said, strolling up beside us.

“Oh, believe me, I know,” Josie said.

“Do you, now?” Tori said with a raised eyebrow. She’d tied all of her massive mess of curly red hair back with a tie-dyed bandanna today, but otherwise was dressed in her usual overalls and long-sleeved shirt. Even with my foot in agony, the two of them looking down at me together were undeniably enticing and a little frightening, mostly because we hadn’t really exchanged notes on what’d happened between all three of us.

“Yup,” Josie said, smiling cutely. Tori considered her for a while, and I considered what it would feel like if Tori chose this exact moment to kill me. She’d said she wanted to keep things casual between us after our Homecoming “party”, but I’d hoped I’d have longer than this to put that to the test, especially with Josie and Tori being friends.

Tori smiled, held out her hand to Josie. Josie slapped it playfully.

“Nice,” Tori said.

“You don’t know the half of it. Oh, wait, you do, don’t you?” Josie replied.

“Oh yeah,” Tori said.

“While I’m glad you two are having a good time exchanging notes and high-fiving and all that, I’m still in quite a bit of pain down here,” I said.

“He başakşehir escort always complain this much?” Josie asked.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Tori laughed.

“Fuck you, and fuck you,” I joked, flipping each of them the bird. Tori rolled her eyes and Josie giggled, but each of them took one of my hands and helped me to my feet. They gave me shit and I gave it back, because that’s what friends did.


Was that what Josie and I were? I didn’t set out to become friends with her, especially given our main introduction to each other this year. I knew we had good sexual chemistry, both loved horror movies, and she was a blast to work with on this haunted house project, but was it possible we really were becoming friends? Could we actually get to know and like each other outside of these crazy circumstances? I liked to think so. It would’ve felt good being friends with her, I thought, even when we weren’t savagely fucking (not that that wasn’t fun).

They helped me hobble to my feet. Tori asked, “How is it? Anything feel broken? Can you put pressure on it?”

I tested the foot, and though spikes of hot fire shot up my leg, it didn’t feel that bad. It still hurt like a bitch, but it could’ve been worse.

“I don’t think it’s broken, but putting weight on it doesn’t feel fun,” I said, sitting back down at the very desk I’d dropped at my foot.

“I told you you should’ve worn gloves,” Josie said.

“You should’ve listened to her,” Tori replied, showing off her own gloves.

“Come on, this sucks; I’m in pain and you guys are double-teaming me?” I asked, knowing I’d used the wrong words right after it slipped from my mouth. Before the two of them could share their smirks and come up with something pithy to say, I quickly added, “And yes, I realize what I said, and no, I didn’t mean sex-like or to imply anything of the kind, I just meant-“

“We know what you meant,” Tori said.

Josie crossed her arms under her very nice tits, “And there you went, having to take all the fun out of this.”

“Yeah, I was coming up with some pretty good lines,” Tori pouted.

“Me too!” Josie exclaimed. “What angle were you taking?”

“I was gonna go with something like, ‘well, we’ve never done it before, but I was considering doing it with you if you didn’t act like such a little bitch,’ but, you know, more flowery,” Tori said.

“Not bad, but we kinda have, so, that wouldn’t really work,” Josie said.

“We have?” Tori said.

“That time we fingered each other a bit at Maxine Newland’s party? You were really high at the time,” Josie said.

“I must’ve been, otherwise I’d have remembered it,” Tori admitted.

“For as high as you were, you were pretty good,” Josie said.

“Awww, thanks!” Tori said.

“Not that the image of you two finger-banging each other isn’t amazing and something I’d like to hear about in incredibly graphic detail, my foot still hurts like hell. Could I ask one of you to see if the nurse’s office is still open and get me an ice pack?” I asked.

“Sure,” Tori said, starting to walk away. Quickly, she turned back to me and gave me a swift yet strong hug. “Be careful, alright? I’ve started to get a little attached to you.”

Turning back, she ran off for the nurse’s office. Josie looked down at me for a moment, thinking, before grabbing a chair and pulling up beside me. Even though it forced her into the sun, something I knew she hated, she pulled her hood up over her head and pulled in close to me.

“I’ve worked my sweet little ass off enough that I think I’ve earned a break,” she said.

“Your ass ain’t that little,” I joked.

“Yeah, and that’s how you like it, isn’t it?” Josie asked.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

I was glad she decided to take a break with me. Though tiny, she was a workhorse who barely broke a sweat through all of this; I knew she just wanted to hang out with me, and that warmed my heart in that confusing way that told me that, yeah, we were friends now.

“So,” I said, looking for any topic to latch onto and then settling on the easiest, “it’s looking pretty good in there, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. And I think we’ll probably be able to use some of those foam pads and filing cabinets, repurpose them to fit the theme and save us some carrying,” she said.

“Nice,” I said. We’d held a vote among the Puma Press earlier in the week on a theme, and with the top two choices tied between “Something with clowns” and “Lunatic Asylum”, we just decided to split the difference and settle on the “Clown Asylum” theme. It was hardly the most original, but with what little time we had, it felt a fair compromise. Thinking about what she said, I had to admit she was right; we could make a fair simulation of a padded room with some of the foam we had (the cleaner bits Josie and I hadn’t fucked on), and there was bound to be something hospital-y that we could do with the filing cabinets.

That we’d already gotten most of it cleared out after getting the go-ahead from the administration this morning boded well for us, especially since I’d only had my “chat” with Mrs. Lynn yesterday. We’d spent much of this afternoon carting the old furniture and other junk out to the school dumpsters by hand, all sixteen of us from the Puma Press and even a little help from Mr. Hopkins, our faculty advisor, and the janitors, though most of the real heavy lifting was up to us kids.