Mart 18, 2023

Serena’s Erotic Invitation

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Serena opened her new email folder in the morning expecting the usual assortment of rubbish, but one email caught her eye. The subject intrigued her, it read, Mrs Mayer, you have been invited. She expected she was going to be invited to buy something or take part in some draw or raffle. She clicked on it and the email opened.

She read it:

Dear Mrs Mayer

As an occasional reader of my erotic stories I was would like to invite you to a first reading of a new erotic story I have written. I would appreciate you hearing the story and giving me some invaluable feedback before I publish it.

My wife will be in attendance and it can be either at our house or if you prefer for security reasons in a local hotel at a time to suit you. There will be no expense involved for you and I will arrange for a taxi to collect you and bring you to the hotel and take you back home afterwards.

If you think this may interest you please let me know and my wife, Fiona, will do all the arranging.


Erotic Writer (Robert)

I read it again and dismissed it as spam, but instead of deleting I kept it as new.

Throughout the day I kept thinking about the email. I did enjoy reading erotic stories, particularly those relating to older people and when I checked Robert’s biography I could see he was a good deal older than. I had always preferred older men ever since I was propositioned by an uncle of mine at a wedding when I was 20. After having had too much to drink I bumped into him outside and he persuaded me to let him see my knickers. He stroked my pussy and so turned me on that I let him fuck me and I had an orgasm that was so good I can almost still feel it today.

I am now married to James who is a loving and faithful husband but is more concerned with his pleasure than mine and that’s why I turned to reading erotic fiction and touching and pleasuring myself while I read it.

I re-read the email and was wondering what to do. I eventually decided that I should reply and get more details and if it seemed genuine, go along with it.

Later at home that evening I went to my PC and started writing:

Dear Erotic Writer

Thank you for your invitation to a first reading of your new story. I enjoy reading your stories but am a little concerned about accepting your invitation. Please let me have more information.


Mrs Mayer

A couple of hours later back came the reply.

Dear Mrs Mayer

I am Fiona, Robert’s (Erotic Writer) wife. Let me assure you that his invitation is very genuine. As you know he has been writing erotic fiction for many years and will not publish a story until he is totally satisfied with. He will often rewrite whole sections of a story. When he is happy he then invites someone to listen to it as he reads it and gets feedback from them. He prefers to ask females as they are more discerning and the stories don’t always sexually arouse some women. Obviously sexual arousal is the aim of the stories.

The story he has just finished is entitled ‘Sarah’s Bisexual Awakening’ and is about beşiktaş escort a young married woman who is seduced by the best friends of her parents and leads her into a life of bisexuality.

I will be there listening too as I have not read the story and I too am bisexual and am very keen to hear the new story.

As you know the stories can be very sexually stimulating and on more than one occasion a few females have had the overwhelming need to masturbate. This is of course absolutely fine.

One story a while ago was so arousing to one married lady that she ended up by staying the night with us and she and I satisfied each other several times while Robert read his whole collection of stories.

She started by masturbating but cumming once didn’t satisfy her enough and she persuaded me to join in. One thing led to another and soon I was licking her pussy and getting a faceful of her cum, it was wonderful.

Let me assure you that you can at anytime walk away and I will arrange for a taxi to take you home.

We both hope you will agree to visit us.

I look forward to your reply.


I thought long and hard about this and eventually I made the decision to accept the invitation.

I emailed back to Fiona and we arranged a date. She said that a taxi would collect me at 1.00pm on Tuesday afternoon. I was working in the morning and just had time to get home, shower and change. I kept thinking abut it all morning. I had a mixture of extreme nervousness and excitement.

I finished work and dashed home. I quickly had a shower and got changed and decided to wear a blouse and a short skirt. I put on a pair of heeled shoes and then my make up. My make up was a little heavier than usual and I put on the reddest lipstick I had. I didn’t quite look tarty but I did feel it. I admired myself in the mirror and admitted I looked good.

The taxi arrived and I got in. Suddenly panic hit me. Whatever was I doing? I wanted to go home but something kept me going. I re read the email I printed out, the sentence that reassured was ‘you are of course, free to go home at any time’.

Then suddenly we were pulling into the hotel. As I got out an attractive woman came over and paid the taxi driver. She turned to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Fiona’.

I followed her into the hotel. She was wearing a short skirt, dark stockings or tights and white blouse. She was well made up and had wonderful deep red lipstick on. She was older than me; in fact she could have been my mother’s age. I walked alongside her until we got to a room, she opened it and we walked in.

A man came up and introduced himself as Robert. He too was older but seemed very nice. We chatted for a short while as we had a glass of white wine. The conversation soon got round to what were there for.

Fiona said, ‘I’m really looking forward to this’. She smiled at me and I noticed her erect nipples pushing against her white blouse.

We sat on a sofa side by side while Robert got the story.

As we sat down beşyol escort Fiona asked whether I was interested in having my sexual arousal measured. I had made up my mind before I arrived that I wouldn’t do this so was very surprised when I heard myself saying, ‘Yes please, ‘I’d like that’.

Fiona stood up and got a small bag from the other side of the room and came back with it. She asked me to undo my blouse buttons. I felt myself trembling. I hadn’t heard a single word being read but I was getting excited. I unbuttoned my blouse and I had a front fastening bra. Fiona immediately reached out and undid it. My tits were free and I knew from the feeling that my nipples were hard.

Fiona commented, ‘Wow, love your nipples, I adore hard erect nipples.’ She reached for these tiny little clamps and fixed one to each nipple. I loved the feeling as it squeezed the nipple tight. She then attached the other ends to some sort of monitor.

Then she got the vagina probe. It was really small but quite long. I stood up and she knelt in front of me. She lifted my short skirt and I held it up. I felt her move her face closer to me. I’m sure she inhaled and smelt my pussy. It was very wet already. She carefully pulled my white knickers aside and slid the thin little probe inside. It felt small and I liked the feel as it slid in so easily. Again the other end was attached to the monitor.

As Fiona stood up she smiled as if to say, ‘Wow, I fancy you’. We sat down next to each other and Robert started reading the story. It was about a 21 year old married woman who was seduced by her parents’ best friends, Mark and Karen. They were both old enough to be her parents and one hot summers day they invited her round for a glass of wine and as they sat in the garden and drank wine, Karen started bathing topless and when they persuaded Sarah to do the same it was only a matter of time before both Mark and Karen were playing with her tits. As Sarah got more and more excited one thing led to another and soon Karen was masturbating Sarah to her first female induced orgasm.

As the story progressed I was getting very wet and aroused and saw that Fiona was rubbing in between her legs. Then I saw her unbutton her blouse and was amazed that she was wearing a totally open bra that only consisted of straps around her tits. But even more surprising was that her nipples were coated with bright red lipstick and they were very large and hard. Although the story was turning me on so was the sight of Fiona’s nipples. She now had one hand squeezing a nipple and the other rubbing between her legs as she had pulled her skirt right up and I could clearly see her white knickers. Her eyes were closed and she was definitely getting turned on.

I was in a similar state too. I was really getting turned on by the story. I loved the way the older couple were seducing Sarah and giving her so much pleasure. I wanted to be Sarah.

I could feel the tightness of the nipple clamps and my pussy was very wet. I was sure that my knickers would now beykent escort have a very large wet patch. I pulled my skirt up and started rubbing myself. I saw that Robert was getting turned on and was watching us both. One hand was holding the story the other was rubbing himself.

Then Fiona moved. She got up and knelt beside me facing me. She held one of her large tits and pushed it towards my face. I opened my mouth and she fed it in. My lips clamped round her erect nipple and I started sucking it. I could taste the lipstick on it and I sucked it as hard as I could. I felt it getting even harder between my lips. I was still trying to listen to the story but my mind was now elsewhere. I felt Fiona’s other hand playing with a nipple even though I had a clamp on it. She squeezed and pinched it. And I LOVED IT. I stopped rubbing myself and played with Fiona’s other nipple. Then she moved again and reached down between my legs and ran her fingers along the front of my knickers. She eased them aside and slipped a finger inside and pulled out the probe and made me lick it clean. She pushed a finger back inside. I gasped as it felt so good. She slowly withdrew it and then pushed it in again. Suddenly this older woman I had only met a few minutes ago was finger fucking me.

Again she withdrew the finger and held it up to my nose and said, ‘See how good your cunt juices smell’. I took a deep sniff and inhaled the wonderful aroma of my pussy.

Then she put it inside my mouth and said, ‘Lick my finger clean, lick your cunt juices off my finger’. I didn’t hesitate and did exactly as she told me. I was so excited and turned on that I would have done anything she asked me.

Then she went back to finger fucking me and I reached down to her pussy and did the same to her.

She then took hold of my knickers and pulled them down. Poor Robert by now had stopped reading and had taken his trousers down and was wanking himself as he watched his wife and I sexually play with each other.

She passed my knickers across to Robert. I watched as he put them to his nose and smelt them, he smelt my cunt juices.

Fiona was now knelling between my legs, they were wide apart and she was slowly licking up and down my wet crack. Then she would clamp her lips round my clit and suck it. In a matter of minutes I was cumming. I pulled her face tight against my cunt as I ground it against her face and had the most amazing orgasm.

Then it was Fiona’s turn and clearly she wanted the same as me and we swapped places. I started by sucking her lovely lipstick coated nipples and then her soaking wet cunt. As I felt her cumming I plunged my tongue inside her and got absolutely soaked as she ejaculated all over my face.

We both collapsed on the sofa and sat and recovered. Robert was still wanking and desperate to cum. Fiona looked at me and at the same time we reached across and started playing with each others pussy. Robert had my knickers wrapped round his cock and merely said, ‘May I’? I knew what he meant and we both watched as he wanked himself off into my knickers.

Fiona and I both came again before we dressed and Fiona called for a taxi. As I left she said, I can assume that the story was sexually arousing’. I merely smiled and said, ‘Definitely’.

I sat in the taxi, totally satisfied, even if my knickers were very damp and sticky from Robert’s cum.

I look forward to the next invitation from them.