Mart 18, 2023

Seven Days Too Many Ch. 03

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“Oh, fuck, yeah…fuck, yes, Damon!” Jenna moaned as I ravaged her yet again, this time inside her slick pussy at last.

I played with the outside of her puckered asshole more than a little while I plowed her snatch, but the main thing now was the pure satisfaction of us being fully intimate at last. For both of us, this was the moment of truth, the end of the conscious waiting on her part, subconscious on mine. She was done holding back and staying out of other women’s way. She had her best friend in bed at last…and she wasn’t going to give me up for nothing or nobody. We hadn’t planned it at all…it just fell together and made sense…it was so natural, so damn easy for us to mate with each other.

“Damn, Jenna…damn, I had no idea…I was so fucking clueless!” I chuckled nervously as we came together, her third orgasm, my first of this particular round.

“It’s cool, babe. I got you now and I ain’t lettin’ you go!” Jenna sounded very Southern right then, giggling after she realized that fact.

I pulled her closer and kissed her sweet lips as we lay there together, cuddling and spooning for a little while. We practically forgot that Lacey was in the same house with us, doing what God knew what with whom. We simply basked in the glorious feeling of lovers’ ease with each other’s naked flesh. That was it…we were an item, right? We were lovers…it sounded that way to me, but what did that mean…were we exclusive…was I definitely breaking it off with Lacey, then?

The knock at the door jolted us and I rose slowly, unsteady on my feet, Jenna limping even more than I did. I must have been rougher than I intended while plundering the booty. She took my hand, supporting me as well as welcoming my own support now…morally as well as physically. Gingerly, we opened the door to find Lacey standing there…with her friends and…she was rather pale right then.

“I…found out that I’m definitely not gay. Or even bi. Sorry, but this won’t work for us. This…thing. I can’t do that. I can’t be…that way with other girls. Donna, on the other hand…loved it, thinks that she might be gay. Is that right, Donna? Are you a lez? Or just bi,” Lacey confronted Donna in front of everyone present.

“Gay…definitely gay. I’m a lesbian. There, I said it. I’m gay, okay! So sue me! I’m a dyke! That’s why I never liked Damon…I…I’m in love with Lacey. Yep, sorry, but I can’t help this feeling that I have. I’ve been…jealous of you, Damon…jealous that you got Lacey and I thought her way out of your league, thought that you didn’t appreciate you well enough. I kinda hoped that this would break you up. There…sorry…I feel that I should make it up to you somehow, but…I refuse to do the one obvious thing that would make it up to you. Sleeping with you, that is,” Donna confessed aloud now.

“Okay, then…don’t. I don’t feel the need to have everyone compensate me with sex or anything like that, out of obligation or whatever. That’s a quick way to kill a boner, cevizli escort in fact. It would be like screwing a blow-up doll. No fucking thanks. Just do me a favor, Donna, and give me a wide berth, okay. You can be friends or whatever with Lacey, but keep your distance from me.

“I’m not ready to be friends with you. Not because you’re gay, but because you sabotaged things with my fiancee. Just…leave, please. Now. And don’t come back here. Ever,” I sent Donna packing in a hurry, not needing that distraction while I figured out a final answer to the relationship issues with Lacey.

“And then there were three,” Vicky joked right then, really bad timing, in fact.

“You, what was your part in this whole deal…what did you have to gain by ending us? I want the honest truth for once from you, or it’s an automatic ban from my house. Lifelong, too. Tell the truth and shame the Devil,” I demanded to know now.

“She was…my friend and she was slumming it with you. Period. That’s the truth. Friends don’t let friends date scrubs, and from where I stand, you’re a scrub. Donna’s right. Lacey’s way, way out of your league. I didn’t like your influence on her, your values, your…whole way of life. No fucking thanks.

“I could tell what you’re about…you’re cheap, you’re so driven and consumed with investments, planning, hard work, etc. It leaves little time for the gym, at least with you, it leaves you tired and unable to take her out and pamper her enough, and it seems to make you resent us…to see us as shallow or vain or whatever. You travel in different circles…she needs a preppy boy who has lots of money and never worries about it, doesn’t have to sweat and save for every buck or whatever.

“So, yeah, we tried to get her to move on…you’re too much of a nerd and a geek and a dork and she can do better. She needs the jetset lifestyle and you can’t give that to her as fast as you should. She needs a rich kid who doesn’t worry about prenups and stupid crap like that, too. Rich, dumb, and handsome, so she can use him, abuse him, and refuse him without it hurting her a dime,” Vicky spoke with brutal candor, disgusting even Lacey with the full display of her vanity and vapidity.

“Gee, Lace, where do you get these friends…do they wrap toxic girlfriends up in every last Gucci item? Sayonara, Vicky…get out of my life! Never come back here again! If I never see you again, it will be too soon! I don’t want your whole evil bitch queen attitude! You’re not even the queen bee of your hive… that’s Lacey. Just..go! Now!” I kicked Vicky out as well.

“Friends like that will drag you down…good riddance! Honestly…Lacey, I don’t know about them, but I still want to be friends…even if I am bi and I enjoyed licking your pussy and your ass more than a little. I won’t ever ask for that again…that was a one-time deal, a freebie, and I know better than to harass my friends or expect or demand such things erenköy escort of them. Can we still be friends?

“Honestly, by the way, Damon…I’m sorry how this went down. I shouldn’t have done my part in this…and I’m ashamed of it. Jenna, please…treat him well. He’s a good man, whatever Vicky says. Please…don’t kick me out of your life, none of you, whatever else happens,” Stacy shocked me by being honest, contrite, and friendly even to Jenna now.

“Nah, you can stay, at least where I’m concerned. I’d have to ask Jenna or Lacey about their sentiments,” I assured her…Stacy was more likable by far than Vicky, that was for sure.

“Good…I have to go now and see if I can save my own relationship. In the midst of this other drama…I sorta got crazy and cheated on Eric, my, yeah, I have to work that out, if possible. If I fail, I fail, but I have to try…you two should try to make it work, too, if you can. See ya guys,” Stacy hugged each of us, including Jenna, who surprisingly welcomed the embrace and returned it.

“Donna might still be salvageable as a friend. She’s not bad…just a jealous lesbian. Vicky, however, is…well, apparently, a horrible person! But it’s not my friends that are being chosen. It’s yours. That’s a choice for you to make, Lacey. I have my own decision to make and it’s not an easy one.

“Lacey…we’re just..done. Finished. You and I…as a couple. Sorry, I can’t pretend that we want the same things, have the same values, ethics, even enough to be compatible as partners. We just go around and around in a loop of different interpretations of this pact…and that’s just one example here. I tried to let you off easy by setting impossible terms, but now I’m gonna want a clean break.

“It’s over between us. I’m not going to marry you, Lacey. At all. Ever. We’re not an item. We’re not a couple. We’re not in any kind of relationship at all. No reconciliation. No partnership. Keep the ring and pawn it…or sell it, use it as a deposit for a new place. You can’t live here anymore. We can’t be roomies or anything like that.

“Sorry, babe, but we’ve reached it. The end of the road. For us. You need to move on…and I already have. With Jenna. She and I will take the relationship stuff slowly, if not the physical side, as far as I can tell, but I’m ready to give it the old college try. Jenna, I want you to move in with me…keep me company…see if we can work it out. See if best friends can also be lovers, for real.

“It just wouldn’t have worked out, Lace. It just wouldn’t have. Vicky was right about that part at least. We are far too different to make it work. I’m a regular guy, an average Joe in most ways, very hardworking, loyal to my friends, salt of the earth type, okay? A working stiff. You’re a rich girl, babe. It…just…doesn’t mesh. Jenna’s more like me, you see,” I explained, though I could tell that it hurt Lacey more than a little.

“Thank…you, esenyurt escort for being honest with me, Damon. You’re probably right, that we’re just too damn different, but it was a nice dream, a nice fantasy, while it lasted. Thank you for giving me that dream while we could live it. Take the ring back. You said it yourself. I’m a rich girl. I’ll be fine without it. You could use the money yourself. It hurts too much to keep mementos of the man who got away. That’s what you’ll always be with me. Come on, Stacy, help me pack, please,” Lacey turned to her most reliable friend left.

I went to take a shower and Jenna slipped into it with me, kissing me fiercely as we ran the hot water jets over our nude bodies. She wasn’t about to leave me alone, that sweet gal. If this was a rebound relationship, we would find out, but we would no longer have to wonder “what if.” Not anymore. We ended up fucking very hard and forcefully in the shower, surprising me with the speed of my recovery…I supposed that she had that effect on me or something. That or maybe the hot water helped with it.

When we dried off and walked out, Lacey turned to Jenna and said, “Well, I guess that I all but gift-wrapped him to you, didn’t I, crazy me! Take care of him, Jenna. Because if you ever hurt him as bad or worse than I did, I’ll come back and claw your eyes out. Oh, God, what will I do for a husband? My parents still have the wedding venue booked! And what will you do with the honeymoon cruise that you reserved, Damon?”

“Well, you know, there is still Cale. Don’t rule him out. I think that he’s sweet on you. He’d probably rush to the altar, crazy as that sounds, just to lock you in for himself before some Chad comes along to claim you. Not much of an engagement, but he’s pretty smitten with you. See this text here?” I showed Lacey a message from my good friend Cale, who had confessed his crush on my ex-fiancee.

“Hmm…well, it couldn’t hurt to sample the goods at least. If I don’t like it, I can still cancel the wedding…and if I love it, I can get a husband who thinks that my shit doesn’t stink. There are worse things for a girl like me, you know. If nothing else, I get another notch on my bedpost, and unlike some of my friends…and most of the guys I’ve dated, I’m way behind on that score. Thanks,” Lacey gave me a mischievous wink.

I shook my head, wondering if I had hooked my buddy up with his dream…or ruined his life for good. Time would tell, and for the short term at least, Cale would be a happy camper. If it didn’t work out, maybe he would learn a useful lesson, just as I did not that long ago. Either way, the experience would likely be good for him…and for Lacey. She could use another nerd beau in her life to complete her education in why there was more to life than a bunch of Chads.

Cale could stand to learn that his goddess had flaws. That she was human and on his level, not on a pedestal. A good reality check, such as what I had with Jenna and Lacey, was good for all if you asked me. The world wasn’t a fairy tale, there were no knights in shining armor, no damsels in distress, and no dragon was that damn easy to slay.

And odds were, Prince Charming was getting it on the downlow while Snow White got gang-banged by the Seven Dwarves. Fairy tales were called that for a reason. Because they were lies.