Mart 18, 2023

Sex Gods World Cup – Introduction

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Disclaimer: This story was written for the Epic Lust site then edited to fit legal age requirements, with all numerical references removed. Imagine the characters as old or as young as you please.


Introduction Round

Another international event is taking place in Brazil, the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup 2014, which involves the biggest, most massive young studs and their horny fitness girlfriends from around the planet. The completion takes place on a wide stage in the middle of one of Brazil’s biggest indoor sporting arenas, the Mineirinho Arena located in the gorgeous city of Belo Horizonte. The play-by-play announcer is none other than the esteemed, Randy West, wearing his iconic bow tie and in deference to the event a pair of black and white striped speedos, his immense package causing a prominent bulge.

Swaggering out onto the stage, Randy waves to the cheering crowd before talking into the microphone, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup, 2014. Over the past week, couples from around the world have vied to prove their virility, and that they had what it takes to make it to the final rounds. Today, the eight remaining teams will compete in a competition of sexual stamina like none other, to prove that they deserve the world cup.” As he speaks, Randy’s voice and image are carried out to the 25 thousand plus people packing the stadium via dozens of ultra HD plasma wide-screen televisions, not to mention the millions more watching from their homes.

“We realize that the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup coincides with the FIFA World Cup, and this was no mistake. International Football has been called many things; Soccer, Football, and others, but one definition stands out, ‘The Beautiful Game’. We here at the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup proudly declare this is ‘The Erotic Game’ and furthermore, we challenge you to prove us wrong.”

Giving another wink to the captivated audience, he continues, “For those just joining us, let’s run down the basic rules. Each match starts with the two teams swapping partners, the girls having five minutes of free-play to do whatever they want with the opposing guy to make him cum. However, it’s not all up to the girls. Guys have the opportunity to help out and score big in this round as well; if they can resist cumming for the entire duration of the girls free-play round, they can double their partners score. Following this free-play, the main match begins, with twenty minutes of non-stop fucking, each couple trying to out-fuck the opposing team. There is then five minutes of lee-way, for any pair that have gotten…ahem,” he gives a fake cough with a smile, “‘carried away’ so they can cool down.”

“Apart from fucking your opponents to unconsciousness and automatically advancing to the next round, there are two ways that teams can gain points; the first is by climax. The breakdown is simple and straightforward, forcing your opponent to cum nets you five points, with extra points if you cum with them. Cumming on your own nets you a single point. Secondarily, beylikdüzü escort points can be awarded for style, creativity, originality, and showmanship, granted by our beautiful bevy of judges!”

At that Randy gestures grandly to the panel of judges, “Please give a warm welcome to… Scarlet Longjohnson!” The seductive 26-year-old redhead stands, smiling and waving to the audience. Her heavenly 36-H cup tits are clad in a tight black bikini with a matching black miniskirt. “Local super star, Andressa Soares!” the Brazilian Playboy model stands. Next to Scarlet’s 36-H cup breasts, the Brazilian’s 36-C’s look downright tiny under the black bikini, but it’s not her upper body that makes her famous, but rather her butt. Nearly 50 inches in diameter, it stretches the black miniskirt to the limit, revealing twice as much as it conceals. “And finally, Miss MILF France, the illustrious Francine!” the stunning French MILF stands next, posing and blowing kisses as she shows off her curves. Though not nearly as stacked as Scarlet, nor as blessed as Andressa when it came to behinds, Francine had a sex appeal all her own.

The three wave to the audience for a few minutes more before sitting down, and Randy once again takes center stage, “To make things more like the World Cup, scores are calculated by dividing the total points gained by a team by ten, and then rounding to the nearest whole number. Whichever team has the most points at the end of their match wins and moves on while the team with fewer points is eliminated from the running. If you’re confused, don’t worry. Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

“Now, let’s introduce the teams!” Randy grins as twenty-five thousand people erupt in cheers at this announcement, “First to take the stage, from the host country Brazil: Marco and Luana!” A huge roar goes up from the predominantly Brazilian crowd as their representatives step out onto the platform. “Brazil, long time champions of the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup were denied the title in 2010, with a surprising upset by Spain’s boy wonder Raoul Fernandez and his partner Samantha Tavares. Unfortunately, Samantha has now reached the age limit for the World Cup leaving Raoul without a partner for this year…” Randy pauses as the duo gives a brief wave to the crowd, before Luana wraps her arm around Marco’s head, pulling him in for a sensual kiss and thrusting forward her large 32-DD tits. This causes his eighteen and a half inch cock to flex to full attention, causing many women in the audience to swoon. Randy takes this opportunity to conclude his recap, “Without Spain to defend their title it could be anyone’s game, but the seeing as we’re here in Brazil, it’s clear who the favored winners are.”

As the duo walk over to their positions, still kissing intimately, Randy announces the next participants, “Next up are Stefan and Lisa from Germany!” This gets another roar from the crowd, as the German pair step onto the stage. Lisa strides forward, confidently caressing Stefan’s sixteen and a quarter inch cannon, but that’s not beyoğlu escort the only cannon she brings out, “Lisa’s massive 32-GG’s may just be the largest breasts entering the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup this year. Second only to Brazil in terms of World Cup wins, between her swagger and his grin they look ready to give Brazil a run for the cup.” As the crowd goes wild for Lisa’s tits for a few minutes, Randy pauses to watch Team Germany bathe in Lisa’s limelight before moving on.

“Next from Sweden are the brother and sister team, Sven and Melinda Johansson!” As the muscular duo step onto the stage they pose together, showing off their impressive physiques, Sven with his fifteen and a half inch cock and Melinda with her 32-G breasts. At the restrained crowd response at these stats, particularly following more impressive figures from Germany’s Stefan and Lisa, Randy realizes he should bulk out their introduction some, “Not only is this sibling set blessed when it comes to the measurements erotic, but also when it comes to muscular fortitude. Sven is capable of curling 2000 pounds with Melinda at an impressive 1000 pounds.”

Finishing their flexing, Randy continues, “Following them are Tim and Gabby from the US.” Amidst the general applause, there’s a small localized roar from one portion of the stadium chanting, ‘U-S-A! U-S-A!’ over and over. But as Team USA walks onto the stage, the roar rapidly grows as their eyes fall on Gabby’s absolutely massive 30-GGG’s cup breasts. Randy tries to announce Tim with his solid fifteen-inch cock and that he was elected Mister Teen Stud USA alongside Gabby’s Miss Teen USA, but the audience only cares about one thing right now, and that’s tits.

The crowd continues clamoring even as the pair walks over to their respective area, but Randy manages to make himself heard, “Well, that sure got your blood boiling.” He laughs as a few cheers break out before continuing, “Next up are Chikato and Asuya from Japan,” somewhat spent from cheering for Team USA, or rather Team Gabby, the crowd manages only a mild applause, but what could he say? Gabby was a hard act to follow. Instead, he consoles himself by going over Team Japan’s basic stats, “Chikato sports a rigid fourteen and a half inch erection whereas Asuya has a pert pair of 28DD’s. Together, this marks the first time Japan has made it to the final rounds of the Young Muscle Sex Gods World Cup.” There’s another round of mild applause at this, making it all too clear just who the underdog is in this competition.

As the pair walk over to their position, remaining upbeat despite the restrained reception, Randy looks down to the next team on his cue card, then the stats. For a second, he’s flabbergasted, but quickly rallies. “Ladies and gentlemen, but predominantly ladies, prepare yourselves because up next from Italy is Brianna and Matteo.” The reversal in announcement order goes unobserved as the audience begins to applaud, and then goes silent. Whispers like ‘No way’ and ‘Is that for real’ run through the crowd. “Long-time runner up in the World bizimkent escort Cup, Italy is now looking to even the scoreboards and take the title for themselves.” The crowd remains silent, eager for the facts and figures on the duo, particularly Matteo, “Brianna is sporting a 32-FF bust and Matteo…” Whatever whispering there was stops as a hush falls over the crowd. Randy continues, “Sports a solid twenty-two…” He gets no further.

The crowd goes absolutely wild at these impressive measurements. The home-team fever for Brazil, the overwhelming applause for Lisa’s huge breasts, the thunderous roar for Gabby’s titanic tits; none of it got the crowd worked up as much as Matteo’s massive member. The sound is nearly earsplitting. Blocking his ears with his fingers, Randy smiles and waited for the cries to die down. They didn’t. Hopeless against the roar, Randy goes to sit down at the judges table between a salivating Scarlet and dripping wet Andressa, as Matteo raises one hand, then another, then the head of his cock, which very nearly comes up to his own. At the end, Miss MILF France, Francine has fingered herself into a near catatonic state simply from staring at the size of Matteo’s cock. Mad with lust, she moans fervently, “Mon dieu! Look at ze size of heez cock! Eet’s massive!”

Nearly five minutes go by before the sound begins to die down from sheer exhaustion. Uncovering his ears Randy slowly made his way back out to the platform. At a loss at how to continue, he plumbs for, “Well wasn’t that something? What can I say?” He coughs then gives a smile as he reads the next contestant, “Some would say that Mr. Matteo would be a hard act to follow. Fortunately, we’ve got one of the hardest acts following. “Hailing from South Africa, we have Hulk with his incredible nineteen and three quarter inch cock,” the brawny stud flexes his biceps, a small stream of pre-cum already exuding from the tip of his head. “And alongside him is Zahira, the chocolate bombshell with a sensational pair of 34-EE cup breasts.” Despite the crowds exhaustion from their prior enthusiasm, they still manage to work up a resounding round of applause and cheering for the South African pair.

“Finally, we move onto our last team but by no means the least, from the UK; David with an eighteen inch cock, and with 32-FF bust.” Just as Luana opened the introductions, Sabby ends them, sensually wrapping her arm around David’s head, showing off her powerful biceps in the process. In response, David reaches around to cup one of her massive tits in his hand, groping it some as his powerful eighteen-inch cock flexes energetically. While David might have been a half-inch shy of matching Marco, he more than made up for it with his massive balls.

As the last couple gets into place, Randy grins up at the audience, “And there you have it folks, eight of the finest specimens of virility. Please give them your applause!” Again, the crowd erupts in cheers, for the duo of the muscular horse-hung studs and their well-endowed busty beauties. “All teams will begin the quarter-final round simultaneously with South Africa vs. Sweden, UK vs. USA, Germany vs. Italy, and Brazil vs. Japan.” He pauses as he hears this last match-up, but continues on as the couples get into position, “With the teams in place, there’s only one thing left for me to say…”

He surveys the stadium, the audience, the judges, the countless cameras, and needless to say, the contestants, before smiling, “Ready? …FUCK!”