Haziran 10, 2023

Sex Studio Secrets #10: Céline-1

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Sex Studio Secrets #10: Céline-1Céline loves to re-live her initiation by me in her mind for masturbation and now also on cameraCéline is a cute slim shy sweet lovely light blonde beauty with tiny titties and hardly any assCéline is a long time friend of me as we met twenty years back when we played our first Go-gameI invited her for friendly games at my private place, where I won first her friendship and trustI slowly seduced Céline step by step to show her private parts to me during an intimate interviewLater I learned that I had made an unforgettable impression with the sweet start of her sex-lifeLovely Céline confessed she very often re-lived her initiation while she went for some solo-sex!In twenty years time it is still her favourite fantasy for fingering, remembering how I taught herI invite Céline to re-live everything she wishes with me in my sex-studio in an intimate interviewNo other people in the studio except my granddaughter pretty Petra Anadolu Yakası Escort to help her to talk on cameraNo-one of our many mutual friends in the game of Go has any idea about how close our contact is!Exactly twenty years after her first visit Céline rings twice at the door of my exclusive sexshopEven at almost age fourty now she still shyly blushes about her sudden courage to be on my cameraCéline recognises my mind, nice and naughty at the same time as back then, and my studio set-upCéline warm welcome, let me lead you upstairs to my private quarters and studio at first floorCéline I propose you just talk with my granddod Petra as there are so many similarities for you Erotic education of her looks a lot like what has happened to you so long ago at almost same ageEarly in her life her folks died in a car-crash so she lived next at me, her only close relativeLet me walk the stairs right behind you Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan – you remember well how I like to look at your legs loveLet me watch your hot hips move and tight beautiful bums turn when you walk up those stairs sexyI luckily can control my feeling but I would love to have my hands at your butt beautiful babyI get a giggle as answer and her courage to try to look lustful in slowly taking the steps upNaughty you still are, you haven’t changed a bit perverse professor Peter you dirty dear!Naughty mind is a joy for ever blonde baby, luckily you did not change in your lovely looksEvery detail is the same as twenty years ago in my living, only I set it up now in my studioEven the same low wooden table board and bowls with stones as back then, do you remember them?Céline feels fine with Petra who seems to share similar sexual memories of early eroticismCéline smiles and her eyes Escort Anadolu Yakası shine as she had nothing else at her mind on her way to my studioCéline this is Petra – Petra meet my Céline, isn’t she as cute and good looking as I told?Even without me needing to point out my set-up Céline sits down in her position as back thenEven games we played with her having the advantage of first move always playing black stonesLet Petra take my place so she can interview you about what you remember from first timeLet me tell you that she is curious as she has heard too often my version of our love storyI leave the two alone in my studio to operate my several cameras behind the one-way mirrorsI was initiated by him in a similar way you know, soon I shall tell that sexy story here!New giggles I hear on my head-phones and I see that even Petra blushes from her confessionNow let us get back to the starting situation between the two of you after a few gamesEasily Petra breaks the initial ice and wins the confidence of Céline like I had done thenEagerly I wait for her version of our erotic events as it survived in her sexual memories!PS: Dear reader I wonder whether you sawDid you notice this is a name-game poem? In all three verses of this seduction storyfirst letters of the lines all spell CELINE!