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Sharing Siblings

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Chapter 1 Dottie and I have been married for just over five years now and while our sex is great, we started talking about a year, year and a half ago, about moving a bit beyond just the two of us to spice things up. Oh, and has it ever. The first little adventure was a guy from my work who Dottie knew from some social functions. I had told her that Jacob was leaving the company and moving to the West Coast and she said, “Gee, that’s too bad, I’ll never get to fuck him, then.” Well, we had just finished our own fucking and, since she kind of said it in a joking manner, I asked her if she was serious. “Well, I was kidding but he is a good-looking guy. Pretty nice.” “You know we’ve been talking about fooling around outside just you and me. Would you want to give him a going-away fuck?” So, that led to our first experience bringing in another person to enjoy sex with us. We invited Jacob to dinner and Dot wore a sheer blouse and a short little skirt, both bare underneath. As soon as he was in the door and had a glass of wine in his hand, we told him what we had planned. Yes, he was all for it, Dottie is a beautiful woman, blond, gray eyes, trim, nice boobs, firm, just a hot package all around. So, during drinks and dinner, she was sitting most of the time with her legs open, luring him with her freshly-shaved pussy (I know, I did it myself). By the end of dinner, he was so horny, I thought he would leave a trail of cum down the hallway to our bedroom as we ushered him into an evening of sex with my wife. We both fucked her over and over and she talks about it to this day. Then, we talked about taking our RV to a nudist resort for a week. We had never been naked in a public place and decided first to try out a nude beach we had heard of. Dottie was nervous for the first half hour or so but then really was turned-on by all the looks she was getting. I remember her telling me that she never thought she was an exhibitionist but now was convinced that she was for sure. Since then, she’s flashed a few guys, little things like that. So, we did decide on a nudist resort for a week. We knew enough about nudist spots that while they all portray a family atmosphere, the truth is, when humans are naked around each other, libidos become heightened no matter how high your ideals are about the natural lifestyle. People are people and people love to fuck. We sure do. As soon as we got there on Saturday after we had parked our RV and hooked-up to the utilities, we went down to the lake shore to look at hooking-up with another couple. We spread out a blanket and stretched out to enjoy the sun and get used to being naked among strangers. There were a number of others walking around, some couples, a few people walking Anadolu yakası escort by just by themselves and some families, often with young children. A number of the people were pretty attractive, a number of couples, several teenage girls who seemed to be with their families, yet some were much less attractive. It was our first time doing this so it was all new even though we have done some looking online to get an idea what to expect. Cocks were interesting. It seemed some men and boys were having a literally ‘hard’ time of it around all this naked flesh. Some were kind of half-hard, hanging down some but far from soft, two boys, probably about fourteen were sporting stiffies that preceded themselves rather obviously. In fact these two walked by us several times and I’m pretty sure they weren’t looking at me. Then a young couple walked up to us holding hands. They actually looked related, like brother and sister. “Can we sit here with you two?” he asked. “Sure, I’m John, this is Dottie.” “Oh, we’re Paul and Sharon, thanks.” “So, have you done this before?” “No, it’s our first time, just got here a while ago,” Paul replied. “Yeah, we’ve talked about it but, well, this may seem unlike most couples but I really have wanted to do this but Paul was hesitant,” Sharon said. “It’s our first time, too, but John was the one that first suggested it. We tried a nude beach first so I could get used to it. Then, I really wanted to come here,” Dottie told them. I couldn’t help but notice that the young man was looking at Dottie’s boobs which were making his cock rise some. As they sat there, the girl reached her hand over to play with the guy’s hardening cock while we continued to talk. It rather amazed me that she was so un-self-conscious about playing with his cock, it was as if it was something that she just did all the time, regardless. Well, why not, I thought, as the idea began to send stiffening signals to my own cock. “So, are you two married?” Sharon asked. “Yeah, about five years now, how about you two,” Dottie asked back. “Oh, no, nothing like that. Actually, well, is it okay to tell them, Paul?” The guy nodded and she went on, “Well, Paul and I, um, I hope you understand, we’re brother and sister. I guess a little closer than most brothers and sisters,” and she grinned as her cheeks seemed to redden. “Well, that’s fine with us, it looks like you have a lot of fun together,” Dottie said, nodding toward Sharon’s hand on her brother’s cock. “Oh, Sharon, she likes to play with me, I’ve told her she should cool it but she keeps telling me if it’s out, she just wants it.” “I know, I’m awful. I hope I didn’t scandalize you both. Sorry.” “No, it’s Kurtköy escort bayan fine with us. I don’t know about the rules, maybe we should go to our RV so we’re out of people’s view,” said Dottie. We four walked back to our spot and went inside. Dottie got us all drinks as we settled in. “So, when did you two, I mean, I hope I’m not prying,” I asked. “Oh, no, um, I’m older, twenty, and Paul is eighteen. I guess it’s awful but I wanted to get an all-over tan a couple of years ago and I convinced Paul to join me and that started it. We played with each other almost the whole day.” “Yeah, Sharon, started it but I was sure willing to go along. It was summer and we spent most of it naked, playing with each other. Sharon has such nice boobs and I loved playing with them.” As they’re telling us their story, Sharon’s hand is back playing with her brother’s hard cock. “We were doing oral sex right away. We both knew about it from friends at school and the second day, we did each other. Have hardly missed a day since,” Sharon continued. “Then, well, we got caught. Mom caught us, we live with her, our parents were divorced when we were little. So, Mom realized that we would do what we wanted while she was at work, so she took me to get on the pill and we started sleeping together after that.” “Yeah, Mom knows everything, that’s one reason why Sharon keeps playing with me like this,” and he nods down, “she plays with me even when we’re watching TV. There are times when Mom tells us it’s just too much for her and she goes in her room and masturbates. But we did pretty much what we wanted at home.” Dottie had started playing with my cock as they were telling us their story, everyone seemed relaxed and enjoying themselves. “With Paul and I it’s never really been love and all that. I mean, sure, we love each other and all, but it’s sex that we really like with each other. We just love doing it.” “Have you had sex with any others?” I asked. “Yes, it’s kind of funny, in a way. I was friends with a girl at school, Jenny, and she once confided in me that she and her older brother were having sex. Well. I got up my nerve and told her about Paul and me and that we did it for fun more than romance. She said they did too and wanted to know what I would think about trading.” “Yeah, Sharon came home and told me about this girl and her brother. I couldn’t believe it. And she wanted to see if we wanted to do each other’s brother or sister, you know, swap.” “Well, it seemed the brothers, of course, jumped all over the idea and we got together at her house a few days later. It was all a bit uncomfortable until we got our clothes off then, well, the boys were all over us, her Escort Maltepe brother was two years older than me and had a very nice dick and sure knew how to use it.” “The girl, his sister, was really pretty and had developed a beautiful figure, just so hot. And she was very uninhibited as far as sex goes, she goaded the rest of us into some great times together.” “Wow, sounds fun, guys,” I threw in. “Oh, was it ever. You two ever do that kind of thing?” Sharon asked. Before I could even get an answer out, Dottie replied, “No, but we’re hoping to, that’s why we came this week.” There it was. “Would you like us?” Sharon asked. Chapter 2 Well, they were both nice, clean-looking young people, he was somewhat athletic, about six feet, trim, wavy blond hair, curly below, nice cock, it seemed. She was about five-four, also trim, blond, nice, curvy, firm boobs, pink nipples, shaved pussy with a nice plump mound; it looked yummy, actually, and she didn’t sit with her legs clamped closed, either. She liked to be looked at, I was sure of that. Dottie answered for us, “Yeah, you two look great and you’re both a sexy pair.” “Great, Paul and I saw you walk down to the lake and we talked about you two and decided to see if you would be interested.” “Well, we have a queen-sized bed in here, think we can all fit in it?” I asked and Sharon said, “Oooh, let’s try,” and we all jumped up all ready for fun. We went into the small bedroom and got up on the bed. We had already paired-off, me with Sharon, Dottie with Paul. Both of us guys got down on the bed and each woman sat between our legs, sitting cross-legged, their pussies open just a bit, as they each stroked and played with our cocks. We decided that with the limited bed space, one couple would turn around the other way which did work out better. Soon, Sharon was sucking my cock as Dottie blew Paul. Then, Sharon lifted up and moved up on me, squatted up over my cock and dropped herself down over me, sliding my cock deep inside. Dottie saw this and did the same and soon each newly-paired couple was fucking delightedly next to each other. “God, is this so sexy,” said Dottie, “Oh, you won’t have to convince me any more, John, I love this idea of trading partners.” “Oh, I do too, Dottie, ever since that first time for me and Paul. And we were just lucky that we all got here today at about the same time and saw each other before anyone had hooked-up with another couple.” “Mmm, yes, this is even better than I had hoped,” said Dottie, who now seemed converted to a little more open lifestyle for our future. Sharon’s pussy was really tight, every time she pulled up on me, it felt like she was siphoning my cum up. And her breasts were perfect as I rubbed her hard, erect nipples. Oh, could this girl fuck. “Mmm, this is nice, I love your cock, John, Dottie’s a lucky woman.” “All I know right now, Sharon, is that I’m a lucky man to have you and Dottie both. This is fantastic.” Dottie, hearing this, jumped in, “So, don’t even tell me if Sharon is better than me, I don’t want to know.