Mayıs 24, 2023

She hooked me – part one Blood Rush

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It is a Friday night and you’ve come home from work and jump in the shower, thinking about the night ahead. You’re going to have a couple of drinks and pick up some hot girls, or fish as you like to call them, and take them home for a good night of wild passionate sex till the sun comes up. As your thinking about what you’re going to do tonight your body begins to get excited, but you want to keep it down for later. You step out of the shower and choose your clothes carefully. You shave and put on some black fitted pants and a shirt. You do your hair and put some cologne on and grab your keys, mobile and wallet as you run out the door. As you’re walking down the street to the local pub, to meet up with your wing men, you notice a women turn and look at you. There must be a sign saying, “Single, hot and ready to play,” written all over you. As you walk into the pub you spot your mates and walk over to them to start the night’s festivities. You start drinking here but this isn’t where you’re going fishing, it’s too close to home. You and your mates, about five in total, hit the clubs moving from one to another not even getting a tug on the line so far. You realize it’s getting late as you are walking to the next club. The guys need to use the john so you find a wall and you all start washing it with piss. While you’re arching a yellow stream, you look down the street and see a club. You haven’t seen this club before. You ask your mates, who are in a drunken Ankara bayan escort stupor, what’s up with this club and why you’ve never seen it before. They can’t answer you. You keep looking and all you see are two bouncers at the door and a neon sign above it, “Blood Rush,” which provides the only light around. The more you stare the more you become intrigued and curious about the place and since you’re not getting lucky at any of your normal clubs you decide to check it out. Your mates don’t share your enthusiasm for the new club and try to lead you away to the next club on their itinerary, pulling your arm. But you’re inexplicably intrigued with this mysterious club. You’re drawn to it, like being sucked into a black hole. Your mates give up and follow. When you approach the bouncers they give you a once over and open the door for you. No hassles. You enter and allow your eyes to adjust from the neon light. The hall is so dark with recesses and dark corners couples can hide in, with the occasional flicker of light coming from ancient looking fire lamps. You continue, with child like excitement in discovering a new cave, with each step leading you in deeper and deeper. As you descend down the spiral wrought iron stairs that take you down to the basement. You glance around, taking in the room. The walls are plastered but there are spots with exposed brick. Around the room there are brick pillars holding the Escort bayan Ankara roof up. On those brick pillars are the same fire lamps that lighted the hall above. A make shift stage for the band stands in one corner, the lighting allows you to barely make out shapes, shadows. As you peer into the dimly lit room you see these inlets in the wall, dark places, along the wall with sporadic booths were patron’s sit. It is filled with people wearing gothic style clothes. It is not like any club you and your mates have been to tonight. As you enter the room, everyone stops and checks you and your friends out. The boisterous room falls silent. Their eyes seem to bore deep inside you for a minute. And then they returned to what they were doing. Wow, you think. What a strange bunch of people. But then you spot the bar and while your mates find a table you head over to the bar to order drinks. After telling the bartender what you want, you turn back to the room. There’s some strange undercurrent here, you think, it’s giving you a weird vibe and a cold chill. But then the bartender grunts letting you know your orders ready. You grab the drinks and head over to your friends forgetting about the weirdness in the air. As you head back over to your friends, on the other side of the room, you see a large arched doorway with wrought iron gates. A sign above the arch says, VIP Room. You see several people in there. As you peer Bayan escort Ankara inside the gates you see me amongst the members of my coven and are immediately mesmerised by my beauty and something else you can’t put your finger on. My long dark hair is tied high up, a black lace chocker adorns my neck, and I am wearing a black corset that my breasts are bulging and screaming to be released from. Even though you’re hypnotized by my breasts you continue checking me out. I’m wearing a tight skirt which goes down above my knees. My legs are covered by black knee high shiny black patent leather boots with high heels. I gracefully rise and walk over to the gate. Sitting the drinks down on the table, your mates look frightened. Some of them stand up wanting to run from the place. The members of my coven are quick and join me at the gate. The whole room abruptly falls quiet as they can smell the fear radiating off you and your mates. Your mates pull you out of the club and down the street. You continue to another club and drink and dance but you cannot get me out of your head. Every club you look in the VIP rooms wishing you could find me in one of them. At the next club a girl walks in with dark hair tied up and a black outfit, but alas it’s not me. She throws herself at you. You can’t get me out of your head and your cock has not gone down since you saw me, you need some release. You take her back to your house. As you nail her, all night long, you think of my body and how much you want it. As you open your eyes the sun billows into your room. The girl is gone. You get up and get some coffee as you think about last night. Was it a dream? Did it happen? Was she real? As you drink your coffee you walk over to your easel and start to paint the woman behind the gate.