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She said…

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This was a collaboration of the same story told twice; once from her point of view, and once from his. Chris didn’t know that I knew. I’d been suspecting he’d been out doing all manner of things he shouldn’t be doing. True enough, it had been a while since we’d had sex. But a lot of that I chalked up to the end of my pregnancy. I was uncomfortable, physically, and he just wasn’t really into it. But months after our daughter was here, things still weren’t picking back up. So when I heard third or fourth hand that he’d been getting his somewhere else, it had my attention. Ordinarily I might have chalked it up to being paranoid, but I had to know. It wasn’t just one. It was here, there, work, bars, anywhere. Honestly, I didn’t know what was worse? Was it worse to chase ass to satisfy your physical needs? Would it be worse if he had some “commitment” to one or the other? Either way, there’s a place in hell for men who cheat on their pregnant wives. Having heard the stories of people who had taken revenge in public or weddings or with families, I decided I was going to have mine. Publicly wasn’t for me. But I had something in mind that would cut deep. So I reached out to an old friend. Our hotel room was on a high floor with huge windows, which offered a great view of the river and the city. I’d gotten it for an adult night, telling Chris that we were out of sync, and that a pampered night in a room that cost more then we should spend was a nice way to spend an evening. So I left the windows open for ambient light, and placed a chair in the corner. The city’s lights were enough for him to see what was going on, but keep the mood. “Alright babe,” he said. “What’s on tap for tonight?” His one was almost callous. For anyone who didn’t know him, he’d have sounded interested. But years of knowing him told me differently. He was here to avoid a fight, or Karşıyaka escort to try to avoid hurting my feelings, or not to waste the money I’d already spent on the room. Maybe all of the above. I had other ideas. “Well, how about we start here,” I offered gently. At 6’4″ he was a solid foot taller than me. So I kissed his neck as high as standing on tip toe could offer, and unbuttoned his shirt. I slid my hands up and down his chest, pausing to lick my fingers before teasing his nipples. He responded by working my shirt open as well, and I let it fall to the floor. I always had nice tits, or so I was told. I carried a solid C cup on a frame that was a little to small for them, so they always looked big without sagging. Right now, I was happy let him massage them a bit, even if I could tell he was mildly interested. “Alright, have a seat right there. I’ll be right back,” I told him before rubbing my hand over his cock to determine his level of interest. Okay, so maybe he was a bit more interested than I thought. But I wasn’t sold. I came back with a large bowl of hot water, washcloth, and towel, and was totally naked. The cool air in the room and anticipation of my plan coming together had my nipples hardening. I soaked the washcloth as I situated myself on the bed. Then spreading my legs, let the moist, hot material come to rest on my pussy. It was so hot it was nearly uncomfortable, but I wasn’t going to let on to not enjoying anything about the night. “I’ve been lonely. And maybe a little bit, lazy,” I whimpered a bit. “So now, we’re going to fix that,” I told him taking the cloth away. After rubbing a small dab of shaving gel into my hand, I rubbed it over my sex, and began to shave any remaining stubble to a baby-smooth set of lips. “Well, this is new,” he offered. That’s it? That’s what you have to bornova escort bayan tell me here, and now? I’m working this seductive routine here and the best you can do is ‘this is new’? You selfish, indignant fuck. I kept my composure, and grinned as I finished. Then leaning back on the bed, I flicked my finger in and out of my lips a few times. The fact of the matter is I was so pissed that I wasn’t even wet. I was pissed, and ashamed, and hurt, and angry, and on and on. I moved back over to him and started to grind my newly bald, naked, not yet box up and down his legs. The grinding was starting to help, but the timing was all wrong. My guest should’ve arrived by now? What the hell? My plan was falling apart right bef-… knock, knock. “A little champagne,” I told him hopping off. I slipped into a light robe and answered the door. Just in time… When Justin came in and looked around, he was a little bit confused. Justin was my college crush. He was my standing date for anything, random make-out buddy, slumber party friend, and my first, well, pretty much everything…literally. I told him we were having a party for my twin sister here tonight, with whom he was also friends, though in not the same way. We’d only seen each other in passing since we’d graduated, and he and Chris had met. They were social enough, letting the past stay in the past. So when he showed up and saw me barely covered and Chris in a chair across the room, I can understand his confusion. Chris was immediately furious. “Kristen, what the fuck?!” “Oh hush, you,” I responded playfully. “Have a seat, and stay put. Justin, come on in. I’ll explain everything”. And my explaination was pushing Justin against the wall, jumping up to wrap my arms and legs around him, and kiss him furiously with my naked skin pushing against him. “Kristen, Escort üçyol no really…what is going on here?,” Justin asked in earnest. “Here’s the deal,” I said casually. “Chris is caught. Busted. He’s been hammering his shitty little cock into everything he could reach for the past year. Isn’t that right, honey? And a good deal of that time was when? While I was pregnant if my math is right?” Chris stood in protest. “Sit the fuck down!,” I commanded. I wasn’t sure what to expect quite honestly? Would he yell? Scream? Cuss? Get physical with either of us? I wasn’t particularly scared. Justin was plenty big, and even though we only saw one another from time to time, I knew he wouldn’t let Chris be physical. At least not with me. So I admit was surprised when Chris just sat back down. “So now let me tell you what’s going to happen. Both of you. Justin,” I said sweetly, “you my dear, are going to take your clothes off. And I am going to fuck the living shit out of you,” I said opening my robe to show off my naked glory. “And Chris, you’re going to sit there, and watch. Now I admit you’re not going to enjoy the show, because who would?” I turned sideways to show Chris my nearly naked profile undoing Justin’s belt. “Who would enjoy watching their wife fuck the man she lost her virginity to? And if you don’t sit there and mind your fucking manners, your stupid-rich parents are going to hear all manner of stories about their trust fund baby. Every single one that I can prove, and a few I’ll probably just make up. So settle in.” “Kristen, let me talk with you a minute, somewhere else,” Justin asked. “Sure,” I said, taking him by the hand leaving the room. “Seriously, what are you doing? Is all this for real? This is what you want to do?,” he asked, working through his confusion. “Yes, I do. He ran up in everything he could touch for longer than I probably know. We’ve always been there for each other right?” “This is not really the same, Kristen. Even you have to admit that,” he said. “You’re right. It’s not the same. Not really. And I don’t want you to feel like I’m using you, but I guess I really am. But one way or another, this is going to happen.