Mayıs 15, 2023

Shy Wife To Shameless Exhibitionist To Hot-Wife – Part 2

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I don’t think I’m the only husband who enjoys having his wife show off her tits.  My name is John, and my thirty-four-year-old wife, Susan, has a great body.  She works out every day and is a ballroom dancer. She is cute and wholesome with a kick-ass body: 32-23-34 measurements and a size zero. Her natural tits are eye-popping D-cup.  Her nickname is Barbie. I met Susan at a bar when she was only twenty-two.  She was very reserved and I got her phone number from her friend. On our first four dates, she met me at our destination so she would have her car if she felt the date wasn’t going well.  With her looks and body, she had been stalked on several occasions and was very defensive and cautious. It took me over a month to get Susan to come up to my apartment.  I suspected she had a great body, but she dressed very conservatively and was always buttoned up. I had earned her trust and she felt comfortable enough with me to make out and let me explore her body with my hands. When I felt her huge tits, I was pleasantly surprised.  She let me take off her top and bra, but that’s as far as we got that night. —————–We dated for two years before I popped the question and we got engaged. During those two years, we took a Caribbean vacation each year. I love seeing Susan in a bikini, as did all the men who stared at her body.  She wore modest bikinis, but her body turned heads.  The women glared at her while their boyfriends and husbands stared. I was always horny knowing what men were thinking when they watched Susan at the pool or beach. One of our destinations was St. Martin. St. Martin beaches are topless and, like all men, I certainly enjoyed seeing naked tits. There was no way Susan would go topless, even though I suggested it.  I remember esat escort bayan asking her, “Susan, why don’t you take off your top and let the horny guys see your tits and nipples?” Susan smiled at me and answered, “You want me to show off my tits to strange men? You won’t be jealous if they stare at my tits and my nipples are hard?  What if they take photos?  Are you a pervert?”I was honest with my response.  I said, “Susan, it does make me horny to think about other men seeing your naked tits.  They are strangers so it would be our secret.  If they took photos, I know they would look at them when they got home and beat-off looking at your tits.  That’s pretty nasty.”Susan agreed, as a compromise, to get a skimpy bikini to wear instead of her modest bikini.  The top was tiny and her 32D tits were bulging to break free. The bikini bottom was still modest, not a G-string as I suggested.  Susan actually enjoyed the attention.We fucked every night and talked about her being an exhibitionist.  She wore some low cut dresses to dinner and showed off a lot of cleavage. Susan admitted that it did make her horny knowing other men were ogling her body.  But there was no way I could get her to go topless. ————-We had a very nice wedding with lots of friends. For our honeymoon, we went to a luxury resort in Tahiti. I had done research to confirm Tahiti had topless beaches.   Susan packed some sexy dresses and brought three skimpy bikinis. I knew better than push my topless fantasy, and was content to have Susan parade in front of men in her skimpy bikinis.Susan wore sexy clothes to dinner and admitted she enjoyed the attention.  On our third day, Susan surprised me by wearing a G-string bottom.  I didn’t Escort etimesgut even know about it until we were at the beach.  Susan wore a coverup to the beach, and I watched in disbelief as she took off the coverup and turned around to show me her sexy, naked butt.  Susan grinned at me and said, “John, how does my butt look? Are you okay with other men seeing my naked butt?  Does it make you hard?  Is your cock stirring in your bathing suit?”I smiled from ear-to-ear and said, “You look great.  What a nice surprise.  You know I enjoy having you show off your body and it does make me horny knowing what other men are thinking when they stare at you.”Susan teased me all day at the beach.  We walked the beach and were aware of men taking photos of Susan as she walked by.  Needless to say, I fucked Susan good and hard that night.  And, her pussy was as wet as I could ever remember as we recounted her naughty behavior at the beach, flaunting her body.We stayed at the pool the next morning, with Susan wearing her G-string bikini.  We sat next to a couple a few years older than us and shared with them that we were on our honeymoon.  Dave and Cindy were friendly, and Dave was a little too obvious eying Susan in her bikini.  Cindy seemed okay with Dave staring at Susan’s body.  We made arrangements to go to dinner with Dave and Cindy.As we walked out the door for dinner, I looked at Susan and remarked, “Susan, I don’t remember that dress.  Do you think it’s low cut enough?  Your cleavage is R-rated for sure.”Susan just smiled and said, “It’s not showing off anything close to what I display in my bikini.  And, I think Dave will enjoy it.  I know he likes staring at my body.”We had a great dinner and Dave did, etlik escort indeed, stare at Susan’s tits.   He was like a dog in heat.  Cindy tolerated her dirtbag husband and his lecherous staring.Susan attacked me when we got back to our room.  She was horny and wanted to fuck.  She looked at me and admitted, “John, it makes me really horny knowing that Dave was staring at my tits all night.  I felt bad for Cindy but didn’t really care.  I have to guess you enjoyed me showing off my body.”I answered honestly and replied, “I did enjoy the show, at the pool and at dinner.  Dave is a little too obvious.  Now take off your clothes and spread your legs.  You need to be fucked like the naughty little wife you are.”The next day we went to the beach, sat in our lounge chairs, and watched people walk by.  About one in three women were topless.  Susan looked at me with a smirk and asked, “Do you enjoy seeing the naked tits?  Do you wish I’d take off my top and show off my tits?”I laughed and answered, “Yes and yes.”Susan stood up and suggested we go for a walk.  I stood up and was shocked when Susan took off her top and threw it at me.  She laughed and asked, “So, dirtbag, do my tits look nice?  Will you enjoy other men staring at my naked tits? My tits do flop around when I walk.   Let’s go put on a show.”I was speechless, horny, and shocked.  Susan’s tits looked great.  Her tan lines showed off her white tits, making it obvious this was her first time topless. Her nipples are dark and really stand out.  When she took off her top, her nipples were hard.We walked hand-in-hand as Susan’s tits bounced and flopped around as we walked.  The beach was fairly crowded, and Susan did make quite the sexy, naughty wife as she showed off her great body.  We walked past an open-air bar and Susan looked at me and asked, “John, are you happy with me being topless?  Let’s stop in at the bar and get a drink. I’ll flirt with some guys as they check out my tits and hard nipples.   They are hard, aren’t they?  My pussy is dripping wet.  I feel like a slut.”