Mayıs 14, 2023

Singapore Encounter

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I have been travelling extensively the last 5 years. I have an international job with an e-commerce company. We market women’s dresses in the US and Europe. I am the head buyer of the company and in that role, find myself often in Asia. I arrived in Singapore on an early morning flight. It was the middle of winter in New York where I am based, and the heat and humidity hit me like a brick. Luckily, Changi airport is well organized and within 30 minutes, I was outside with my bags, waiting for a taxi. I had booked the Traders Hotel on Cuscaden Road. It’s not too expensive and within walking distance of Orchard Road, the main shopping street in Singapore. Check-in was fast and they gave me a room on the 12 th floor with a good view of the city. I quickly unpacked my bags and took a shower to remove the “travel dirt” as I call it. I laid on the bed and switched on the TV. I had no meetings that day; I always plan it that way when I travel internationally. I needed some time to recover from travel shock and adjust my mind and body to another time zone. I woke up suddenly at the end of the afternoon. I must have fallen asleep with the TV on, and the loud-mouthed presenter of some inane show must have woken me up. I felt a lot better than I did earlier that day. I took another shower and walked naked into the room. The coldness of the air-conditioning hit me and I was shivering a bit. I saw my image in the tall hotel room mirror and stopped to have a better look. I was pleased with what I saw. I was a 40-something woman and looked good for my age. My breasts were medium sized and firm. I was not tall, only 165 centimeters, but slim with nice, full hips. The air conditioning had made my nipples hard, and I stroked my breasts to make them a bit warmer. I quickly put on my jeans, bra and blouse. I almost never wear panties, esat escort especially when I am wearing jeans. My breasts were too big to not wear a bra. And this being Singapore, a fairly conservative country, it would also have been out of place to go without wearing one. I love travelling and prefer to do so alone. It gives me all the freedom I want to spend the evenings the way I like to. For a woman travelling alone however, there’re always are a few annoying issues. Whenever I go to a bar, even in the hotel I am staying in, there are always men trying to hit on me. I do not mind a hard cock, but only if it’s a strap on attached to a sexy woman. And that is the other issue. In most countries, there are lots of bars catering for gay men. However, there are almost none for lesbians. Regardless, I went downstairs to the second floor to a bar called Rumpoles. I had been there before and found the atmosphere relaxed and smoking was allowed. I sat on one of the couches next to the windows. A young man quickly appeared and took my order. I asked for a glass of white wine. Service is always fast in Singapore and within a minute I had my drink and a small bowl of peanuts. I lit a cigarette, sipped my wine and really started to relax. The bar was almost empty. On a small table on the side, there were two businessmen having a conversation, and at the bar was another man reading his tablet. The music was some generic soft jazz which suited me fine. After a while, I also took out my tablet and started to read my local newspaper. It took me a while to get through it, and I had another couple of glasses of wine whilst reading. I had not noticed the waiter being replaced by a woman, so I was startled when all of a sudden, a small feminine hand put my fourth glass of wine on the table. I looked up suddenly etimesgut escort bayan and apparently looked a bit shocked. The young waitress noticed and smiled at me. I smiled back and thanked her for the wine. As she walked back to the bar, I looked at her nice petite young body. She was smaller than I was, in all aspects. Almost thin legs, hardly any hips, and small breasts. She was obviously Chinese. I was not sure if it was the wine or her sexy body, but I suddenly felt warm inside. ‘Who am I kidding?’ I thought. This is Asia; lesbians do not exist here, at least not officially. And furthermore, picking up a waitress from a hotel bar would be almost impossible anywhere in the world. I looked at her again, still feeling warm inside, sighed and went back to my newspaper. After a while the pretty waitress noticed I had finished my wine and came to me asking if I wanted a refill. I was not sure at that stage. I already had 4 glasses of wine and was feeling them well. However, it was still early in the evening and I would still eat dinner later, so I ordered another one. As the waitress came back to my where I was sitting, she stumbled and spilled the whole content of the wine glass on my jeans. In a reflex, I stood up and started to wipe the wine from my jeans. The waitress started to apologize and tried to also clean my jeans with her napkin. She said that she was so sorry, that it had never happened before, and even offered to pay for the cleaning of my jeans. I told her not to worry. These things happen and a glass of white wine does not ruin a pair of jeans. I smiled at her to make sure she believed me, that it really was not a problem. It seemed to relax her and she smiled back at me. At that stage I noticed she had also spilled wine on my tablet. This got me worried Escort etlik and seeing my face she asked me what the problem was. I explained to her that a tablet and wine do not really mix well and that I wanted to go up to my room to quickly dry blow it to hopefully avoid any damage. She quickly walked to the bar and had a short conversation with what seemed to be the manager. She came back and told me that if it was okay with me, she would join me to ensure that no damage had been done. At the same time she told me that the hotel would reimburse me if the tablet was somehow damaged. Together we walked to the elevators and waited for it to arrive. She was still looking embarrassed and there was an uncomfortable silence. To make her feel a bit better I lightly touched her arm, smiled and told her not to worry. We rode up to my floor and went into my room. I walked straight into the bathroom and started to dry my tablet. She was standing close to me, and leaning against the bathroom door. The noise of the dry blower was too loud to have a conversation. I looked at her face in the bathroom mirror and again, smiled at her. She smiled back, seemingly a bit more relaxed than before. After a while I stopped the dry blower and passed her as I was walking back into the room. I wanted to plug in the tablet and see if it worked properly. As I passed her I could smell her perfume. It was surprisingly heavy and musky for such a young woman. I loved it and felt the warmness coming back to my body. This time, it was not only in my stomach; I also felt my pussy getting a bit wet and swollen. I laughed at myself inwardly, trying to suppress my horny feelings. She followed me into the room and looked over my shoulder when I plugged the tablet in. I switched it on and everything seemed to be working well. The relief was clear on her face and for the first time, I saw her smile without any nervousness. I winked at her and said to her that I had told her not to worry. Her smile became bigger and she told me that she was very happy no damage had been done. She shook my hand and thanked me for not making a scene downstairs.