Haziran 6, 2023

Slave Sanctuary #3: Tamara

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Slave Sanctuary #3: TamaraI own an island at the outskirts of Samoa for my Slave Sanctuary of wanton women of all over the worldI re-named it in English also as Slave Sanctuary, I warmly welcome women who want to serve as a slaveI am so far the only male inhabitant, as all mothers have given me more and more dear dirty daughtersI will introduce them bit by bit, in small groups of friends, working my way around all of the world!I make an exception for Tamara, as she is exceptional in expressing publicly her wish to be bred!I take her along to my Slave Sanctuary where she climbs the ladder among my loves with many comesI let her play her pussy for me in my favourite position to show and share her hot orgasms with meI like her style of bending over right in front of me while she keeps looking at me between her legs I wait with tasty Tamara for feromones to smell from her foxy fanny, announcing her ovulation to usI beat her beautiful bottom till Ankara escort it burns and turns red before lick her love lips for another orgasmI keep my seed inside for a few days as we expect her egg-spring to happen so soon at next full moon I can control my emotions and arousal thanks to tantra Mastership in this sea of sexy slaves for meI meet my tasty Tamara at the beach by full moon, where all other slaver gather around us to watchI meet my meat with wonderful warm teasing Tamara who presents herself completely open and availableI see she holds by both hands at the back of her knees her lovely long legs up and her pussy all openI see the eagerness in her eyes to be bred by me, she longs to join the club of mothers on our islandI tease her tasty tiny tits with my long tongue and tingle her nipples till they stand erect for meI tease her tasty tiny tits by my teeth softly biting all my way around till Ankara escort bayan I nibble at her nipplesI tease her belly button, pretend to take her virginity by the tip of my tongue trying to get insideI tease her belly down towards those tasty gates of hot heavens which wait for my penile penetrationI lick her lovely looking love lips, which she shaved for the first time ever for the special occasionI let her come first a few times to prepare her pussy for swallowing my seed deep inside her womanhoodI slowly slide my big brown banana inside her sexy snatch and I enjoy how her pussy starts to milk meI slowly increase the speed of our awesome accumulation of our first fuck ever on our island of loveI whisper in her ear: my dear, I will make you the most beautiful mother of my sexy slave sanctuaryI whisper in her other ear: do you hear my dear how all other slaves applaud our nice naughty number?I Escort Ankara see in her eyes she is close to come from our foxy fornication so I make sure to come along with herI see in her eyes how hot she got from my offer of all my seed only for her need to breed us our loveI hear how she shouts as she awesome orgasms, while I shoot my sperm shower directly at her uterusI hear how she is in awe for my great gift of new life to be born from her by breeding her at bestI keep her in position with her hot hips up in the air, while I kiss her hot swollen sexy love lips I keep her coming to help her womanhood swallow all of my sperm deep inside her by her hot spasms! I keep her coming until she collapses, I support her bottom with my folded legs underneath her bumsI keep her covered by my body, I am her blanket for this night on the beach for only the two of usI signal to my slaves to leave us alone and go to bed together for their first night without controlI still have my mighty manhood inside her hot womanhood when we both fall into the arms of MorpheusI invite my dear readers to leave their commentsI warmly welcome your ‘thumbs up’ at this storyI will continue this tasty tale with many moreI claim my copyright – May 1st 2015, Poet PETER