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Small Town Virgin , Old Bar Owner Ch. 02

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Tia is the 18 year old with an innocent mindset who is being put into some rough situations.

The morning sun woke Tia from her sleep.

She stared at her bedroom ceiling thinking about what happened the night before. She hasn’t even thought about guys her age in that type of light.

Men and sex were the last things on her mind before last night…and now…she feels corrupted.

Corrupted by her own thoughts. Corrupted by her own wants, her newly discovered odd sexual desires.

She walked towards the bathroom and peaked into her mom’s room. Her mom was already out of the house and got her day started.

Once Tia got into the restroom she looked at the sink and the floor with dirty laundry still spread across it. Tia started to have vivid flashbacks of being used the night before.

Again, not understanding why she felt turned on by the incident… Tia began to first rub herself through her panties. Pleasure quickly turned to shame as Tia began to cry. Tia was still confused by the incident but was more confused by her body and mind.

Tia quickly showered and then oddly cleaned the entire bathroom. As the day turned to evening Tia could no longer stay inside. She met up with her friend Angel.

Angel was 2 years older than Tia. Angel did the college thing for a year or so but quickly returned to the small town she’s used to. Angels skin tone was darker than Tia’s just due to Angel tanning more often. Angel was shorter than Tia, about 5’3. Angel also had dark hair but it was super long and was always put up in a fashionable way. Angel had smaller boobs than Tia. Tia’s were 36C or bigger but Angels were about a 34B. Angels ass was smaller but it was tight and round. Like Tia, Angel was also a very social person. She had alot of friends and chose quick hook ups over serious relationships. Unlike Tia, Angel was very experienced sexually and understood how to manipulate men.

They drove the back roads of their small town for hours. Tia wanted to tell Angel what happened the night before plenty of times but couldn’t pull the trigger.

As it got late Angel asked “Should we go get some drinks before they close?”

“Sure…can we go to the gas station instead of the bar?” Tia replied.

“I’m not feeling cheap alcohol tonight haha. We need expensive stuff…you know..the kind we get for free at the bar?” said Angel.

Tia didn’t respond but drove to the bar without hesitation.

As they entered the loud packed bar, Tia immediately searched the crowd for Josh. After not seeing any sign of him, she relaxed a little. As they sat at the bar the girls laughed and took pictures on their phones. It wasn’t long before the older men noticed the girls and approached. After meaningless small talk, every man that approached offered to buy the girls shots.

After an hour or so Tia realized that she needs to drive still. Tia tried yelling over the music to tell Angel “We should switch to water now… I have my car!” Angel laughed with the group of men that were near and didn’t acknowledge what Tia just said. Tia walked to the bar restroom and tried to calm her alcohol buzz. After a few minutes she returned to the bar but didn’t see Angel.

She asked the older man that was sitting with Angel just a few minutes ago “Hey! Where did my friend go?”

The chubby bearded man laughed with drunk eyes and said “She said she was going home. I guess it was past her bedtime. You’re still here though…is it past your bedtime sweet thing?”

The older man reached out and rubbed Tia’s shoulder. “Yes. It’s my bedtime…I’m leaving.” Tia responded.

Tia had to pull her sweater sleeve away from the older man before walking away. Tia began quickly looking for Angel as she walked towards the bar exit. Not seeing her anywhere, Tia walked malatya seks hikayeleri to her car. Now that she was away from the noise, Tia tried calling Angel but it wouldn’t go through meaning Angels phone was off.

Tia pulled on her cars door handle and it was locked. She started looking through her purse and pockets for her keys. Unable to find them…she looked back at the bar doors. Seeing the crowd starting to exit and linger around the main doors. Having small flashbacks of the night before, she chose not to go back to the bar. Instead she called her mom for ride. Her mom answered the call but with bad news. Her mom was in the city 2 hours away on a date. Feeling like she has no other choice, she began walking back to the bar.

The aggressive older man was in the same spot laughing with the female bartender. Tia quickly asked “Hey! Did you see any car keys around here?” The older mans face lit up once again “Well damnit little lady, you asked me about your friend, now youre asking me about car keys? If you’re lost and want to come home with me just say it. Don’t play your young games with me. Haha!”

Tia rolled her eyes and then asked the lady bartender the same thing. The lady shook her head No before yelling to last dozen customers “closing time! Don’t have to go home but can’t stay here!!”

Tia quickly walked back to her car. She quickly scrolled through her phones contacts to see who could help at such a late time. Before finding a solution she heard the older mans voice behind her. “Still thinking about coming with me aren’t you.” He said.

Tia responded aggressively “No! Stop saying that. I just need to find my keys so I can go home.”

The older man stood next to Tia leaning on her car. “Well…I found them. What’s my prize??”

Tia felt instant relief. “What where?? Give them to me please. I’m so tired and need to go home!”

The man began backing away from Tia while laughing “Tell me what my prize is for finding them. I solved your problem.” He said.

Tia quickly looked through the money in her pockets. “I have… $35. Thats it.”

The man got oddly quiet and walked towards Tia.

“Money??? I have money darling…you talk with such attitude. Just like your mom.”

Tia feeling her new sexual mindset returning.. “Yeah I get compared to her alot. But I want my keys…give them to me. Tell me what you want.”

The older man started to unzip his thick work jacket. The man’s scent of sweat and alcohol escaped his body as his jacket opened. Tia could smell the man’s scent but didn’t let her body language change.

“I just told you… I said you talk with such attitude. You’re mouth is too pretty to be talking so aggressive.”

The man was now standing so close to Tia that her face was almost touching his big chest. Only thing preventing her face being on his chest was his big belly pushing up against Tia’s tight stomach. Now all Tia could do was inhale and exhale the man’s sweat and beer scent.

“Just my mouth… That’s it. Then give me my car keys after.” Tia said. She couldn’t believe she just said that so comfortable. Tia ran her hands over the man’s big chest and then down the side of his belly. She didn’t want to make eye contact with him so she closed her eyes and concentrated on his scent. She reached towards the man’s waistband and found his belt.

“Woah woah little girl…not right here. There’s cameras out here. I’m not going to give Josh a free show. Let’s go over here.” The man pulled Tia by her sweater over to the side of the building. No lights, just dumpsters and empty boxes. He pulled Tia in between the two dumpsters so no one could see her. Tia kept her eyes closed the whole time. She could now smell the dumpsters that were full of old food. The man started undoing his pants and noticed Tia had her eyes closed.

He grabbed Tia by her faced and forced a kiss on her. Tia could taste his bad breath and feel his rough facial hair. The man put his tongue into her mouth and moved his face back and forth. Tia without hesitation began to suck on his tongue as if it was his dick. The man kept his eyes open and loved seeing Tia make disgusted faces as he made her suck his tongue.

The man dropped his dirty jeans to his ankles. He reached his hand through the front hole of his cheap dirty boxers. He pulled his uncut still soft dick through the hole. He grabbed Tia by the back of her head and pulled her hair downward. Tia slowly dropped to her knees. The smell of trash was quickly overpowered by the scent of……sweat…and sex? Although Tia was a virgin, she knew what sex smelled like thanks to her mom’s late night hook ups across the hall.

The man pulled Tia into his crotch trying to find her mouth. Tia with her eyes closed felt the man’s boxers on her face and then felt his soft dick rub against her chin.

Tia opened her eyes to see the man’s dick. It was nothing like last night. This one was really small at first site. It was still thick but she couldn’t tell what else was so different. The mans tip was something she never seen before. The man reached down and started to stroke it with his thumb and index finger. “Whiskey does this to me. Just start sucking little one, you can get my load out I promise.”

As the man was stroking his soft dick, Tia finally saw the man’s head hidden inside the extra skin. The smell was definitely coming from his dick tip. The man paused his stroking and pointed his small dick at Tia’s mouth. Tia gave his weird looking tip a few tongue strokes before wrapping her lips around it. Without any issue, she was able to put the whole thing in her mouth. The man put both of his rough hands behind her head and started aggressively thrusting his hips. Tia could taste all the bitterness and saltiness of his unwashed dick. Slowly she could feel the man’s dick grow inside her mouth.

The man’s moans of pleasure and how aggressive he was using her mouth was enough for her to stay in the moment. But the taste of his dick had been licked and sucked away. And now the only scent she could smell was the trash which was not turning her on. Tia looked up as she did the night before, but all she could see was the man’s shirt waving back and forth off his fat belly. Tia’s spit and drool were making a wet spot on the man’s boxers.

Tia was not satisfied by the smell of cheap laundry soap and her spit. Tia pulled on the man’s boxers to let him know she wanted them off. The man laughed “Trust me sweetie, you don’t want me to pull these down. I don’t shave. I look like a grown ass man down there, not some fitness model like your used to.”

Again without thinking Tia stopped cleaning the man’s dick and said “idc what you look like. Just let me smell you while you fuck my face.”

There was a quick silent pause..before the man took a step back and reached down to untie one of his boots. He kicked the boot off and pulled his pants and boxers off that one leg. “Ok this is going to get messy but this is what you wanted!”

As the man got back into position over Tias face she reached around and grabbed the man’s bumpy jiggly ass cheeks. Tia pulled the man closer to her face and she dove in. Tia ran her face through the man’s long curly gray dick hair. She took deep inhales through her nose so she could fall in love with the man’s sweat scent. Tia moved her nose down to the hairy creases next to his balls. The scent was so strong in his creases and under his balls. “Go ahead little lady. Get my stink all over your face. It feels good.” The man said as he started stroking his dick again.

Tia shook her head slowly so her nose could feel all of his crotch hair. The mans stroking caused his hairy balls to bounce up and down on her face. Tia could smell a different type of scent the more she got under his balls. She rubbed her face back and forth on the man’s taint taking loud sniffs to let the man know what she’s doing. Tia could smell the man’s sweaty dirty asshole as she got further and further under him. Instead of it being a deal breaker…it only sent Tia into more of a sexual frenzy. Tia slowly started to rub herself through her sweatpants as the man was jacking himself off and thrusting his hairy crotch area all over her face.

“Lick it you little bitch. Lick my taint. Clean me!!” He yelled as he felt his balls getting ready to empty.

Tia began licking and spitting all over his hairy taint. He pulled Tia back by her hair so that his hairy balls were in front of her mouth. Tia didn’t change her actions. She sucked and cleaned each of his hairy balls. Finally he shoved his dick back down her throat and started thrusting wildly.

The mans thrust started to slow down as he lost energy. Tia sensed he was close so she reached back around and grabbed his ass cheeks again. She started to pull his hairy crotch into her face on her own. She found a good position and rhythm that she could tell pleased the man. She gagged every time she pulled his ass cheeks forward and her face got buried into his hairy crotch. “don’t fucking stop you dirty little bitch!! Swallow!! Swallow! I’m cumming down your throat!!!”

Tia loved hearing his demands and she loved knowing her mouth was again being used just to drain someones balls.

Tears began running down her face as she suffocated herself in his stink hair with his dick shooting his seed down her throat.

Finally he let up on the grip he had of her hair… Tia slowly continued to stroke his dick with her mouth. The man laughed a little “okay stop. You drained my nuts fully. If you keep sucking you’ll swallow something else.”

Tia not sure what he meant stopped immediately. She looked up at him with a confused look.

“Here. Stay down there. I won’t make you swallow it. Just go back to sniffing and kissing my balls for a second.”

Tia returned to the mans hairy ballsack now drenched with her drool. As she sniffed and kissed his balls… She heard the man moan and then heard what sounded like water pouring. She moved her body to the side and noticed the man was pissing. It scared her at first but she calmed down once she noticed it wasn’t landing on her.

The mans piss had the scent of popcorn and alcohol. She noticed his stream get weaker as it turned to drips of piss. As the man tried to bend over to pull up his pants she quickly put his dick back in her mouth to clean it.

“Damn… You younger kids need to stay off the internet. It’s messing with your brain hah.”

Tia felt her body go weak from the aggressive session she just had. She leaned against the dumpster to calm down. As the man got his pants and boxers organized, he asked Tia to grab his boot near her. Tia grabbed the boot and got curious. She sniffed the man’s boot without him seeing. The scent would be what others consider horrible, but Tia loved it. It was the strongest scent of old sweaty socks.

Tia handed the man his boot but then asked…

“I need something for my face. I’m not going to use my sweater, it’s my friends. Give me… Your sock.”

The older man looked confused but didn’t ask questions. He removed his long dirty white sock and gave it to Tia. Tia wiped her face with it while also sniffing the man’s stink feet scent. As the man walked away…he got near Tias car which reminded her “hey! You said you have my keys! I still need those!”

The man laughed without looking back… “I said I found them. I didn’t say I had them on me… They’re laying on your driver seat. Good luck with that.”