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Special Surprise Bath For My Girlfriend

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Special Surprise Bath For My Girlfriend
I just adore England in the spring; it’s the most perfect time of the year. The trees are starting to leaf, the hedgerows are filling out and different hues of red, white and pink blossom seem to adorn every other tree you can see. Spring was the time Elisa had first picked for her visit to see me in England, and I couldn’t wait to see her again.

We’d fallen in love online some six months earlier. Neither of us had been looking for love or had even remotely expected to have found it in the way we did. Countless hours of online chat had all culminated in my mad last minute dash to Oregon to spend Christmas with her. That seemed ages ago now and even though I had returned to England after a truly amazing and loving five days, our love had continued to blossom and grow in the months between then and now.

I sat in Heathrow Airport watching the arrivals board, intently waiting for it to flick from ‘expected’ to ‘landed’ for Elisa’s British Airways flight from Seattle. After what seemed an eternity of waiting it finally made the change. I trembled with joy as I knew I’d see her shortly. My mind was also filled with excitement at the thought of what I’d worked out for her visit.

I planned to show Elisa all the sights in London for a couple of days before having a slow, relaxed and romantic tour round Southern England. I knew she wanted to see pretty countryside and quaint villages, and I had a route all mapped out culminating with a visit to my parents who lived in North Devon.

The baggage reclaim doors slid back and forth more times than I can remember as I waited for Elisa to emerge. Finally, she popped out, grinning from ear to ear as she saw me waiting. We threw ourselves into each other’s arms and hugged for what seemed like an eternity.

“Oh my god, I am so amazed to see you again,” I cried into her ear as we held other tight.

“I love you, Jennie,” she blurted back, not wanting to let go of me.

We sat in the coffee shop in the terminal for some time just talking, glad to be in one another’s company again.

“What are we doing then?” she finally asked.

“We’re going on a trip,” I replied, “and every day’s going to be a surprise.”

“I like surprises,” Elisa giggled.

“Then you’ll have a perfect time. Perfect like you,” I said before grabbing her hand and leading her to my car.

The next eight days were truly the happiest in my life. We walked hand in hand on the pier and beach in Brighton, having fun looking in all the tiny novelty shops in The Lanes. Next was the New Forest, where we rambled through the gorse bushes and heathland. I took Elisa to Stratford and the picture postcard villages in the Cotswolds. We picnicked under a tree in a stunning field of **** seed in its full and glorious yellow bloom.

Every night we found a bed and breakfast to stay in, having dinner in quaint country pubs. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t just gaze longingly into each other’s eyes, share dozens of laughs and make slow passionate love to each other after sharing a bottle of wine. We were truly in love and didn’t care how obvious we were about expressing that.

At the end of the eighth day we arrived in Bath. It was our last day alone together before we headed down to Devon to visit my parents. After a fabulous day exploring the Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent, I felt I really needed to give Elisa a special romantic treat before we had to be more subtler with each other under my parents roof. I planned a passionate evening where I could truly express my love and desire for her.

I pulled the car over on our way to the bed & breakfast I’d booked.

“Wait here, Elisa, I’ll be back in a second,” I said, giving her a very mischievous smile. Elisa looked quizzically back at me but didn’t say a word.
I ducked into a supermarket and made my way to the toiletry aisle. One big bottle of scented bubble bath later and I was off to the home-wear aisle where a pack of twenty tea light candles and some matches were added to the basket. I paid and then smuggled my purchases into the boot of the car. I got an another ‘what on earth have you been doing?’ look from Elisa when I hopped back into the front seat and drove off.

We had dinner and shared our by now customary bottle of wine.

“Bed time, Elisa,” I said as we finished our glasses. “But this time I have an extra special surprise!”

“Ooo, I like surprises,” she replied, as I grabbed her hand and led her to our room.

“Okay, I’m going into the bathroom and you’re not to come in until I say so,” I giggled at Elisa. “When you do come in, turn out the lights to the room and I want you naked.” I said it as seriously as I could to make sure she really did what I wanted.

I turned on the bath taps and poured half the contents of the bubble bath bottle into the running water. I wanted a crazy amount of bubbles in that bath! While the water was running I set about placing the tea lights. Ten were put round the edges of the bath and the others on the sink, cistern and floor.

I turned the taps off when the water was nice and deep, and bubbles were just started to brim over the edge of the bath. Then I lit the tea lights and turned the bathroom light out. It looked amazing. All the candles sent a very seductive and shimmering light up the walls and across the ceiling, as well as playing sexily across the bubbles in the bath.

I undressed until I was left with nothing but a skimpy white lace thong on. I was ready for Elisa. In fact, I was ready for anything!

“Elisa, I’m ready. Lights out and naked please,” I giggled through the door.

The door opened and Elisa walked into the bathroom. She looked stunning. I’d always fancied her and I couldn’t help but look her up and down with lust in my eyes. She closed the door. Her naked body looked amazing as the subtle light of the candles dancing over her breasts, tummy and thighs.

She walked over and stood in front of me, her breasts just touching mine. I ran my hands up and down her arms, bringing goose bumps to her skin. I loved touching her. She was stunning, all mine and right at that moment I wanted my hands to wander and caress every inch of her.

I let the backs of my hands play over her breasts, feeling her hardening nipples rub against my skin. Then I traced my hands down over her tummy before placing my palms on her hips and pulling Elisa close to me. I leant forward and kissed her softly on the lips as my arms encircled her, my fingernails gently scratching up and down the length of her spine.

I returned to her arms, caressing up and down before moving my hands to Elisa’s and interlocking my fingers with hers. I let myself guide her hands onto my waist, before moving her hands slowly in circles over my hips and behind me over my cheeks.

I loved guiding her hands over my body and feeling the soft warmth of her palms glide over me. I moved her palms in circles over my cheeks, curling them underneath me, letting her fingers trace the line of my panties as they curved round between my legs. I hoped she could feel the heat radiating from the pleasures in my panties she was yet to explore.

I parted my body slowly from hers and guided her hands to my breasts, letting her cup and caress them. Her hands were warm from moving over my cheeks. I felt my nipples harden as my breasts nestled in the palms of her soft hands. I started gently circling my own hands over my breasts, taking Elisa’s with me, moving her palms into a slow sexy rhythm of caressing, squeezing and stroking. All the time I just looked into Elisa’s eyes, smiling playfully at her. I could see the passion in her face as I guided her hands from my breasts and back down my sides to my hips. I slid her fingers just under the hem of my panties on each hip.

“For you,” I said as seductively as I could to Elisa before kissing her on the lips again.
She needed no second invitation to kneel in front of me and slowly peel my panties over my hips and down my legs. I lifted each foot in turn to allow her to remove them completely. She leant forward as she knelt, kissing my tummy softly before tracing the tip of her tongue from hip to hip and back again. I felt an almost irresistible urge to lift a leg and place it over her shoulder to allow her to kiss and trace her tongue everywhere I wanted her to. Somehow I managed to resist. I felt like teasing both Elisa and myself for a while, knowing the moment when we finally touched each other would be just that little bit more divine.

I pulled Elisa to her feet and we embraced again, our naked bodies pressed together as we stood in the candlelight.

“Bath time, Elisa,” I whispered in her ear. I broke the embrace, yet still held both of Elisa’s hands in mine, before guiding her to the edge of the bath.

I got in and lowered by body through the luxurious and deep layer of soapy bubbles into the warm water. I lay back and with the exception of my face, my whole body was submerged and hidden beneath the bubbly water. I beckoned Elisa to join me. She climbed in and slowly sat down with her back to me, nestling in the water between my legs. I pulled her down into the water, lifting my legs to encircle her. My calves rested on top of her thighs, with Elisa resting her head on my chest between my breasts.

For a moment we just lay there enjoying the heat of the water and the warmth from each other’s bodies engulf us. The moment didn’t last. I felt the urge to start touching Elisa again, my hands drawn uncontrollably to her body.

My fingers started to circle over her head, my nails gently scratching her scalp through her hair. Elisa sighed softly, loving the attention. Despite the heat of the water, I felt the goose bumps rise on her skin again as she snuggled and pressed back into me between my legs in the water.

The tips of my fingers moved to her neck, pressing and massaging her skin, moving firmly but gently over her shoulders and around her collar bone. I then slid my fingers under the water, searching for and finding her breasts. I moved in slow circles, using each hand to massage the scented bubbles into her soft skin. I felt her nipples harden again beneath the water as I tweaked and pulled gently at them.

I squeezed my legs tightly round Elisa as they completely enveloped her beneath the bubbles. I pushed myself into her lower back, my lips desperate to be pressed and pushed apart by the touch of my lover. My hands continued to cup and hold her pert, yet soft breasts, playing and rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

“Jennie, this is just amazing,” Elisa cooed softly, as my hands trailed lower over her body, caressing over her tummy.

“Shhh. Just enjoy,” I replied.

I wanted to reach lower to caress and soap Elisa’s entire body, but I was struggling to reach. I shuffled up the bath a little and moved to a sitting position. Elisa lifted herself too, sitting upright between my legs. Sensing what I wanted to do, she hooked each of her ankles outside my own legs, spreading herself in the bath with her knees poking out of the water.

I couldn’t resist. I collected a handful of bubbles in each palm, then tipped my hands slowly, letting the bubbles fall onto Elisa’s thighs. I watched intently as they slowly slid over the top of her thighs and dripped into the water. Some of the bubbles slid down the tops of her thighs, trickling in a slow line downwards. I placed one hand on each thigh, and caressed Elisa’s legs, following the drips lower and lower until my hands submerged beneath the bubbles in search of the delights hidden in the water.

I could feel Elisa’s breathing deepen as I pressed hard into her from behind, my own breasts squashed to her back. I kissed her neck, my lips softly teasing and playing over her skin. My left hand returned to Elisa’s left breast, cupping it as it swayed in front of her. My right hand found what it wanted beneath the bubbles, my palm resting then pressing softly over her mound.

Elisa sighed again as I started to stroke her inner thighs. I moved gently from one knee, caressing down her inner thigh and under the water, then caressing again up the other thigh. Each time my hand dipped under the water, I brushed her lips with my fingers, loving the subtle and gentle change in her breathing every time my fingers teased her. All the time I continued to caress and squeeze her breast while kissing her neck, sucking gently on her skin as my tongue moved over her.

I knew the time had come for me to have the entirety of Elisa’s body to treat and pleasure. I so desperately wanted Elisa to have me too, to feel her caress and her touch.

I stood up in the bath and stepped out, bubbles sliding down my body and over my breasts, dripping onto the floor. I held a towel open for Elisa as she got out behind me. Rather than wrap her, I wanted her to have the most amazing drying experience she could possibly have imagined.

“I’m going to tease you mad with this towel and my lips,” I whispered softly to Elisa as she stood in front of me, bubbles seductively cascading over her own breasts and dripping in rivulets down her body. I couldn’t help but give Elisa a playful wink as I stood back and looked into her eyes. I wrapped the edge of the towel in the palm of my hand.

I patted Elisa’s neck dry then leant in and kissed the spot I’d dried, nuzzling it gently with my lips. My hand then moved to her shoulders and arms, drying each in turn. My lips followed, kissing the areas I’d just dried, my tongue tracing over her soft bubble-scented skin.

I slowly dried and kissed my way round her body, missing nothing. Each of Elisa’s breasts were lovingly stroked through the towel, the material pulling at her hard nipples with my lips and tongue inevitably close behind as I kissed and licked each in turn.

I turned Elisa around, kneeling close behind her and running the towel over her cheeks and down the backs of her legs. I couldn’t resist. My lips played across the cheeks of her ass as I kissed and licked the skin I had just dried. I kissed down the backs of her legs, my tongue tracing a soft line right down the back of her thighs and calves, before returning upwards, kissing her cheeks again.

I placed my hand in the small of Elisa’s back, gently applying pressure. Instinctively knowing what I wanted, she leant forward until her hands rested on the side of the bath. As if reading my mind, she shuffled her feet apart as the towel touched her leg again.

My hands moved the towel up and down her inner thighs, brushing across her gorgeous puffy lips and tempting bud as I gently dried her most secret parts. I’d kissed every inch of Elisa’s body as I had dried it and I was not going to stop now. I leant into her and kissed her bud gently, feeling it contract slightly and then relax under the touch of my lips. The tip of my tongue circled it softly, teasing and probing, before making one long sweep from her bud down across her glistening lips to her clit, already hard and inviting. I could not resist the invitation. I placed my lips round Elisa’s clit and kissed it lovingly, feeling her squirm and shudder as she stood, bent over and ready for me to pleasure her. I rolled it in circles on my tongue before kissing the length of her swollen lips again.

Elisa was sighing and moaning softly, obviously loving every second of me drying and kissing her. I knew it was time to take her to bed and give us both the pleasure we had only just being teasing at so far. I stood, turned her around and pulled her hard to me, kissing her passionately on the lips.

“Get into bed, gorgeous,” I said as our kiss broke momentarily.

Elisa smiled at me, then kissed me hard. Taking my hand, she turned and left the bathroom, tugging me with her. She flopped onto her back on the bed. I could see her chest was already flushed and the goose bumps were back again. My own skin tingled and I could feel myself almost shaking in anticipation of making passionate love with Elisa.

I climbed onto the end of the bed and kissed Elisa’s ankles. I could see her close her eyes, just enjoying the sensation of my lips and tongue on her skin, trusting me completely as I stalked slowly up her body, kissing as I went.

My hands went first, caressing over her knees and along the tops of her thighs. I prised her legs wide until her tempting and utterly divine lips were just apart, revealing the silken glistening treasures that awaited. I kissed up her inner thighs again, my arms reaching up to take her breasts in my hands.

I needed to have Elisa. I could not tease myself or her any longer. I placed one long, loving tender kiss on her lips and then without realizing what I was doing, the flat of my tongue made one long, broad sweep the length of her lips, parting them.

She tasted just divine. All the pent up passion I had built between us was suddenly released with the hunger and desire I felt to please Elisa. I licked and kissed her lips slowly up and down, sliding my tongue over and just inside each lip in turn, savoring her with every stroke. I let the tip of my tongue dab at her wetness, caressing in tiny circles just inside her. I could hear Elisa start to moan. I was nearly panting myself with the sheer delight of having Elisa spread before me with my tongue now swirling hard inside her, bringing her slowly to climax. I could feel it building and building within her, my mouth engulfing her, tongue pushed as far into her as I
could manage.

Elisa pushed her hips hard at me, raising herself off the bed as I continued the steady swirling of my tongue inside her. Her fingers locked with mine again, her nails digging into my hand. I could feel by the way she held my hand so tightly that she was on the edge, utterly lost in that moment just before orgasm. I withdrew my tongue and kissed her lips up and down one last time, wanting her orgasm in another moment, in another way.

I moved further up her body, kissing over her tummy as I felt the uncontrollable passion burning between my own legs. I shifted my hips so I was straddling one of Elisa’s legs, and then pushed my swollen and very wet lips onto the round of her knee. The movements in my hips came instinctively as I pushed and circled my wetness over her. Elisa pushed her knee back at me, forcing my lips wide as my sweet juices coated and almost dribbled down her leg as I rubbed harder and harder.

My lips met Elisa’s nipples again, teasing them between my teeth as she sighed beneath me. Each nipple was enveloped in turn, my teeth grazing and teasing over them. My legs now straddled Elisa’s thigh, my own thighs gripping hers as I rubbed my wet and swollen lips hard up and down her leg. I was already feeling an orgasm of my own building.

I moved higher again until I was face to face with Elisa. My arms completely encircled her, pulling our bodies tight together. I leant into her neck and kissed her soft skin. I felt her own arms on my back, pulling me as hard to her as I was pulling her to me.

“I love you, Elisa,” I whispered in her ear, before moving my mouth to hers and kissing her hard on the lips.

My knees still straddled Elisa’s leg. I felt her lift one knee, instinctively knowing yet again what I wanted. I lowered my hips as my wet lips met Elisa’s soft skin again. I moved slowly over her, searching and wanting to my lips to meet hers. My tongue worked into Elisa’s mouth as we kissed passionately.

Sweet ecstasy filled my body as my lips met Elisa’s. The feel of her wet lips sliding over mine was incredible. I pushed myself harder into her, feeling her pushing back at me as we began to rub together in a slow sensuous rhythm.

I felt her fingernails dig into my back, her orgasm nearing again. I gave Elisa one last passionate kiss on the mouth, then sat up slightly, putting my full weight into the hard circular rubs I was now making as our lips moved and slid together. I could feel our wetness mingling, coating each other and making the sensation of rubbing together that much sweeter.

Elisa’s hands cupped my breasts as I circled harder and quicker on her. I was panting hard, my own hands clamped to her breasts as I reached the edge of my orgasm. I looked into Elisa’s eyes and knew she was ready, I was too. I rubbed one last time before letting out a long moan as my orgasm hit me. Elisa moaned too, her orgasm hitting at the same time. My hips just did not want to stop circling, pushing and rubbing through my orgasms. I wanted to hold Elisa’s and mine as long as possible.

We rubbed against each other for what seemed like hours as several orgasms peaked and subsided, then peaked again. We eventually collapsed in a heap together on the bed, our arms and legs entwined as we hugged close. We held each other like that for over an hour, just enjoying being close and sharing our bodies before I pulled the duvet over us as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, I was poring over the map and saw something I thought could be really fun. I decided my parents could wait another day. Having had a fabulously romantic bath in Bath, my attention was drawn to the several different villages called Pant in Wales.

“What fun could we have touring those?” I wondered to myself.