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Spring Break Part One

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Spring Break Part One

Part One

He started his day at three in the morning. He was now sitting in a chair in the dance studio at his stepdaughter’s college. He was watching her in her class finish before spring break. As he watched her and the other girls exercise and stretch before class. He started to remember her growing up. He married her mother when she was just two years old. He can’t believe how fast she went from a two-year-old redhead with freckles to an 18-year-old young lady.

He sat there watching the girls putting their foot on the bar and leaning over. Going through the routines. Up and down the line he watched closely. Then back to his stepdaughter. As he watched. He noticed he began to get aroused. Always going back to his stepdaughter. He chastised himself and saying to himself that you stepdaughter. Don’t be looking at her like that. He placed his hands on his lap to hide his erection.

He kept thinking how beautiful these young ladies were. All of them dressed alike. Again his eyes fell upon his stepdaughter. Dressed in her light pink tights and leotard. On her feet were a pair of pointe shoes. Her long beautiful red hair was braided and rolled up into a bun on the back of her head. How she looks so much like her mother. Even though her leotard and tights. You can see how taught and tone she was. Again he chastised himself for looking at his stepdaughter in that way and hoped no one noticed his erection.

When the class was over. He watched her set down by her bag and take off her dance shoes. Then pulling out an oversize shirt without sides and a pair of oversize shorts that she placed over her leotard and tights. She then slipped ankle socks and tennis shoes on. As she walked to her stepdad she was smiling and talking to friends. He was afraid to stand up that first because he was so excited. Lily, he said you looked beautiful out there. Thank you, dad, she replied. Dad this is my roommate Beth. Reaching out and shaking her hand. I’m glad to meet you.

They led him to their dorm building. Being first-year students they were required to live on campus. Upon the second floor, they let him through a door. Upon which both in a loud voice hollered man on the floor! As he set in a chair he could see down one of the hallways. Most of the girls were gone but a few from ballet and others that haven’t left yet. Were still there. In the middle of the bay was a long bathroom flanked by rooms on either side and across the back.

As he sat there he saw a few of the girls running around in their underwear and giggling. His stepdaughter and her roommates room were almost across from the bathroom entrance. As he sat there he saw Beth slowly walk across the hallway to the bathroom naked. With a towel in one hand and her shower bag in the other. She glanced at him and smiled as she disappeared into the bathroom. Soon followed behind by Lily. She had a towel wrapped around her that barely covered her breasts and backside. He could see the gap at the top of her legs. She walked towards the bathroom.

Both of the girls came out soon after. Towels wrapped around their tight fit bodies. Their wet hair combed back. Oh no he thought as he covered his erection. He can’t believe his thoughts and how wrong they were. Soon an older lady came in and sat down in the chair across from him. I’m here to pick up my daughter she said as she sat down. He smiled and replied I am here to pick up my daughter to. As the two talked the girls got dressed. Soon Beth came out dressed and carrying three bags. Putting them down next to us. With a big wide smile hollered, hey mom and gave her a hug.

You ready dear she asked. She smiled big and said yes let’s go home. With that, she turned to him. Instead of a handshake, he got a sheepish grin and a hug and a peck on the cheek. Nice meeting you Mr. McShane. After they left. Lily stuck her head out the door. Dad, you can come in while I finish. With that, he got up and went to his daughter’s dorm room. As he entered he saw she was still in that skimpy towel. Maybe I should stay in the lobby. Don’t be a silly dad. Come in and sit down. You’ve seen me naked before. Besides I have a towel on.

Yes, I’ve seen you naked but you were a baby then. You’re 18 now. She laughed and went back to brushing her hair. I’m sorry for Beth dad. She’s a big flirt. I noticed that he said as she walked naked to the bathroom. Lily stood and went to her dresser. She bent over and picked a pair of panties and a bra and stood up. When she bent over he could see her ass. So very firm and rounded. Below that almost a perfect circle gap and a hint of pussy. Damn, he thought this is wrong I should not be looking. But he couldn’t help himself and pull his eyes away.

She turned around to face him. He was still in his deep thoughts. Her eyes widened and she smiled. Wow, dad, she said. You look bigger than my boyfriend. With that, he snapped out of his thoughts. Boy – Boyfriend? Then he realized she saw his erection. I’m sorry Lily he said and started to get up and go to the lobby. No no, she said. It’s okay. Guiding him back to his chair. Placing a hand on his cheek. She said it’s all right dad. I saw you trying to cover your erection at the dance studio. So did Beth. That’s why she walked naked across to the bathroom.

Is that why you used the littlest towel you could find. To tease me with? Right? Well maybe. She said. Though I go naked when there’s no men around.

Still bent over he could see her tiny breasts. She looked down at them and back up at him. Not as big as moms are they? He looked away embarrassed. With both hands on his face. She gently pulled his face straight and said look at me. Looking her in the eyes she said. It’s okay dad. He glanced down at her breasts again and quickly darted his eyes back up. It’s okay dad she said again. No, it’s not he replied. Looking back into her eyes. She smiled and let her right hand fall to his lap. As she gave it a quick squeeze. Then she stood up.

She went to her desk and pulled out a hair tie. She pulled her hair tightly back into a ponytail. Then walked over and closed and locked her door. She stood in front of her dad and took her towel off and tossed it onto the bed. Dad, she said don’t look away look at me. He raised his head slowly looking at her. He looked her in the eyes. Again she said it’s okay dad. He looked at her feet how calloused dancing had made them but they were beautiful. Then up to her dancer’s legs. He thought how gorgeous those muscles looked. To her pussy bear of hair except for a red strip up and down about an inch wide.

His eyes continue to go up to her tight stomach even through the leotard he saw her in before. He could tell how tight and muscular she was. As he looked up further to her breasts. How small and high they were. Her nipples bigger than an eraser. His eyes continued up to her beautiful face and that red hair. She smiled and turned around. Crossing her ankles she bent over. He saw her tight high butt and her pussy peeking out from the circular gap. Better without the towel she asked? Yes, he replied much. You and cross your legs he asked? Shocked that he asked that. Smiling she said yes daddy I can. She stood and stood her feet shoulder part and bent back over. Standing back up and facing her for daddy. He replied you are so very beautiful and sexy. Thank you, daddy, she replied.

She walked towards him and squatted in front of him. She placed her hands on his thighs. I’m so happy you think I am beautiful. She placed a hand on his cock. He pulled it away and said no we can’t do that. Why she asked. You said you liked what you saw and I want to see and play with your cock. But I’m your father. Smiling she said, stepfather. So it’s okay she said. But your mother and I are married. I am your father. Smiling. Remind me to tell you a story about mom. Besides mom doesn’t know right? He let go of her wrist. She stood and bent over and kissed him on the four head. Then a soft kiss on his lips.

She knelt down between his legs. Undoing his belt and pants. She pulled the zipper down. She looked him in the eyes and softly said. Close your eyes daddy. When he did she asked him to stand so she could pull his pants down. He stood and she pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. When his cock popped free. She said wow. You are bigger than my boyfriend. She placed a hand on his belly and said please set. She then removed his shoes and socks. When she had removed his pants. She knelt in front of him. Her fingers softly traced the outline of his cock. She slowly begins to massage his cock. She began at the tip. Softly kissing, nibbled and sucked the tip of his cock.

As he moaned softly she knew he was enjoying this. She licked and nibbled up and down his shaft and around the head. Slowly and gently. She pushed his cock against his belly. She softly sucked one ball in and rolled it in her mouth gently tonguing it. Then the other ball. She then sucked both balls into her mouth and tongue them softly. With the other hand, she lifted his balls and tongued and nibbled the space between his balls and ass. He jerked as she did. Not even his wife licked him there. Then further down she began to lick around and over his ass hole. Again he jerked. He never had anyone do that to him before.

Where did you learn that he asked her? She lifted her head and softly said. I’ll tell you later.

She returned to licking his ass. Soon he relaxed enough that her tongue slipped in. She jabbed it in and out. Continued to lick his ass for a few more minutes. She spat on his ass hole and licked her finger. She inserted slowly one finger. He stiffened in shock and then relaxed. She went back sucking his cock. She took it as deep as she could and gagged. All the while fingering his ass. She looked up at him and said. Put your hands on my head and shove it onto your cock. With that, he grabbed her head and began to force his cock deep into her throat. Every once in a while holding her with his cock all the way in. Soon he was covered in her spit.

God dad I’ve never had a cock that huge before. You are so much bigger than my boyfriend. He smiled and said thank you. So I see you’re not a virgin. Smiling she said no dad I lost that in high school. She smiled at him again and said. I want you to lick my pussy daddy. He smiled and said lay down.

She said okay and stood. There was barely any room on either side of his chair. She stepped up on the chair and squatted a little bit and pulled his head to her pussy. He thought to himself he’s been wanting this for so long.

He licked her pussy from the top down and back up. He could feel her clit growing and soon it was a size of a jumbo pencil eraser. He nibbled and sucked her clit and then nibbled and licked her pussy. She began to get so wet that it dripped down his face and onto his chest. Back and forth between her pussy and her clit. Soon she said hold me, daddy. Placing his hands on her ass to hold her. She placed her legs on either side of his neck sitting on his shoulders. Holding on to the cabinet behind them. When he went back to her clit. He sucked in nibbled it. YES, DADDY!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!! she placed a hand on his head and pushed his head against her. I’m going to cum!! Harder daddy harder! He felt her start to twitch and moan.YES!!!!!!!!!!! I AM CUMING!!!!!!!!!

He felt her go limp.

I got you he said. She slid to his chest. And leaned over. He led her to the bed and laid her on it. He bent over and kissed her softly on the lips. He then started kissing her down her neck. All the while grabbing her breasts and squeezing and pinching her nipples. He licked her left nipple and started to nibbling and biting softly. She began to moan as he went to her right nipple. After a bit, he kissed her down her firm type belly. He licked her bellybutton and she moaned even more. All the while rubbing her clit and pussy. As he kissed his way down. He softly inserted first one and two fingers into her wet pussy.

He slowly begins to push his fingers in and out. And nibbling and sucking on her clit. She softly pulled and tugged her nipples and squeezed her breasts. As he did so. She crossed her legs around his head and softly and gently pulled him to her. She grabbed his head and pulled him close as she started to have a second orgasm.

He felt her legs go straight as she pulled him tight to her pussy. All the while moaning and saying things that made him want her even more. Soon she announced she was going to come a third time. Yes yes, she said!! When her grip relaxed and he could pull his head back further. He asked her. Would it be all right if you taught me how to lick your ass? Like you did me? Breathlessly she said yes, please. She placed her pillows and blanket behind her to raise her up so she can watch. She placed two pillows under her ass so he could reach her better.

She raised herself up a bit to spread her ass cheeks apart and sit back down. She said first spit on my ass.

Use your thumb and massage it in. Now use the tip of your tongue to lightly drag it around the opening. Now the other direction. Yessss! That’s it! That’s it! Now go crossed and around and poke time to time to see if your tongue will go in. With that, her head went back that she enjoyed him licking her ass. She begins to pull her nipples and squeeze her breasts. Then with one hand, she began to pinch and pull her clit. As he licked and poked her ass. He reached up and inserted two fingers into her pussy curling them back to find her G spot. Finding it he began to rub it.

Soon her ass began to gape a little bit. As he licked it he stuck two fingers in her ass and began to pump. She jerked a bit with surprise and then begin to tell him don’t stop yes don’t stop! She got quiet as this went on and her hand fell away from her clit. He knew she was close to having another orgasm.

As he continued to lick her ass. He took his fingers out and using his thumb. He began to push and rub and pinch her clit. Harder and faster he began to rub her clit and rubbing in and out of her pussy. He rubbed her G spot. All the sudden she began to say,YES YES DON’T STOP!!!!!!!!!!! With that. He rubbed as hard as he could . He rubbed her clit and her G spot and stuck his tongue in his deep as it would go. Looking up he could see the starts of her orgasm.

She stopped moaning. Then her whole body begins to tremble and her eyes rolled back into her head. She fell back to enjoy her orgasm. Rubbing her G spot in clit and his tongue deep into her ass. He could feel her tight pussy clinching and he felt her ass clench around his tongue. As she orgasm and at first she was stiff. Then she started trembling again.

She squirted hard into his face and did not care. Wave after wave of orgasms came and went. He continued to rub her G spot and tucked his two fingers back into her ass. He began to pump them in and out as he began to lick her clit and pussy. She stiffened again as he finger fucked her ass and licked and nibbled her clit and rubbed her G spot very hard. Again after the stiffness went she began to tremble and again squirted with rolling orgasm.

Pulling his fingers out and setting up. Breathlessly she said in a desk drawer plug chrome. She was so out of it she couldn’t talk. Again she said and pointed to the desk. He stood and went to the drawer she indicated. In that drawer were a myriad of toys and one chrome butt plug.

Coming back she looked at me and said push it in my pussy then shove it in my ass! Kneeling down he inserted it into her pussy and sloshed it about. Then pulling it out he slowly inserted it. Again but not as strong she began to orgasm. Breathlessly she requested water. Returning from her fridge with a bottle of water. She was sticking her fingers in her pussy and tasting it.

He handed her the bottle of water. And grab the chair and pulled it close to her. Placing her legs on his lap and scooting even closer. He could see her pussy pulsating. After a bit she said I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pee on you. He smiled at his stepdaughter and said that was not peeing my dear. You squirted. He softly caressed her pussy with one hand and her muscular leg with the other. Wow, she said. I have never done that before. Not even with your boyfriends he asked? She smiled and said. I’ve only had one in high school and one now and no they haven’t. Soon after drinking her water and her daddy petting her pussy.

Lily began to talk.

Do you like my body daddy? Yes, I do. Very much he said. Your mother is incredibly fit but your body is more muscular than hers. That turns me on a lot. She smiles and said that’s because I’m a dancer. She hands him her bottle and he finishes it off. Now back to business. She said. She sat up and slid off the bed. He took his wet fingers and began to taste them. Any good. She asked,? You taste like your mother. Now she said let’s see if we can get you harder. With that, she began to lick his balls and cock. Soon he picked her head up and standing up he laid down on the bed. She straddled him with her pussy against his face. Then went back to work on his cock.

Her wet pussy dripped down a crossed his face as he reached around her hips and pulled her into his face. He could hear her gagging on his cock now that it was hard.

As he ate her pussy he reached back and touched the butt plug in her ass. Tapping it hard as he ate she moaned even louder. She had a couple more orgasms as he ate her. She raised her head and told him she wanted to feel his hard cock in her pussy. She let him get up and she laid on her back. He grabbed her from under the knees and pushed them back to her chest. She said one minute let me try something. She placed her legs behind her arms and crossed her ankles behind her head. This left her wide open. Do you like daddy? Yes, I do. He said. He could see the butt plugg in her ass as he approached her.

He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. He placed the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy. You ready dear? Yes, daddy, I am. Slowly he pushed his large cock into her tight pussy. After about an inch he asked. More? Or am I two big? Lustfully she said you are bigger than I’ve ever had before. Though I want more. He slowly begins to inch it in slowly. She said stop. He thought he was hurting her. Too much? No daddy she said. I want you to make it hurt. I want you to stretch me hard with your cock. Dear? Shove it in hard! He looked at her lustful face. He backed out of her pussy till the tip was the only thing in. Then he grabbed her behind her knees tightly. She nodded her head that she was ready and closed her eyes. He took a deep breath and grab tightly. He shoved his large cock into her tight pussy until he felt his balls slapped her butt plug.

A sharp breath came from her open mouth and her eyes popped open. Then a YESSSSSS!!!!!

He held it there for a few minutes. Then pulled it almost all the way out and shoved it hard back in. Again the look at his daughter’s face.It made him concerned. You okay dear? Yes, daddy. She said. He did a couple more times. Then in a lustful voice from his daughter. Yes, daddy yes! Just like that! FUCK your daughter hard! FUCK your daughter hard! Fuck your Lily! FUCK YOUR LILY!! With that, he leaned forward on the back of her legs. Gripping them hard he began to fuck her like she asked. In and out as hard as he could. Sharp sounds and moans coming from her. As he bounced her up and down on the bed.

As he continued fucking her. He could feel her pussy clinching in orgasm around his cock as she moaned.

After a bit, he pulled back and told her to get on her hands and knees. She complied quickly. He could see the butt plugs sticking out of her ass. He quickly shoved his cock deep into her again. He grabbed her by the hips and started pounding even harder. Her tight pussy he could feel sliding on his cock. Again he could feel after a bit. Her pussy was contracting. As he shoved his cock in as hard as he could. He heard her say I want to ride you. He released her hips and he plopped down on the bed. She stood in front of the bed and turned around. She stuck her ass back and slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock. Raising her feet up to the bed she began to rock slowly on his cock.

She suddenly stopped and jumped up. Kneeling on his lap she placed his cock back into her pussy and begin to rock slowly on it. He was able to play with her tit’s. His hands went to them and pulled and pinched them and her nipples. She said pinch my nipples harder. He let loose of her tit’s and started to pinched her nipples as hard as he could. He then sucked and nibbled on them for a bit before she collapsed forward onto him as she rocked. She whispered into his ear. Again daddy again. Fuck me hard daddy. She slid off and raised her legs. He slipped between her legs and slid his cock deep inside her sweet juicy pussy. Again he began to pump her as hard as he could.

With each stroke of his cock being buried deep into her pussy, she was bouncing off the bed. Moaning and groaning and telling her daddy how much she enjoys it. Soon she says I want to taste me on your cock daddy. He stopped and sat on the bed. She eagerly sucked up her juices off his cock. MMMM daddy I taste good. After a bit of her licking and sucking. He softly said I want to taste you now. She stood and stepped up onto the bed. Getting as close to him as she could. Then pitching her pelvis forward into his face. He grabbed her around the hips and pulled her in. He began licking and nibbling her pussy like a thirsty man desperate for water. Her juices ran into his mouth and down his chin and onto his chest. He pulled her back and said you are so incredibly tasty. Then went back for seconds.

Daddy? Yes, my dear. Will you do something for me? Yes, my dear sweet Lily if I can. Will you pop my anal cherry? You never had it anal? No daddy I haven’t. My two boyfriends won’t do it. All I’ve had is dildos and butt plugs and my fingers. With that, she drops down and starts sucking his cock again.

Yes, My dear Lily, I will if you want me to. She looked up at him and smiled with his cock in her mouth. Get on your knees with your head towards the wall. Now lay your head on the bed. Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart. He jacked himself off as he watched her do as she was told. Do you have any lube, dear? Yes, daddy but I want it without lube. For the first time. Let my pussy juices serve as lube. Put your cock good and deep in my pussy and covered in my pussy juices. Then flip the plug out and shove your cock into the hole. Like I did your pussy hard and fast?

No. Shove it all away in hard and fast but hold it in and don’t move. He walked up behind her and scooted her back a bit. He placed a hand on her butt. Are you ready my dear Lily? Yes, daddy. I want your cock NOW!!!!!!!!!!! He shoved his cock deep into her pussy and began to fuck hard and deep. After she had another orgasm. She said. NOW DADDY!!!NOW!!! Stick it in my ass!

He took one of his hands and placed it on the small of her back. Stick your belly out, baby and arch your back down. With her back in a very deep reverse arch. He took the other hand and popped out the but plug. He grabbed her by the hips and shoved his cock deep into her ass. She gasped and leaned forward But her daddy’s grip would not let her move. You may release your butt cheeks now. Letting loose she drew her hands under her head. Are you okay my dear Lily? Yes, daddy.

You are so very much bigger than my but plug. You are really stretching my ass open. Did I hurt you? It hurt really bad going in and I’m being stretched more than I anticipated. You are so much bigger than my toys. He reached down around his cock and found a bit of blood. There’s a bit of blood here. Not much but some. Shall I pull out?NO!!!! I WANT IT!!!! With that, she pulled out a bottle of lube from under the mattress. Here you go, daddy.

With that, he slowly pulled his cock back but left the head of his cock in. He slathered his cock with lube and shoved it back in. He pulled it back out and slathered it a second time. He asked her to pull her cheeks open again. Upon doing so he squirted a large amount of lube just above her ass hole. Put your hands back and your head. Letting go the lube was squished and started to drip towards his cock. Are you ready my dear? Yes, daddy.

Show my ass what you did to my pussy. Then you want it hard and fast, right? Yes, daddy. Make my ass as swollen is my pussy is getting. As you wish. My dear Lily. As you wish. He reached for his pants at the foot of the bed. He quickly removed his belt and put it around the bend of her waist and rolled the ends in his fists.

With that, he pulled on the belt and shoved his cock in as deep as he could into her ass. She gasped and raised her head. Put your head down dear. Don’t raise it up. He fucked her hard in the ass. Over and over with his large cock entering her sweet tiny and tight ass. After a bit. He stopped and toss the belt aside and grabbed her around the waist with both arms. She was wondering what he was about to do or was he done? He quickly picked her up and flipped themselves over. They hit the bed hard and his cock shoved deep into her ass. Bringing another gasped from her. Ride your stepdad’s cock my sweet Lily! Place her feet down on the floor and her hands on his knees. She rocked her pelvis back-and-forth.

Feeling his cock rocking in her ass. She leaned back and asked for the lube. As she pumped up and down on her daddy’s cock. She pumped lube into her palm and coated his cock. As she went up and down. After a bit, he forced her back down onto his cock. He leaned her over onto her side and raised her leg and pushed her forward. He lost count of her orgasms she was having. As her daddy fucked her ass. Soon they weren’t on their sides. He was laying on top of her as she laid on her belly. He said my dear Lily I am about to cum! Don’t come in my ass, please daddy. Not this time. Pull it out. I want you to cum on my face. He pulled it out and she rolled over onto her back.

She grabbed the lube and squirted it between her tit’s. I know they’re not as big as mom’s but stick your cock between my tit’s. He was still straddling her so he inched up until his cock between her tit’s. She slathered more lube on his cock. She squished her tiny tit’s together. They were so small that they barely touched the side of his cock. He began to pump his cock back and forth slowly. She would raise her head up and lick the tip of his cock as it came forward. Make me a promise daddy. If I can he said. Don’t come here either. I want you to shoot your load on my face. I want to rub it in my face and tits. I also want to taste it.

As you wish my dear. Soon he began to stroke her tit’s harder and harder. Daddy’s going to come soon! With that she released him and daddy stood. His Daughter knelt before him. With her head tilted back in her mouth wide open. He took his cock and shoved it into her mouth until she started gagging. Soon he stopped and pulled his cock out. Jacking it off. He groaned and moaned as he shot his load all over his daughter’s face and mouth.

He spun around and set on the edge of the bed. Thoroughly spent and exhausted. His daughter spun around on her knees. Licking and tasting his cum. You taste better than both my boyfriends ever could. She continued to taste and rub her daddy’s cum all over her face and tits. When she was done. She leaned over and sucked her daddy’s spent cock and balls into her mouth. Sucking and pulling on them. Then with a plop. They came out of her mouth. She then scooted to the edge of the bed and pulled her daddy’s head down to hers. She gave him a long deep kiss. Exploring each other’s tongues and mouth. With that came knocking at the door.

Lily, Came a voice from the other side of the door. Yes, Lily answered. This is your RA. The floor is empty there’s no one here but you and your boyfriend. You need to hurry up and get done. So we can lock up. Sneak your boyfriend into the bathroom & quickly shower. Yes, Ma’am Lily replied.

Lily smiled and told her dad. After she checked to make sure the floor was clear. She stood outside the door listening. Well stood for a bit and then sat down with her feet to the door. I saw her shadow on the floor when we moved to the bed. I could tell by the shadow and I could hear her moan. She was masturbating to what she was hearing in here. Is this whole floor a bunch of horny girls? Yes, daddy, they are. You should see what goes on here. I think I would like to see.

With that, she snuck her daddy into the showers. She washed him from top to bottom. Saying how please she was. She’s never had a man with a cock as big as his. This was the best experience she’s had a long time. After he washed her. They snuck back into her room to get dressed.

He finally sat down after dressing. She turned around smiled are you going to holster that thing or leave it out? He smiled and said he would leave it out. She quickly looked at the door. Should I close the door she asked? Naaa leave it open. But the RA. She saw her daddy smile. She dropped her towel to get dressed. As she grabbed her panties. She mentioned to her dad that she’s never been fucked so hard in her life. I’ve never been fucked so hard and I think my pussy is starting to swell. Plus my ass hurts so much that it’s hard for me to sit down. Also it may be swelling a bit. She said.

Well before you put your panties on. Sit on the edge of the bed and draw your legs up. She glanced at the open door. Don’t worry about the door. Do as daddy told you to. Yes she replied. She sat down on the bed and raised her legs up and apart. So daddy can check. He used the back of his hand and stroked her pussy. Then pinch the outer lips. Yes, I’m afraid to tell you, my dear Lily. Your pussy is swollen. It also looks like your ass is a little swollen as well. It looks very sore and very red. Plus it looks like bruising is developing. With that, he slapped her ass hole and made her jump. As he stood he said now get dressed. He turned and fastened his pants and set down.

She grabbed her panties and her bra. She put her panties on and winced. I’m way too sore for panties and a bra. I think . She said. Look at her dad and smiled. I’ll put these on just before we get home. She placed them in her purse.

She set down on her bed and put her sandals on. She stood and held her hands up. You like? Yes, very much but one or both of us will get arrested if you walk out like that. She pulled a thin sundress off the hanger. So incredibly thin. You almost could tell she had no underwear on. In the right light. It buttoned down the front and as she finished the last button. The RA came in. Oh, your dad is finally here. She said. He smiled and said yes. Susan this is my dad Mr. William McShane. I am glad to meet you, Susan. Likewise Sir. Susan looked it Lily and grinned. Did you forget something? No, she said. She and her dad grabbed her bags and left. In the elevator going down, you do realize Lily, I can clearly see your breasts and a hint of that red hair as the dress touches your pussy. Yes, daddy any complaints. As the doors open on the elevator. Laughing as you wish my dear Lily. As you wish.