Mayıs 15, 2023

Spring Fever

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I love that feeling when I finally feel confident that Winter is over. Not just a couple of warmish days, then a disappointing plunge back into another cold, wet stretch, but the real deal. This last warm change promised to be just that, so we brought out the outdoor furniture from storage, brushed off the cobwebs, and oiled the wood. We also tidied the back yard, mowed lawns, removed the pool cover, and checked the filter.It was still too early for me to swim but warm enough to don a two-piece swimsuit before working on the yard. I was determined to get some early tan even though I’m fortunate to inherit a natural olive skin courtesy of my Mediterranean ancestry.This summer, I realized shopping was on the cards when Eleni, my seventeen-year-old daughter, appeared in her bathers. She had filled out over the Winter, and her bikini top barely contained her boobs. Her last year’s swimsuit would border on indecency if she dared to wear it in public.She seemed very pleased with herself as she strutted about the pool, fully aware she had the body of a very attractive young woman. Like me, she is slender, but her feminine curves were not that prominent until now. It was also quite apparent that her brother, Matt, and father, Charlie, noticed the change judging by their consistent furtive glances in my daughter’s direction. Oh, to be young again.Matt was nineteen now, tall, lean, and muscled. I secretly hoped the tradition of his and his sister’s friends would still come around on hot evenings to cool off in the pool. Both our children were popular, and now some of their friends had started to form semi-permanent relationships; however, my two offspring had not done so as far as I could tell.Indeed, Charlie and I had enjoyed observing the various interactions in seasons past, and we reminisced past times when we were much younger. But, of course, this reminiscing didn’t do our own sex life any harm either. The old saying, ‘it doesn’t matter where you get the appetite providing you eat at home’ was undoubtedly apt at times.Finally, we sat around the pool with afternoon drinks feeling pleased that the work was complete. The aroma of freshly cut grass and emerging blossom heralded pleasant times ahead. The warmth of the afternoon sun had thawed my winter blues; a need for new adventures and change surged through my body.My determination to get an early start with my suntan was also motivated by a secret hope that Charlie would agree to visit the nude beach this summer. I had run the idea past him before, but he wasn’t keen.Charlie was particularly amorous that night. I assumed this was probably a bit of spring fever; however, I wasn’t elvankent escort bayan complaining as his cock was unusually hard, and he humped away with a lot more energy than usual. I just hoped I would be able to climax before he finished. Then, just before he ejaculated, he murmured he would like to see me have sex with another man.The intensity of his climax and the seemingly large volume of cum he released pushed me over the edge into a delicious orgasm. I could handle more of this; I decided while I basked in the afterglow accompanied with fantasies of Charlie watching me submit to another man’s sexual advances.I wasn’t a virgin when we married and had enjoyed the attentions of both male and female lovers in the past; some were quite kinky. But, on the other hand, Charlie was not very adventurous, or so I thought until now and wondered what prompted this candid revelation. The idea certainly had some appeal; I was still horny, and to make matters worse, Charlie’s cock shriveled, then he rolled off me and was soon snoring.The orgasm had satiated my physical needs for now, but my mind was far from relaxed. Was Charlie having an affair, or did he plan to; was this his way of saying, ‘if you have sex with someone else, then I can too?’My gut feeling told me this was unlikely, particularly by the heightened level of his arousal when he blurted out the confession. So I suspect he did fantasize about watching me, presumably without personal involvement.The fantasy was naughty and exciting, but participating in extramarital sex, was a whole new ball game, and I was sure our dreaming would not go that far. However, I didn’t realize that the seeds of change now lay on very fertile ground.I admit, I enjoy sex, but twenty years of vanilla sex does take a toll, and I miss the thrill and excitement of undressing in front of new and different lovers; in those days, sexual variety was the spice of my life.I love Charlie for all the right reasons; he is kind and considerate, a good provider, and a wonderful father to our two teens. But, unfortunately, although still easy on the eye, some middle-age spread has crept in.I anticipated that he would broach the subject again, but it seemed forgotten. After several days I decided I had made a bit of a mountain out of a molehill and was mildly disappointed when our sex life went back to normal.His apparent loss of interest added to my frustration. I am a bit of an exhibitionist; I like to get naked in front of strangers, hence the desire to visit a nude beach. Exhibitionism for me often progresses to sexual arousal, excellent fantasy material Escort emek for Charlie and me. It was time to become proactive.On Friday nights, Charlie often has drinks with his colleagues after work. We also order takeaway food. The kids love it, and it is an enjoyable end-of-week ritual. That night we were both relaxed and in bed relatively early. Charlie was attentive and romantic; I secretly hoped we would revisit recent fantasies.He even started licking my pussy, something I like but does not occur very often these days. I tried to clear my mind of mundane daily chores and focus on my own needs, but he moved to mount me all too soon. I prefer more foreplay, so I decided this was the moment to mention the new fantasy.”Have you been thinking about me being naughty with another man?” I asked. He froze and didn’t reply.”I’m not pissed off, just curious as to where the idea came from?” He moved off me and lay beside me on his back, let out a deep breath, and said.”At Friday night drinks, one of the guys from work was bragging about how many married women he had screwed, often while their husbands were present.””Which guy?””John Masters.”My goodness, he is young, good-looking, and single as far as I know. There are plenty of women who would go out with him.””Maybe that is his problem; he likes forbidden fruit, shall we say, and he especially likes to dominate them in front of their husbands.””And from what I can gather, there are husbands out there who like to watch as well?” He went silent and didn’t answer. “Don’t worry; I just want to know how you feel about this.””Yes,” he finally answered. I leaned over to kiss him and reached for his groin. His cock was hard and had leaked. I smeared the precum over the head, straddled him, and placed his cock at my moist sex opening. He slipped in quickly, and I worked my pussy up and down to try and satisfy the itch that developed deep inside me. I closed my eyes and imagined it was someone else, a stranger.He started to thrust against me, and we found a rhythm that brought me close to climax. His thrusts slowed, then I felt him ejaculate. I nearly screamed in frustration; I vigorously humped on his softening cock then orgasmed. Finally, I climbed off and lay on my back.”Mmm, that was so good, thank you,” I said.”My pleasure, believe me,” he replied, then sucked on my breast while he gently explored the wet crevice between my pussy lips with his finger. “Wow, that feels good. Can I have a lick?””If you want to, but you seem to have released a lot of cum in me.””I know.””Okay.” I parted my labia to allow his tongue and mouth full access; he stopped eryaman escort briefly to kiss me, the taste of semen mingled with my sex fluids, a flavor I find pleasurable. He buried his face between my legs; I imagined he was cleaning me up after my anonymous lover had finished in me.My arousal continued to build, and at just the right moment, he stopped and mounted me. It wasn’t long before we both climaxed together for the first time in many years. We both lay back exhausted and fulfilled, but sleep did not overcome either of us.”How does John Masters meet these women?” Charlie let out a sigh.”He goes to that new pub near the airport.”You have had quite a chat with John, haven’t you?””Not really, but several of the guys plied him with a lot of questions; I just listened. I might add that John was drunk and probably said much more than he meant to.””When did all this happen?””Last Friday.””So this whole idea was germinated from that night?” Again he paused and did not answer. “Well, yes or no?””The answer is no; I admit I have had fantasies along those lines before.””Like what?””Maybe attending a swingers party and watch you succumb to the attention of someone else.””You mean have sex with that someone?””Um, yes.””And you would like to fuck another woman at the same time?””No, I would like to watch; then have sex with you after.””So, you wouldn’t have sex with another woman at the party if the opportunity presented itself?””I wouldn’t go that far; it would depend on how you felt about it. At the moment, I can honestly say that I would be content just watching you with the hope you will permit me to have you after.””And if I said no?””I would comply with your wishes.””What if, um, there was more than one guy who wanted to have sex with me?””I would be okay with that, very okay actually, but it would be your call. I admit the thought of us in a shall we say swinging situation arouses me in a big way. However, it does not compromise my love for you at all.””This is a lot different to your mate picking up women at that pub.””Yes, I agree, the fantasies just got rekindled, I suppose. Along with a nice evening at home, warmer weather coming, and so on. I got wound up making love with you,” he added a little sheepishly.”I’m not complaining; I enjoyed it too.” His eyes widened at my comment.”You mean, um, my fantasy?””I enjoyed your enthusiastic lovemaking,” I teased.”Ah,””I also sometimes dream about other lovers too.” I had his full attention.”Like when?””Hmm, when having sex or playing with myself. Not often, but occasionally.””Does it turn you on?”‘Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.””With men or women?” He was aware I had female lovers before we met.”Both, mostly men, though,” I confessed. “But don’t get any ideas about a swinger’s party, and I’m not keen on going to that pub.””But you are receptive to the idea in principle?””In a limited way, maybe. We will have to talk it through openly and determine boundaries.”