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It all started out as innocent playful banter back and forth between my wife’s younger sister, Stacy, and I, but as we went along that banter became more of a sexual nature, and I could clearly tell that we were getting close to crossing the line on more than one occasion. That was evident with the glares that Stacy and I would get from my wife, Linda, when she did not think it was funny anymore.

Linda, now thirty-eight, was the oldest of three kids in her family, with her younger brother, Derek, just turning thirty-four a few months back and the youngest, Stacy, at only twenty-two. She had been a late in life surprise pregnancy for my mother and father-in-law, and being the baby of the family, of course she was spoiled rotten growing up, but had matured a bit after getting into college.

I told my wife that Stacy had probably gotten laid and was finally able to blow off some of that pent up sexual tension that she had brewing. Of course, that earned me another glare from her since they had all grown up in a conservative and religious household.

Stacy had been one of those “ugly duckling” type of girls growing up, with her poker straight red hair, tons of freckles, crooked buck teeth and tall waifish thin body. My wife’s parents finally broke down and got Stacy’s teeth fixed with braces, but her having to wear them for her first two years of high school, did not help the poor girl in the looks department, garnering her some name calling and bullying from the popular squad of beauties in her school.

Now after she got her braces off, Stacy looks improved tenfold with her now beautiful smile, and she finally started to fill out a little, giving her an extra boost in confidence. The ultimate boost for her was when she was approached by an agency to do some modeling for a national clothing brand, after she had submitted her amateur pics to them, unbeknownst to her very conservative parents, and Linda. Stacy had turned eighteen already, and managed to thwart their ire by convincing them, the money from the modeling would go to her college fund.

Yeah, Linda, like her parents, never really lost her conservative ways. I dated her for two years before she finally gave up her virginity to me, but that was not until we got engaged. Even now, after being married for fifteen years, she still does not get into any type of kinky sex. It is straight up vanilla intercourse with the occasional blowjob tossed in for good measure and she rarely lets me eat her pussy.

I tell Linda that she has one of the prettiest and tastiest pussies I have ever had the pleasure of burying my face in, with its downy soft blonde hair, thick puffy outer lips, and sexy hanging inner labia, but that does not matter to her. Yes, her pussy is the best. I love her, and she has always been so good to me and our two kids, so I will take the vanilla sex over losing her.

Now that our two kids were in their early teens and were able to take care of themselves a lot more, Linda went to work as a sales rep for a national company that had a regional office located here. I had started working from home since COVID, so that even made it easier, just in case the kids needed anything.

Linda called me from work one day and said that she had to go out of town for a week for a job seminar. The company she worked for had gotten bought out by a national corporation and wanted to make sure all its newly acquired staff had the proper training. She was not exactly happy about it as the two of us had never spend any time away from each other. I told her that everything would be fine, and she would be back before she knew it.

A couple of days before Linda was to leave, Stacy called and asked if she could come stay with us for a bit. She was home from college for the summer and was in between modeling gigs, not to mention that she did not want to live under her parent’s household rules, either. Linda and I agreed, but of course we told her to be mindful of us and not to be coming in all hours of the night, waking up the entire house after going out to party it up with her friends.

Stacy agreed and said she would be over the next day. Linda told her that she would be out of town for a week and hoped that Stacy would help a bit around the house, so I could concentrate on the work that I had to do out of my home office. Stacy assured Linda that it would not be a problem and would take care of everything. I guess I did not realize what “everything” would end up being.

The second night, after Linda had left, Stacy and I stayed up to watch a movie. The kids had gone upstairs to their rooms, neither of which were interested in the movie we were going to watch. It was a good thing because the movie had some brief nudity and coarse language in it, none of which Linda would approve of them watching.

Stacy got comfortable on one end of the sofa, downstairs in the family room, and I made a bowl of popcorn. After I finished making it, I called down to her from the kitchen, “What do you want Kıbrıs Escort to drink?”

She replied, “I’ll have what you are having.”

I looked down at the bottle of beer that I was getting ready to open and then got her one, too. I grabbed the bowl and the beers and headed downstairs. Stacy had changed into a night shirt, that just came down to her mid-thighs, revealing her beautiful long legs.

“Since when do you drink beer,” I asked her as I went over and sat down on the other end of the sofa, putting the popcorn in between us.

Stacy giggled and said, “Well, I guess now since I didn’t know you were having a beer, but that’s fine. I will not lie and say that I have never drank a beer before I am going to be a senior in college remember?”

I smiled and nodded then said, “Yeah, I remember those college days all too well. Your sister and I had just started dating back then, and she used to get pissed at me when I would go to frat parties.”

Stacy laughed and said, “Well, yeah, probably because she thought you would be screwing around with one of those ho bag frat girls.”

I chuckled and said, “One?”

Stacy’s eyes got big, and she said with a grin, “Aww, Dave? You cheated on my sister?”

“Well, you can’t call it cheating since her and I were not exclusive at the time, not to mention, she made it clear from the beginning that we would not be having any sex. Hell, I was a 19-year-old college guy, and I was not about to turn down any opportunities from any frat ‘ho’ as you call them, besides, I was religious about one thing.”

Stacy laughed and said, “Oh, really? What was that?”

“I always wore a condom.”

Stacy busted out laughing and said, “Well, at least we know you don’t have any diseases then or illegitimate kids running around.”

We both laughed at that and then Stacy paused for a moment as I set messed around with the television controller to find the movie on one of the streaming services we had.

I went to start it, but Stacy interrupted me by asking, “So, when did you and Linda become serious? Was it before or after you popped her cherry?”

I could not help but laugh at the way she asked that, but then again, it was Stacy, and she really had no filter anymore.

“Oh, it was before. This is your sister we’re talking about, remember? I was almost shocked out of my mind when she told me that she wanted to have sex after a long make out session one night. I don’t know what got into her, but she seemed extra excited that evening.”

“I know what got into her,” Stacy said with a smirk.

“Oh? What’s that?

“Your big dick,” Stacy said then busted out laughing again.

Typical Stacy. I just shook my head, rolled my eyes, and laughed, then got her back by asking, “How do you know it’s big?”

Stacy blushed for a moment, and I knew I had gotten her good. I pointed at her as I laughed and said, “Uh huh, made you blush!”

She stuck her tongue out at me and said, “Yeah, yeah, whatever, just turn on the movie already.”

She did not say anything else as the movie started, but I glanced over at her a few times, and she stuck her tongue out at me and grinned again. When a particularly long heavy sex scene came on, I could not help but get a little turned on by it as it had been several weeks since Linda and I had had sex. It was nothing out of the ordinary as our sex times, came into conflict a lot with work schedules and running the kids around.

Watching the two main characters in a heated scene, got me a little excited, as the blood begin to fill my cock and with the shorts I had on, there is little doubt that Stacy would not see it. So, I slowly and casually pulled one of the sofa pillows over my lap to hide my now fully engorged erection, hoping Stacy would not notice. Nope, I was wrong.

“What’s the matter, Dave? Got a hard on over there,” Stacy asked with a giggle?

Yep, I was in trouble and now it was my turn to feel the redness fill my face, only fueling Stacy’s resolve to get me back.

She laughed harder and said, “Ha, ha, got you back.”

I just shook my head with an embarrassed grin and kept my eyes on the TV. Then to my shock, Stacy kicked the pillow off my lap with her foot. I looked over at her and immediately caught site of her white panty covered crotch as her one leg was still stretched towards me and the other was tucked under her.

She looked at me with a sultry grin, pointed at the tent in my shorts and said, “See, I knew you had a big dick.”

She was not about to let up on me one bit as I paused the movie, and drank down the rest of my beer, hoping it would settle me down a bit.

“What’s the matter, poor Dave, not getting any lately,” Stacy grinned and prodded at me as I looked back over at her.

She made no effort to conceal her panties and had in fact, pulled her leg up, giving me an even better view of her panty covered pussy. As I said previously, Stacy and I had joked a lot in the past, Lefkoşa Escort but in this moment, I felt like we may be crossing a line that neither of us could come back from.

“You like looking at my panties don’t you, Dave,” she added, pouring more gas on the fire inside me.

I did not know what to say, as I did not know if she was still just joking around or being serious now, but I quickly got my answer as she reached down and pulled her panties aside, revealing her red-haired pussy with its thin outer lips and large thick inner labia protruding out. I about came in my pants as I stared at her sweet sex, frozen to the spot, knowing full well that we had definitely crossed the line here.

I managed to stammer out, “Uh, Stacy? I’m not so sure we should be doing this?”

Stacy looked at me, ran her tongue across her lower lips, slipped a finger inside her pussy, and gasped as she began to finger herself. Oh dear, God. Yep, that line was gone and so was I as my heart began to pound, and my prick throbbed even harder.

“Dave, let me see your dick, please? I promise, no one will ever know,” Stacy said in a hoarse voice, her breathing becoming very erratic.

I gave up any attempt at keeping my wits about me and knowing what we were already doing was very wrong, so I just went with it and threw all morality to the wind. I reached down, grabbed the sides of my shorts, lifted my ass off the sofa and pushed my shorts, along with my underwear down, springing my eight-inch cock into the air as it bounced off my lower stomach muscles.

Stacy’s eyes grew big as she stared at my now freed member. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and scooted over closer to me, looking hungrily at my flesh, managing to say, “Oh my God, Dave, your cock is gorgeous! Can I touch it?”

I nodded and Stacy moved even closer, reached down, and wrapped her hand around my erection. Even with her long fingers, she could not get them completely around my thickness. Then before I could react, Stacy leaned over and took my bulbous head into her mouth, causing me to gasp loudly at the sudden sensation of her swirling tongue around it and letting out a soft moan while doing so.

She lifted her mouth off me briefly and said, “You don’t know how long I have wanted you like this, Dave. God, I love sucking cock and yours is awesome.”

I could tell when she took me back into her mouth, while getting herself comfortable laying her body across me, to give herself the best position to feed on my flesh. Stacy was a pro and I wondered just how many cocks she had sucked in the past, not that it mattered, because I was thoroughly enjoying her expert oral skills.

In no time at all, Stacy had me on the edge as I felt the cum beginning to surge up from my depths. She lifted her mouth off me, look up at me and smiled as she milked my cock with her hand. Precum was freely flowing from my hole now, and as she looked into my eyes, she dipped her tongue inside my orifice and scooped it out.

“Mmmmm, you taste so fucking good.”

All I could do was smile and nod at her as I reveled in the pure pleasure, she was giving me. Stacy stopped sucking my dick, stood up and took her night shirt off, then pushed her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them. She was now standing in front of me without a thread of clothing on and for the first time ever, I got to see up close and personal, just how beautiful and sexy her body was.

Stacy smiled and did a little twirl just to give me the complete package view. She did not have an ounce of fat on her, and I could tell that she had been working out a lot as you could see the firm muscle tone in her abdominal muscles, her ass, her legs, and her arms.

I continued feasting my eyes on Stacy as I looked at her little firm tits, maybe an A cup, possibly a small B cup, with tight little nipples and areolas that blended right into the rest of her soft skin. Her bulging pussy mound was lightly covered with a straight layer of ginger pubic hair that flowed down in a v pattern across her puffy vulva and in between the gap of those gorgeous long legs of hers.

“You like what you see, Dave? Tell me, how does my body compare to Linda’s,” Stacy asked with a mischievous grin?

I took a deep breath and shook my head, saying, “Stacy, that’s a loaded question. Linda is still very beautiful in my eyes but my God, you are spectacular.”

Stacy giggled and moved closer to me with her pussy at perfect eye level. I scooted closer to her in my seat with my face just a few inches away from her gorgeous sex and breathed in the sweet musky scent emanating from her loins. I was completely hypnotized by her as I leaned in and kissed the top of her pussy right where the cleft of her lips began.

Stacy softly moaned then gasped as I slid my tongue down through the front of her slit and flicked against the hood of her clitoris. I teased it a little garnering more moans from her, but it was to be short lived Girne Escort as she had something else in mind because just when I had managed to get a few drops of her sweet nectar onto my tongue, she gently pulled my head back from her pussy.

“Dave, I would love nothing better than for you to eat my pussy, but right now, I need to feel you in me,” she looked down at me and said with a seductive smile.

She bent over and kissed me, gentle at first but then the kiss grew more enthusiastic and hungrier. She moaned softly into my mouth, as she moved to straddle my lap, then felt her hand wrap around my prick once more. She guided me towards her, and I felt the head of my dick glide across her soft pubic hair then slip inside her warm moist slit.

My God, this was really happening as my heart pounded into my throat. Stacy broke our kiss, and I opened my eyes, looking down as she moved my cock back and forth inside her pussy lips. Stacy sucked in her breath when her opening kissed the tip of my flesh, then slowly open around me as she gently lowered her pussy all the way down on my throbbing meat. She did not stop until her meaty labia met with my pelvis and had every inch of my cock buried inside her tight silky hot cavern.

Stacy threw her head back and she managed to groan out in a hoarse voice, “Oh my God, Dave, you feel so fucking good inside me!”

I was in pure heavenly bliss with my dick now inside my angelic sister-in-law’s amazing cunt, its heat and moisture wrapping snugly around me, massaging me with her interior muscles as she sat there on my lap for a few moments to get used to my thickness.

Then Stacy started moving slowly up and down on me as she moaned out her pleasure while I wrapped my arms around her and buried my face into her smallish tits, sucking and nibbling at each of her sweet little hard nipples.

Stacy put her arms around my head and hissed out, “Fuck me, Dave, fuck me like that slut that I am for having sex with my sister’s husband! Make me cum all over you!”

With that, I began meeting her downward movements with harder upward thrusts into her hot quim, fucking her with passion and vigor, making her pussy mine as she threw her head back and cried out her enjoyment. In little time, Stacy’s body began to shake and convulse as her powerful orgasm overtook her while I continued driving my cock deep inside her.


When Stacy began to come down from her climax, I turned with her on the sofa and maneuvered her over onto her back. I managed to stay inside her and as soon as she was comfortable, I began my driving onslaught in and out of her wet pussy once more while she grunted and whimpered each time, I pushed the head of my prick into the back wall of her cunt.

Stacy looked into my eyes with a mixture of pain and pleasure on her face as she croaked out, “Yes, fuck, yes….. pound my pussy, Dave… you know you love it… how’s it feel to fuck both Anderson sisters now? God, I want your cum inside me. Fill me up with it, make me pregnant!”

I knew in my mind that was not going to happen, since I had a vasectomy several years back but the fantasy of it only turned me on that much more as I continued fucking my prick in and out of her tender pussy. I felt the surge building inside me and I quickened my pace, while looking down into her sweet, freckled face as it contorted, then looked down between us, as my dick split her fat labia, over and over, watching them fold in then pull back out with my movements and seeing her juices smeared and matting up in her flaming red pussy hair.

Then I slammed hard into her, groaning loudly, as the first wave hit and I began to fill her sweet cunt with my creamy fluid, each pulse bringing another stream from my insides into hers. Stacy immediately went into another uncontrollable fully body convulsion as she came hard right along with me. I covered her mouth with my own, just in time for her to release her scream of passion into my mouth.

I stayed like that on top of her for several minutes, kissing her deeply while I continued to empty the contents of my balls into her womb. When I was drained, I pulled back from our kiss and we looked deep into each other’s eyes. Stacy smiled and put her hand softly up to the side of my face.

“Oh, my God, Dave, that was wonderful.”

I nodded and said, “YOU are wonderful, Stacy.”

She smiled and lightly kissed me again, then said with a giggle, “I think we made a mess on the sofa.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, you are right. Let me get you a towel really quick and then we can worry about the mess.”

Stacy nodded and I slowly got up from her. When my softening prick slithered out of her, it made a soft sucking noise as it left her the warmth of her cunt. She quickly put her hand over her sex while I dashed into the bathroom, grabbed a hand towel, and returned to her.

I put the towel against her pussy as she moved her hand away and held it for a moment until she closed her legs around it. Stacy then sat up and moved back in close to me, draping her arms around my neck and kissing me once more. It was a slow lingering erotic kiss, which sent jolts of electricity through me.