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Step DadIt was a hot summers afternoon and Terri (Teresa) was in the back garden soaking up the sun, caked in sun tan oil she turned over onto her chest and undone her top, Terri was on university break in her second year studying law, she was 19yr’s old dark hair, brown eyes and long slender legs that complimented her shapely body, her mum lived with a guy called Jack, she had left Terri’s dad years ago and had bought up Terri and her brothers John and Charlie who also lived at home, John was in college and Charlie was training to be a doctor, her mum met Jack ages ago but only lately had he moved in, he was rather good looking tall well muscled and he loved her mum Candice.Terri was listening to music when Jack came home from work, seeing Terri in the garden he went upstairs and had a shower, then into the bedroom to change, he could still see Terri laying on the grass, when she turned over and lay topless, Jack stared at how firm her tits where and such hard nipples as well, he licked his lips as though he was going to have her as a meal, he started to rub his cock, making it go firm and then rock hard, all veins and a huge cock head that Candice loved to suck, almost every night before going to sleep, Jack watched as Terri slipped her hand inside her bikini bottom’s and rub her pussy slowly, Jack’s cock was as hard as possible very long and thick too and the veins throbbed as he rubbed his cock whilst watching her play with her pussy.Terri opened her legs rubbed hard and cum, Jack was transfixed at what he was watching, he groaned and cum, squeezing out his full load before he let his cock go and hang down he must have been 9” when limp, he was good in bed always making Candice scream when they were having sex, and usually it was most of the night as well, Jack got dressed and went downstairs bumping in to Terri coming in from the garden, “Oh hi didn’t realize you was home Jack” “yer been home for a while, I’m just going to start dinner before your mum comes in” he watched as she went upstairs her bum was cute and he had admitted to his mate he would love to slap it or even fuck it as hard as possible.Terri came down stairs after a while in a little summer dress “wow you look stunning Terri” she smiled and said “well thanks do I really look that good” “hell yer would go as far to say, and I apologize now, you turn me on like mad your really hot and incredibly sexy” Terri laughed and went slightly red, “your be saying next you would love to give me a good fucking, thank god you didn’t see me earlier in the garden then” and laughed again, “oh you mean you playing with your pussy and Cumming, well I have to say I watched you and had to cum myself” “mmmmmmm I bet it was a huge load as well, I was imagining it was me you was fucking, like you do every night to mum with your big hard cock, you know Jack I have little skimpy panties on and my pussy is very wet” as she walked up to me, she kissed me gently and run her hand over the front of my trousers, “mmmmmm mum wasn’t lying I bet that feels good when it’s inside a pussy.Jack slipped his hand up her dress and onto her panties, rubbing her pussy gently Terri was wet groaning softly, she opened her legs slightly as her lips parted he slipped a finger onto her clit and rubbed slowly, “Mmmmmmmm god that feels good” as her hand run up and down is trousers Jack’s cock was getting harder , he knew her pussy lips were destined to be split by his hard, thick cock, he lifted her up and carried her to the table where he pulled her panties clean off and ripped her dress open sucking her nipples, and undoing his trousers standing back he held his cock Terri looked and gasped “Oh my god mmmmmm split my pussy. He slowly slid his cock into her pussy making Terri groan, they kissed passionately as Jack fondled her tits and played with her nipples, Jack slid his cock in and out of Terri’s box, he knew she was no virgin as a few years ago she had been with a guy from college, pulling his cock out he slapped her pussy making her beg for more, she was dripping as he teased her to the point she was screaming for cock, Terri had never had sex like it, she begged and pleaded for Jack to fuck her until he pumped his cum, in her putting a leg each side on his shoulders he started to fuck her hard, her tits bounced about as he slammed his cock in and out, Terri screamed orgasm after orgasm her face awash of pleasure, his huge balls slapping her young bum, with a final flourish of hip movement Jack groaned and exploded deep in Terri’s pussy, Terri was unable to control herself as she shook with the pleasure his cum was giving her.After what seemed to be eternity Jack pulled out and helped Terri up off the table, she picked up her torn panties and went upstairs to change, whilst Jack tided up and cooked dinner, Terri came down after a while and kissed Jack “what was that for”? He asked “for what just happened never had anything like it no wonder mum screams” then laughed before sitting at the table watching Jack cook dinner only having the concentration broke when her mother arrived home. That night Terri could hear Jack and her mum fucking like mad, the headboard banging off the wall was Jack thinking of her as he fucked her mum? Or was he doing it to make Terri jealous? Terri lay in her bed naked rubbing her pussy gently her eyes closed, she imagined Jack slamming his huge thick cock in and out of her young hole, groaning softly she had an orgasm before falling asleep. The following day Jack was home and decided to have a lay in, he could hear Terri moving about and singing, at the top of her voice, hearing her go into the bathroom and turn on the shower, Jack decided to join her opening the bathroom door he feasted his eyes on her naked body “mmmmm now that is a sight worth looking at, as he slowly rubbed his Ankara escort limp cock” Terri looked up and smiled “wanna come scrub my back” as Jack joined her in the shower they started to soap each other Terri slowly rubbed Jacks cock and started to make it go hard, as she rubbed it harder and harder it, wasn’t long before it was all hard and thick, Terri dropped to her knees and started to suck it slowly, the warm water flowed over his body as he supported her head, Jack groaned as he felt her tongue wrapped around his shaft.Helping her up he lifted her up with each leg, over each arm and slowly lowered her onto his hard cock, he could feel her lips slowly spread as Terri wrapped her arms around his neck, Terri slowly moved up and down his full length, Terri groaned loudly Jacks cock now was fully inside her as they kissed frantically, he lifted Terri off his cock and led her out the shower and into her bedroom, laying her on her bed, he got in between her legs and slipped his cock back in her, she wrapped her legs around his thighs as Jack started to fuck her harder and harder, Terri groaned as the feeling of his enormous cock slid in and out of her pussy, she could feel her orgasm rising her as Jack thrust harder and harder, she cried out as a huge orgasm ripped through her pussy. Jack carried on thrusting in and out of her young pussy, he could feel is orgasm start to build, Terri cried out Cumming again but this time Jack cum as well making, it twice as intense groaning like mad Terri grabbed Jack tight riding out the orgasm. As Jack pulled out his cock Terrie’s pussy was still open, cum was dripping from it, she rubbed her clit and dipped her finger into her cum filled hole and then sucking her finger clean “mmmmmmm yummy” and giggled. Jack stood up and went and got dressed leaving Terri to get sorted. Coming downstairs in a dressing gown about a hour later Terri joined Jack in the kitchen “thanks that was fantastic” smiling at Jack he turned and sat down at the table “no need to say thanks it was fantastic” as Terri got up and sat on Jacks lap and hugged him “you know Jack that was fantastic my pussy still throbbing” and burst out laughing, bending over she kissed him softly as Jack slipped his hand into her and started to massage her breasts, and play with her nipples making then hard, “mmmmm oh god your making me so horny” “again I suppose you want to be fucked again” “no I want a good licking then a good fucking make me scream Jack, make it that I have trouble walking” and smiled standing up she opened her gown and dropped it around her ankles.Terri stood stark naked Jack feasted his eyes on her beautiful shaped body, he picked Terri up and sat her on the kitchen worktop and buried his head in between her legs and started to lick her pussy slowly, slipping a finger in her he rubbed her slowly as his tongue teased her swollen clit, Terri groaned as she gasped at the feeling, Jack could taste her juices as they dribbled from her pussy, his fingers where coated in her sticky juices as her, breath quickened she moaned and said she was close to Cumming, he slowly pushed another finger in deep and massaged her G spot, Terri was totally useless to resist as he rubbed hard, she started to shake and squirted screaming like hell Jack carried on fingering her until she stopped Cumming. Terri was unable to speak her breathing was deep as she tried to catch her breath, her pussy was dripping wet her body covered in sweat as Jack sucked on her nipples and held her tight, he lifted her of the counter and carried her into the living room and laid her on the sofa, Terri noticed his cock was rigid like a rhino horn as he got, in between her legs and slid his cock fully in and kissed her passionately, moving his hips up and down Terri moaned with pleasure, Jack was a fantastic lover and was satisfying Terri to the limit, his muscular body, his fantastic stamina was mind blowing, he pulled out and stood up “get on your knees Terri” as she did so he knelt behind her and fed his monster back inside her, holding her hips he thrust back and forth.Spanking her bum Terri whimpered softly gasping like mad, she was in heaven she loved a good fucking if it made her beg for more, and she was begging constantly for Jack’s huge cock, she was jealous of how her mum was getting to sleep with Jack and wished it was her, that was having her pussy pounded every night and most of the night as well, she felt Jack slip his cock in as far as possible, she thought at this rate it would be in her throat and smiled. Pulling out Terri could feel Jack trying to slip his cock up her arse, it was real tight but tried to relax as she felt a few inches slip in, it felt as though he was trying to split her in two as he wet his shaft and slipped a bit more in, “oh god it so tight” Terri cried out, as Jack asked if she wanted him to pull out, Terri shook her head as he pushed a bit more, Terri was trying to relax and make it easier, but a huge cock like Jack’s was difficult to take in a tight hole like her arse.Jack slowly pulled out and slipped it into her pussy again and held her hips tight, Terri braced herself for a good hard fucking as Jack started to thrust Terri moaned softly, spanking her arse she could feel the warmth on her cheek, Jack gripped her hips a bit tighter and thrust harder, Terri pushed up a bit and could feel her tits move back and forth, biting her bottom lip she could feel her pussy was drenched as his thick long cock slipped in and out hard and fast, she breathed heavily and moaned louder and louder, Jack gripped her hips tighter as his strokes became shorter and faster, before her slammed his cock in deep, groaned and exploded his huge load deep in her, Terri screamed again and collapsed on the sofa face down, muffling Ankara escort bayan the extreme pleasure she was shouting out, Jack pulled out after a while and sat on the floor, breathing heavily unable to speak or move.After they had relaxed Terri slipped to the floor and laid against Jack and hugged him, she then got up and went upstairs, Jack got dressed and sat relaxing, Terri came down in a bikini and went and laid in the garden all afternoon.That evening Candice asked if Terri and Jack would like to go away for a week to Greece, Candice had got a real good bonus for brining in some major clients at work and was rewarded with a healthy bonus, that night she booked a fortnight in Kos leaving on the following weekend. As we got on the plane we was greeted by a lovely air stewardess and shown to our seats, half way through our flight I went to the loo and bumped into the same lady again asking if there was anything she could do for me, I was tempted to ask to be a member of the mile high club but didn’t and just chatted, finding out she was staying at the same hotel as us, asking if she would like a drink that evening she smiled and said yes, then asked again was I sure she couldn’t do anything at all for me, as she licked her lips slowly.She had a naughty and very dirty look in her eyes as I feasted on her sexy lips, jokingly I asked if she was a member of the mile high club, she nodded her head and then said it a very exclusive club, and who ever wanted to be a member, had to have certain requirements to join, as she put her finger to her lips like a little girl when they feel shy, as we flirted I could feel my cock start to get firm and was dying to drag her into the toilets and fuck her hard. Finding out her name (Clare) Jack held his hand out and led her into the toilet, kissing her softly I rubbed her tits making her nipples hard “so what are the requirements to be excepted into the club” “hmmmmmmm well let me see” as she felt my bulge “well it seems to measure up in that area do you mind getting your cock out, and sit on the loo” dropping my trousers I put the seat down and sat letting, Clare see all “oh wow can say I think your be excepted, I just have to see if it fits” lifting her skirt she pulled her panties off jack licked his lips at the sight of her silky smooth pussy, straddling Jack she lowered herself onto his rod, groaning softly as to not be heard. He could feel her lips stretching as he played with her tits Clare put her hands on the toilet wall and controlled the depth his cock slipped in and out.Her breathing became rapid as she bobbed up and down quicker, Jack could feel his cock start to pulse, Clare slipped down all the way onto his cock as he groaned and shot his load deep in to Clare’s pussy, making her cum as well. She got off his cock as it slumped down and turned around, “well welcome to the club sir, this entitles you to me in a huge double bed tonight and I’ll show you just what I can do to a monster like that. She got sorted and left, leaving me to get tided up, I left the toilet and saw Clare chatting to a mate explaining with hand gestures the size of my cock, and they caught my eye and smiled.Candice asked why I was so long joking was I applying to get into the mile high club with a stewardess, and then burst out laughing, we got to the hotel Terri went in her room and we went to ours, Candice stripped off walking around in her little thong, she was some real sexy sight as my cock was getting hard, at the thought of my cock slipping in and out of her soaking wet hole, Candice got wet very quick and usually dripping wet as well, I grabbed her and pushed her over the dressing table, ripping her panties into shreds I run my hand along her pussy and could feel her getting damp Candice groaned repeatedly before begging for my cock, nudging against her lips my cock slipped in as Candice gasped loudly, “Jesus Jack what have you been feeding that on, it fucking massive” I had never heard Candice swear but it was a real turn on, I grabbed her tits, and started to fuck her slowly.Candice was dripping as my cock slid in and out slowly, the hot sun was beating onto our bodies, I looked out and could see people on their balcony’s if they could see us I really didn’t care Candice had a real horny body, all curves no lumps great tits and a tight little box that had a trimmed thatch, I had begged her to shave but she always said it didn’t feel right, I fucked her harder and harder, Candice moaned and gasped saying she was Cumming, feeling her pussy muscles tighten I groaned and shot my load, grabbing her tits Candice cum as well, slipping out Candice got up “mmmmm now that was just what was needed to start our holiday”.I got dressed and went to reception and asked about the shops and night life in the area, then decided to go for a walk, as I left the hotel I bumped into Clare and her colleagues, especially the one who she was chatting to after I came out the toilet on the plane, “hi are we still on for later”? Clare asked “yer sure will be fun” “oh this is Sally she wants to join us, do you think you could handle us both” and laughed, “hmmm well not sure but I’m up to trying and if I can’t keep up you 2 can help yourselves”, “mmmmmmm now that sounds just what could happen, come back for a drink in a while” as they went and booked in. I returned to the hotel about a hour later and went to our room, going in Candice was laying on the bed naked playing with her pussy, “mmmmmm now that’s a great welcome, you feeling horny still”? “Can’t stop Cumming already cum 5 times since I had a shower, and feeling as horny as I did when you fucked me” I got in between her legs and buried my head, in her muff, licking her pussy like mad, Candice grabbed my head and groaned, “oh god lick Escort Ankara it, lick me good babe suck my juices” I lapped her up she arched her back and cum again, collapsing on the bed lifeless.“Mmmmmmmm that’s better, shall we go for a drink and something to eat, unless you’re full after that feast” Candice giggled and slipped on a dress, “you not going to wear panties” “no I saw a dishy guy and wanna tease him, would fuck him as well if you wanted to watch.” I stood stunned at what she had said, I grabbed her and kissed her passionately running my hands over her tits making, her nipples hard, then rubbing her pussy making Candice groan, we got in a lift and went to the bar, as we sat down Terri joined us, she was wearing nearly as much as her mum and that wasn’t much in the first place, I noticed Clare & Sally go to the bar and offered to get the drinks.Clare smiled as I approached the bar “hey how’s things” “yer good is tonight still on” looking at Sally Clare asked if she wanted to have a juicy fat cock in her pussy, Sally blushed “it ok Jack Sally is getting married in 2 weeks and I want her to have a bit of fun before she settles down” I smiled and arranged to go to their room at 9pm. As I got back with the drinks Candice spotted the guy who had been looking at her earlier, she opened her legs slightly so he got a full look at her pussy, then closed them, “god I’m so wet and horny, are you sure you don’t mind if I fuck him, he is really sexy looking” “no it fine go and have some fun” as Candice stood up I could see she was soaking wet, her pussy juices had soaked her dress and the seat as well. When I saw Candice chatting I decided to go and meet Clare and Sally in their room, Terri had gone off out with some girls she had met in the hotel earlier.Looking back to check on Candice I could see her getting on well with the guy she was chatting too, I went to Clare’s hotel room and was let in, sitting on the bed Clare sat next to me and started to kiss me, running her hand over my trouser front, it wasn’t long before my cock was hard, “there you go Sally it’s all yours” Clare sat back and watched as Sally knelt down and unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out, staring at the huge weapon she gasped and slowly rubbed it, looking up at me she smiled “ain’t your fella’s cock big” Sally shook her head “it a nice size but nothing like this, Clare said you had a huge one, but I thought she was teasing me” she opened her mouth and slowly sucked the head “mmmmmmm very tasty”. Sally let go and took her clothes off, I rubbed my cock as I looked her up and down, her body was amazing such sexy tits shapely figure and her pussy as smooth as silk, she straddled my cock and lowered herself feeding me into what was a real tight box, groaning like mad Sally moved up and down slowly, her pussy stretched over my thick shaft, as I looked down I could see my shaft soaking in her juices, I played with her nipples as Sally groaned constantly, “Oh god I’m so fucking horny mmmmmm come in me Jack I need your cum in my pussy” as she started to moan louder and bounce harder.Grabbing her hips I forced her deep on my cock making her moan loud “oh god yes, yes i’m Cumming arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” her body shook as her orgasm ripped through her body, I carried on fucking her like mad, her twat was so tight, it was amazing feeling my cock throb and pulse I groaned and shot my load deep in her, Sally screamed with pleasure again as I felt my cum seep from her pussy, Sally slumped on my chest I could feel her nipples digging in, they were so hard I hugged her as I felt my cock go soft, she lifted her head and kissed me and sat up, I fondled her tits and played with her nipples, she was amazing, my cock was slowly getting soft but still felt tight in her. Sally slowly stood up letting my soft cock slip from her pussy, her lips slightly open, Sally smiled and looked at Clare before going in the bathroom, Clare got up and slipped into bed “well you going to join me now, no doubt Sally will come for a cuddle too and burst out laughing.As Jack slipped in besides Clare he could smell how sexy she was, her warm silky body felt good under his hands, her nipples so hard they ached, lowering his head he gently sucked her nipples and stroked her pussy crack Clare groaned gripping the pillow as the pleasure flowed through her body, Sally came out the bathroom and got in with them Jack kissed Sally as all 3 rolled about the bed, fingering both at the same time Clare groaned and u Sally wasn’t far behind, it had been a good while sine Jack had sex and was now rock hard, Clare go on her knees and Jack got behind Clare, Sally lay on her back and opened her legs, Clare buried her head in Sally’s pussy and licked it slowly, Jack could see Clare’s pussy slightly open and slid in the full length. All Jack could see was Clare’s beautiful arse and Sally in absolute heaven as she was eaten out by Clare Sally caressed her tits and pulled her nipples in absolute delight as her, head thrashed from side to side as pleasure ripped through her body, moaning gently Jack started to fuck Clare harder and harder, he could feel his balls swing as throbbing was felt in the base of his cock and was getting intense, Clare muffled moan made her lick Sally’s pussy faster and faster, Jack gripped Clare’s hips and pumped his huge load into her young pussy, pushing her forward she was pushed against Sally’s honey pot triggering a huge orgasm, as Sally arched her back then slumped lifeless, Jack pulled out and laid next to Sally, who was breathing heavily Clare lay down as we finally fell asleep in the early hours.Jack woke first later that morning and gave both a good tonguing before they left, with Jack returning to his room he found Candice in bed asleep, waking her up he asked how her night was, she showed him her swollen pussy saying she had been fucked all night long and fainted on her final orgasm that was so intense, when Candice had finished telling Jack he was as horny as hell and wanked off over Candice’s naked body before she sucked him dry……………………………………………