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Stone Cold Case

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A panicked young man dressed in black ran through a dark hallway desperately trying all the doors as he passed. Locked, every single one. The rattling of the door knobs echoed through the long tiled hallway. Tired from sprinting, he stopped. As he tried to catch his breath he could hear the footsteps approaching. One two, one two. The rhythm of the footsteps was so casual and deliberate as they grew closer. He could see shadow appear as its owner neared the corner.

“Shit, shit…. come on, open you fuckin’ door…” he said to himself in a frenzy. He grabbed a lock pick mechanism from his pants pocket and started fiddling with the door knob.

All of his friends were gone. He…. It took them. They were his now, merely objects. The young man looked at his hand, covered in dust and sweat as he struggled with the door knob. The mixture created a muddy layer on his skin. The lock pick slipped in his wet fingers as he worked hard to open the door. With some force the heavy wooden door finally opened. The young man entered the room quickly and shut the door. The footsteps were soon in the same hall as he just was. The continuous casual pace terrified him even more. So calm, after what had just happened. What the fuck was that? David, Mark, and Sam all gone. They changed in front of him. It couldn’t be possible. Young men made of flesh and blood just turned to white lifeless stone versions of themselves. He watched their lives disappear into thin air as they petrified.

Taking a few steps back he looked around himself, the room felt fairly large, even though it was almost pitch black, save for the sparse light shining under the door and through a small window high up on the tall wall on the far end. He could see the shadow of something large pile in the center of the room. The young man tip toed around looking for a place to hide.

“What the hell? I’m here hiding from monsters like a fuckin’ kid…” Trouble is, monsters were real and he was being stalked by one.

The young man found a nook in the pile. It wasn’t just a pile, it was a stack of boxes and chairs, and what he could assume was a bench in the center. He sat in the dark room, watching the small strip of light under the door. Then a shadow over took the light. The knob turned. He started to tremble as chills ran down his spine.

“Please don’t open it, please don’t come in…. go away, fuck.. Leave me alone…” he thought to himself as the doorknob turned again. Then a knock, “Johnny… Joooooohnny come out and play with me you naughty boy. We’ll have so much fun together… just usssss….” the final word hissed from its tongue. The voice was deep, masculine, and threatening, yet calm and soothing at the same time. The doorknob turned a few more times, but there didn’t seem to be any real effort in trying to get in. Johnny held his breath and tried not to make a sound as he sat in his fort. Johnny shivered in his black clothing hidden in the darkness. The shadow under the door drew away as he heard other doorknobs twist and turn in the hall way as their sound became faint echoes as it got further away.

Johnny allowed himself to relax a little, he could hear doors behind the room being toyed with, he was ok. The room was locked, how could he get in? He sat up and stretched. Home free. Then another door opened and shut behind him. The sound of the lock clicking shut froze him in place. Fuck, another door?

He sat still on the small bench in the center of the room, from what he could feel there were Betturkey boxes stacked all around him. Even if it was in the room, he was surrounded and hidden. Just stay quiet. He slowly shifted to catch any glimpse he could. Nothing, hiding in the dark was both a saving grace and a curse. Suddenly the lock pick tool fell out of his pocket onto the bench. Clink…son of a bitch. In an effort to find them, Johnny knocked them onto the floor. Clank…fuck me… the metal tool struck the tile floor and echoed through the quiet room.

Suddenly a strong hand covered his mouth, and another gripped his left side and slowly slid around to his stomach. Unable to scream, Johnny tensed his abs and sat up straight. The hand slid from his stomach up his chest firmly gripping his body pulling him back.. Johnny felt a strong firm chest press into his back. He could feel a strong heartbeat drumming under the muscular chest. A hissing sound filled the air as a long slender tongue slithered its way into his ear. Strangely it felt very good. It reminded him of his girlfriend as they’d make out. Except this wasn’t his girlfriend, it was…. what the fuck was it? A giant snake man?

Terrified, Johnny didn’t move, couldn’t. His heart beat fast and his breathing sped up.

“You feel good Johnny boy, nice and firm.” The creature said as it continued to feel him up. Johnny closed his eyes. That’s what the guys did wrong, they looked.

“Let’s see what you have hiding under these…” The creature kissed and started to suck on his earlobe as its long tail slithered around his waist squeezing, and then up under his shirt. Johnny moaned from the warm wet sensations. The slick slender appendage wriggled over the contours of his abs, and up the crease between his slim but defined chest. Chills ran down his body and goosebumps formed all over his skin.

“Mmmm, you’re liking this aren’t you sexy?” The tip of the tail poked out from his collar cradling Johnny’s jaw.

“You’re friends look so good, what do you say we add your sexy little body to the mix?”

The tail slid off of his chin as it forced its way outward causing his button up shirt to tear open. The plastic buttons flung across the floor in front of him. The plastic pieces tapped across the tile. The creature kissed and sucked on his neck as it slid its hands up Johnny’s bare stomach which was now tensed and flexed up over washboard abs and up over his firm chest further up to his shoulders sliding the material of his shirt down to his elbows. Johnny started to lose himself as the creature sucked on his neck. Johnny tilted his head to the right and then back onto the creature’s shoulder. The creature started to play his nipples.

With his eyes closed, all Johnny could do was sit there as the creature fondled him enjoying his body. Johnny wasn’t gay, he had a girlfriend. This creature… man, if you could it a man didn’t care. It was a very handsome man from the waist up, but had a long snake tail from the waist below. Strong hands caressed Johnny’s skin, goosebumps formed again as the creature licked and blew lightly over his neck. Squeezing Johnny’s firm chest, it continued to play with his nipples. Johnny was starting to get hard. Johnny didn’t feel much threat at this point but he kept his eyes closed. The long slender tail found his bulge quickly, and it began to nudge and slide over the crotch of his pants. Johnny’s pants started to tent and a firm hand took hold of it.

“You’re almost as hard as your friends, Betturkey Giriş Johnny boy.” The strong hand squeezed. “Let’s see how hard you can get..” In a second his pants were undone and were torn off as the creatures claws shredded the material. Johnny’s long cock sprung loose and was soon encircled by the tail. Johnny tensed up and his balls bounced as he jumped.

Johnny took a deep breath as the tail tightened and began to pump him. The creature slid around in front of him.

“Just us now, I saved the best for last. You’ll make a great addition to my collection Johnny boy, just open your eyes for me.”

Johnny shut his eyes tighter, the pumping felt so good.

“Screw that, You’re not going to kill me, I’m not going to become your statue…”

The creature leaned close to Johnny’s face and kissed him, lightly biting his lower lip. Slowly it kissed down his neck and chest suckling Johnny’s warm skin. The creature’s hot wet mouth sucked on his nipple, working its way down. It felt so good, he wasn’t so much afraid for his life as he was horny as hell.

Johnny could hear sirens in the distance. Luckily he and his friends tripped the alarm, they may have been trying to steal art, but the creature was stealing them the whole time. Through his closed eyes he could see flashing lights from the cop cars. Soon a door was busted open. The police were here.

“Just hold on… you’re almost safe….” Johnny knew he’d be arrested for breaking and entering, but it’d be better than becoming a statue like the others. He didn’t want to be lifeless stone in the galleries. He was sure that’s where his friends were heading. What good were they now, might as well be displayed. Three handsome young men would soon grace an exhibit with their naked stone bodies. How ironic, trying to steal art and instead they became art.

The police were getting closer as they spread through the building. Johnny had been focusing on the approaching squad for so long that he lost track of what was being done to him, but was quickly snapped back to his situation as the head of his 8 inch cock slammed against the back of the creature’s throat and then slid downward as the creature loosened its jaw like a snake taking him down to the balls and even further. The throat was so slick and wet. The warmth was unbelievable. The long tongue swirled around the shaft. Johnny moaned loudly and threw his head back, only to be quickly pulled back up as the creature’s tail wrapped it’s tail around his body and around his neck. The creature hummed over Johnny”s dick as it sucked on his length. Fuck this felt so good. Way better than anything Cindy could do. She was terrible at giving head. Male or not, this creature knew what it was doing.

The police were down the hall. Little did Johnny realize that every suck, every stroke, was all to distract Johnny so he’d get lost in the moment and open his eyes. Johnny moaned again as the creature held his cock head in its mouth with a tight grip and seemingly sucked the precum out of his cock like a straw. Johnny’s voice carried throughout the cold building. Johnny’s body shook as he was growing near to an orgasm.

“Mmmhmm, feed me Johnny boy, you taste delicious.” Johnny heard from between his legs.

“Straight ahead!” He heard someone yell outside.

It felt so good, and he couldn’t hold back anymore. Johnny started to breath heavy and fast, his balls tightened and the creature took hold of them and massaged him past the edge. The creature shot its slender snake tongue into the slit of Johnny’s dick and down into his urethra flicking around tickling him from inside. Without even thinking about it Johnny opened his eyes as he shot his load into the creature’s hungry mouth. All Johnny could see was a blinding light emitting from two eyes.

“Oh fuuuu….” is all Johnny could get out as his body stiffened and began to solidify. Johnny felt his body go cold as his flesh changed from living tissue to layers of petrified minerals. His back stiffened and his neck locked in place staring at the glowing eyes. The whole time he watched those eyes as he felt himself fade and drain away as the creature continued to suck him dry. The tail slithered around his body as it turned to white marble, almost directing the wave of transformation.

All but Johnny’s eyes and cock were changed. As the creature opened it’s mouth, Johnny watched the last spurt of his cum shoot out across its tongue as the final wave of white marble swept up and over the length of his long beautiful dick. The tip of his cock sealed off any future loads from ever shooting from his man meat.. Soon everything went white. Johnny was still present, but not alive. Johnny sat trapped looking down at his rock hard dick, never to be human again. The only remaining thought in his head was being so close to rescue and feeding the creature an entire life’s worth of cum. His entire life. Johnny joined the ranks of his friends, he’d soo grace an exhibit with his naked stone body.

Johnny realized what had happened and wanted to move, but at least he had a constant view of his dick. He was proud of its size.

The creature stood, admiring its new acquisition. Johnny looked beautiful and tasted delicious. The flavor of his orgasm lingering on its taste buds. Johnny was now fully hard and holding onto the moment of being so close and so far from being saved. Now was not the time to waste admiring the new statue. A policeman came into the room with his flashlight on. In a split second the creature slithered away in the darkness leaving Johnny behind.

The policeman shined his light around looking for a light switch. With the lights on, the policeman could see the shape of a person sitting amongst a stack of boxes in the center of the room. As he approached he grabbed his walkie talkie and called for assistance after finding the partially naked statue sitting there.

From the door in the back of the room used to ambush Johnny, the creature watched the policeman. He was a tall strong fit man. The cop’s hair was buzzed short in the typical military man’s style, and he had a clean shave. The creature watched as his muscles bulged in the uniform as he inspected the statue after clearing the room. He had a strong jaw that flexed as he clenched it and a deep masculine voice.

Another policeman came into the room.

“Find anything Daniels?” he asked.

Officer Daniels pointed back towards the statue shining light on its smooth white surface.

“Just this statue, Richards, it has clothes on….” Officer Richards cut him off.

“Yeah, there’s another three down the hall in another room. They’re all dressed too, some weird new exhibit?” Officer Richards said.

Officer Daniels shrugged his shoulders, “Not sure, artists are weird.”

Richards was equally as attractive, he was a little older, late thirties with some gray. Richards was tall and had been a fit man his entire life and it showed. He had a large firm chest and thick thighs holding up a full firm ass.

The creature looked them both over before allowing the door to shut. They’d make great additions.

To be continued…