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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-1

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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-1Louise is a shy slender black-haired beauty in her early twenties with firm tiny tits as a young teenLouise is desperate to break her block, finish her MA thesis before the end of Summer as time runs outLouise is accepting my final offer of help and my condition of complete obedience to her new ProfessorLouise is to learn a lot from him, not only in academic skills, but also as a submissive sexy servantLouise is a lovely looking long time sweet sexy fine friend with a writer’s block before her MA thesisLouise is glad for the substantial help I offer her, but still she can’t get a word on paper to startLouise is considering my final offer to break her mental blockade: she shall succeed as my submissiveLouise is to dress next day early Summer only in a buttoned down blouse and a short sexy summer-skirtLouise opens her door to me in the morning with a shy smile wearing indeed only the two twin clothesLouise opens her blouse fully at my request to show me her little tits, her nipples are hard alreadyLouise offers me a view Ankara escort at her pretty pussy when she lifts her skirt to show she shaved well for meLouise offers me a view at her small firm bums to show she is completely clean to welcome me at herLouise kneels down in front of me while I still stand at her doorstep offering to munch my manhoodLouise kneels down submissively hoping I will not keep her long and no neighbour will notice us nowLouise makes an impressive start to show her willingness to submit to her new Master till her MALouise makes a sexy impression on me, so I tell her to rise and go inside to make us some coffeeLouise relaxes being back at the usual start of a day of tuition by me, first we sip some milk-coffeeLouise relaxes as she sits at the doorstep to her garden, only a few steps above where I sit at closeLouise is now not at prude as usual her intuition tells her to spread her legs to offer me a good lookLouise is now enigmatically smiling at me, as she tries to read my mind what I’d want first Ankara escort bayan from her? I begin by my many questions about her earliest sexual experiences and her further developmentsI begin by her first memories, erotic education, experiences and how much she shared with her s!sI begin to build a pretty picture in my mind how far she is sexually and what I will teach her nextI begin to test her physically with my wish she shall step close and play her pussy to come for me!I interview intimately Louise on her love life and how she discovered to have some sexual pleasureI interview her for first fornication, how she lost her virginity, when she learned masturbationI am interested in finding out the order of moves in her sexual development as a sweet tasty teenI am interested in dear details, her feelings and with whom she shared her sexy secret of womanhoodI ask her to caress herself as she answers my curious questions, I can easily see she gets very wetI ask her to get us a cool ‘spritzer’ with white wine next Escort Ankara and come to stand right in front of meI ask her to show me now how she likes most to play with the bare love lips in her wet sexy snatchI ask her to be brave and continue till she comes for me and I invite her to let me smell her sexI get aroused by her hot confession she shared the secret of her initiation with her younger s!sterI get aroused by a bit of arithmatic as I imagine how young the two yummy tasty teens were back thenI get aroused by the tasty sight, sexy smell and her sudden submissive dedication to follow my ordersI get aroused by the way she starts to move her hips back and forth, as if she was riding me alreadyI order her to do one more for me as soon as she has back her breath but this time with her back to meI order her to bend over deep and keep looking at me between her spread legs, to test her dedicationI order her to memorise this position to present herself to me as she shall do now every next morningI order her to orgasm again within five minutes, as I like to reward her by my next sexy steps for meI intend to continue this tale of Louise and AnneI invite to show your interest by your ‘thumb up’I invite your comments with some sexy suggestionsI claim copyright for this storyI date it at the 9th of May, 2015I sign my authors name, Poet PETER